BDB Presents Poe: The Pit and the Pendulum


Jane:  *Making sure @Vishous_BDB is unbound, permitting one wrist leave from its restraint.*

Vishous: *The long, pleasurable agony of another workout from @DocJaneW_BDB sentencing me to the table, deeply exhausted.*

Vishous: *Feeling my senses are leaving me.*

Jane: *Humming, rotating the dial to “hot” in the shower. The water tapping its rainfall in a soft patter against the marble.*

Vishous:  *An indeterminate hum reaching my ears with distinct accentuation, conveying to my soul the idea of revolution with a burr of a mill-wheel*

Vishous:  *A terrible exaggeration of my true enemy appearing before me, Bloodletter snarling with fangs whiter than the white of paper.*

Vishous:  *Thin with grotesqueness. Thin with intensity of his expression of firmness, of immovable resolution, of stern contempt for my torture.*

Vishous:  *My fate issuing from his lips as he writhes with a deadly locution, fashioning syllables of my name.  Shuddering.*

Vishous: *Eyes darting to the nearly imperceptible waving of the sable of the draperies, before falling on seven tall candles on the table.*

Vishous: *At first they wear the aspect of charity, light that would save me but then a deadly nausea coming over my spirit.*

Vishous:  *Every fibre in my frame thrilling, as if I touched the wire of a battery, the candles becoming meaningless spectres, they’ll be of no help*

Vishous:  *The thought coming gently and stealthily, what sweet rest there must be in the grave.*

Vishous:  *The apparition of Bloodletter vanishing, as if magically.  The flames of the candles going out utterly. The blackness of darkness superening*

Vishous:  *Silence, and stillness, and night are the universe.*
Vishous:  *What remains of my consciousness, I cannot attempt to define or describe.*

Vishous:  *In the deepest slumber – no. In delirium – no. In a swoon- no.  In death – no. Even in the grave all is not lost.*

Vishous:  *@DocJaneW_BDB …*

Vishous:  *Else there is no immortality for vampire. Arousing from the most profound of slumbers, we break the gossamer  web of some dream.*

Vishous:  *We remember not that we have dreamed. In a return to life from the swoon there are two stages.*

Vishous: *First the sense of mental or spiritual being. Secondly, that sense of physical existence.*

Vishous:  *Fuck, I’m losing it.*

Vishous:  *A hideous dizziness oppressing me at the mere interminable of this descent into myself.*

Vishous:  *Reeling back through time. The vague horror of my heart’s unnatural stillness. The sudden motionless throughout all things.*

Vishous:  *Those who bore me, @Scribe_Virgin @Bloodletter_BDB – a ghastly train- have outrun in their descent the limits of the limitless.*

Vishous:  *And now she, @Scribe_Virgin pauses from the weariness of her toil.*

Vishous:  *Calling to mind flatness and dampness; and then all is MADNESS – the madness of a memory busying itself among forbidden things.*

Vishous:  *Motion coming back to my soul and sound – the tumultuous motion of my heart, in my ears the sound of its beating.*

Vishous:  *Then a pause in which all is blank.  Then again sound and motion, and touch, a tingling sensation pervading my frame.*

Vishous:  *Then a mere consciousness of existence without thought.*
Vishous:  *Shuddering with terror at an earnest endeavor to comprehend my true state. A strong desire to lapse into insensibility.*

Vishous:  *Losing it completely before a rushing revival of soul and a successful effort to move.*

Jane: *Heart quickening as I slick my hair back under the warm spray, wondering why @Vishous_BDB hasn’t joined me yet.*

Jane: *Shaking my head at the irrational fear… @Vishous_BDB is probably crashed.*

Vishous:  *The blackness of eternal night encompassing me, struggling for breath.  The intensity of the darkness oppressing and stifling me.*

Vishous:  *The atmosphere suddenly suffocating, intolerably close. Lying still, quietly, making an effort to exercise my reason.*

Vishous:  *Attempting to deduce my real condition.*

Vishous:  *A fearful idea now driving the blood in torrents to my heart, relapsing into insensibility.*

Vishous:  *Thrusting my free arm wildly above my head and around me in all directions, trembling convulsively in every fibre.*

Vishous:  *Perspiration bursting from every pore, standing in cold beads on my forehead. The agony of suspense growing intolerable.*

Vishous:  *What. The. Fuck.*

Vishous:  *Eyes straining from their sockets, but all is still blackness and vacancy.*

Jane: *Tugging in my chest causing undue worry about @Vishous_BDB, resisting the urge to call out to him.* Get a grip, Jane.

