The Deal


                                                          ***Murhder leaves Xhex****  


Xhex:*curled in a corner, the damp cold having long since seeped into my bones, not moving for fear of setting off the pain in my head*

Xhex:*stopped counting the days here, all blurred into one, mental anguish muddling details until day can no longer be distinguished from night*

Xhex: *death will come, inevitable, but fuck, where is it?* @Murhder_BDB

Murhder: *All my senses are jacked up, screaming at me to stay sharp. My body’s  humming with adrenalin at the prospect that I’ve finally found @Xhex_BDB*

Murhder: *Wishing I had one of my Brothers  here as backup. Shit’s going to get real here and it’s going to be something. I can feel it.*

Murhder: *Making my way along a long corridor, torches lighting the way.*

Murhder: *Hearing a slight moaning coming from…* Fuck! *Quickening my pace…knowing at last @Xhex_BDB is within my grasp. *

Murhder: *Slamming to a stop. My initial reaction is to grab @Xhex_BDB and run like hell. Instead I hesitate, examining her.*

Murhder: *Unable to believe my eyes. She’s lost so much weight and covered in bites, some fresh some scabbed over. Reaching, whispering…*  @Xhex_BDB?

Xhex: *hearing @Murhder_BDB, rolling slowly to my side, sure I’m dreaming it*

Xhex: *opening my eyes, trying to blink away the dirt that has sealed them, seeing @Murhder_BDB through a red haze…*

Murhder: *getting a good look @Xhex_BDB, red eyes glowing, realizing she’s a symphath* Jesus. Christ.

Murhder: *Taking a step back, unable to control myself. This can’t be real.* What the fuck.

Xhex: *throat parched, barely eking out the question* @Murhder_BDB?

Murhder:*Watching the past months fly by in my mind. Lying in bed, naked with @Xhex_BDB, seeing her softer side come out to play.*

Murhder: *Honing our fighting skills on one another, always proving a formidable opponent.*

Murhder: *Shaking my head, attempting to clear it. Recalling my oath to the Brotherhood. Pledging myself to them, to our race.*

Muhrder: *Staring at @Xhex_BDB unable to fathom how she has been able to hide her true self from me for so long.*

Muhrder: *Anger and sadness crashing into me in alternating waves. Deciding in a split second I need to leave.*

Xhex: *seeing @Murhder_BDB turn to go, scratchy voice rasping out* Wait.. Where are you going?

Murhder: *hearing her croaking voice as I’m leaving, it lights a fire under my ass*

Murhder: *disgusted with myself for making the mistake, for not being strong enough to see past it.*

Muhrder: *A mantra begins to root in my being. My priority is to protect the Brotherhood. Protect the race. At all costs. *

Xhex: *blinking hard, trying to figure out if this is a hallucination or if it’s real, if @Muhrder_BDB was here, had found me*

Xhex: *no fucking way anyone is coming for me, curling back into a ball to try to lull myself into oblivion again*


                                                       ***Killing Dragor***


Rehv: *Entering into the symphath colony undetected was damn near impossible. Unless one was a symphath.*

Rehv: *But I had thought it through clearly ahead of time. I knew what I needed to do.*

Rehv: *Materializing with my mind fully blocked and blood already on my hands. There would be more when I left here tonight.*

Rehv: It would have been easiest to take form within the throne room itself. But @KingDragor_BDB was rarely alone.

Rehv: I needed to know what I was dealing with and whom. The outcome was going to be the same, with exception to quantity of bodies.

Rehv: *Treading familiar steps that would lead me to the end of what had been my beginning.*

Rehv: *Pressing flat to the wall, still as death or the bringer of, and reaching out with excessive care mentally*

Rehv: *Only two present. One of meek will. The other of formidable strength of the mind-fucking variety.*

Rehv: @KingDragor_BDB’s mind was familiar to me. He used it to degrade and demean me often.

