BDB Zombies


Starring in order of appearance


Sheriff Z


Zombie John Matthew

Zombie Qhuinn

Zombie Blay 

Zombie Phury 

Zombie Rehv

Zombie Vishous

Zombie Jane 

Zombie Xhex

Zombie Fritz

Zombie Wrath


Zombie Butch 


Zombie Mary

Zombie Beth

Zombie Rhage

Zombie Cormia

Zombie Marissa


‏@BellaR_BDB: *Hanging up with @Rehvenge_BDB, watching another zombie get taken out gorily on the tv, leaning closer to @Zsadist_BDB*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Checking the time* Shit *Craning my head over to @BellaR_BDB and pressing a kiss to the side of her throat* Gotta go teach, nalla.

‏@BellaR_BDB: *I love the warmth of @Zsadist_BDB’s lips on my throat* Okay, this is just about over then I am going to sleep for a while.

@Zsadist_BDB: *Dropping my legs over the side of bed, rising up, cocking a brow at the Zombie shit screaming on the TV. Load of horseshit.*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Leaning over the bed, pressing my knuckles into the mattress, gazing warmly @BellaR_BDB* I’ll come check on you in between classes, yeah?

‏@BellaR_BDB: I will be here @Zsadist_BDB, more than likely sleeping. *yawning at the very thought, stretching out in the bed, ready to crash*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Dropping a kiss to @BellaR_BDB’s mouth* I love you, nalla.*pushing myself back up, striding out and making a beeline for the training center*

‏@BellaR_BDB: *Watching @Zsadist_BDB leave, my eyes blinking until they shut, quickly falling to sleep*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Walking down the hall of statues, rolling my shoulders and cracking my neck to the side, the anxiety and worry for @BellaR_BDB palpable*

‏@BellaR_BDB: *Watching @Zsadist_BDB walking to the training center, getting in the mindset to deal with the trainees*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Mumbling noises resonating in the classroom, moans and subtle growls, restless shuffling movements and skidding of desks against the floor*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Slapping the firearms book on the desk, to quiet the ladies down so we can get started and stop their asses from wasting my time.*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Barking out* Listen, ladies. Keep it up and we’ll can this whole lesson. Run drills*Glanicng up @John_MatthewBDB @Qhuinn_BDB @Blaylock_BDB*

@Qhuinn_BDB: *shuffles around classroom* Mmmmnnmnnnnm Feeeemmmallllleeeeeessss…. *groans*@Zsadist_BDB @John_MatthewBDB @Blaylock_BDB

@Blaylock_BDB: *Moaning* Wiiiillll wiiiinnnn, cannn beatttt @John_MatthewBDB, willll wwwwiiiiiinnnn

‏@John_MatthewBDB: *phlegm gurgling in throat, turning to the sound hoping for @Xhex_BDB. XHEEEEXXXXXXXXXX* @Zsadist_BDB @Qhuinn_BDB @Blaylock_BDB

@Zsadist_BDB: *Doing a double take @John_MatthewBDB @Qhuinn_BDB @Blaylock_BDB with a whole lot of what-the-fuck on my face and feeling a POS on my head.*

‏@John_MatthewBDB: *Xheexxxxxxx wears LEATHEEEEEEEERRRRRR*

@Blaylock_BDB: vvviiiidddeeeooo gggaaammmeeesss

‏@John_MatthewBDB: *shuffling to @Zsadist_BDB, LEAAATTTTTTTHERRRRRR*

@Qhuinn_BDB: *licks an empty bottle with my rotting tongue* Beeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr *moans* Waaaaaannnnnttt feeeeeeemmaallllllllleeeeeesssss

@Zsadist_BDB: *Instinctively reaching for my daggers and getting empty chest* Fuck! *Easing back, away from @John_MatthewBDB @Qhuinn_BDB @Blaylock_BDB*

@Zsadist_BDB: @John_MatthewBDB @Blaylock_BDB @Qhuinn_BDB Ladies eat something bad or some shit? @FritzDoggen_BDB should stop buying the damn french soap.

