Be my Anti-Valentine



John Matthew:  *rolling up to the entrance of @ZeroSum_BDB with @Qhuinn_BDB and @Blaylock_BDB*

Blay:  *Following behind @Qhuinn_BDB and @John_MatthewBDB, being waved in by the bouncer.*

John Matthew:  *hoping to avoid that knowing stare of @Xhex_BDB, sure she’d see right through to all my failure*

Qhuinn:  *Walking into @ZeroSum_BDB, checking out the action on the dance floor. Checking out the females, picking out who I will get first*

Blay:  *Ordering 2 Corona’s, ready to take my mind off of everything*

Qhuinn:  *Getting a few drinks before I hit the floor*

Blay: @John_MatthewBDB @Qhuinn_BDB since you both are buying all these females drinks why don’t you each grab another Corona for me. *grinning*

John Matthew:  *neck cranking in @Blaylock_BDB’s direction, signing* Bold, my man. I like it. I’ll help @Qhuinn_BDB carry.

John Matthew:  @Qhuinn_BDB @Blaylock_BDB *shifting uncomfortable, so not ready for the females, sucking down my beer, suddenly thirsty as fuck*

John Matthew:  *watching all the women get loose, not even feeling the effect of my drink, heading back to the bar*

John Matthew:  *something feeling off, very off*

John Matthew:  *turning all my attention back to liquid courage, grabbing as many beers as I can palm and bringing them back to the table*

Blay:  *Seeing @John_MatthewBDB carrying more beers then he should be able, taking 2 from his hand* Here let me help you with that *chugging one*

John Matthew:  *leaning over to @Qhuinn_BDB tapping his new accessory, then signing* When the hell did you get that?

Qhuinn:  @John_MatthewBDB You like it? Pretty tight, huh?

John Matthew:  @Qhuinn_BDB *staring at it, signing back* Suits you. *taking another long pull off my beer*

Phury: *Checking the blades on both of my daggers before sheathing each in my shoulder holsters then closing the door to the weapon safe.*

Phury: *Moving out into my bedroom, reaching for my coat, slipping it on before glancing at the ashtray on my nightstand.*

Phury: *Automatically moving over to the box on the dresser where I keep the red smoke, flipping it open.*

Phury: Well, shit. *Picking up the baggie. The supply looking dangerously low. Calculating that there is at maximum two blunts left in the bag*

Phury: *Closing the box, feeling antsy as I glance at my watch. There’s enough time to get over to @ZeroSum_BDB before patrol with @Zsadist_BDB*

Phury: *Leaving my room quickly, making my way silently down the hall, descending the stairs with a sense of urgency*

Phury:  *Wasting no time as I step outside into the cold night air, dematerializing immediately.*

Phury: *Rematerializing in the alley behind the club, heading for the front door, bypassing the long line of humans*

Phury:  *Pushing through the throng of bodies in the club. Damn, it’s packed in here tonight. Striding to the back, to @Rehvenge_BDB’s office.*

Marie: *weaving through the crowds in VIP, catching pieces of conversations…making sure the girls are doing their jobs*

iAm: *giving a dark smirk as @Phury_BDB passes by, seems his scheduled visits have tightened up lately*

Trez: *Nodding @Phury_BDB, letting him into @Rehvenge_BDB’s office, not surprised to see him back so soon*

Rehv: *nodding @Trez_BDB then giving @Phury_BDB my undivided and typically anticipatory smile*

Trez: *Pulling the door shut, resuming my post outside*

Phury: *Waiting until @Trez_BDB closes the door behind me, noticing @Rehvenge_BDB looks entirely too pleased to see me.*

Rehv: @Phury_BDB I hope you make this worth my while, celibate. I’m a notorious people person and there’s a party going on.