Rehv: *He thinks me weak. And maybe I am. But I am also willing to find out right now.*

Rehv: *Picking out their grids with ease by keeping ironclad focus on only them, pinpointing their location within the room without seeing them*

Rehv: *Dematerializing quickly and taking form on the other side of the wall wrapped in silence, instantly drilling into the mind of the servant*

Rehv: *Keeping my own mind shielded, while convincing the servant to finish taking the outer robe from the narrow shoulders of @KingDragor_BDB…*

Rehv: *…and to leave quickly to meditate.*

Dragor: *Turning at the sudden departure of the servant and startled to see @Rehvenge_BDB standing so still within the room.*

Dragor: *Eyes widening minutely before scowling, not liking the things seen behind the eyes of  @Rehvenge_BDB* My son. *wry laugh*

Rehv: *Not taking the bait of that mocking laugh, nor wasting any precious time*

Rehv: *Eyes filling with hate and determination to the point of self-sacrifice, pushing one resounding command into the mind of @KingDragor_BDB…*

Rehv: *Slamming it into his grey matter and synapses before @KingDragor_BDB can even think to take control of my own thoughts*

Rehv: *And should @KingDragor_BDB slip free of my command in any way, he will see it plastered all over the surface of my frontal lobe*

Rehv: *unsheathing a dagger, red flames reflecting off its blade from surrounding candles, and holding it out to @KingDragor_BDB*

Rehv: *Oh yeah. I’d planned this one to allow no prisoners to be taken. Only bodies left behind. Even if mine was one of them.*

Rehv: *The command is simple: End yourself.*

Rehv: *I am, after all, a symphath. That’s how we fucking roll.*

Dragor: *Paralyzed for a moment, a clash of my will with the command coming from  @Rehvenge_BDB*

Rehv: *Recognizing in @KingDragor_BDB the inner struggle he is suffering, the battle for mental supremacy*

Rehv: *I’d been on the receiving end of his mental missiles too often not to identify the helpless look in his eyes.*

Dragor: @Rehvenge_BDB *My hand reaching out of its own volition* Weak… *fingers closing around proffered dagger*

Rehv: *Relinquishing the dagger to @KingDragor_BDB* Yes, weak. You’ve told me often enough.

Dragor: *gripping the dagger, beginning to tremble until I close both hands together around the hilt…looking down at it with disbelieving horror*

Rehv: @KingDragor_BDB *eyes morbidly glued to the dagger in your hands now* I may be weak. But you are fucked…*sneers and adds* Father.

Dragor: *Lifting my gaze from the dagger to the chilling eyes of @Rehvenge_BDB, sweat washing over my pale skin as I fight the mind control*

Dragor: *Seeing my death in that amethyst stare, voice shaking* @Rehvenge_BDB She was mine for the taking… *turning the dagger*

Rehv: *Fangs punching down almost painfully, wanting to rip the head of @KingDragor_BDB from his shoulders. Circling him hungrily.*

Rehv: *I am more my father’s son then I will ever admit to another. This feels…so good.*

Rehv: *Not wavering. Not thinking of @Madalina_BDB despite the efforts of @KingDragor_BDB to turn the tables*

Dragor: @Rehvenge_BDB You won’t make it out of here… *sinking the dagger swiftly into my abdomen, until the hilt stops me*

Dragor: *finishing around a mouthful of spewing blood*…alive. *stumbling back onto the white marble throne* @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehv: *The scent of blood, the waves of fear and pain. The part I try so hard not to acknowledge is howling with need.*

Rehv: *Smiling sickly @KingDragor_BDB as his eyes roll wildly* That may very well be. *moving closer to command* Again.

Dragor: *Seeing @Rehvenge_BDB through a haze, my sputtering heart filled with hate even while my mind is his alone. Pulling the dagger free.*

Rehv: *Oh sweet fucking hell, the blood, the rage…shivering with the need to consume all those roiling emotions*

Rehv: *Sidling behind @KingDragor_BDB’s throne, every nerve ending snapping and firing, reaching out to fist around the grid coming off my father…the king*

Dragor: *Blood-splotched mouth working with only watery gasps emerging, bringing the dagger forward to my own gaping body again*

Rehv: *Hand whipping out from behind @KingDragor_BDB, clamping around his bloodied fist on the dagger, halting the downward plunge*

Rehv: *Voice a low hiss as @KingDragor_BDB fights my hold weakly* Oh the magnificent irony. That which you created is now your own end.

Rehv: *Yanking the dagger free of @KingDragor_BDB’s hand entirely and slashing it in one clean line across his throat.* For @Madalina_BDB.

Rehv: *Looming over @KingDragor_BDB, watching his limp hand fall to his side. Blue blood flowing, so bold against all the white.*

Rehv: *It appears purple to me, my vision red as I see the tableau through symphath eyes*

Rehv: *Turning and backing away from my father’s body. My mind and body so alive with the actions I have fed it with.*

Rehv: Want more. Need more. Not weak. Strong…empowered…hungry.

