Blood Ties



Zsadist_BDB *Waking up, shackled to the platform like so many times before, and unable to move.*

Zsadist_BDB *hearing the sound of footsteps coming down the hidden stairwell. My heart pounding in my ears, sweat breaking out over my skin*

Zsadist_BDB The cell… I’m back in the cell. *My eyes widening in blind panic, trying to see through the darkness and letting out a pleading moan.*

Zsadist_BDB *Feeling the cuffs cut into the black bands around my wrists and biting into the tender skin on my ankles.*

Zsadist_BDB  *The bang and grind of metal on metal as the guards unlock the door, the whisps of the @Mistress_BDB’s gown dragging along the stone floor.*

Zsadist_BDB *Blood mixing with my sweat creating the scent of death. The truth of where I am ripping through me. Oh, God…No…she found me.*

Zsadist_BDB  *Commanding my arms and legs to move, the cuffs snaking around my limbs tighter, slicing deeper into my skin. Paralyzed.*

Mistress_BDB @Zsadist_BDB I will always find you, slave. *throwing my head back, laughing* Run. You will never escape me.

Zsadist_BDB  *Hearing the shrill laugh of the @Mistress_BDB fill the cell and echoing off the stone walls. Her haunting voice chilling my blood.*

Zsadist_BDB *Squeezing my eyes shut, my voice barely audible* You’re dead. I killed you. You’re not real. @Mistress_BDB

Mistress_BDB I am here, slave. *trailing my fingers up @Zsadist_BDB’s thighs* I am very real. Feel my touch.

Zsadist_BDB *jerking at the @Mistress_BDB’s touch, her hands move up my thighs. She is here again to do whatever she wants with me.*

Mistress_BDB @Zsadist_BDB I am always with you. My blood courses through your veins as sure as yours courses through mine.

Zsadist_BDB *My mouth jacking, and my vocal chords straining on a silent scream. More hands touching me and the smell of the salve assaulting my nose.*

Mistress_BDB *leaning over @Zsadist_BDB’s face, my blonde hair falling forward.* Cast your gaze upon me.

Zsadist_BDB  *Hair tickling my face…her hair…her hands touching me. Bile forcing its way up my throat.*

Zsadist_BDB *Biting down on my molars, spitting out* @Mistress_BDB Never. *feeling her gown spill over my hips*

Zsadist_BDB *lips moving, no sound coming out* This is not where I am. I’m not here. *Hands touching me. My thighs, my stomach, my chest.*

Zsadist_BDB  All-fucking-over

Mistress_BDB *grabbing @Zsadist_BDB’s jaw, forcing his stare to my own* I. Own. You. *fangs gleaming*

Phury_BDB  *shaking @Zsadist_BDB, trying to wake him, watching him thrash in his sleep, trapped in some unreality…calling his name having no effect*

Zsadist_BDB *Feeling the shackles release, my eyes snapping open and curling my fingers around the closest weapon to me.*

Zsadist_BDB *Punching my fists into the pallet and in a massive surge, launching myself at the hovering figure touching me.* @Phury_BDB

Zsadist_BDB *Slamming him into the ground and pressing the blade of my hunting knife against@Phury_BDB’s throat.*

Phury_BDB *finding myself flat on my back, my twin hovering over me, death and vengeance in his eyes* What the hell are you doing,@Zsadist_BDB?

Phury_BDB *the knife at my throat not moving, realizing @Zsadist_BDB is neither seeing me or hearing me, speaking quietly* Zsadist. Wake up. Z?

Zsadist_BDB *My chest pumping, hearing the @Mistress_BDB’s voice shift into a male’s. The voice saying my name.*

Zsadist_BDB *Looking down @Phury_BDB with a shit ton of what the fuck on his face. Climbing off of him without saying a word.*

Phury_BDB *Staring at @Zsadist_BDB for a long moment as he stands up,not daring to move, not sure if he’s awake, not wanting to set him off* Zsadist?

Zsadist_BDB *Still white knuckling the knife and beginning to pace the length of the small shit-hole of an apartment we share.*

Zsadist_BDB *Pausing with my back to @Phury_BDB, voice hard* What? *feeling his eyes lingering on me, laying the knife on the mantel*

Phury_BDB *standing up slowly, brushing myself off, keeping my distance, voice level, still not sure of @Zsadist_BDB* Do you…know where you are?

Phury_BDB *seeing @Zsadist_BDB‘s back stiff, his posture revealing nothing, guessing his words won’t say much either…*

Zsadist_BDB *Shoulders coiled with tension, turning my flat, black gaze on@Phury_BDB* Of course I know where the fuck I am.

Zsadist_BDB *starting up with the pacing routine, feeling like a caged animal. Yeah, that’s what I am. A goddamn animal.*

Phury_BDB *watching @Zsadist_BDB, hearing something more than the normal indifference in his voice*

Phury_BDB *staying exactly where I am as @Zsadist_BDB paces* Then would you care to explain why you tried to sharpen your knife on my throat just now?