Phury: *Laughing dryly* Yeah. I’m sure you’re the life of the fucking party. @Rehvenge_BDB

LesserBDB: *Entering through the front doors of Zero Sum, watching as my pale skin turns varying shades of color under the flashing lights of the room*

Lesser_BDB: *Looking around at the club, watching the bodies writhing on the dance floor, immediately seeking out a female to relieve my needs*

MrPLesser: *Heading straight for the bar, needing to clench the thirst that plagues me, ordering a beer, taking a sip*

Phury: And always with the references to my sex life. Why so interested? You starting a match-making service? @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehv: *already enjoying myself, surely blessed with my familial ties* @Phury_BDB The idea has merit.

Rehv: @Phury_BDB *feigning contemplative moment* But I can’t afford the time it would take on you and you alone.

MrPLesser: *The small amount of beer rolling around my stomach, threatening it’s way back up, rushing toward what looks to be bathrooms*

LesserBDB: *Turning my attention to @MrPLesser as he bolts across the room*

Lesser_BDB: @LesserBDB What’s his deal?

Phury: That’s true. You’re used to working with a lower class denominator. Not sure you’d be able to meet my standards. @Rehvenge_BDB

LesserBDB: *dryly* @Lesser_BDB He drank beer *never taking my eyes off our surroundings*

Lesser_BDB: *Curling my lip at the thought of ingesting anything*

Rehv: @Phury_BDB I’ve always wondered at the standards that makes one celibate, too. Pity

Phury: *A sudden mental snapshot of @BellaR_BDB running through my head. Followed closely by one of her gazing at adoringly at my twin.*

Phury: *Temper igniting, not wanting to get into my celibacy with @Rehvenge_BDB.* I really don’t think you give a shit about that.

Rehv: *Giving @Phury_BDB a dark knowing look* So true. But it still ends up rewarding me.

Rehv: *leaning back* But we digress. You came here for your own reward, I’m sure. @Phury_BDB

MrPLesser: *Wiping my mouth as I leave the stall, the rank taste of beer and vomit lingering in my mouth*

MrPLesser: *Glancing up as the sound of throaty laughter echos down the hall*

Phury: Something like that. So why don’t we dispense with the pleasantries? So you can get back to stealing candy from babies? @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehv: @Phury_BDB Don’t knock it until you try it. I highly recommend it. flashing fangs in a grin So what’ll it be?

Phury: Oh, hmm. Maybe I’ll switch it up. How about a latte and some scones to go?  @Rehvenge_BDB

MrPLesser: *Watching a woman wearing a strap of leather across her tits, and what constitutes a skirt, lead a male patron into one of the rooms*

Marie: *sliding my gaze over the VIP section, taking a quick mental tab of all the walking wallets here tonight*

Marie: *discretely acknowledging one of the girls as she saunters by with yet another client*

Rehv: @Phury_BDB *narrowing eyes, corner of mouth lifting* Hiding behind quips again? This is no Starbucks…Brother.

Marie: *slipping into the dark hall, nearly ever door I touch is locked, business as usual…very good*

MrPLesser: *Eyeing the tall brunette, striding alone down the corridor, taking in her frame, sizing her up for what I want, what I need* @Marie_TereseBDB

Phury:  Too bad. Might increase your profit margin. *quickly losing my patience* And I’ll take my usual red smoke…Sin Eater.@Rehvenge_BDB

Rehv: *hitting a button on the intercom, eyes never leaving @Phury_BDB* I enjoy these reunions, don’t you?

Rehv: *nodding to Rally when he appears, then waiting for him to be gone before leaning forward*

LesserBDB: *Snapping my head up as @MrPLesser approaches, his dark hair shining beneath the lights, sneering at the cockiness to his walk*

MrPLesser: *motioning silently to  @LesserBDB @Lesser_BDB , turning back toward the private bathrooms*

Rehv: @Phury_BDB Some day, you will need to find a new outlet. Until then, know how thrilling you make this for me *malevolent grin*

Lesser_BDB: *following @MrPLesser through the club, moving through the endless swarm of bodies*