Rehv: *Justifying these murders I have committed, Rempoon and now Dragor, with the belief it will keep @Madalina_BDB and @BellaR_BDB safe*

Rehv: *The symphath in me needing no such justification. If I look closely, I’ll see that I fucking enjoyed them both. Too much.*

Rehv: *Looking from the body to my bloody hands once again, wondering if Mahmen and Bella are safe from me.*

Rehv: *Jerking around, running from the room. I’m not done yet. I’ll be retrieving an article from the symphath lost and found department first.*



 ***Saving Xhex***


Rehvenge: *Shouldering into the room, @Xhex_BDB’s reedy and sporadic mental frequency finally leading me here.*

Rehvenge: *Seeing @Xhex_BDB curled on her side in the corner of the barren room and reaching her in a couple strides.*

Rehvenge: *Reaching out to drop a bloodied hand on @Xhex_BDB’s shoulder, my voice rough and urgent* Xhex…

Xhex: *hearing a voice, distant, echoing in my head, sounds like @Rehvenge_BDB’s voice, feeling a shake on my shoulder, but that can’t be right*

Xhex: *like thinking @Murhder_BDB had been here, another fucked up trick my mind is playing* @Rehvenge_BDB

Xhex: *pulling my knees to my chest, huddling against the pain of hope, being found at this point not possible* @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehvenge: *Noting @Xhex_BDB’s instinctive reaction to curl in on herself, running my gaze over her form…*

Rehvenge: *Seeking any outward injuries on @Xhex_BDB before looking back at the door over my shoulder*

Rehvenge: *Needing to get @Xhex_BDB out of here before @KingDragor_BDB is found* Xhex…goddamn it…

Xhex: *@Rehvenge_BDB’s phantom voice not going away, eyelids fluttering, dirt crusting them, making them hard to open, harder to see*

Xhex: *a shadow outlined against the dim light, opening my mouth to say @Rehvenge_BDB’s name, no sound coming from my dry throat*

Rehvenge: *Using a forearm to wipe more of my father’s blood from my face as I gently roll @Xhex_BDB to her back*

Rehvenge: *Her face pale even through the haze of red I see her in* @Xhex_BDB I need to get us out of here. Now…

Rehvenge: *@Xhex_BDB’s grid filled with anguish and exhaustion, flinching from her blatant suffering*

Xhex: *groaning, head pounding from the motion of being rolled over, my body screaming, so used to being in a fetal position* @Rehvenge_BDB

Xhex: *@Rehvenge_BDB’s words sinking in, that he is really here, the urgency in his words spurring me to move*

Xhex: *trying to sit up, falling back, seeing stars as my head hits the hard floor with a crack…whispering* @Rehvenge_BDB…can’t.

Rehvenge: Shit. *Seeing @Xhex_BDB won’t be leaving here upright, sliding one arm beneath her shoulders quickly*

Rehvenge: Sorry, @Xhex_BDB. It’s now or never. *Lifting you with my other arm beneath your knees*

Xhex: *wincing, biting the inside of my cheek to keep from crying out, quiet is better, needing to ask* @Rehvenge_BDB?

Rehvenge: *Hands tightening on @Xhex_BDB instinctively, not seeing chains or bindings of any sort…in this case, a bad thing*

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB Yeah. *moving to the door, knowing mind control was their restraint of choice* Left my shining armor in Caldie.

Xhex: *something tearing in my mind as @Rehvenge_BDB carries me through the doorway, a scream ripping from my throat*

Xhex: *straining against your hold, frantically kicking, twisting in your arms, yelling at you* No @Rehvenge_BDB. Put me down. I can’t leave here.

Xhex: *my struggle becoming more violent as @Rehvenge_BDB continues to walk*

Rehvenge: *Stumbling against a stone wall with @Xhex_BDB’s flailing body going hellcat on me*

Rehvenge: *Pressing a palm over @Xhex_BDB’s mouth, fighting to restrain her and darting glances in every direction*

Rehvenge: *Snarling* Sorry, @Xhex_BDB. You can hate me tomorrow. *Bracing you by the back of the neck with one hand…*

Rehvenge: *Fisting my other hand and placing a tight, hard uppercut to @Xhex_BDB’s chin*
Xhex: *wild thrashing ending with a sharp pain then nothing, lights out, body going limp in @Rehvenge_BDB’s arms*

