BDB Presents Poe: The Oval Portrait


Cormia: *The grand home which we moved into had become a pile of commingled gloom and grandeur not often seen in the Adirondacks.*

Cormia: *My hellren and I had established ourselves in one of the more modest rooms, the décor rich yet somehow tattered and antique.*

Cormia: *Originally I took great comfort in sharing this room with @Phury_BDB. He said my beauty made the room.*

Cormia: * @Phury_BDB said I was a maiden of rarest beauty, and not more lovely than full of glee.*

Cormia: *But over time his love for his art began to surpass any other passion he had.*

Wizard: *@CormiaC_BDB And evil was the hour when you saw, and loved, and wedded @Phury_BDB.*

Cormia: *He became obsessed with ensuring that the various nooks in this bizarre home were covered with his art. He deemed it necessary.*

Cormia: *And I’ve begun to hate my rival, this Art of @Phury_BDB’s. I dread seeing his pallet and brushes and any other thieving instruments.*

Cormia: * I hate how this rival deprives me of the countenance of my hellren. My smiles are fewer and further between because of his Art.*

Cormia: *And thus it is a terrible thing for me when @Phury_BDB expresses his newest desire for the furtherance of his Art.*

Phury: I should like to have you sit for me, @CormiaC_BDB. I should like to portray your beauty and smiles for all to see forevermore.

Wizard: You must, mate. You must capture her light and smiles. Her loving nature and how she cherishes all things. @Phury_BDB

Cormia: *Though I do hate this rival, this Art, I am humble and obedient in acquiescing to @Phury_BDB’s request.*

Cormia: *I do as I am asked. I sit in the dark attic, the room where @Phury_BDB makes his Art. For many weeks.*

Phury: *The light drips onto my canvas only from overhead.*

Wizard: That is all you need, mate. Enough light to see your work. Take glory in putting your love on the canvas. @Phury_BDB

Cormia: *@Phury_BDB works from hour to hour, day to day. He seems never to tire of his efforts though he becomes wild and moody.*

Wizard:  @Phury_BDB Do not worry. Ignore anything but your task. Ignore the ghastly light that withers the health and spirits of @CormiaC_BDB.

Wizard: It matters not that she pines to be anywhere but here. That she pines to be with you so desperately. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: See how she smiles. Oh, how she smiles. You must capture that beauty on the canvas. Do not delay. @Phury_BDB

Cormia: *I shall smile as long as @Phury_BDB requires it of me. I shall not complain. Because he is an artist. Of high regard.*

Cormia: *And he takes a fervid and burning pleasure in his task. He works day and night to depict me and my love for him on his canvas.*

Cormia: *I am his Art. So if this is the way to be with my love, I shall do it. Even if daily I feel weaker and more disspirited.*

Phury: *Working with a fevered passion to complete this painting of @CormiaC_BDB. The words of those who have seen it thus far propelling me.*

Wizard: Yes, those who have seen it in its incomplete state have called it a marvel. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: @Phury_BDB And they have said that it is a proof not less of the power of the artist – you – than of your deep love for @CormiaC_BDB.

Wizard: They say you have depicted her so surpassingly well. You must continue on. Capture her on the canvas, capture your love. @Phury_BDB

Phury: Yes. Yes…I cannot slow in my efforts now. @CormiaC_BDB deserves nothing other than the fruits of my best labors.

Wizard:  @Phury_BDB But as you are drawing closer and closer to the conclusion of this Art, you should not let anyone disturb you. Or @CormiaC_BDB

Phury: Indeed. No one shall be admitted to the attic until I complete this painting.  @TheWizard_BDB *keeping my brush on the canvas*

Wizard: Continue on. In fact, only allow yourself the briefest of glimpses of your bride. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: Know you not well her countenance by this point? Look when you must, for the perfecting of this Art. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: But waste no extra moments glancing at her beauty until you’ve finished capturing it with your paint. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *My brush caressing the canvas, the colors of the paint leaping to life.*

Cormia: *Feeling as though each pass of @Phury_BDB’s brush against my portrait is taking something from me.*

Cormia: *But sitting quietly. Without complaint. Allowing each stroke of the brush to rob me of something I cannot explain.*

Phury: *Finally. I have come to the end. Little remains to be done. Save one brush upon the mouth and one tint upon the eye.*

Cormia: *Feeling what remains of my spirit, of my lifeblood flicker up like a flame within the socket of a lamp.*

Cormia: *One last surge for my beloved. My smile faint but painted on my face.  Giving the last of myself to @Phury_BDB* #BDB #Poe #TheOvalPortrait

Wizard: Be quick, mate. The perfection of your Art, of your beloved bride must be completed. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *The final stroke of the paint brush given, the final tint placed.*

Phury: *There! It is finished.*

Phury: *Standing transfixed before the painting of my @CormiaC_BDB. My beauty on canvas.*

Phury: *Growing tremulous and pallid, and aghast, crying out* This is indeed Life itself!*

Wizard: *Smiling broadly.*

Phury: *Turning suddenly, to regard the object of my love, the object of my Art, wanting to see what @CormiaC_BDB thinks-*

Wizard: It is life itself, mate. Because the love of your life is dead. A widow to your art. @Phury_BDB …. #BDB #Poe #Halloween #TheOvalPortrait

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