Vishous:  *What fate awaits me?  Will it be a death of more than customary bitterness? The mode and hour occupying me.*

Vishous:  *The Pit of my fathers camp all around me. The castration. The torture*
Vishous:  *My forehead bathed in a clammy vapor, continuing the descent to the edges of my mind.*

Vishous:  *On the brink of a circular pit, the extent of which I have no means of ascertaining at the moment.*

Vishous:  *Stepping off this ledge in my mind will mean a fall into a great abyss.*

Vishous:  *One from which I won’t make it back.*

Vishous:  *Nerves unstrung by long suffering, calling out weakly.* @DocJaneW_BDB?

Jane: *Thinking for a moment I’ve heard @Vishous_BDB, clearly my mind is playing tricks on me.*

Vishous:  *Trembling at the sound of my own voice.  Becoming in every aspect a fitting subject for the species of torture which awaits me.*

Vishous:  *Shaking in every limb, backing away from this ledge in my mind.*

Vishous:  *In other conditions of mind I might have the courage to end my misery at once by plunge into the abyss.*

Vishous:  *Agitation of spirit keeping me awake.  A burning thirst consuming me.*

Vishous:  *Lying on my back, right wrist and legs securely bound.  Normally a liberating situation.*

Vishous:  *Looking upward, surveying the ceiling. Images hitting my mind, riveting my attention.*

Vishous: *The Bloodletters snarl clear as can be. His hatred of me burning in his eyes. Joy at my pain on his face*

Vishous: *An old threat appearing in my mind’s eye… his weapon of choice a scythe, now hanging from the ceiling as if a pendulum.*

Vishous:  *The pendulum-scythe suddenly appearing in motion.  Its sweep is brief and slow.  Watching it for several minutes.*

Vishous: *Somewhat in fear, but more in wonder.*

Jane: *Rubbing the back of my neck under the warm tresses of the water, tapping my fingers in a rhythm against the shower wall with my free hand*

Vishous: *A slight noise attracting my notice, an unbidden tapping attempting to pull me out of this mind fuck.*

Vishous:  *Casting my eyes upward again. Confounded by the vision.*

Vishous:  *The pendulum has increased its extent, by natural consequence its velocity is much greater.*

Vishous:  *The idea that it has perceptibly DESCENDED disturbing me.*

Vishous:  *A threat, coming closer.*

Vishous: *The Bloodletters snarl turning into a grin with the descention*

Jane: *Turning on the steam, the familiar hiss escaping into the air. Sinking to the bench of the shower, soaking in the relaxation.*

Vishous:  *Observing in horror the sharpness of the scythe, like a razor and massy and heavy, hissing as it swings through the air.*

Vishous:  *Mortal terror gripping me while counting the rushing oscillation of the steel. Inch by inch, line by line, down it comes.*

Vishous:  *The Bloodletter is now laughing, laughing at my fear*

Vishous:  *Growing frantically mad, struggling to force myself upward against the sweep of the fearful scimitar.*

Vishous:  *Feeling suddenly calm, a smile forming at the glittering death coming for me. Sure the demons are taking note of this swing.*

Vishous:  *Long suffering nearly annihilating all my ordinary powers of mind. The vibration of the pendulum at right angles to my body.*

Vishous:  *Seeing the crescent of the scythe will cross the region of the heart, fraying first my skin before returning to repeat its operations.*

Vishous:  *Again and again, through muscle, then arteries, then bone.*

Jane: *Steam piping through the faucet with a hissing vigor. Still unable to shake the feeling something’s wrong.*

Vishous:  *Dwelling on the descent of the pendulum with the pertinacity of attention as if my thought can slow its roll.*

Vishous:  *Pondering it all until my teeth are on edge.*

Vishous:  *Down, steadily it creeps.  Taking a frenzied pleasure in contrasting its downward with its lateral velocity.*

Vishous:  *Even in this loss of mind, my analytical thought intact.*

Vishous:  *A burst of laughter exiting my lungs – the shriek of a damned spirit.*

Jane: *Hearing sharp laughter from the other room, @Vishous_BDB must be fine.  Right?*