Rehvenge: *Maneuvering @Xhex_BDB’s weight, hoping I did not do more damage than necessary.*

Rehvenge: *Wishing for one second as I begin running that I subscribed to @Madalina_BDB’s beliefs…that someone was on our side*

Rehvenge: *Emerging from the dark tunnel at a run, @Xhex_BDB’s limp form tucked against me. The passing of time snapping at my heels.*

Princess: *silently following behind @Rehvenge_BDB, out of his sight, long legs easily keeping pace as he carries @Xhex_BDB, a burden in his arms*

Rehvenge: *Damn near colliding with the large sliding door. Hooking my free hand on the metal handle, readying my mind for anything that waits on the other side*

Rehvenge: *Tightening my hold on @Xhex_BDB, but pausing before sliding the door open to freedom*

Rehvenge: *Slicing my head around quickly. Eyes staring hard into the dark behind us…knowing we are not alone.*

Princess: *quickly stopping at the edge of the shadows though my presence is known, choosing to remain hidden awhile longer, to watch…curious*

Princess: *the way @Rehvenge_BDB holds the female in his arms, so carefully though she hinders his escape, so protective of her*

Princess: *eyes glowing red, knowing that instinct extends to @Rehvenge_BDB’s female kin, that what I witnessed earlier can be used against him*

Rehvenge: *Moving hand subtly from the door handle to the hilt of dagger still sticky with blood. My mind already calibrating who our company is and what needs done.*

Rehvenge: I’m not averse to adding to the death count of my family members.

Rehvenge: *Throwing up mental blocks to prevent @PrncssSymph_BDB from gleaning anything of my recent activities* Come to say goodbye?

Princess: *stepping out of the shadows, eyes gleaming, drawn to the blade wet with evidence of the deed, laughing at @Rehvenge_BDB’s impudence*

Princess: *looking into @Rehvenge_BDB’s  mind* Do you think your pretty pictures can hide that which I’ve seen with my own eyes? *showing you*

Rehvenge: *Flexing my fingers harshly on both the dagger and @Xhex_BDB, seeing the macabre scene @PncssSymph_BDB discovered*

Rehvenge: @PncssSymph_BDB *voice forged in steel* Then you must be wanting to thank me.

Rehvenge: As far as I was concerned, I’d just done both of us a favor. Though I didn’t expect gratitude from this sibling.

Princess: Thank you? *feigned sadness in my voice, small smile showing just the tips of my teeth* You killed our father, @Rehvenge_BDB.

Princess: *sniffling, pretending to wipe a tear from my eye with a long finger* I loved him so. *dropping all pretense* You owe me, @Rehvenge_BDB.

Rehvenge: *Ignoring the feigned theatrics of @PrncssSymph_BDB, my gaze darting away from watching that graveyard finger of hers*

Rehvenge: @PrncssSymph_BDB Send me the bill, Princess. *Turning to yank the door open and leave this fucking place for good*

Princess: *dematerializing just outside the door, facing @Rehvenge_BDB* You took something very precious from me.

Princess: *running a finger down the arm of the female @Rehvenge_BDB is holding* I must insist on a fair trade.

Rehvenge: *Anger and the need to flee spurring me to action. Reaching forward and spinning @PrncssSymph_BDB back into the barn before we are seen*

Rehvenge: *…Or worse. With each passing moment, the body of @KingDragor_BDB could easily be discovered.*

Rehvenge: *Pinning @PrncssSymph_BDB by her shoulder to the wall, keeping @Xhex_BDB out of her reach*

Rehvenge: @PrncssSymph_BDB *snarling, fangs flashing in the dimness* What are you after? We both know he won’t be missed.

Princess: *clicking my tongue @Rehvenge_BDB* Now, brother dearest, manhandling me won’t get you out of the predicament you find yourself in.

Princess: @Rehvenge_BDB It seems you have deprived me of our father’s *coughing* comfort.  *shrugging my shoulder out of your grasp*

Princess: I need someone to take his place. *eyeing the female in @Rehvenge_BDB’s arms, testing your loyalty* Perhaps her… for starters?

Rehvenge: *Automatically tightening my hold on @Xhex_BDB, knowing both of our lives are in the balance by staying here*

Rehvenge: *Finding an angle with @PrncssSymph_BDB and pursuing it, desperately. Face registering nonchalance.*

Rehvenge: @PrncssSymph_BDB You have no power here. And a threat from a female? *sneers* I’ll take my chances.