Marie: *giving a polite business smile as I make my way back to the hall entrance, time to decide who I’ll separate from their money tonight*

Phury: Oh, yes. I count the hours until next I get to chat with you. Perhaps we can start a stitch’n’bitch club. @Rehvenge_BDB

MrPLesser: *Leading @LesserBDB and @Lesser_BDB down the dim-lit hallway, nodding toward the brunette still perched by the back wall*

Lesser_BDB *Immediately taking steps toward the female, eyes trained on the hem of her dress and what’s under it, licking my lips in anticipation*

LesserBDB: *standing back as @Lesser_BDB and @MrPLesser approach the woman, not involving myself in the disaster to come*

MrPLesser: *Gripping @Marie_TereseBDB tightly around the wrist, pulling her toward the nearest open door, strengthening my hold as she fights*

Marie: *surprise then anger firing through me as @MrPLesser man handles me, yanking my arm back, words clipped* Let go. Now.

Lesser_BDB: *Flinging an arm around @Marie_TereseBDB’s waist, helping to drag her into the private stall, letting the door slam shut behind us*

LesserBDB: *Returning to the main area of the club, transfixed by the oblivious humans as they appear to celebrate something*

Marie: *shoving against @Lesser_BDB and @MrPLesser, screaming, trying to keep my head clear and not panic*

Rehv: @Phury_BDB I thought that was what you and the Brothers sat around doing. Am I being invited to join the club?

Rehv: *giving Rally another nod when he drops the sack of red on the desk* @Phury_BDB The usual. As always.

Marie: *eyes wide as @MrPLesser’s face contorts with rage, but it’s not at me….it’s something else, his grip loosening*

Marie: *seizing the opportunity and bolting from the private stall, I need to get to @Xhex_BDB and fast*

Z: *Rolling my neck, giving it a crack while pacing  the length of the alley’s opening. Light slicing down my face on each turn and about face.*

MrPLesser: *Roaring in anger and disgust as @Marie_TereseBDB runs from the private stall, turning a seething glare to @Lesser_BDB*

Lesser_BDB *Storming out of the stall, ignoring @MrPLesser, anger rolling beneath my skin, seeking out @LesserBDB for answers*

Marie: *walking hard and fast, desperate to find @Xhex_BDB, trying the swallow the panic that’s nearly choking me*

Marie:  *Shit. I can’t see @Xhex_BDB anywhere, spinning on my heels, catching the broad shoulders of @Trez_BDB in my peripheral*

Marie: *dodging back through the hoard, approaching @Trez_BDB* We have a problem.

Marie:  *speaking low and fast, not wanting @Trez_BDB to notice my panic* Two men in the back. Highly agitated.

Marie: *recounting the details of what just happened in the back to @Trez_BDB, wincing as I roll my bruised wrist* They were strong. Really strong.

Trez: *Hands clenching into fists, frowning when the pain in @Marie_TereseBDB’s eyes and actions strikes me*

Trez: *looking over @Marie_TereseBDB’s shoulder, clenching my jaw when a familiar yet uncommon scent hits me*

Phury: Yeah. That’s exactly what we do. Just sit around drinking wine and quilting shit.Every Tuesday night. @Rehvenge_BDB

Phury: *pocketing the smoke, tossing cash on @Rehvenge_BDB’s desk* No. You’re the only one sitting behind a desk while we’re out fighting.

Rehv: *Standing, palming the cane to move around the desk* @Phury_BDB Yes, well, its hard work down here in hell.

