BDB Muppets

     The Cast

John Matthew 

Xhex: *crashes through @Rehvenge_BDB‘s office door* There is some really weird shit going on in the bar.

Rehv: @Xhex_BDB *not bothering to remark on your entrance* And this is different than any other night?

Xhex: @Rehvenge_BDB Very. This is the kind of shit you’ve got to see to believe. *turns to go* You should get your ass out there.

Rehv: *Standing slowly, using the cane…humoring @Xhex_BDB* Is it the Twilight convention again?

Xhex: *shaking my head, no words* You just have to see it for yourself.

Rehv: *Following @Xhex_BDB all the way to the @ZeroSum_BDB DJ booth…looking out over the floor to see what the fuck tonight brings*

Rehv: @Xhex_BDB Well, never thought I would see this. When does it end? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wrath: *Walking into @ZeroSum_BDB, looking around* The theater looks odd.

Vishous: *Setting my piano up, ready to jam*

Zsadist: *turning to @Phury_BDB handing him a drumstick* One for you, brother. One for me.

Bella: *Plugging my guitar into the amp.* Tonight is going to rock fer sure!

Wrath: *Walking around making sure everyone is getting set up for the show* Band is almost ready. *nods*

Xhex: @Rehvenge_BDB Not soon enough.

Fritz: *wondering as to why Master @Wrath_BDB requested my attendance at the club, very out of the ordinary*

Rhage: *Looking down at @Butch_BDB ‘s feet* Why aren’t you wearing any shoes, cop?

Phury: *twirling the drumstick around my finger* Yes. Time to set up the DRUMS… I mean. *clears throat* drums. @Zsadist_BDB

Wrath: @FritzDoggen_BDB Make sure we have food for the band.

Rehv: *Throws Ferragamo @Vishous_BDB* We don’t pay you to tweet! But then again, who paid you in the first place? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Butch: @Rhage_BDB Why should I? I’d still have bear feet. Wocka wocka!

Vishous: @Rehvenge_BDB *Ducks* Watch it old man. I will give you a good trip off that balcony.

DocJane: *Things keep getting stranger and stranger. Wondering if this is another dream. Eyes drawn to the piano and @Vishous_BDBsetting it up*

Rehv: @Xhex_BDB Turn your hearing aid down, this looks like it can be missed.

Vishous: *Tuning the piano keys* @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB@BellaR_BDB Ready to groove?

Bella: *Eying @Zsadist_BDB and @Phury_BDB* Those two dudes rully look similiar.

Fritz: @Wrath_BDB Ah, right Master. *bows head* What to make a band?

Rhage: Hey, @Butch_BDB, What’s the difference between bird flu and swine flu?

Zsadist: @Phury_BDB True that. *shouts* DRUMS. *looking to@Vishous_BDB and nods emphatically*@BellaR_BDB

Blaylock: *Sticking close to @John_MatthewBDB.* Meep meep Meep!

Butch: @Rhage_BDB I don’t know, what?

John Matthew: *feeling the heat of a stare on the back of my head, not needing to turn and look to know it’s @Xhex_BDB, wonder if she recognizes me*

John Matthew: *I certainly look different since I transitioned*

Phury: @Vishous_BDB YES! *uses my one drumstick to bang on the drums to make my point*@Zsadist_BDB @BellaR_BDB

Wrath: @Butch_BDB uh how are the jokes for tonights show? *hoping no tomatoes are thrown*

Rhage: @Butch_BDB If you have bird flu, you need tweetment. If you have swine flu, you need oink-ment. *slaps knees laughing*

Zsadist: *waggles furry brows at @BellaR_BDB* Mine.

Bella: Like fer sure! *grabbing my guitar* RT @Vishous_BDB *Tuning the piano keys* @Phury_BDB@Zsadist_BDB @BellaR_BDB Ready to groove?

Fritz: I think I have decided on popcorn. *throws a several packages into the microwave*

Beth: Oh Wrathy! *goes looking for @Wrath_BDB*

Rehv: @Vishous_BDB Trip or tip? If it is a tip…you’ll be waiting a while. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Phury: *sees @Zsadist_BDB making eyes at @BellaR_BDB, bangs on the drum more*

Butch: @Rhage_BDB *groans, shakes my head* Hey, Hollywood, what would you get if you had 10 pancakes, and I take 5 away?

