Band of Bastards




Bound by a brotherhood that needs no ritual or appointment.

Led by Xcor, e’er flanked and advised by the loyal Throe and ruthless Zypher, strengthened by the well-skilled and hidden Syphon, Balthazar and Syn.

Watching from vantages abroad with invested interest. Biding time. Traveling in shadows before our emergence from the old world into the new is advantageous.  Banded together through shared vengeance, and bonded since youth through the barbarous training in the Bloodletter’s war camp.

Morals holding ne’er a place for us, the corrosive environment of war too hostile for preserving or perpetuating the like. Seeking first retribution against the one who took the life of the Bloodletter, then on to the bounties that await our hearty pillaging.

As the thread of leadership within the Brotherhood so unravels, it is us who will take up the lot of string.

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