JM:  *hair on the back of my neck standing on end, just as the the sickly sweet smell of baby powder hits my nose. Lessers.*

JM: *shifting my gaze to @Blaylock_BDB then @Qhuinn_BDB, mouthing the word ‘LESSERS’ before bringing a finger to my lips, turning in the booth*

Qhuinn:  *Focus redirected from sex to work with a dagger or my fists, scanning the place for pasty white*

Blay: *My body ready to do what it has been trained to do, even though we promised @Zsadist_BDB and @Wrath_BDB we would not fight anymore*

JM:  *Eyes trained on the scene, seeking the evil. Knowing in my gut this shit is about to turn bad. And fast.*

Trez: *eyes flashing a bright green, pure anger striking me at the thought of @Marie_TereseBDB, any of the girls, in those undead, soulless hands*

LesserBDB: *Rising from the booth I’ve occupied as @MrPLesser and @Lesser_BDB approach, fury clearly written on their faces*

LesserBDB:  *They must have discovered exactly what they now lack in this life they’ve chosen*

Trez: Stay here. *moving @Marie_TereseBDB to the side of the office, keeping  her behind me*

Marie:  *nodding slowly at @Trez_BDB, listening as the fight begins to spill onto the main floor like an ocean wave*

Rehv: *Following @Phury_BDB to the door* You can all be thankful I’m running it. I do play nice after all…

Lesser_BDB: *Voice rising the closer I get to @LesserBDB* You knew didn’t you?

MrPLesser: *Curling my hand into a fist, launching it straight for @LesserBDB’s face

Phury: Oh, yeah. You’re such a joy to deal with. @Rehvenge_BDB *Reaching for the door handle, stepping back as @Trez_BDB shoves it open*

Trez: *Barreling through the door of @Rehvenge_BDB’s office, side-swiping @Phury_BDB* Smelly fuckers in the club. Fighting.

Rehv: *@Trez_BDB’s news of lessers lighting the fuse of fury. Which quickly turns to chilled controlled anticipation* Lock it all down.

Rehv: *Knowing, like a well-oiled machine, that all exit points will be impenetrable within the next minute*

Phury: *Texting @Zsadist_BDB, @Vishous_BDB, and @Rhage_BDB* All hands on deck. Zero Sum. Multiple lessers inside.

Rehv: *Sparing @Phury_BDB not even a glance before striding away. I have my priorities. He has his. In this case, they are related.*

Trez: *Escorting @Marie_TereseBDB and the other girls away from the private stalls and back to the locker room* Get your things together.

Marie:  *doing as @Trez_BDB instructs, throwing my hair into a ponytail and grabbing my bag with other clothes*

iAm: *hearing @Rehvenge_BDB’s orders, signaling all security in my line of sight to close up shop, all exits blocked, mentally locking each as they close*

Trez: *Scrambling the memories of each of the girls, taking extra care to erase the events of tonight from @Marie_TereseBDB’s mind.*

Trez: *Waiting until all of the girls have driven away from the premises before returning to the VIP section to continue lockdown procedure*

Z : *Pulling back into the shadows, flexing my arm up to give my Timex another looksee and feeling my phone vibrating in my ass pocket.*

V: *Setting the bottle of Goose down, pulling my phone out. Reading the text from @Phury_BDB* Shit. Lessers in the bar.

Z:  *Reaching around and lifting the POS out of my pocket, muscle working in my jaw ready to give @Phury_BDB a shit ton of where-the-fuck-are-you*

Rhage: *Glancing up from the movie @MaryL_BDB and I are watching as my phone vibrates. Shit. Lessers at Zero Sum*

Z:  *Flipping my phone open, muttering* Fuck *dematerializing to @Zerosum_BDB*

Rehv: *Slicing my chin down only once to @iAm_BDB, who pulls in so tight to my side we move almost as one down the hall*

iAm: *flanking @Rehvenge_BDB, the club behind us roaring as chaos ensues, one last room to secure*

Phury: *Pocketing my cell, pushing my way out into the heart of the club, letting the lesser stench guide me*

Rhage: *Giving @MaryL_BDB a quick explanation, grabbing my daggers and dematerializing out to the club*

V: *Dematerializing to @ZeroSum_BDB, instantly sobered.  Turning and seeing my brothers showing up*

Phury: *Tracking the stench, seeing @MrPLesser slamming fists into one of his brethren, heading straight for them.*

Rehv: *Slipping past @iAm_BDB into the room, telling Rally to stay inside until one of the Moors comes back for him with an all clear*

Rehv: *Looking around the room quickly, taking in all the crates and boxes in one glance. Miami’s best would be enticing to our visitors.*

Rhage: *Clapping @Vishous_BDB on the shoulder* Sounds like we have a party to crash, my brother.

