BDB Presents Poe: The Tell Tale Heart


Rehv: True! Anxious…very, very dreadfully anxious I have been and am.

Rehv: But can you say that I am mad? The disease, or my birthright I suppose you will insist, has always given me sharpened senses.

Rehv: Above all, my ability to bend thoughts, to tease emotions…is acute and well-honed.

Rehv: You would think this ability would be a godsend. It is my hell. And I like it that way. *slow evil grin*

Rehv: Let me show you how healthy my mind is. How calmly I can tell you of my dream.  It is a dream, is it not?

Rehv: I don’t recall when I first conceived the idea. But I have been haunted by it ever since. Day and night, thinking of it.

Rehv: There has always been an objective. There has always been lust and a struggle for intellectual supremacy.

Rehv: And with @PrncssSymph_BDB, there has always been love. Not for her. Never that.

Rehv: But love for the freedom of being me. As I am. No hiding. No concealing. No facade.

Rehv: I think it is her hands!

Rehv: @PrncssSymph_BDB has the hands of a nightmarish corpse…triple-jointed and designed for hood decoration on a hearse.

Rehv: Whenever I see them, my blood runs cold.

Rehv: And so, after months…after years of seeing those fucked up hands…I have decided to take the life of @PrncssSymph_BDB.

Rehv: Thus ridding myself of feeling those accursed hands on me forever.

Rehv: You are thinking I have lost it again, aren’t you? *smirks* You know nothing.

Rehv: I proceeded with great wisdom…with caution and astounding foresight. I cultivated the end of my imperiled sanity.

Rehv: I was never a more attentive lover to the bitch than during the whole week before I killed her.

Rehv: *Wrenching @PrncssSymph_BDB beneath me again, the venom no combatant to my carefully laid plans*

Rehv: *Oh, how cunningly I thrust it in! Moving slowly –very, very slowly* I have been thinking, @PrncssSymph_BDB…

Rehv: *Pulling @PrncssSymph_BDB’s hands above her head* How things would change if I did as you have so often asked.

Princess: *Groaning at the possibility @Rehvenge_BDB lays before me, untrusting, wondering what is his game this time*

Princess: @Rehvenge_BDB Tell me what it is that would change, how you would give me my heart’s desire.

Rehv: *Would a madman be so wise as I?* Killing. *sliding forward with crazed slowness,  until I am well inside @PrncssSymph_BDB*

Rehv: You want me to kill, @PrncssSymph_BDB. *my hips circling but my mind working cautiously…oh, so cautiously…cautiously as the bed creaks*

Princess: *Knowing @Rehvenge_BDB’s aversion to my beautiful hands, stretching them out, flexing them to show the three knuckled fingers at their finest*

Princess: *Attempting to comfort myself* @Rehvenge_BDB Is what you speak the truth? *That which I long for so fervently, that which he withholds*

Rehv: *A single thin ray of moonlight falling upon those provoking hands…making it almost impossible to do this deed to @PrncssSymph_BDB*

Rehv: *Never before this night have I felt the extent of my own power over @PrncssSymph_BDB though…of my sagacity*

Princess: *Quiet, so very quiet, the only noises to be heard are the whisper of the sheets and the sound of @Rehvenge_BDB’s body and mine meeting*

Princess: *My restlessness growing,  @Rehvenge_BDB’s pace maddening as he makes the barest of noises, his silence like a punishment*

Rehv: *Darkness welling up from my chest, deepening my thrusts into @PrncssSymph_BDB* I will kill. *pitying you, and chuckling in my heart*

Princess: *Tiring of this quickly, @Rehvenge_BDB toying with me instead of giving me what I demand of him*

Princess: *Arms straining against the hold @Rehvenge_BDB has on them, long fingers reaching, digging into the soft flesh at the web of his thumb*

Rehv: *Wincing as @PrncssSymph_BDB uses those fingers on me yet again, but her actions are all in vain*

Rehv: *Because Death, in approaching her has stalked with his black shadow before her, and enveloped his victim.*

Rehv: *Smiling with voracious wickedness and intent into the eyes of @PrncssSymph_BDB even as I slide seductively in her body…and her mind*

Princess: *Feeling @Rehvenge_BDB’s presence within my head, the echo of my breath catching reverberating across the dark room*

Rehv: *Opening @PrncssSymph_BDB’s mind –you cannot imagine how stealthily, stealthily I do so.*

Rehv: *And like the threads that form a spider’s web, little by little showing @PrncssSymph_BDB just what killing I have in mind*

Princess: *@Rehvenge_BDB letting go of my wrists, my intent to wrap my long fingers around his throat*

Princess: *Instead, my hands clutch at my own, my nails digging in as my fingertips press farther into the soft flesh of my neck*

Rehv: Have I not told you that what you mistake for madness is but over-acuteness of the sense?

Rehv: The excitement I feel at watching @PrncssSymph_BDB hurt herself is certainly…intensely inspirational.

Princess: *What little air I have in my lungs insufficient, mouth opening, sucking in…nothing…except blood, my blood*

Rehv: And the smell of her blood? It coaxes me…turns my rational intent to aberrant desire and need.