Princess: *anger flaring in my eyes for a split second before regaining composure* You are a symphath.

Princess: As is she. *nodding @Rehvenge_BDB’s arms*

Princess: By law, you must be interred here at the colony. *looking directly into @Rehvenge_BDB’s eyes* If anyone were to find out your origins.

Princess: Both of you would live out your lives here. *nodding* Very shortened lives indeed once your crime is discovered. @Rehvenge_BDB

Princess: Of course, if you were to offer me some sort of recompense, something to take the place of what I’ve lost. @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehvenge: *The urge to leave another body in my wake almost as powerful as the need to flee. Body shaking with restraint.*

Rehvenge: @PrncssSymph_BDB *eyes going stone cold serious* Why don’t you just tell me what the fuck you want?

Princess: You’re so cold, @Rehvenge_BDB. *shaking my head, pouting, scorpions at my ears dangling in the breeze I make*  No fun at all.

Princess: What do I want? *laughing, waving my hand* What is the correct answer here, @Rehvenge_BDB? World peace?

Princess: *all attempts to be coy set aside, getting down to business* I want you, @Rehvenge_BDB. And money. A lot of both.

Princess: You fill the void, so to speak, by the death of our father, replace the loss of love and affection. *evil grin @Rehvenge_BDB*

Rehvenge: *Of course the bitch wants money* @PrncssSymph_BDB How much? *shifting @Xhex_BDB in my arms, impatient as fuck*

Rehvenge: @PrncssSymph_BDB But I am not sticking around here to fill any goddamn void. *thinking you mean something else entirely*

Princess: *throwing my head back laughing, forgetting all about being a lady* You think you can just toss cash at me and be on your way, @Rehvenge_BDB? *shakes head*

Princess: It’s not that simple, @Rehvenge_BDB. *walks around you, eyeing you up*  I want you as well. To be with me.

Princess: *motions @Xhex_BDB* In exchange, she will be free to go *adding cruelly* and your other female kin will know nothing of this, @Rehvenge_BDB.

Rehvenge: *Seeing the predatory look in @PrncssSymph_BDB’s eye. And though our minds are blocked to each other, her meaning sinking in.*

Rehvenge: *Feeling the floor beneath me disappear when the threat to mine burrows beneath my skin and takes root.*

Rehvenge: @PrncssSymph_BDB Our father was sick. You, sweetheart, may have him beat. *feeling flesh prickle* We are blood.

Princess: *eyes not wavering* What is blood, @Rehvenge_BDB? It is nothing to me. *slamming a vision of us together into your mind*

Princess: It is that or I will have to report two symphaths in the wild, so to speak. Then you will have no choice but to be with me, @Rehvenge_BDB

Princess: And the females you hold so dear? Who will care for them when you are stuck here, @Rehvenge_BDB? *unrepentant*

Princess: @Rehvenge_BDB *sending an image of @BellaR_BDB and @Madalina_BDB unprotected, being attacked* You decide.

Rehvenge: *Blood icing in my veins as @PrncssSymph_BDB hammers my mind with images so vile, so inconceivable*

Rehvenge: *Your threats a solid noose around my neck, options non-existent* @PrncssSymph_BDB They’d kill me here…

Rehvenge: @PrncssSymph_BDB *voice low, filled with hate and desolation at once* …so what you want would end me anyway.

Princess: *defeat  emanating from @Rehvenge_BDB, victory so close* I would not require you to live here. *gesturing toward the colony*

Princess: @Rehvenge_BDB Certainly that would do neither of us any good. *thinking quickly* I believe we need to go…elsewhere. Neutral territory.

Princess: *laying a starting offer on the table for @Rehvenge_BDB* I believe one night a week with me would be ample payment. *of one kind*

Rehvenge: *The weight of @Xhex_BDB in my arms nothing compared to the weight of everyone’s future hitting my shoulders*

Rehvenge: *Moving closer to @PrncssSymph_BDB, bending my head down closer to hers…but careful to keep @Xhex_BDB’s skin from hers*

Rehvenge: @PrncssSymph_BDB I’ll give you one night a month. *disgust and rage pulling my features tight, fangs tearing my lip* No more.

Rehvenge: *Later. I’ll deal with the implications, the shame…later. Time has run out.*

Princess: *torn between lust and greed, wanting @Rehvenge_BDB but realizing that with his counteroffer, demand for money can be higher*

Princess: *quickly calculating* @Rehvenge_BDB If I only get one night a month, the tariff will be much greater.