Vishous: This one is for that money grubbing asshole @Rehvenge_BDB@Zsadist_BDB@Phury_BDB@BellaR_BDB

John Matthew: *thinking @Blaylock_BDB should go get laid already, sure@Qhuinn_BDB already is*

Xhex: *putting hand to my ear* @Rehvenge_BDB WHAT?

Doc Jane: *Body on fire at the sight of @Vishous_BDB and all his…teeth.* Water, ice water would be good about now, Jane.

Wrath: @BethR_BDB You made it. Hey you wanna tell them that joke?

Rehv: *Starts throwing old LPs @Vishous_BDB* BOOOOO! Where’s the hook @Xhex_BDB? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Vishous: @Rehvenge_BDB We all know about you and a lack of …tip

Rehv: *Mouths to @Xhex_BDB with no sound* I said you’ll never get a raise! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Rhage: @Butch_BDB I don’t know, but you’d have a broken hand for touching my food

Zsadist: *jerks head away from @BellaR_BDB to @Phury_BDB with a hole lot of “What?” on my face*

Vishous: *Winking @DocJaneW_BDB* Always nice to have groovy fans

Butch: @Rhage_BDB Alright, alright, I’ve got a better one. What did the big dragon say to the mouse?

John Matthew: *nodding at @Blaylock_BDB, signing* M-E-E-P. *fucking meep*

Rehv: @Xhex_BDB Hey, this band sucks. *searching DJ booth for missiles*

Zsadist: Bella pretty female. FEMALE. RT @vvicki447@Zsadist_BDB Love you two! @BellaR_BDB

Vishous: @Rehvenge_BDB You know you like it. I saw you grooving to the beat @Xhex_BDB

Phury: *seeing @Zsadist_BDB‘s head whip towards me* I was just…testing the…drum…stick. To make sure it worked. Never mind. DRUMS!

Fritz: Oh dear, I think I put too many in. So unlike me to ruin a kitchen appliance. *walks away slowly, hoping the owner shant notice*

Rhage: *feeling @RhagesBeast uncoil and shift up my spine* @Butch_BDBI don’t know. What?

Beth: @Wrath_BDB I sure do. *smiles* Joke telling time. I think you should do it.

Bella: *Sees that animal @Zsadist_BDB making eyes at me, flipping my hair back and forth for him to see.*

Rehv: @Vishous_BDB New D&Gs. *squirms, throws up fuzzy finger*

Wrath: @BethR_BDB No. I think you should. Yeah, you should.

Butch: @Rhage_BDB Nothing! Dragons can’t talk! Wokka wokka! *only one laughing at my jokes*

Doc Jane: @Vishous_BDB *Goes completely girly at the wink. Downing my ice water.*

Blaylock: *swallowing my drink, sighing* Meep… @John_MatthewBDB

Vishous: *Kicking it up a bit*  yeah, man. Yeah @BellaR_BDB@Zsadist_BDB @Phury_BDB

Rhage: *eyes flashing white, @RhagesBeast chiming in* @Butch_BDB ha ha ha

Zsadist: @Phury_BDB Of course they fucking work. *Bangs on drums, getting my head into it.*

Butch: *tugging on my neck tie* So tell one better! @Rhage_BDB@RhagesBeast

Zsadist: AHHHH. *starts to slam on drums* RT @Vishous_BDB: *Kicking it up a bit* yeah, man. Yeah@BellaR_BDB @Phury_BDB

Beth: Oh alright. Well you see there was this boat and the boat all of a sudden sank. *smiles* @Wrath_BDB

Rehv: @Xhex_BDB You know, I like the sound of @Vishous_BDB‘s pets. It’s catchy.

Bella: Ahh, ahh, ahh, @Zsadist_BDB ahh, ahh, ahh, @Phury_BDB

Rhage: @Butch_BDB Ok, fine. Why did the man put a sweater on his hot dog? *mmmm hot dog*

Doc Jane: *Transfixed by, taking off my stethoscope and swinging it in circles above my head*@Vishous_BDB

Xhex: @Rehvenge_BDB So is herpes. @Vishous_BDB

Wrath: *Hearing the jokes @Butch_BDB is telling, rubbing my eyes under my wraparounds*

Rehv: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! RT @Xhex_BDB@Rehvenge_BDB So is herpes. @Vishous_BDB

Butch: @Rhage_BDB Hmmmm why?

