Phury, son of Ahgony




I am Phury, son of Ahgony, hellren to Cormia, twin to Zsadist, and Primale to the race. I am a former member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. *Or I guess, I’m still a member…but in name only.*

My twin and I were separated at birth…our paths, after he was taken from our family, were very different, and we both suffered in our own ways. I searched for a century to find him. And even after rescuing him from his imprisonment, Zsadist still suffered. Turns out freedom from what physically binds you doesn’t always save you from what mentally imprisons you. But, there’s finally some light in Zsadist’s life. His shellan, Bella, was the one to help him finally begin working through his world of darkness. She was the one to give him a reason to want more. And his young, Nalla, is going to be the joy of his life. His two females: shellan and daughter. They are that which saved my twin. And for the both of them, I will be forever grateful.

My road was a very different road.  I spent decades upon decades searching for my twin. And decades upon decades believing I was not worthy to be the twin who was not kidnapped, not worthy of anything or anyone. I was a curse upon all who knew me, and I had my own personal inner voice constantly reminding me of all the reasons why. And my life began to spiral out of control as a century-long addiction became the focus of my being. I got lost along the way, not knowing who I was supposed to be or what I truly wanted. And in a spur-of-the-moment decision, I traded places with my brother, Vishous.  He was destined to be the next Primale for our race…and thus destined to leave the love of his life behind. I had no way of knowing how momentous that decision was. At the time, everyone saw it as a gift to Vishous. I saw it as an escape.

But from that moment forward everything was set on a vastly different course. I met Cormia. *broad smile crosses my features* Cormia. I was drawn to her from the first, but it was long while before we managed to admit how we truly felt about each other. And she’s been my strength as I’ve been fighting to remain clean and red smoke-free. And she helped me find the strength to convince the Scribe Virgin to release the Chosen and the Primale from centuries-old traditions. Together, we’re introducing the Chosen to this Side and to all the possibilities their lives hold.  It’s going to take decades to affect the changes we seek, but hopefully we will help to strengthen our race together.

We take it one night at a time, my shellan and me. But each and every night I have with her is a night I’m grateful for.  She is my light, my strength, my love.



  1. Such bravery and honor in just one person…I can totally understand qhy you hurt for your twin. But don’t you worry, things will get better. For him and mostly for you too. You will both find your inner peace. The peace that you both deserve so much…

    I deeply care for you, warrior. Be weel!


  2. sometimes it sucks being nice, but we would be nice for anyone. Even if they walk on us, true? You’ll be ok phury you aren’t alone. love ya bunches:)

  3. Phury makes me want to dig my own eye out with a plastic spoon. I am so close to dropping the series I used to love over Phury and his crap. What a dunce!!!

  4. Just finished “Lover Enshrined”. I just find Phury the least likable of the brothers ……But , since V is my favorite it makes sense that I am not fan of the self absorbed type. Thank God that book is over, I can move on now and get back to the rest of the hot brothers.

    1. I’ll keep this short and damn sweet. My twin has suffered his own brand of hell, always giving up his own happiness for others so I would be careful about judging him.

  5. Cindy whats problem? you complaining is irritating. You might have to deal with some shit in life and i doubt you would want people complaining about you. people like you irritate the shit out of me. Poor guy needed help nothing wrong with that…
    Anyways! Phury iv thought you were adorable from the beginning and you still are!

  6. I have to say that this was my second most hated book in the series. And only because it made me hate Zsadist, who is seriously my favorite character in the series. (Other then Wizard<3) Other then that it was a great book.
    I was just really mad at Zsadist. Why did he just abandon his brother in his time of need? I mean Phury had to put up with all of Zsadist's shit which pretty much killed him. And then Zsadist had to put up with Phury's shit for a little while and was like "Nope, can't do it."
    And for that and only that, I didn't like the book.

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