Rehvenge: *Confident that getting some distance from this hellish nightmare will allow me to find a way to extricate us all*

Rehvenge: *And believing one night a century is more than I want to give this bitch. But it is not my life I am so concerned about.*

Rehvenge: @PrncssSymph_BDB It’s all you’re getting. So name the price and step aside. *Certain her little ‘deal’ would be frowned upon by more than me*

Princess: *smiling* I believe…$250,000 would be adequate. @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehvenge: @PrncssSymph_BDB *Assuming quintessential poker face despite the unachievable sum* Done. We finished here?

Princess: *watching @Rehvenge_BDB’s face carefully, smugly dropping a bomb* Monthly. In rubies. *untraceable*

Princess:  I believe the first Tuesday of every month works best for me. That will ensure my silence and the safety of your secret. @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehvenge:  *Growling, convinced now @PrncssSymph_BDB is certifiable* Where the fuck is the mine you expect me to harvest rubies from? Be realistic.

Rehvenge:  *Rubies aside, the current family estate would not provide that kind of income.*

Rehvenge:  *And I know this well, having very recently and conveniently become head of the household*

Princess:  It is not my problem, is it @Rehvenge_BDB? Meet my demands or I will leave here and make a call.

Rehvenge: *Feeling sick from the vortex of depravity sucking me under that @PrncssSymph_BDB has created*

Princess: *hearing loud voices, a cacophony* Ah, I see they have found our father, @Rehvenge_BDB. You may wish to hurry…

Rehvenge: *The sounds of discovery sealing the deal even as my mind rebels. We needed to get the fuck out now. Or pull up a grave for a dirt nap.*

Rehvenge: *A spasm from @Xhex_BDB hastening my reply to the madness* @PrncssSymph_BDB As you wish.

Rehvenge: *Hand back on the door, pinning @PrncssSymph_BDB with a hard stare* I hope you’re getting fucked regularly elsewhere.

Rehvenge: *Sliding the door open again* Because blackmailing it from me can’t be *looking @PrncssSymph_BDB over* flattering.

Princess: *@Rehvenge_BDB’s verbal slap stinging, the only evidence a slight flare of my nostrils* How I have you is irrelevant.

Princess: @Rehvenge_BDB As long as I have you. *quickly recovering full composure, satisfied in the deal struck* I will contact you soon. #BDB

Rehvenge: *Not wasting another moment in @PrncssSymph_BDB’s company, jerking my chin down in agreement and fleeing the barn*

Rehvenge: *Sprinting across the grounds with only a bloody dagger and the unconscious form of @Xhex_BDB as souvenirs from my visit*

Rehvenge: *Leaving my pride, my conscience, and my future alongside the cooling corpse of my father*

                                                          ***First Feeding***
Rehvenge: *Jerking awake, the slight sound from the bed snapping me from the fitful uncomfortable sleep in the chair* @Xhex_BDB

Rehvenge: *I needed to get @Xhex_BDB to side with me on what I had planned…*

Rehvenge:  *I needed @Xhex_BDB to see that what I had in mind would work for both of us…*

Rehvenge: * I needed @Xhex_BDB to agree to it without her knowing all of it.*

Xhex: *groaning at the ache in my body before realizing my wake up call…hard floor under me, insects crawling on my skin…gone* @Rehvenge_BDB

Xhex: *eyes popping open, mind racing with panic and fear, sitting up swinging, ready to take out anything close enough to harm* @Rehvenge_BDB

Xhex: Fuck that. Anything close enough. @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehvenge: *Catching @Xhex_BDB’s bullet of a fist in one hand before it connects, trying not to crowd her as I lean over her*

Rehvenge: Easy, @Xhex_BDB. Look around. *loosening my grip on her much smaller fingers* See me. See where we are.

Xhex: *recognizing the voice, confused about how I got here, vaguely remembering a dream…of @Murhder_BDB and @Rehvenge_BDB*

Xhex: *pain in my head screaming, remembering being lifted, taken, panicking, flailing* I have to go back. @Rehvenge_BDB

Xhex: Before they find out I’m gone, before they come looking for me. *eyes open wide at the realization* They’ll find you too,  @Rehvenge_BDB.

Rehvenge: *Capturing @Xhex_BDB’s wildly flying hands completely within my one of my own, finding them not unexpectedly weak*

Rehvenge: *Grabbing @Xhex_BDB’s chin firmly yet gently with my other hand, my gaze snaring hers* No they won’t.