Vishous: @DocJaneW_BDB *fangs*

Fritz: *heading to the booth and @Xhex_BDB and @Rehvenge_BDB, holding out a tray of sausages* Pardon me, would you like any Grey Poupon?

Xhex: @Rehvenge_BDB @Rehvenge_BDB HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!@Vishous_BDB

Butch: @Wrath_BDB Some frogs have no appreciation for my wonderful sense of humor. Everyone loves the Wokka Wokka!

Rhage: @Butch_BDB Because it was a chili dog! *throwing my head back laughing*

Phury: *watches @Zsadist_BDB bang the shit out of the drums, his entire body getting into it, making sure I carry my weight, pounding the drums*

Vishous: @Rehvenge_BDB My ass. You are a shitty liar. And an ugly fuzzy fucker.

Rehv: @FritzDoggen_BDB Can’s down the hall. But it’ll cost you. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Vishous: *rubs my orange goatee* Nice and smooth just like my jams

Butch: *can’t help but laugh* @Rhage_BDB What’s a vampire’s favorite fruit?

Rhage: *Could go for a plate of chili dogs*

Vishous: And if anyone would know about herpes its @Rehvenge_BDB@Xhex_BDB

Wrath: @BethR_BDB You have to tell them who is on the boat.

Rehv: @Vishous_BDB What about your ass? If it ain’t walking out the door, I ASSK that it does soon. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Rhage: @Butch_BDB I know this one. It’s a BLOOD orange. Come on, cop, you can do better than that!

Wrath: @Butch_BDB It’s not the Wokka Wokka I am talking about.

Butch: @Rhage_BDB Cloooose but no! It’s a Neck-tarine! *cracks up* Wokka Wokka! @CasperNZ

Doc Jane: *Electricity shooting up my spine when I see @Vishous_BDB‘s fangs, throwing inhibition to the wind, tossing my stethoscope on the stage.*

Beth: @Wrath_BDB It was four people or no three people right?

Bella: How about a little tweeting? *laughs* @Zsadist_BDB@Phury_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Wrath: *shakes head @Butch_BDB@vvicki447 enjoy the jokes then

Fritz: *dropping off pitchers of beer for the band @Vishous_BDB@BellaR_BDB @Zsadist_BDB@Phury_BDB*

Wrath: @BethR_BDB It was three people *waits for you to start again*

Zsadist: TWEET, TWEET, TWEET. RT @BellaR_BDB: How about a little tweeting? *laughs* @Zsadist_BDB@Phury_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Rhage: @Butch_BDB Here’s an eggcellent one for you. What did the chicken say when it laid a square egg?

Vishous: @BellaR_BDB Ah yeah…@Zsadist_BDB @Phury_BDB *rocking out*

Phury: @BellaR_BDB *uses a little less energy with the drumstick for the next song* @Zsadist_BDB@Vishous_BDB

Bella: Rully? Fer sure! RT @Zsadist_BDB *waggles furry brows at@BellaR_BDB* Mine.

Butch: @Rhage_BDB *shrugs* I give up, what?

Fritz: *hurries to replenish Master @Wrath_BDB and Mistress BethR_BDB’s refreshments*

Rhage: @Butch_BDB OUCH!

Rehv: @Phury_BDB @BellaR_BDB BOOOOOO! No encore! No encore! *throws other Ferragamo, but only at Z*


Bella: @FritzDoggen_BDB thanks, doll. @Vishous_BDB @Zsadist_BDB@Phury_BDB

Rehv: @Wrath_BDB *flips Bic with @Xhex_BDB, then throws it at you*@CoffinGurl @Rhage_BDB@Phury_BDB

Vishous: @DocJaneW_BDB *looking at you while singing*

John Matthew: *looking at @Xhex_BDB out the corner of my eye*

Beth: Okay so there was this boat and it sank. Three people swam to this island and they were a grocer, a tailor and lawyer. *nods*@Wrath_BDB

Wrath: @Rehvenge_BDB *Catches it* Gotta be faster than that, old man@Xhex_BDB @CoffinGurl@Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB

Rehv: @Zsadist_BDB If it ain’t double bass, we paid you too much. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Rhage: @Rehvenge_BDB we can play with fire if you want *lets@rhagesbeast start to move* @Wrath_BDB@Xhex_BDB@CoffinGurl @Phury_BDB

Doc Jane: *@Vishous_BDB‘s eyes meeting mine. Body heating. Squinting, taking a closer look, are those real diamonds?*

Doc Jane: I have to get a closer look at @Vishous_BDB, Pushing through the throngs of women so my body is flush with the stage.*

Wrath: @BethR_BDB No No No. It was a doctor, a lawyer, and politician. Not a grocer and a tailor.