‏@John_MatthewBDB: *finding a knife in my pocket, SHINNNNNY @Xhex_BDB likes KNIIIIIIIIVEEEEEES, bringing it to my tongue, head drooping*

@Blaylock_BDB: *Shuffling around, running into one of the mats, falling on my face* EEEAAATTT

@Qhuinn_BDB: *shuffles to @Zsadist_BDB, reaching out to touch* Laaadddiiiieeeesssss? *growls* @John_MatthewBDB @Blaylock_BDB @FritzDoggen_BDB

‏@John_MatthewBDB: *sniffing out the punching bag, dropping the knife, rubbing my nose against the leather XHEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXX*

@Zsadist_BDB *Suddenly, panic stricken for @BellaR_BDB and breaking into a dead run out of the classroom, and out into the tunnel.Sweat soaking my shirt*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Running down the tunnel, seeing @Phury_BDB moving slowly, listing to the side and shuffling* Yo, brother. *slowing my pace as I get closer*

@Phury_BDB: *turning my head slowly* Cloooooooooothes. *shuffling towards @Zsadist_BDB*

‏@BellaR_BDB: *Seeing @Zsadist_BDB standing in the hall, but something…or someone stands next to him, @Phury_BDB?*

‏@John_MatthewBDB: *tripping over a mat, rubbing against the LEATTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHERRRRRRRRRR*

@Zsadist_BDB *Skidding to a stop some distance away from @Phury_BDB* Holy shit!*Eyes tracking a chunk of hair falling, then shooting up @BellaR_BDB*

@Phury_BDB: *turning from @Zsadist_BDB, moaning* Clooooothes. *Seeing @BellaR_BDB* BELLLAAAAAAAA *changing direction*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Shouting @BellaR_BDB* Get back in the house. Now. *Bolting around @Phury_BDB, keeping a fist up ready to cold cock the SOB*

‏@BellaR_BDB: *Something is most definitely wrong with @Phury_BDB, hearing @Zsadist_BDB yelling, but he seems so far away, needing to reach him*

@Phury_BDB: *Turning as @Zsadist_BDB runs, stumbling along, hair falling out in clumps down my chest* Twwiiiiiiiiiiiin. Clooooooothes Mooore clooothes.

@Zsadist_BDB: Fuck it ,sorry, brother *Snapping an arm out, my fist cracking into @Phury_BDB’s jaw, feeling it sink into the flesh* Ah, Fuckin’ A.

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Head down…lifting torn and godforsaken scuffed Ferragamos up the stairs of the mansion* MONNNEEEYYYY. NEEEEED MOOORRRE. GIMMMEEEEE…

@Zsadist_BDB: *Running toward @BellaR_BDB, the tunnel seeming to get longer, deeper, an endless mile* Damnit, Bella, inside the house. I’ll come to you.

‏@BellaR_BDB *Finally listening to @Zsadist_BDB, moving at a dead run towards the house, hearing a moaning up ahead*

@Vishous_BDB: *Shuffling towards the main house, left arm hanging limply* GGGGGOOOOOSSSSEEEE

@DocJaneW_BDB *Syringes under the nail beds, waving my new fingers, looking for SCALPELLLLLS*

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Looks to @Lilith_Nyx* MOOONEEEYYY. *lifts arm, rolling decrepit fingers toward me* NNNEEEEED…

@Phury_BDB: *following @Zsadist_BDB, limping behind him, moaning around recessed jaw* Myyyyyyyyyyyyy cloooooooothes.

@Xhex_BDB: *following behind @Rehvenge_BDB, arm leaving a trail up the railing* Prinnnncccccesssssss. Kiiiiiilllllllllll Prinnnnnnnnnnccccccessssss.

@Rhage_BDB: *Shuffling in a circle, dragging foot behind me, drool pooling in the corner of my mouth* paaaaaaancccccaaaaaaakes

@Qhuinn_BDB: *staggers into hallway, bumps into the wall, ripping my Affliction shirt* Moooooorrrreeeee driiiiiiinnkkk….moooooooorrrreeeee tooouchhhhh

@FritzDoggen_BDB: *banging my head against the kitchen cupboard* FEBREEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE. FEBREEEEEEEEEEZE.

@Vishous_BDB: *Dropping the empty bottle I had* GOOOOSSSSEEEE

@Wrath_BDB *Adjusting my wraparounds, an ear falls off on the floor….* PEEEEEAAAACHESSSSSSSS

@Butch_BDB: *leaving the Pit, heading towards the main house, single minded focus* Cloooooothes need more cloooooooothes

‏@BellaR_BDB: *Reaching the door, making my way through, slamming it behind me, glad to be away from @Phury_BDB, only to see…* @Rhage_BDB?