Rehvenge: *With body and money, much of both, I have hopefully bought our freedom. Convince her.*

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB No one is coming. For either of us. *pasting confidence over my face and my mind* It’s all over.

Xhex: *exhausted, flinching from unexpected tenderness in my jaw, unable to fight @Rehvenge_BDB’s grip on my face*

Xhex:  *hearing his words, seeing in his mind that he means them, eyes narrowing, focusing on @Rehvenge_BDB* How?

Rehvenge: *deal with one devil of a bitch* @Xhex_BDB *opting for vague truth* Familial connections.

Rehvenge: *Easing my grip, only guessing at what @Xhex_BDB has been through.*

Rehvenge: *Turning @Xhex_BDB’s head toward the light, noting the abrasions and bruises slow to heal* You’re going to let me feed you.

Xhex: *startled @Rehvenge_BDB’s declaration, not trusting his motives, sure as hell not interested in being bossed around* Am I now?

Xhex: *fangs growing like the fucking traitors they are, fixating on the pulse in @Rehvenge_BDB’s neck*

Rehvenge:  *To weak to block anything from me, I can feel the mistrust and aversion from @Xhex_BDB easily.*

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB Biology can be a bitch, can’t it? Do it. *leaning closer* Then we plan our futures.

Xhex: *watching the steady thrum of blood course past that one point along @Rehvenge_BDB’s throat, eyes not wavering, trying to resist, failing*

Xhex: Shit. *cursing nature, taking @Rehvenge_BDB up on his offer, nailing his vein like I haven’t eaten in a year*

Xhex: *my fangs not sinking into @Rehvenge_BDB’s neck, more ripping it open*

Rehvenge: *The pain of @Xhex_BDB’s strike causing an instant overload of dangerous sensations…*

Rehvenge: *One hand fisting in @Xhex_BDB’s hair to shove her closer to my flesh, the other clamping like a vice on the hotel room headboard*

Rehvenge: *My fangs slamming down painfully with my own need, eyes flaring and widening as the room bleeds to red.*

Rehvenge: *For one panicked moment, realizing I could easily let the symphath in me handle this moment. Feed her. Take her.*

Xhex:   *reaching behind @Rehvenge_BDB’s neck, fingers intertwining as I take his blood into me in long, frantic pulls*

Xhex: *wanting to sate my thirst, the hunger of having gone unfed driving me to drink greedily from @Rehvenge_BDB, no thought of what I’m doing*

Xhex: *my stomach revolting at the sudden intrusion of substance, having been empty for so long, not sure how to handle @Rehvenge_BDB’s blood*

Rehvenge: *Mouth opening wide to accommodate the growl that barrels out from my chest, struggling to cage so many dark urges*

Rehvenge: *@Xhex_BDB’s rioting emotions snapping out and grabbing onto mine…a tangible tug of war*

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB More. *hand moving over the back of her head, fingers flexing* Take more.

Xhex: *reading @Rehvenge_BDB’s grid broadcasting things I’d never considered, my own turmoil feeding his*

Xhex: *latching on with renewed fervor, sucking hard @Rehvenge_BDB, swallowing convulsively to keep from wasting a single drop of his blood*

Xhex: *should stop, knowing that the way I know I need the sustenance @Rehvenge_BDB is giving me*

Rehvenge: *Roughly maneuvering @Xhex_BDB beneath me, enslaved by what the simple act of feeding her is doing to the side I choose to deny*

Rehvenge: *Closing my eyes to the images of bare limbs, and torqued sheets…of me moving over @Xhex_BDB…*

Rehvenge: *Then feeling as if a bucket of ice water has been poured over my heated skin. It is not @Xhex_BDB I see behind my eyelids.*

Rehvenge: *Stilling, freezing at the vision of my future. Eyes flying open. It is @PrncssSymph_BDB that I had seen beneath me.*

Xhex: *noticing the quickchange in @Rehvenge_BDB, seeing the image of my captor in his mind and pulling my fangs from his skin*

Xhex: *pushing @Rehvenge_BDB away at the horror of what he is imagining* What the hell?

Rehvenge: *Leaning back on my hands, not bothering to stem the flow of blood* @Xhex_BDB Hell is what we left behind…

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB I’d rather discuss where we are going now. *pinning you with a shrewd stare* If you’re interested.