Butch: @Rhage_BDB *laughs* That’s just wrong, Hollywood. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?

Phury: @Rehvenge_BDB *sees a shoe flying at my twin’s head* Hey! We’re DRUMMING here!@Zsadist_BDB @BellaR_BDB

Xhex: *looks @Rehvenge_BDB, lights an acetylene torch* If you’re gonna try to hit ’em, at least try to hit ’em hard. *throws the torch@Wrath_BDB*

Rehv: @Rhage_BDB *squints* What the fuck are you anyway? BOOOOO!! *throws Lady Gaga CDs from DJ booth* HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Vishous: Let’s jam *lights a hand rolled while playing*@BellaR-BDB @Zsadist_BDB@Phury_BDB

John Matthew: *tilting my chin up at @Blaylock_BDB, signing* Where the hell is@Qhuinn_BDB, he’s been in the bathrooms forever. Meep.

Wrath: @Xhex_BDB *moves one inch out of the way* That all you old men got? @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehv: @Phury_BDB Pretending to drum! Like mimes but worse. *uses@Xhex_BDB‘s arms to mime drumming* BOOO!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Rhage: @Rehvenge_BDB Did I hear that you’re missing your disco stick?

Beth: @Wrath_BDB No, no it wasn’t. *shaking my head* It was a grocer.

Zsadist: *looks @Phury_BDB arms failing on the drums* JAM.


Vishous: @DocJaneW_BDB *Watching you move in, flashing my teeth at you*

Rhage: @Butch_BDB I don’t know, cop. A snowman with fangs?

Bella: *jamming out* @Zsadist_BDB what goes with your peanut butter? @Vishous_BDB@Phury_BDB

Phury: JAM! JAM! *beating the daylights out of the drums* RT@Zsadist_BDB *looks @Phury_BDB arms failing on the drums* JAM.

Zsadist: *pitches a drumstick into the DJ booth* RT @Rehvenge_BDB:@Zsadist_BDB If it ain’t double bass, we paid you too much. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Butch: @Rhage_BDB No, frost bite! Wokka wokka!

Zsadist: JAM. JAM. RT @BellaR_BDB: *jamming out* @Zsadist_BDB what goes with your peanut butter? @Phury_BDB

Wrath: @BethR_BDB A doctor. A doctor and a politician and a lawyer. That is the way the joke goes. *green arms waving*

Doc Jane: *Oh….God. Am I really considering throwing the panties?*@Vishous_BDB

Blaylock: @John_MatthewBDB *raising my shoulders in the universal I don’t know way* Meep meep.@Qhuinn_BDB

Xhex: @Rehvenge_BDB *yelling over the noise* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Rhage: *laughs* @Butch_BDB good one! What did the green grape say to the purple grape?

Phury: *BEATS DRUMS* RT @Zsadist_BDB JAM. JAM. RT@BellaR_BDB: *jamming out* @Zsadist_BDBwhat goes with your peanut butter?

Vishous: *Adjusting my feather as I am rocking out*

Xhex: @Rehvenge_BDB I’ve had enough. *gets up, jumps over the edge of the DJ booth*

Beth: @Wrath_BDB Okay, so there’s a boat, sank, iceberg. *going over it in my head again*

Bella: *Eying the grouch in the booth, @Rehvenge_BDB* You’re going to get it fer sure! @Phury_BDB@Zsadist_BDB

Rehv: @Xhex_BDB shouldn’t have jumped. *looks over edge of DJ booth* It wasn’t that bad! *was*

John Matthew: *taking a long meeping pull off my beer*

Wrath: @BethR_BDB Well don’t start the whole think over again. *rubbing my eyes under the wrap arounds*

Butch: @Rhage_BDB What?

Rehv: @Rhage_BDB Got stuck in third gear. Know anything about knobs? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Rhage: *slaps @Butch_BDB on the back* Breathe, idiot! BREATHE!