Z: *Materializing in the back alley of @Zerosum_BDB, waiting for @Vishous_BDB to get his mhis routine going.*

V: *Setting up a mhis to keep anyone else from coming into the club, and sending mass confusion to everyone already inside*

Phury: You should really keep the family quarrels at home. @MrPLesser @LesserBDB

Phury: *Grabbing @MrPLesser’s arm, twisting it behind him, slamming his head forward into @LesserBDB’s face*

MrPLesser: *Whipping around with my free arm, slamming it into @Phury_BDB’s rib cage, yelling to @LesserBDB* There’s got to be more. Go!

LesserBDB: *Turning, scanning the crowd, looking for other brothers, taking off through the crowd*

Rehv: *But they’d never see the inside of this room or Rally’s unperturbed face. Following @iAm_BDB back out into the heart of @ZeroSum_BDB*

iAm:  *shoulders heavy…rolling with my gait, nostrils flaring, taking in the stench of the angry mob* Fucking beautiful.

JM:  *chaos multiplying by the second, looking around for more familiar faces, thankful that most seem to be gone*

Z: *Covering the real estate between the alley and the interior of @Zerosum_BDB quickly, following the cloying sweet stench.*

V: *They all know something is going on, but no one is really sure what*

Phury: *Grimacing as @MrPLesser’s fist connects with my rib, feeling like a bone cracked, bringing my elbow up into his nose*

MrPLesser: *stumbling back as my nose spurts black blood, wiping it aside before charging towards @Phury_BDB*

Z: *Moving through the chaos in a haze of violence. My jaw clenched tight, hiding the set of fangs punching into my upper lip.*

JM:  *Catching sight of @Zsadist_BDB @Rhage_BDB and @Vishous_BDB in the crowd, suddenly uncaged, ready to get in on whatever’s about to go down*

Qhuinn: *Tuned into @John_MatthewBDB’s vibe, standing up*

Phury: *meeting @MrPLesser’s charge head on, shoving my entire body weight against him, forcing him further away from the humans*

Phury: *slamming him into the wall, rearing back with my fist then smashing it into @MrPLesser’s oozing nose*

MrPLesser: *grunting in pain, but reacting with a fist of my own to @Phury_BDB’s face, shoving him back, reaching into my coat for my gun*

V: *Nodding at my brothers and going to work on @LesserBDB. Not bothering with my dagger. Yet*

Qhuinn: *Lurching out of the booth, stalking forward*

Blay: *Grabbing @Qhuinn_BDB by the arm before he jumps into action* We agreed no fighting with the Lessers.

Z: *Spotting @Lesser_BDB across the club and pushing through dense mass of people thinking just another club fight has started.*

Z: *Obsidian gaze tracking the fucker, suddenly catching a fervent @John_MatthewBDB, @Blaylock_BDB and @Qhuinn_BDB in the periphery.*

Z: *Whipping my head, pegging @John_MatthewBDB, @Blaylock_BDB and Qhuinn_BDB with a hard don’t-even-fucking-think-about-it look.*

JM: *Instinct shot to hell with one look from @Zsadist_BDB. Backing down, muscles tensing in my neck and shoulders in reaction to the shut down*

Rhage: *Slamming my hands down on @Qhuinn_BDB and @Blaylock_BDB’’s shoulders, forcing them back in the booth*

Blay: Feeling the massive palms of @Rhage_BDB pushing me back into the booth, the look on his face urging us not to get involved.

Rhage: *Tone commanding* @John_MatthewBDB @Qhuinn_BDB @Blaylock_BDB stay here and don’t even think of getting involved.