@Phury_BDB: *walking into wall, arm dislodging and falling free of my shirt* Nooooooo. Cloooooooothes.

@MaryL_BDB: *Neck hanging limp to the side, moving toward movie theater* Caaassssaaaaabbbbbllllaaaaancccaaaaaa

@BethR_BDB: *moaning loudly, shuffling to the billiards room* EEEEEEIGGHHHHHTTT BBAAALLLLLL

@Rehvenge_BDB: *turns and bares mangled fangs @Xhex_BDB* KILLLL. KILL BITCH FOR MONEEEEEY. *uses cane to thwack your shoulder*

@FritzDoggen_BDB: FEBREEEEEEEEZE *clawing at the cupboard*

@Xhex_BDB: *vacant eyes narrowing @Rehvenge_BDB* Killlllllll. Prrrrrriiiinnnnncccessssssssss. Nnnnnnooooowwwwwwww. *pulling my leg up to kick*

@Phury_BDB: *bending slowly, picking up dislodged arm, moving towards door* Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy clooooooooothes. Mooooooore

‏@BellaR_BDB: *Hearing a female voice, running towards the sound* @BethR_BDB is that you?

@Rhage_BDB: *Moaning loudly when @MaryL_BDB shuffles by* Maaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrryyyy…..paaaaaaaancccccaaaakessss

@Zsadist_BDB: *Finally making it to the door, skipping the steps and busting through it and nearly slamming into @Rhage_BDB cornering @BellaR_BDB*

‏@John_MatthewBDB: *slithering along the floor, to the tunnel to the XHHHHHHHHEEEEEEXXXXXXX*

@CormiaC_BDB: Priiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaale Waaaaaaaaaaaant Priiiiiimale

@Wrath_BDB: *Left leg dragging, shuffling around the desk…making my way to the door….kicking something out into the hallway. An ear.*

@Butch_BDB: *bumps into @Phury_BDB, reaching for the sleeve still on his detached arm* Clooooooooothes

@Xhex_BDB: Mmmmmeeeee. Bllllaadde. Nnnnnnooooowwwwww. *digging at cilices, flesh dripping around them*

‏@BellaR_BDB: Oh @Zsadist_BDB! *Running to him, but @Rhage_BDB won’t get out of the way, thinking to myself where did Z get that hat?*

‏@MarissaH_BDB: Noooooooo Saaaaaaafe Plaaaaaaace. Nooooooooo Saaaaaafe Plaaaaaace. *moving towards @BellaR_BDB*


@Vishous_BDB: *Shuffling into the house, right foot dragging behind me. Pushing into @Rehvenge_BDB* ASSHHHOOLLLEEE

@Rhage_BDB: *Eyes drifting over @Zsadist_BDB’s hat, biting* nooooooo paaaaaancaaaaaake @BellaR_BDB

@FritzDoggen_BDB: *tongue falling from my mouth, grabbing at the bottles* FEBREEEEEEEEZE. *chugging the lot, gurgling*

@Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB *trudging forward* YOOOOUUUU SMELLLLLL. *jacking cane back to crack your leg*

@Phury_BDB: *turning slowly, using the dislodged arm as a weapon against @Butch_BDB* Miiiiiiiine. Clooooooothes. Miiiiiiiiiiine.

@Qhuinn_BDB: Caaaallllll ovvv Duuuuutttttyyyyyyy *shuffles behind @Blaylock_BDB, piercings falling out as I move*

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Twirling cane around and bringing it down on @Vishous_BDB’s hand* DIIIIIIICKHEEEEAAAAD. *smiling while drooling blood*

@Butch_BDB: @Phury_BDB Myyyyyy knoooooock offs Miiiiiiine

‏@BellaR_BDB: *Turning in a circle, seeing @BethR_BDB, @MarissaH_BDB, @Rhage_BDB, all around @Zsadist_BDB and I, yelling* Z, what’s going on?

