Darius honors V



V: *Walking through the streets with @DariusBDB. Looking for lessers. Staying in the shadows*

Darius: *Drawing in a deep breath through my nose, the night air crisp, no scent of the enemy, ready to tell @Vishous_BDB of my intentions*

V: *Noticing @DariusBDB has been studying me a bit more. Observing me. Knowing he wants to talk about something. Not wanting any part of it.*

Darius:  *Eyeing @Vishous_BDB carefully, my gut telling me he is ready for this, whether he knows it or not.*

Darius:  @Vishous_BDB, it is my intent to nominate you for induction into the Brotherhood. *Matching your pace, step for step*

V: @DariusBDB *Stopping dead in my tracks* What? *The mixture of emotions churning.* You want to do what? *It has to be a joke*

V: *My mind going over the offer @DariusBDB has made. How he honors me with this request. It is the highest compliment he could give me.*

V: * The feeling of worthlessness filling me. My fathers words. The cursed hand. The visions. I am a freak.* I am sorry,@DariusBDB I cannot.

Darius:  *Pausing, choosing my next words carefully, aware of @Vishous_BDB‘s difficult history*

Darius:  *Appealing to the honorable warrior that I have come to know in @Vishous_BDB* V, the Brotherhood needs someone of your ability.

V:  @DariusBDB *Shaking my head* I am not worthy of such an honor. I am not a warrior. Not a brother.

V:  *The thought of being that tight with anyone fills me with dread. Having a “family’ of brothers. Others to look out for.*@DariusBDB

V:  *Not to mention the rituals. I know enough to know they are done in the tomb, everyone naked. That is shit no one needs to see* @DariusBDB

Darius:  *thoughtfully* @Vishous_BDB, your past tells a different story. You tried to save the young from witnessing his mother’s death.

Darius:  @Vishous_BDB You have fought alongside us for a long while. You are a brother already, by practice. *firmly*@Wrath_BDB agrees with me.

V:  @DariusBDB Shit. @Wrath_BDB is in on this too? *Lighting up a smoke. Thoughts whirling. Brothers. The curses.The tattoos. My fucked up head*

V:  @DariusBDB What of my hand? The warnings? *pointing to my temple* Does none of that matter? I am not your typical warrior, true?

Darius:  I will not speak for others, @Vishous_BDB. But to me, the marking at your temple do not define the male or warrior I have come to know.

Darius:  @Vishous_BDB Or the Brother, I know you will be. *turning, facing you* I ask you again, will you strengthen our ranks, officially?

V:  *My chest tight. I have been alone for so long. I prefer alone. No one to care about. No one to.. not going there.*@DariusBDB

V: @DariusBDB You truly think I am worthy of this? *Recalling reading your journal at camp. You and @Wrath_BDB the only ones I would trust*

Darius:  *placing a heavy hand on your shoulder, squeezing* I do not think, @Vishous_BDB , *convicted* I know.

V: @DariusBDB *Trusting in your vision of me* Then I accept. Thank you for honoring me. I will do my best to honor the brotherhood.

Darius:  *my bones settling, the knot in my gut dispensing* You honor us all, @Vishous_BDB. Mine brother.

*@DariusBDB‘s words hitting me like a brick. Like I have found my calling. I have made the right decision.* And you as well, Brother. #BDB


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