Rehv: *Catches @Zsadist_BDB‘s drumstick* Your mama teach you how to throw? *old sad face* Ohh….riiiight… HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Doc Jane: *Shit. Shit. Shit. This better get me backstage. Taking off the panties, tossing them at@Vishous_BDB with perfect aim.*@jaxjests

Rehv: @BellaR_BDB I hope I get a free pass for the next show! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Butch: @Rhage_BDB *grabbing my hat before it hits the floor* Hey, watch the hat! It’s fe-dorable!

Vishous: @DocJaneW_BDB *Catches them and puts them in my pocket. Next to the spare feather*@jaxjests

Bella: @Rehvenge_BDB *Can barely hear you over all the talk* You know if I walked naked I might get a free pass. *Realizing its suddenly quiet*

Phury: *hears @Rehvenge_BDB making yo’ mama jokes at my twin, takes off my shitkicker, hurls it back at Rehv’s head* @Zsadist_BDB

Rhage: @Rehvenge_BDB don’t need to know anything about your knob, but I know it’s not automatic

Rhage: @Butch_BDB *groans loudly* that was bad, cop.

Zsadist: @Phury_BDB Nice one, brother *bangs on drums* Next time throw a dagger at the fucker. *glares@Rehvenge_BDB*

Vishous: *Banging the keys* @BellaR_BDB

Fritz: *warming up the car, absently playing with the gears, mumbling* Bork.

Rehv: @BellaR_BDB *leans over DJ booth, eyes bulging* There is a NO NAKED rule in the club. *uses Sharpie to write new rule, adds…*HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Beth: @Wrath_BDB I’m just reminding myself! I’m just reminding myself! *flails about*

Phury: @Rehvenge_BDB is like poison ivy. He’s red, itchy and uncomfortable RT @Vishous_BDB *Banging the keys*… @Zsadist_BDB

Rehv: @Phury_BDB Hey! Your mama should have named you Zsally! HAHAHAHA!!!! You throw like one! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Zsadist: Bella. Female. Naked. RT @Rehvenge_BDB@BellaR_BDB *leans over DJ booth, eyes bulging* There is a NO NAKED rule in the club. *uses Sharpi..

Wrath: @BethR_BDB Everyone knows about the boat. The boat sank, the iceberg hit and the boat sank.

Rehv: *Throws moldy rotten tomato @Butch_BDB* I’ll won’t throw anymore if you knock @Rhage_BDBout. *shows you the barrel I have ready*

Doc Jane: Oh God…he sure knows how to bang. RT @Vishous_BDB *Banging the keys*… @Phury_BDB@Zsadist_BDB @BellaR_BDB

Phury: *head whips towards Z, dropping my drum stick* RT@Zsadist_BDB Bella. Female. Naked. RT@Rehvenge_BDB:@BellaR_BDB *leans over DJ booth, …

Vishous: @Phury_BDB You got that right. @Rehvenge_BDB the rash that never quits. @Zsadist_BDB

Butch: @Rehvenge_BDB You’ll be getting my dry cleaning bill. This neck tie is designer! New Swedish designer Tom Fjord @Rhage_BDB

Zsadist: @Phury_BDB True that, brother. A real fucking pain in the ass.@Vishous_BDB @Rehvenge_BDB

Beth: @Wrath_BDB Alright! Alright! Boat sank, Island, Doctor and Lawyer. Now the doctor had the idea. *smiles sweetly and nods*

Bella: @Zsadist_BDB @Rehvenge_BDB naked? Who said naked? Rully no one said naked.

Rehv: @Butch_BDB You still borrowing that shit? Dolce & Goodwill isn’t quite designer. HAHAHAHA!!!

Rehv: I’ll be here all night. Wait…I hope the fuck not…HAHAHAHAHA!!!! *throws more tomatoes and random shitkickers*

Zsadist: @BellaR_BDB *cocks a furry brow, growls* Only for me. *feels the compulsion to bangs on the drums* DRUMS. @Rehvenge_BDB

Vishous: Check out our back up singers

Zsadist: JAM. JAM. *bangs on drums* RT @lentzypoo@BellaR_BDB@Zsadist_BDB @Vishous_BDB@Phury_BDB JAM!!!!