Rehvenge: *Locking my mind tight to any attempts for entry from @Xhex_BDB. She doesn’t know it yet.  But I count her as mine.*

Xhex: *taking notice to the gaping wound in @Rehvenge_BDB’s neck* Fuck. Let me get that. *grabbing the back of his neck to pull him to me*

Xhex: *lazily licking the edges of the bite, sealing it to stop the bleeding before lying back in a bit of a stupor from @Rehvenge_BDB’s blood*

Xhex: *wondering what “we” @Rehvenge_BDB is talking about* Where are we going now? *untrusting after seeing @PrncssSymph_BDB in his mind*

Rehvenge: *Staying still and silent as @Xhex_BDB runs her tongue over me, wanting her not to be wary…more than she is*

Rehvenge: *Revealing nothing of what transpired to end us at this point* @Xhex_BDB Business. I’m going to start a business.

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB I want you in it with me. *dark grin forming* I think you’ll find it appealing.

Xhex: *looking @Rehvenge_BDB wearily* What business and why me?

Xhex: *intrigued, but wanting the details on the why before accepting that anything from @Rehvenge_BDB is the truth*

Rehvenge:  *Keeping my mind on only what I envision, pushing off the bed* @Xhex_BDB You and me…we are alike…

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB *tugging the blood-soaked shirt and beginning to pace the room* Outside of our nature even.

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB We need to make it out there, among Normals. *drilling you with a knowing gaze* But we’re not fools either.

Rehvenge: Tell me, @Xhex_BDB.  What kind of business could turn instant profit and feed that dark place inside you?

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB *fangs flashing* We know better than anyone…legitimacy is overrated. *baiting my hook slowly but surely*

Xhex: *@Rehvenge_BDB’s energy piquing my own, pulling me into his endeavor with the promise of the feeding of our baser nature*

Xhex: *against my better judgement* Tell me what you’ve got in mind. @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB *eyes glued to yours, watching your every reaction closely* A club. Catering to Caldwell’s…baser needs.

Xhex: *seeing what @Rehvenge_BDB has in mind, the clientele, the ventures, the symphath side salivating at the opportunities it will afford*

Xhex: *keeping my face neutral, knowing that @Rehvenge_BDB can see the excitement that isn’t showing*

Xhex:  @Rehvenge_BDB My role? *more importantly* And what aren’t you telling me?

Rehvenge: *Sitting back in the chair again, my words honest but guarded* @Xhex_BDB Your role can be anything you want it to be.

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB I want you to make sure everything…and everyone stays in line. The line we draw.

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB We are free to make of it what we want. *leaning forward with pointed intent* And Xhex, I want a-fucking-lot.

Xhex: *eyeing @Rehvenge_BDB with suspicion, knowing there’s something he’s not telling me, but there is promise in what he says*

Xhex: *with a shudder, recalling where I’ve been, from where @Rehvenge_BDB saved me, knowing instinctively that I can trust him, his words*

Xhex: *not taking long to think about the offer* I’m in. *nodding @Rehvenge_BDB, this is right, we are the same and need to stick together*

Rehvenge: *Slapping hands to thighs and standing again* @Xhex_BDB You won’t regret it. Not for a minute.

Rehvenge: @Xhex_BDB I only need a few days. I have the capital. *pacing again with energy I can no longer control* You got a place to go?

Xhex: *nodding, looking at the bed, suddenly exhausted again* Yeah, but can I catch some more sleep here first? @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehvenge: *Jerking chin down in affirmation @Xhex_BDB* Paid through the week. Wasn’t sure where… *letting that sentence fall off the map*

Rehvenge: *running a hand through mohawk and giving @Xhex_BDB one last penetrating look* I’ll feed you. When you need me.

Xhex: **rolling over on the bed, not wanting to look @Rehvenge_BDB when I answer* Thanks. Whenever you need, too…

Xhex: You know, whenever you need… *moving away from @Rehvenge_BDB, settling into sleep position* Well, I’m here.

Rehvenge: *Recognizing the head in the dirt tactic for what it is with @Xhex_BDB* I’ll take you up on that.

Rehvenge: *Hand on the doorknob, tossing back to @Xhex_BDB* Good thing too. As of now, there is part of me that does not exist.

Rehvenge: *Leaving @Xhex_BDB to recover. Leaving my previous life. Leaving with my symphath half howling for me to go back and finish.*

Rehvenge: I’d fucking die before I told @Xhex_BDB why we were really “free”…


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