The Princess




As the Sssympath Princesss, my job is to ssstand bessside my uncle, the ruler of the Sssympath colony, but that doesssn’t make me happy. I am not content being second. I wish to be on top.

What makesss me happy are monthly excursions to a sssmall cabin in the woodsss where I get to be with my love.  Once a month I get to ssspend an evening engaging in sssweet torture, trying to break him as he triesss to break me.

My true assspiration is to rule the Sssympath colony. To do ssso, I only need Rehvenge to kill our uncle ssso I can take his place. Trouble is, he refuses, both the deed and the offer to rule. I will have to hurt him to get him to comply, but I am confident that he will. Eventually…

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