I am Cormia, born unto the Chosen, now shellan of the Primale, Phury.

As a Chosen living on the Other Side, I lived in turmoil, a constant struggle between my duties and my own personal feelings. I was selected as First Mate, to be the first to serve our new Primale. The first ceremony with Vishous did not end well. A second ceremony was prepared, and ended with Phury bringing me to the Far Side.

I learned much on this side about myself, finding my inner strength and a love of architecture and design. After helping Phury through his painful detoxification process, my life became committed to him and our goal of helping the Chosen. Not as a traditional Primale, but to free them of their station and allow them the same joy of self-discovery. We now reside in the Adirondacks with those Chosen who choose to cross over to this side. Every day is a new adventure in teaching them to adapt to such foreign ways.