Zsadist_BDB *The need for a release increasing, the fear, rage, anger churning inside me, tightening like a steel-fucking-cable.*

Zsadist_BDB *Abruptly stopping and facing @Phury_BDB, not giving a shit about his demand for an explanation* Hit me. *squaring shoulders*

Phury_BDB *certain I’ve not heard @Zsadist_BDB correctly* What?

Zsadist_BDB *stepping in closer to @Phury_BDB, voice sharp* You heard me.

Phury_BDB *taking a step back, shaking my head* No, I don’t think I did. *seeing the dark expression on @Zsadist_BDB‘s face…christ…*

Zsadist_BDB @Phury_BDB Yeah, you did. That’s why you’re shaking your head even though I was ready to slice and dice your throat.

Zsadist_BDB I need you to hit me. Fucking do it or I’ll get someone else to *going straight for@Phury_BDB‘s jugular* and I just might let them kill me.

Phury_BDB *shaking my head* What? No. No. What are you talking about? *panic taking over, realizing @Zsadist_BDB is serious*

Phury_BDB *Stepping back involuntarily until my back hits the wall, seeing that same look of death in my twin’s eyes I’ve seen so many times before*

Phury_BDB *Never certain if it is death he wishes to inflict or death he wishes to have inflicted…fearing it is always the latter, shaking my head*

Zsadist_BDB *narrowing my eyes @Phury_BDB* You know damn well what the fuck I’m talking about. *inching in closer to striking distance*

Zsadist_BDB *goading @Phury_BDB, poking at his already open wounds* You want my death on another’s hands or are you going to take care of shit? Do it.

Phury_BDB No. I mean no, I don’t but I can’t. Don’t ask me to do this. You can’t ask this of me.@Zsadist_BDB *shaking my head over and over*

Zsadist_BDB *pointing my finger like a gun @Phury_BDB* You will do this….for me. I need you to do this. *dropping my hand and turning away from him*

Phury_BDB *watching @Zsadist_BDB turn away, widening his stance as if bracing himself for what he expects of me, closing my eyes, shaking my head*

Phury_BDB *forcing my shaking hand into a fist, whispering so only I can hear* Forgive me *yanking my fist back, slamming it into @Zsadist_BDB‘s side*

Zsadist_BDB *Air being forced out of my lungs and grunting as @Phury_BDB‘s fist slams into my side. Bracing myself for another hit.*

Phury_BDB *Seeing @Zsadist_BDB fortify himself…he expects more…god, no…not sure if it’s better or worse that I can’t see his face…*

Phury_BDB *Would his eyes still be full of death? Holding my breath as I swing again, harder, slamming my fist into @Zsadist_BDB‘s ribs*

Zsadist_BDB *stumbling back, fighting the urge to double over as @Phury_BDBfist slams me again, the pain vibrating my ribs.*

Zsadist_BDB *Lifting my dead stare to @Phury_BDB‘s, pleading for him to hit me again.*

Phury_BDB *Seeing what I’d feared in @Zsadist_BDB‘s eyes…a longing for something I will never deliver to him…something I will fight against*

Phury_BDB *I will not give him the death he seeks, moving behind him, unable to look at his face if I’m to do this, swinging again…and again…*

Zsadist_BDB *The release I need draining out of me with each of @Phury_BDB‘s blows, panting and gasping for air.*

Zsadist_BDB *Stumbling back against the wall as @Phury_BDB‘s strikes again. Shutting out the scent of his sorrow.*

Phury_BDB *pounding my fists against @Zsadist_BDB‘s body again and again, trying to drown out the voice in my head screaming for me to stop*

Phury_BDB *slowing my fists finally, turning away, not able to look at my twin* No more.@Zsadist_BDB

Zsadist_BDB *leaning over, planting my palms on my thighs and forcing a deep breath in, feeling my cracked ribs expanding.*

Zsadist_BDB *Straightening and catching my breath. Silently striding out of the apartment, my lips twisting into a satisfied smile.* #BDB

Phury_BDB *Hearing @Zsadist_BDB leave, looking down at my hands, the knuckles bruising already, painting a reminder of what I’ve just done* No…

Phury_BDB *Turning, slamming both fists into the wall, leaving fist-sized holes, repeating the process again and again until my blood flows freely*

Phury_BDB *Dropping to my knees, looking at my blood covered knuckles…better my blood than his…better my pain than his…*

TheWizard_BDB @Phury_BDB You will stand over his grave. Your pain will not save him. His blood will cover your hands. You will never save him, mate…

Phury_BDB *Dropping my head…wondering if I’ve only opened a door into a new corridor of@Zsadist_BDB‘s darkness…if so, I’ll follow him…*

Phury_BDB *Even if it kills me* #BDB


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