@VishousGlove: *Falling to the ground, flopping…disconnected from my forearm* WHAT THE FUCK!!??? FIRE IN THE HOLE, PEOPLE! *blasts light*

@Xhex_BDB: *raising a mangled middle finger @Rehvenge_BDB* Fuck youuuuuuu. You smellllllll. *tries to jump away from the cane*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Pegging @Rhage_BDB with a vicious glare* Not pancakes, you dumbfuck. *Pushing @MaryL_BDB into him and eying @BellaR_BDB*

@Blaylock_BDB: @Qhuinn_BDB wwiiilllll bbbeeeaaatttt yooouuuu nnnnoooowww

@DocJaneW_BDB: *Picking up my finger from the floor* SEWWWWWWWW.

@Qhuinn_BDB: *shuffles along, hitting @Rehvenge_BDB * Mmmnnnnnnmmmmnmnnnnnn sooooooofffttt *claws at sable coat*

@Phury_BDB: *pushing past @Butch_BDB, throwing my arm at him* Nooooooo. Miiiiiiine. Miiiiiiine. Knock offfffffffs.

@Butch_BDB: *takes @Phury_BDB’s arm, wears it* Accesssssssooooooories

‏@MarissaH_BDB: *arms outstretched, stumbling towards @BellaR_BDB* Noooooooo Saaaaaaaaaafe Plaaaaaaaace. @BethR_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

@FritzDoggen_BDB: SEEEEEERVVVVVVVVE. SERVVVVVEE. *downing more FEBREEEEEZE, heading to @BellaR_BDB’s quarters*

@Xhex_BDB: *opens mouth to bite @Qhuinn_BDB* Bossssssssssss. Onnnlllllyyyyy mmmmeeeeee hittttt bosssssss. *swats @Rehvenge_BDB*

@Blaylock_BDB: *shuffling about, wandering, moaning* tttrrraaaiinniiinnngggg


@Vishous_BDB: *picking up my hand and @VishousGlove, throwing it @Rehvenge_BDB* FUUUCCKKKEEER

@Wrath_BDB: *Feels something rub up against my leg. Sloughing off layers of dried skin.* @BOO_BDB CAAAAAAAATTTTTTT

@Qhuinn_BDB: @Blaylock_BDB *sticks out my tongue, half of it falling off and hitting the ground*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Shouting over the moans, kicking fallen appendages* @BellaR_BDB I don’t know. *Dodging @BethR_BDB and rolling a can of peaches @Wrath_BDB*

@Rehvenge_BDB: @Vishous_BDB *tilts head. looks down* FUUUUUUUCK…..!!!!!

‏@John_MatthewBDB: *dragging my tongue and body across the LEATHHHHHHHEEEEEEEER, XHEXXXXXXX*

@Rhage_BDB: *Stumbling into billiard room in search of foooooooood, grabbing eight ball, sticking it in mouth* toooooootsssssiiieeee poooooopppppppp

@Xhex_BDB: Giiiiivvvveee mmmmmeeeeee knnniiiiifffffeeeee. KNNNIIIIIFFFFFEEEEE. Killllllll. Prrrrriiinnnncccesssssss.

@RehvsBarb: *falling into @Rehvenge_BDB socks as something hard hits me* Hey! What the fuck is going on up there??

@Phury_BDB: *drags bad leg behind me, pushes into house* Myyyyyyyy clooooothes. Nooooot Cooooops. Clooooooothes. Knooooock Offffffffs.

@Wrath_BDB: *Turns and sees @Zsadist_BDB, attention diverted to the can rolling to a stop at my feet….* PEEEEEEEACHEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

@BethR_BDB: *shuffling up to @Rhage_BDB, reaching for him* MYYYYYY EIIIIIGGGGHHHT BBAAAALLLL *ripping his arm from his shoulder*

‏@BellaR_BDB: *They are all over the foyer, the billiards room, coming out of the tunnel, something has taken over the house*

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Lowers one good eye @RehvsBarb* BUDDYYYYYYYYY…NOOOOO. @Vishous_BDB @VishousGlove

@Qhuinn_BDB: @Xhex_BDB *turns growling, bites the air, teeth falling out with each chomp* Waaaaaannnnttttt soooofffttt. feeeeeemallleee *pushes you away*

@DocJaneW_BDB: *Distracted* GAAAUUUUUUUUUZEEEE *wrapping it around the finger laying it back on the floor* GAAUUUUUUUUZEEEE.