JM:  *Hearing the booming voice of @Rhage_BDB reaffirming that look from @Zsadist_BDB. Body rigid with tension, a call to fight*

JM:  *Practically foaming at the mouth, rabid. Being held back making me thirsty for this action. For retribution.*

JM:  *wanting to avenge those I’ve lost, watching opportunity pass me right the fuck by*

JM:  *Even in light of all my self doubt knowing I can do this. That I was made for this.*

Phury: Fuck. *seeing @MrPLesser yanking out a gun — too many humans for loose cannon gunfire*

Phury: *clamping my hand around the wrist holding the gun, twisting until I hear something break in @MrPLesser’s arm*

MrPLesser: *roaring in pain, my fingers automatically relinquishing my grip, the gun falling to the floor*

V: *Smirking as I see @Rehvenge_BDB with a gleam in his eye. He so wants to be a brother*

Rehv: Like I want religion* RT @Vishous_BDB: *Smirking as I see @Rehvenge_BDB with a gleam in his eye. He so wants to be a brother*

V: @Rehvenge_BDB Or a hard on

Rehv: @Vishous_BDB You’re likely getting too old for this. I thought you had it under control. *droll*

Z: *Turning my head back to @Lesser_BDB without breaking my pace and cracking a sadistic grin, fangs gleaming* May I cut in?

V: *All the rage I feel towards my mahmen boiling inside me. This fucker is the perfect outlet*

Lesser_BDB: *Head snapping to the deep voice behind me, turning towards @Zsadist_BDB, crouching into a fighting stance.* Fuck you.

V: *Starting with a punch to the ribs. Waiting while @LesserBDB takes the hit and fires back*

Z: *sneering @Lesser_BDB* I’ll take that as a no. And P.S. not interested.

LesserBDB: *Kicking @Vishous_BDB in the stomach,  relishing how strong I am*

V: *Taking the kick and grabbing the fuckers boot, twisting the shit all the way around* @LesserBDB bad move, asshole.

LesserBDB: *Falling to the ground, my foot facing the wrong way*

V: *Enjoying the fight but the need to get minds scrubbed is more important*

V: *Stabbing @LesserBDB in the chest. Looking around to see the remaining lessers being taken care of*

Phury: *Kicking @MrPLesser’s gun aside, stepping back, reaching inside my coat for one of my daggers* I think it’s time you said goodnight.

MrPLesser: *charging @Phury_BDB again, ramming into him like a linebacker, forcing him back into the crowd towards another brother and @LesserBDB*

Lesser_BDB: *Roaring, fueled by the lies and charging @Zsadist_BDB head on.*

Z: *Fingers digging into the slayer’s forearms, splintering his tendons, cranking his arms back at an odd angle, the crack of the joints dulled by the thumping music.*

Lesser_BDB: *Howling in pain, thrashing, unable to move my arms* @Zsadist_BDB

Phury: *fumbling for my dagger as @MrPLesser shoves me backwards. Seeing @Zsadist_BDB out of the corner of my eye*

Z: *Kicking @Lesser_BDB in the center of his chest as he decides to take a load off.*

Rhage: @John_MatthewBDB @Qhuinn_BDB @Blaylock_BDB you want to get involved, we’ve got some idiots that think they’re superheros. Put a stop to it.

Phury: *yanking the dagger free, the bag of smoke flying out of my coat as well, catapulting itself towards my twin* Fuck.