Princess: *My fingers digging ever deeper, choking, gurgling as I struggle against what @Rehvenge_BDB is thrusting into my mind*

Rehv: Those fingers…how I loathe them…working diligently to destroy…the sound and sight increasing my fury.

Princess: *Dread turning to mortal terror at the irony that this is to be my end, not at the hands of @Rehvenge_BDB, but my own at his insistence*

Rehv: *Using my arm to wipe the splattered blood from my eyes, not wanting to miss such a morbid and glorious vision as this*

Princess: *Ripping, clawing at my throat until there is little left but chopped meat, my fingers not stilling until my vision goes completely black*

Rehv: *Leaning back from what remains of @PrncssSymph_BDB*  Her terror had been extreme!

Rehv: But those hands…those horrid bony, bloody hands…

Rehv: *Yelling loudly, leaping from the soaked and gored bed. Pulling, dragging @PrncssSymph_BDB’s limp form to the wood floor.*

Rehv: *Smiling wildly, knowing my deed far from done. Though she is stone dead and will trouble me no more.*

Rehv: If still you think me mad, you will think so no longer when I describe the wise precautions I take with @PrncssSymph_BDB’s hands.

Rehv: *Working hastily as the night wanes but in silence. Finding a knife that will suit my purpose.*

Rehv: *And sawing at those hands.  No neatness. No precision. Only hacking and severing…detaching them furiously.*

Rehv: *Then taking up three planks from the flooring of the cabin, and depositing those hands between the scantlings.*

Rehv: *Replacing the boards so cleverly, so cunningly, that no eye can detect anything wrong.*

Rehv: And there is nothing to wash out –no stain of any kind –no blood-spot whatsoever but for what is on me.

Rehv: I have been too wary for that. The sheets have caught it all –ha! ha!

Rehv: *Weary from my feat, laying myself across those very bloodied sheets…sinking into dreams of blackmail…of venom…of hands…*

Ehlena: *Hearing a horrible scream from beside me, startling into wakefulness, turning to see @Rehvenge_BDB still in slumber*

Ehlena: *He is making such noises that I am surprised he has not disturbed his own sleep as he has mine, reaching for him.*

Ehlena: *Gently trying to arouse @Rehvenge_BDB, but whatever foul play grips him in his sleep makes him difficult to rouse.*

Ehlena: *Shaking @Rehvenge_BDB with greater force, finally almost knocking upon his person to wake him.*

Ehlena: *Finally seeing @Rehvenge_BDB open his eyes as if opening a door for me to enter wherever he has been.*

Ehlena: *Laying my hand upon @Rehvenge_BDB’s face* What were you dreaming of?

Rehv: *Crazed for a moment, body twisting from the hands that touch me. Then reality bleaching away the sanguinary and haunting dream.*

Ehlena: *Running my hands over @Rehvenge_BDB’s face again* Shhh, shhh. You’re awake now.

Rehv: *Sinking my hands into @EhlenaA_BDB’s hair, running my fingers over the curve of her face…*

Rehv: *Assuring myself that @EhlenaA_BDB is who she is…and is here…and this is now*

Ehlena: Rehv…Rehvenge…it’s okay. You’re here. With me. *smiling, trying to reassure @Rehvenge_BDB that all is well*

Rehv: *Releasing a long sigh, attempting to relax beside @EhlenaA_BDB* Sorry I woke you.

Ehlena: It is no bother. I’m just glad whatever dream you had is behind you. @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehv: *Smiling…for what have I to fear?*

Ehlena: *Seeing @Rehvenge_BDB’s smile, satisfied he is past whatever horror he dreamt of.*

Ehlena: *Thoroughly convinced that @Rehvenge_BDB would prefer a better use of his time now that we are both awake, sliding my hands up his chest*

Ehlena: *The feel of @Rehvenge_BDB’s skin familiar and warm.* Shall we find a way to amuse ourselves since we’re both awake now?

Rehv: *Grinning @EhlenaA_BDB, feeling delightfully fiendish in the wild audacity of my perfect triumph.*

Rehv: *My manner convincing @EhlenaA_BDB that all was just a dream. I am singularly at ease.*

Princess: *Long, sharp fingernails scratching at the floorboards, demanding freedom*

Princess: *scritch…scritch…scritch*

Rehv:  *Stilling, hearing a scratching sound in my ears*

Ehlena: *Moving my hands over @Rehvenge_BDB’s arms, my mouth making a trail along his neck.*

Princess: *scritch…scritch…SCRITCH…SCRITCH*

Rehv: *Hearing the sound more distinctly now, moving from beneath @EhlenaA_BDB’s hands and sitting up to better locate the source*

Ehlena: *Feeling @Rehvenge_BDB shift, sitting up with him, moving to straddle his hips* Rehv…

Princess: *Escaping, the creaking of the floorboard barely audible from under the bed*

Ehlena: *My desire for @Rehvenge_BDB, as always, strong. Rocking my body against his.* I need you…now.