@Phury_BDB: *Remainder of hair, sliding off my scalp, falling halfway down my shirt, sticking* Noooooooo. Noooootttttt baaaaaaaald.

@CormiaC_BDB: *sees @Butch_BDB and @Phury_BDB shuffle by, follows after them* Myyyyyyyy Priiiiiiimaaaaaaleee

@Vishous_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB *attempts to smirk but half my mouth slides off. Mumbles* FFFUUCCCKNUUT *shuffles away*

@Blaylock_BDB *Picking up @Qhuinn_BDB’s tongue, throwing it at him*

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Kicks foot back @Xhex_BDB, flinging @RehvsBarb*

@Xhex_BDB: *falls away from @Qhuinn_BDB, fingers sinking into slime, slipping away as I rock backward* Mmmmyyyyyyy bosssss. Iiii hhhiiiitttttt.

@Qhuinn_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB Miinnnneeeeee *nudges cane* Waaaaannnnttttt sooofffttttt feemmmallllleee innnn baaattthhhhroooooooommmmm

@Rhage_BDB: *Spitting eight ball at @BethR_BDB, picking up arm* FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD *taking a bite*

‏@RehvsBarb: *Flying through the air, hating @Rehvenge_BDB right now* @Xhex_BDB

‏@John_MatthewBDB: *eyeball hanging from the socket, sticking to the floor, LEAAAAAATHEEEEEER*

@Vishous_BDB: *Stuffing @VishousGlove in my pocket, shuffling into the billiards room* GOOOOOOSSSSSEEEE

@Zsadist_BDB: *Flinging spreadsheets @MarissaH_BDB to divert her away from @BellaR_BDB*


@BethR_BDB: *grabbing @Rhage_BDB’s arm, hitting him with it over the head, my ear falling off as the eight ball flies by* EIIIIIIGHHTTT BALLLL MINEE!!

@Phury_BDB: Nooooo. Baaaaald. *grabbing clump of hair with remaining hand* Miiiiiiine. *waving it at @Butch_BDB* Miiiiine. Clooooooooothes miiiine toooo

@Zsadist_BDB: *Whipping around and flipping a coin @Rehvenge_BDB* Don’t spend it all in one place, fucker *Ducking @RehvsBarb hurtling through the air*

@Rhage_BDB: *jerking my arm back from @BethR_BDB, ripping out a chunk with my teeth* MYYYYYY FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

@Wrath_BDB: *Shuffling down the hallway, tripping over a body part. Hitting the floor hard enough to knock my wraparounds off…and my eyes out.*

@Qhuinn_BDB: @Blaylock_BDB *lets out a gargled growl* Baaddddddd Bllaaaayyyyyyyyy

‏@MarissaH_BDB: *turning from @Zsadist_BDB @BellaR_BDB towards spreadsheets* Nooooooooooo. Saaaaaafe Plaaaaaaace spreaaaaaadsheeeeets*

@DocJaneW_BDB: *Focusing in on @Vishous_BDB* WHOOOOOOLLLLLLLEEEEE. *Head hanging down on a broken neck* WHOOOOOLLLLEEEE.

@Vishous_BDB: *Picking up a bottle of Goose, fingers falling off my other hand as I try to open it* GGOOOOOSSSSEEE

@Xhex_BDB: *left hand lifting my right arm, bitch slapping @Rehvenge_BDB in the back of the head, hair and brains sticking to my fingers*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Grabbing bottles of Goose and tossing them to @Vishous_BDB* Catch, motherfucker. Loosened the lid for your ass.

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Catching coin from @Zsadist_BDB in the remains of one hand* COCCCCK CLLLLOT. *pockets coin in torn sable…blasphemy*

@Wrath_BDB: *Groping for my wraparounds, finally finding them and placing them back on my face. * FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

@Xhex_BDB: *shaking the goop off my fingers, lifting my middle finger up in salute* Nnnnooooo baaarrrrbbbbb. Knnnnniiiiiffffeeeeee. @Rehvenge_BDB

@Rhage_BDB: *Flesh sticking between my teeth, blood dripping down my chin* foooooood goooooood

@DocJaneW_BDB: *Reaching out and grabbing @VishousGlove* WHOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLE.