Vishous:  *Down, relentless down!  Vibrating within three inches of my chest.  Struggling violently, furiously, to free my left arm.*

Vishous:  *Whether to escape death or submit to it, no fucking clue.*

Vishous:  *Dropping my head back against the rack, the unformed half of my idea of deliverance flashing in my mind.*

Vishous:  *One that my mind had alluded to by floating indeterminately through my brain.*

Vishous:  *The whole thought now present – feeble, scarcely sane, scarcely definite, but still entire.*

Vishous:  *Proceeding at once with the nervous energy of despair, to attempt its execution.*

Vishous:  *The pendulum to release me from these binds. Escape from this trap in my mind.*

Vishous:  *Lying breathlessly still with more than vampire resolution.*

Vishous:  *Twice the scythe swings, a sharp sense of pain shooting through every nerve, but the moment of escape has arrived.*

Vishous:  *But only from the pendulum.*

Vishous:  *As soon as I am freed of these binds, another force sucking me upward.  Escaping one agony only to be delivered onto another.*

Vishous: *The Bloodletter will have me dead, of that there is no doubt*

Vishous:  *Rolling my eyes nervously around on the barriers hemming me in. Something unusual – a change has taken place in the penthouse.*

Vishous:  *A dreamy and trembling abstraction busying me in vain, unconnected conjecture.*

Jane: *Unable to shake the uneasy feeling from my bones, unimpacted by the normally calming steam.*

Jane: *Stepping free of the shower.* I need to check on @Vishous_BDB.  *Finally giving credence to my intuition.*

Jane: *Flipping on the heat lamp, a red-yellow glow highlighting the steam. Grabbing a towel. *

Vishous: *Becoming aware of a sulphurous light, illuminating the room, proceeding from a fissure under a closed door.*

Vishous:  *Arising from my attempt to see the full alteration of the room, breaking at once upon my understanding.*

Vishous:  *Outlines of figures on the wall distinct yet their colors blurred and indefinite.*

Vishous:  *Suddenly assuming a startling and most intense brilliancy.*

Vishous:  *Giving to the spectral and fiendish portraitures an aspect that might have thrilled even firmer nerves than my own.*

Vishous:  *Demon eyes – Bloodletter’s eyes, wild and ghastly glaring on me in a thousand directions.*

Vishous:  *Gleaming with lurid lustre of a fire I can’t force my imagination to regard as unreal.*

Vishous:  *Panting, gasping for breath as a richer tint of crimson diffuses itself over the images. Pictured horrors of blood.*

Vishous:  *And fire.  The thought of fiery destruction impending, the idea of the coolness of that pit in my mind coming over my soul like a balm.*

Vishous:  *Rushing to its deadly brink, throwing the straining image of my mind’s eye below.*

Vishous:  *The glare of fire bright now, the heat of it real, rapidly increasing, looking up, shuddering as if with a fit of ague.*

Vishous:  *The fearful difference between pit and fire, increasing with a low rumbling.  Suddenly wanting to clasp the red walls of fire to my chest.*

Vishous:  *To avoid that death by the pit.*

Vishous:  *That long fall off the edge of my mind.*

Vishous:  Death.  Any death but that of the pit. *But the fire forcing me there. Can I resist its glow? If even that, can I withstand its pressure?*

Vishous:  *Resisting the gulf of the pit, but the walls closing me in, pressing me resistlessly onward.*

Vishous:  *My seared and writhing mind with no longer an inch of foothold.*

Vishous:  *Struggling no more, the agony of my soul finding vent in one loud, long and final scream of despair.*

Jane: *Throwing the bathroom door wide open at the sound of @Vishous_BDB’s blood-curling scream.* V!

Vishous:  *Suddenly a discordant hum of a human voice ripping through the strands of my insanity. Averting my eyes.*

Jane: *Undoing the binds on @Vishous_BDB’s ankles and remaining wrist with nimble fingers.*

Jane: @Vishous_BDB *Stretching out my arms, gripping you to me. Your heart beating so hard it feels like it’s in my own chest.*

Vishous:  *@DocJaneW_BDB’s outstretched arms mirroring my own. Pulling you tightly to me, nearly fainting into your arms.*

Vishous:  *Looking around once more, to ensure the Bloodletter and the Pit are gone. And they are. For now*

Vishous:  *Something tells me he will be back. @Bloodletter_BDB always comes back* #BDBHalloween #Poe


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