Rehv: *Distracted by @EhlenaA_BDB from what I believe I hear, though I am sure I’m very pale*

Ehlena:*Sliding a hand between our bodies, finding the essence of @Rehvenge_BDB’s need, evidence his dream is long forgotten.*

Rehv: *The feel of @EhlenaA_BDB’s convincing hands getting my attention…but only until the sound increases*

Rehv: *The sound of creeping and crawling…scratching and clawing…a sound that I know well.*

Princess: *Scurrying across the floor, my nails tick, tick, ticking on the wood until the edge of the bed is reached*

Ehlena: *Sliding my hips so that you can join your body with mine, gasping with pleasure as you fill me, wanting more, beginning to move*

Princess: *Climbing hand over hand up the bedpost, tunneling under the covers to the head of the bed, long fingers sliding around @EhlenaA_BDB’s neck*

Rehv: *Sucking in a harsh breath, eyes widening in fear, in knowledge. The hands! Those fucking hands!*

Princess: *Squeezing, squeezing hard, drops of blood beading under the tips of my nails*

Ehlena: *Hearing @Rehvenge_BDB’s sharp breath, the sound spurring me on, my hands pushing against your chest as I rock my hips with yours*

Rehv: *Raving…swearing. Is it possible @EhlenaA_BDB does not know? How can this be?*

Ehlena: *Vaguely hearing @Rehvenge_BDB unleashing a slew of curses as he sometimes does when we’re in bed, moaning in response.*

Rehv: *Does @EhlenaA_BDB mock me? Is this a game like those played by @PrncssSymph_BDB year after year?*

Ehlena: *My nails digging in, moving faster and harder as @Rehvenge_BDB’s body bucks beneath mine.*

Rehv: *Flailing beneath @EhlenaA_BDB, heaving with violent gesticulations, clawing at those hands seeking to take her from me*

Ehlena: *Suddenly concerned, @Rehvenge_BDB’s hands are reaching for my throat, but not in any kind of erotic way.*

Ehlena: *Perhaps whatever nightmare he had earlier is still with him…*

Ehena: *Not sure why but feeling the need to redirect his hands, using my own to guide his hands down my body.*

Rehv: *Encircling @EhlenaA_BDB’s wrists tightly then tossing them away, renewing my frenzy and dire need in removing those corpse-like fingers from her*

Ehlena: *@Rehvenge_BDB’s hands suddenly threatening. Trying to twist away from his grasping fingers* Rehv! Stop!

Rehv: *The fear in @EhlenaA_BDB’s eyes nothing compared to the fear I have for her life. She must feel it!*

Rehv: *She knows! And now she suspects! But the hands…those intolerable, undead hands…they are gone!*

Ehlena: *@Rehvenge_BDB’s hands are strong–too strong. His touch is menacing. Grappling with his hands*

Ehlena:  @Rehvenge_BDB! STOP! *having no luck unhitching his violent grasp*

Rehv: *Grabbing @EhlenaA_BDB’s hips and lifting her from me in a swift toss to the bed, leaping to the side at the same moment*

Ehlena: *gasping for air, terrified of the male before me, his eyes wild…but his hands are no longer going for my throat*

Ehlena: *Frozen in place, unsure what is wrong with @Rehvenge_BDB. He’s never tried to hurt me before. Good lord…what do I do?*

Rehv: *Meeting @EhlenaA_BDB’s horrified gaze even as I shove the entire bed aside.*

Rehv: She suspects now. I will lose her. But anything is better than this agony!

Rehv: Anything is more tolerable than @EhlenaA_BDB’s derision!

Ehlena:*My hands going to my throat, a phantom sensation of @Rehvenge_BDB’s fingers still there…*

Rehv: *Dropping to my knees* I did it, @EhlenaA_BDB! Dissemble no more! I admit the deed!

Ehlena:*Did what? Oh, god. It must be the nightmare. That or @Rehvenge_BDB has gone completely crazy…*

Rehv: *Digging into the wood of the floor, prying up the boards to reveal their unsightly grave* It was me! @EhlenaA_BDB

Ehlena: *Gasping as I see bloody hands. My eyes shooting to see @Rehvenge_BDB’s eyes. Satisfied eyes.* Oh, god…

Ehlena: *Scrambling clumsily from the bed.* Oh, god…oh….god… *holding my palm out towards @Rehvenge_BDB, as if to keep him at bay*

Rehv: *Looking from the hideous hands to @EhlenaA_BDB and back again before throwing my head back to laugh disturbingly*

Rehv: @EhlenaA_BDB I killed the bitch! *Who needs semantics at such a time?* I killed @PrncssSymph_BDB!

Ehlena: *No…no. No, no, no, no, no. @Rehvenge_BDB killed someone. No…no…no…this is not happening.*

Ehlena: *Shaking my head back and forth, back and forth. Wanting to deny what is impossible to deny.*

Ehlena: *Feeling my body begin to shake as the horror hidden inside the male I thought I loved is revealed. Oh….god….*

Rehv: *Seeing the condemnation in @EhlenaA_BDB’s wild eyes. Feeling like I must scream or die!*

Rehv: *Waking within knotted and twisted pristine white sheets…alone…and thinking of those hideous hands* #Poe #BDB

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