‏@BellaR_BDB: *Seeing parts of mine brother’s body flinging through the air, was that? No, I’m not even going there with @Rehvenge_BDB*

@Qhuinn_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB *grumbles* Riiiiiiiippppp oooffffffffff *rips a piece of the coat off and shuffles away*

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Head getting caught poised to the right, blindly latching on @Xhex_BDB’s arm and pulling it free*

@Vishous_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB *reaching for the bottle, missing. Moaning as it slips through my hand and crashes on @Rhage_BDB’s foot* GOOOOSSSEEEEE MIIINNEE

@BethR_BDB: @Rhage_BDB *picking up the eight ball and shuffling from the room, my neck cracking sniffing it* MIIIIINNNNEEE!!!

‏@BellaR_BDB: *@Zsadist_BDB fighting them off with booze, but that won’t be enough, what do they want?*

@Vishous_BDB: @DocJaneW_BDB *pulls @VishousGlove out, giving it to you* MMMIIIIINNNNEE

@FritzDoggen_BDB: *stuffing the bottle of Febreze in my mouth, breaking my jaw* ABMWIMDKOWWWWWWWWW.

@Zsadist_BDB: @BellaR_BDB Don’t ask, nalla. Head up to our room. *Jaw tightening, needing to get to her*

@Vishous_BDB: *Falling to the ground as the Goose spills all over @Rhage_BDB’s feet* GOOOOOSSSSEEE *starts eating your foot* MMMM GOOOOSSEEEEEE

@DocJaneW_BDB: @Vishous_BDB *Shoving a needle into @VishousGlove* SEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW. SEEEEEWWWWWWWW.

‏@BellaR_BDB: *Seeing an opening on the stairs, looking at @Zsadist_BDB one last time, then running as fast as I can to our room*

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Uses @Xhex_BDB’s acquisitioned middle finger to flip off anyone that crosses our path, wonders why we are still on the stairs* MONEEEEEYYY

@Rhage_BDB: *kicking @Vishous_BDB with other foot, ripping hair from goatee* noooottttttttt foooooooooddddd

@BethR_BDB: *dragging my feet, looking up seeing @BellaR_BDB take off in a dead run* BBBEEEELLLLLLLAA *shuffling towards her*

@Wrath_BDB: *Hears a high shriek and follows the sound, bumping into shit as I make my way….mouth watering….* @BellaR_BDB

@Qhuinn_BDB: *distracted by @BellaR_BDB running, shuffles after her* Thhhiiiiirrrrrsssstttttyyyyyy

@Vishous_BDB: @Rhage_BDB *Finished with the GOOOSSEEEE on the floor, standing to find more. Seeing @Zsadist_BDB has more. Shuffling after him*

@DocJaneW_BDB *Head snapping right to @Zsadist_BDB, hanging by skin.* FLEEEEEEESSSSSSSSH.

@Zsadist_BDB: *Dodging around @Wrath_BDB @BethR_BDB, kicking @Rehvenge_BDB’s cane out from under him, rounding @Rhage_BDB chasing after @BellaR_BDB*

@Blaylock_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB mmuuusssttt fffooollllooowww, mmmuuusssssssttttt ttrrrrraaaaiiiinnnnn

@Phury_BDB: *pushing past @Butch_BDB, following @Zsadist_BDB* twwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn….clooooothes….miiiiiiiine…..

@Butch_BDB: *shuffling towards the stairs after @Zsadist_BDB* Waaaaaaaant haaaaaaat

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Moving as fast as joints will take me to @BellaR_BDB, until cane is kicked out by the Sheriff Fucknut @Zsadist_BDB*

@Wrath_BDB: *Follows @Zsadist_BDB close on his heels* FLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH

@Rhage_BDB: *ripping @Vishous_BDB’s goatee off, drool puddling* giiiiiiiiiivvve fooooooooddd *foot slopping to the floor, shuffling after @Zsadist_BDB

‏@John_MatthewBDB: *body slumping, except one place @Xhex_BDB up ahead, gurgling and grunting*

@Qhuinn_BDB Boooooooottaaaayyyyyy RT @vampyre_j AT least it wasn’t the Kardashians RT @flame_ddevil the BDB people have been watching way too much tv

@Xhex_BDB: *rambling with the crowd, following @Zsadist_BDB* Kiiiiiilllllllllllllll.