Blay: *Nodding at @Rhage_BDB, heading towards the crowd with @John_MatthewBDB and @Qhuinn_BDB, the drive to help in some way stirring inside*

Lesser_BDB: *Breathe kicked out of me as @Zsadist_BDB’s foot slams into my chest. Falling backwards, arms flopping unable to break my fall.*

MrPLesser: *rearing back as @Phury_BDB pulls out a dagger, ducking down, sweeping my leg towards both of his, trying to knock him off balance*

Rhage: *Turing away from the boys, moving to pull apart two drunken human males throwing fists at the bar*

Phury: *jumping over @MrPLesser’s leg sweep attempt, trying not to think about where the red smoke landed*

Z: *Looming over @Lesser_BDB and pressing my shitkicker into the groove of his neck, cutting off his pleads to kill him quickly.*

JM:  *Motioning to all the females in the vicinity to stay the hell back and swinging my legs over the back of the booth, into the chaos*

Z: *Yeah, if the fucker only knew he’s going to end up @The_Omega_’s bitch he wouldn’t be begging, but I’m happy to oblige.*

Z: *Needing to end this shit quickly, knowing we have a shit ton of damage control. Unsheathing my dagger in a rush cool steel.*

Rhage: *Shaking my head and cursing as one smashes a bottle over the others’ head* Someone has been watching too much television.

Rhage: *Separating the two men, wiping their minds of any notion of fighting, ushering them closer to the exit of the club*

Phury: *knocking @MrPLesser back, slamming his head into the floor, landing a knee on his torso as I raise my dagger*

MrPLesser:  *dazed as my head hits the floor, looking up, seeing the dagger* Noooo!

Phury: *slamming the dagger home, then jumping back as @MrPLesser returns to his maker in a flash of light*

Rehv: @Vishous_BDB I’m good for now. Quit being distracted. Are you always this unfocused? *knows now why the streets smell of baby ass*

Blay: *Grabbing a guy the same size as I was before I transitioned, shock on his face as I escort away from the man that’s about to pummel him*

V: @Rehvenge_BDB Don’t you worry about me. I am cleaning up your fucking mess. Protecting your damn bar. Asshole.

Phury: *Turning, assessing the chaos in the club, scanning the crowd for any other lessers*

Lesser_BDB: *My eyes flaring, watching the blade in @Zsadist_BDB’s hand.*

Rhage: *A shriek piercing my eardrum, spinning around, jaw dropping at the sight of two females clawing at one another as a male stands by watching*

Z: *Dropping down, stabbing @Lesser_BDB in the chest, his body disintegrating in a quick pop and flash of light.*

JM:  *Grabbing two drunk assholes by their collars, directing them towards the exit, resisting the temptation to bash their heads together*

Z: *Rising back up, dark gaze shifting around the club taking stock, moving my foot and feeling the crunch of plastic under my shitkicker.*

Rhage: *Picking up snippets of the fight* Are you fucking kidding me? A lovers quarrel. Now. *muttering* What the hell do they put in these drinks?

Qhuinn:  *Seeing what @Rhage_BDB’s looking at, no hesitation, walking up to the bickering couple* Thought you were here for a party?

Z: *Lifting the toe of my shitkicker, eyes flicking to @Phury_BDB and back down to the bag of red smoke.* Jesus-fucking-Christ.

Phury: *eyes focusing in on @Zsadist_BDB as he crouches, picks up the bag of red smoke, an urge to snatch it from him gripping me*

Z: *Brows jacking down over pitch-dark eyes, grinding my molars for a moment before leaning over and snatching the bag of red.*

Qhuinn: *Feeling it, breaking them apart* Hair pulling and smacking outside. *Slinging arms around each their shoulders, showing them out*

JM:  *Releasing them into the cold, feeling a pricking at the back of my neck, pulled towards the enemy instead of the reckless humans*

JM:  *But that’s a no-go. Heading to another brawl about to happen. Frat boys. Eyes going wide when they see my size, smirking*

Phury: *Feeling a muscle in my jaw twitch, schooling my expression before turning away from @Zsadist_BDB*

Z: *Shoving the stash in my pocket, acutely aware of the frequency of @Phury_BDB’s trips to see @Rehvenge_BDB.*

Z: *Staring at @Phury_BDB’s back as he walks towards our brothers. Heading in the same direction oblivious to the identical swing of our arms.*

V: @Rehvenge_BDB I thought your security had this under control. Why the fuck are they letting lessers in? Business that bad?