Rehv: *Using Slugger to bat tomatoes out of DJ booth* RT@Vishous_BDB: Check out our back up singers

Wrath: @BethR_BDB It wasn’t the doctor that first had the idea-

Vishous: A song for our favorite food

Fritz: *trying to remain a patient doggen, ready to escort my charges to the mansion*

Rhage: *Steals @Vishous_BDB ‘s cheesecake while he’s playing*

Vishous: *Has Scooter give @DocJaneW_BDB a back stage pass*


Zsadist: *twirls drumstick, waggling furry brows and tossing it out into the audience* @love_biteme@Amber_Cena_BDB_

Blaylock: *Tipping my empty beer to @John_MatthewBDB asking if he wants another, getting up.* Meep?

Phury: *goes light on the drums for this one* RT @Vishous_BDB A song for our favorite food

Beth: @Wrath_BDB *flails, arms waving around* It was the doctor! The Doctor, Wrath!

Zsadist: Yo, wake the fuck up, asshole. RT @Rehvenge_BDB: *SNORING*

Vishous: *bellowing* @Rhage_BDB Where is my cheesecake? *Runs after you*

Rehv: @Zsadist_BDB ZZZZZZZZZZZZ…. *lifts favorite finger in deep comatose sleep even*

Doc Jane: *Grabs my backstage pass that @Vishous_BDB sent over.* I’m outta here, ladies. @jaxjests@vvicki447

Rhage: *Licking the fork clean, throwing it @Vishous_BDB *

Wrath: @BethR_BDB *arms waving around* It’s not the doctor. It’s not the doctor. *walks off mumbling* That was the best joke ever. #BDBMuppets

John Matthew: @Blaylock_BDB *signs* Hell meeping yeah.

Vishous: @Rhage_BDB Damn you, Hollywood *dodging fork* Get back here!

Rhage: *laughing, yelling back @Vishous_BDB* It was delicious! *running out the back door into the parking lot*

Doc Jane: *Disappearing backstage, anxiously waiting the bite of@Vishous_BDB#BDB #Muppets

Rehv: *Snores, waking myself up* HEY, @Vishous_BDB! KEep it down. I’m being bored here!@Rhage_BDB YOU PAY FOR THAT?!

Beth: @Wrath_BDB The doctor! *skips off, my hair flying about* #BDBMuppets

Vishous: @Rehvenge_BDB Pay for this asshole *throws a chair at you*@Rhage_BDB

Rehv: @Vishous_BDB *ducks chair…hurls tomatoes like @Zsadist_BDBthrows out motherfuckers*

Zsadist: *throwing dumsticks in the air, leaping over the drum kit, and stalking@BellaR_BDB* Bella. #BDB #Muppets

Vishous: *thinking about @DocJaneW_BDB and that soft fur of hers*

John Matthew: @Blaylock_BDB *signs* Let’s find meeping @Qhuinn_BDB, cool?

Rhage: *roaring into @ZeroSum on a motorcycle* @Vishous_BDB@Rehvenge_BDB look at what I found *losing control, zipping straight into the dj booth*

Bella: *Whistling at @Zsadist_BDB, running from @Zsadist_BDB, getting tackled by @Zsadist_BDB and loving it* #BDB #BDBMuppets

Phury: *left sitting behind the drums, watching @Zsadist_BDB go get@BellaR_BDB *

Vishous: *Being slammed to the ground by @Rhage_BDB @* Son of a bitch *kicking @Rehvenge_BDBsince I can*

Rehv: @Rhage_BDB HEY! HEY! HEEEEY!!!! I HAVE AARP! MY BONES ARE BRITTLE! *dives to the ground*

Phury: *…watching my twin and his shellan go…hitting the drum once more in frustration…DRUMS*#BDB

Vishous: *Pushing to get out of the fur pile up that is @Rhage_BDB@Rehvenge_BDB and me* #BDB#Muppets

Rhage: *Leaving the bike lying on @Rehvenge_BDB * @Vishous_BDBAbout that cheesecake…. #BDB#Muppets #StuntMan

Blaylock: *Seeing the commotion going down, wanting to get me and@John_MatthewBDB the meep out of here* #BDB

Rehv: *Sticks cane up with white Gucci handkerchief, waving it from under bike* @Rhage_BDB@Vishous_BDB

John Matthew: *following my man @Blaylock_BDB the meep out of here* #BDB

Rehv: Been waiting for this since it started….THE END! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! #BDB
Fritz: What a night. *still not feeling quite myself* #BDB #Doggen


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