‏@MarissaH_BDB: *Turning towards stairs, shuffling towards them as @Zsadist_BDB retreats* Nooooooo Saaaaaaaafe Plaaaaaaace.

@Zsadist_BDB: *Flying by @Qhuinn_BDB, pushing @Blaylock_BDB into him roundning @DocJaneW_BDB, taking the stairs two at a time*

@BethR_BDB: *my teeth falling out, shuffling closer and reaching out* MMMMMIIIINNNEE! @Wrath_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

@FritzDoggen_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB MAAAAAAAAASTER.

@Vishous_BDB: @Rhage_BDB FUUUUUCCKKK NNNOOOOTTT FOOOODDD *rubbing my chin as it falls in my hand*

@Wrath_BDB: *Reaching for @BethR_BDB and pulling her arm off* PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACHEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Using @Xhex_BDB’s hand to cover void where @RehvsBarb used to be, following the herd*

@Xhex_BDB: *reaching out with the stump left behind by @Rehvenge_BDB, looking down at the empty space* Kiiiillllllllll.

@BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *looking down at my shoulder, my head twitching back up to you* HEELLLLRREEENN MMMIIIINNEE!!!


@Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB STUMMMP? YOOOOUUUU HAVE MALE HAAAANDS!!!! *waves 3 remaining fingers*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Shitkickers pounding, @BellaR_BDB just up ahead and out of my reach, hearing the moans of the herd hot on my heels.*

@Xhex_BDB: *sees other hand hanging at my side, raises the other middle finger @Rehvenge_BDB*

‏@BellaR_BDB: *opening the door to our room, climbing up on the bed, not even taking the time to close the door, crawling under the blankets, peeking out*

@Vishous_BDB: *Shuffling after @Zsadist_BDB* GOOOOOOOSSSEEEE

@Zsadist_BDB: *Abruptly turning, facing the throng of fucking walkers, arms reaching out for the front runner @Xhex_BDB, to throw her ass into herd*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Hoping the fuck will turn and eat each other or at least @Rehvenge_BDB*

@Xhex_BDB: *being lifted off the floor by @Zsadist_BDB* Thhhhheeeeee fffffuuuuucccckkkkkkkk

@John_MatthewBDB: @Zsadist_BDB *reaching out for @Xhex_BDB, XHEEEEEEEXXXXXX, head getting knocked by her boot, detaching from my body*

@Wrath_BDB: *Looking at @BethR_BDB ‘s arm.* LEEEEEEEEEELANNNNNNNNNNN *Dropping her arm and continuing after @Zsadist_BDB. *

@Rehvenge_BDB: *Knocked on my ass, using @Xhex_BDB’s commandeered hand to flip @Zsadist_BDB off one last time* DINNNNNNERRRR SOOOON, BROTHERRRRRRR…

‏@Zsadist_BDB: *Raising @Xhex_BDB over my head, thighs tightening, preparing to hurl her ass forward, finger digging, sinking into rotten tissue*

@BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB HELLLLREENNN!! *following after @Zsadist_BDB, my feet dragging, his room just within my reach*

@Xhex_BDB: *raising my dagger above my head, wanting to stab @Zsadist_BDB* Kiiiiiillllllllllllllll.

@Zsadist_BDB: *Watching the middle finger hit the floor from @Xhex_BDB’s amputated arm* @Rehvenge_BDB You’re the main course, fucktwit.

‏@BellaR_BDB: Oh no! *Not able to watch any more, covering my head with the sheet, closing my eyes, taking a breath*

@Zsadist_BDB: *Tossing @Xhex_BDB at @John_MatthewBDB* Bon appetit, fuckers.

@Xhex_BDB: *flying into @John_MatthewBDB, throwing the dagger @Zsadist_BDB, aiming for his chest*

@RehvsBarb: *Flying along with @Xhex_BDB*

@Rehvenge_BDB: *tastes like Filet Mignon*

@BellaR_BDB: *Waking up, pulling the covers down, seeing no one around* It was a dream, it was only a dream. *laughing hysterically*

@BellaR_BDB: *Climbing out of bed, running to the door, looking into the hallway, no one around, laughing more* I must tell @Zsadist_BDB about that dream

‏@BellaR_BDB: *Climbing back into bed, clicking delete on the episode of The Walking Dead* #BDB

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