V: @Rehvenge_BDB You should stop just letting anyone here, asshole. Can’t have us clean up your mess every time.

Rehv: @Vishous_BDB With a valid I.D., I’ll even serve you. Dickhead.

Qhuinn:  *All that female opportunity fucking thwarted. Fuck. Seeking out my boys.*

V: *Turning to my brothers and the @ZeroSum_BDB crew* Everyone take an exit.

V: Mind scrub as they leave, true? *Sending an extreme desire to calmly leave the building into the mhis*

Rhage: *Making quick work of the females’ minds, frowning at the scratches down my arm as they follow direction and head toward the exit*

V: *Taking a back exit, scrubbing the minds of everyone that walks by*

Rhage: *Setting up by the front exit of the main section of the club, leaving everyone with a parting gift of a blank mind*

V: *Everyone will go home thinking they had a great time. And that the owner is an asshole*

V: @Rehvenge_BDB You serve me regardless. Its just the nature order of things.

Rehv: @Vishous_BDB Yes, it is. I provide a service. You pay an inflated price. Then get the fuck out. And come back for more.

V: @Rehvenge_BDB All I heard is you serve me.

Rehv: @Vishous_BDB Or better yet, you could do your job and eliminate the problem. *lowers head, eyes gleaming*

Rehv: @Vishous_BDB But we all have our shortcomings. Don’t we…Brother?

V: Some more that others. *Grabs a bottle of Goose from behind the counter* My fee, @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehv: *Narrows eyes @Vishous_BDB’s ‘fee’* And I’ll send my own invoice to your ‘training camp’. You can pick it up at recess.

V: @Rehvenge_BDB You wouldn’t last a minute in my training camp. And you can shove your invoice.

V: *Walking out the back exit, ready to get back to being faced and hating my mahmen* I am out *dematerializing* #BDB

Qhuinn:  *eyes on @Zsadist_BDB as he approaches, picking up an unopened Corona from a table, glancing towards @John_MatthewBDB and@Blaylock_BDB*

Blay:  *Nervous as @Zsadist_BDB approaches @John_MatthewBDB, @Qhuinn_BDB, and me*

Z:  *Stopping in front of @Qhuinn_BDB, @Blaylock_BDB, and@John_MatthewBDB, deliberately crossing my arms over my chest* Did good tonight.

Qhuinn:  *nods to @Zsadist_BDB, thinking I didn’t get to do a damn thing…or fight* @Blaylock_BDB @John_MatthewBDB

Z:  @Blaylock_BDB @John_MatthewBDB @Qhuinn_BDB I know you ladies were itching to get a crack at the fuckers. Time will come.

JM:  *This is where we get the “get the hell out” portion of the speech.*@Qhuinn_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Blaylock_BDB

Z:  *dropping my arms, voice easing up* @Blaylock_BDB @Qhuinn_BDB Now get the fuck home. And @John_MatthewBDB, I mean straight home, feel me?

Blay:  *Not waiting a second* Thanks @Zsadist_BDB *leaving with@Qhuinn_BDB and @John_MatthewBDB wishing we could have fought more* #BDB

JM:  *meeting @Zsadist_BDB’s stare and nodding* @Blaylock_BDB @Qhuinn_BDB

Qhuinn:  *pounding the rest of my beer and following @Blaylock_BDB and @John_MatthewBDB out of @ZeroSum_BDB*

Z:  Watching @Blaylock_BDB @John_MatthewBDB @Qhuinn_BDB leave, turning and punching open the emergency exit, stepping out into the alley.*

Z:  *Tossing a cursory glance over my shoulder @Rehvenge_BDB entering his office, knowing I’ll be hearing him bitch about this shit.*

Z:  For-fucking-days

Z:  *Dematerializing back to the mansion to check in on @BellaR_BDB before heading out again.* #BDB








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