Butch & Marissa Mating




Butch: *The Escalade is full of energy as we head back to the mansion. @Rhage_BDB is popping off shit per usual. @Wrath_BDB is laughing.*

Butch: *Listening as @Vishous_BDB starts throwing crap at @Rhage_BDB and pretty soon everyone is taking potshots at each other. As brothers do.*

Butch: *Settling myself deep in the bucket seat, aware that our homecoming, like the ceremony we just held is of great joy for the Brotherhood.*

Butch: *Even if I can’t feel their joy, I’m glad for them. Truly. Staring out the darkened window as the Escalade takes us home.*

Vishous: *Parking the Escalade in front of the mansion, hopping out of the SUV*

Butch: *Climbing from the Escalade, turning as the big house’s vestibule doors swing wide open and the Brothers form an open circle behind me*

Butch: *Hearing chanting from all the brothers.*
Butch: *Stepping into the rainbow-colored foyer, applause erupting from all twenty of the doggen, the three females in front, and @John_MatthewBDB*

Butch: *Taking in @BethR_BDB in her red mating gown, @MaryL_BDB in a royal blue gown, and @BellaR_BDB in shimmering silver…oh god*

Butch: *Casting my eyes away from the shellans because I want @MarissaH_BDB here so badly it aches…god, I don’t know if I can do this.*

Butch *Deciding to make a desperate, pansy break for the Pit when the see of bodies parts and @MarissaH_BDB is standing there.*

Butch *Blinking rapidly…God, she’s beautiful. The peach gown is so lovely and vivid, christ it’s like sunshine condensed in her very form.*

Marissa *Stepping forward, towards @Butch_BDB as the chanting stops.*

Butch: *Confused as to why @MarissaH_BDB is here, but automatically reaching for her anyway.*

Marissa: *Kneeling down in front of @Butch_BDB, my gown pooling around me as I duck my head.*

Marissa: *voice husky with emotion, bowing my head* I would offer you, warrior, this pledge of luck when you fight. @Butch_BDB

Marissa: *lifting my hands up, holding a braid of my hair tied with ribbon* It would be my pride to have you keep this on you in battle. @Butch_BDB

Marissa: It would be my pride to have my…hellren serve our race. If you still… would have me. @Butch_BDB

Butch: *Easing down to the floor, lifting @MarissaH_BDB’s trembling chin, wiping her tears away, holding her braid to my heart.*

Butch: *whispering* Of course I would have you. But what’s changed? @MarissaH_BDB

Marissa: *Glancing at @BethR_BDB, @MaryL_BDB, and @BellaR_BDB, in a quiet voice* @Butch_BDB I talked to some friends. Or rather, they talked to me.

Butch: Marissa… *it’s all I can manage to say, it feels as if my voice dried up, kissing @MarissaH_BDB, embracing her.*

Marissa: *whispering in @Butch_BDB’s ear* I’m sorry I was weak. @BethR_BDB and @MaryL_BDB and @BellaR_BDB came to see me.

Marissa: I’m never going to be at peace with the danger you face as a member of the Brotherhood. I’m going to worry every night. @Butch_BDB

Marissa: But they trust their males to be careful, and I… I believe you love me. I believe you wouldn’t leave me if you could help it. @Butch_BDB

Marissa: I… I believe you will be careful with yourself and that you will stop if the evil threatens to overwhelm you. @Butch_BDB

Marissa: If they can handle the fear of loss, so can I. @Butch_BDB

Butch: *squeezing @MarissaH_BDB even tighter* I’ll be careful, I swear. I swear.

Butch: *staying on the floor with @MarissaH_BDB, locked in a tight embrace. Lifting my head, seeing @Wrath_BDB with @BethR_BDB in his arms*

Butch: So, brother, you got a knife and some salt? Time to finish a certain mating, you feel me? @Wrath_BDB

Wrath: We’ve got you covered, my man. @Butch_BDB

Fritz: *Coming forward with a pitcher and bowl of salt.*

Butch: *Realizing it is the same one from @Wrath_BDB and @BethR_BDB’s ceremony. And @Rhage_BDB and @MaryL_BDB’s. And @Zsadist_BDB and @BellaR_BDB’s*

Butch: *Looking into my shellan’s blue eyes* Darkness will never take me… because I have you. Light of my life, @MarissaH_BDB. That’s what you are.

Marissa: *Smiling up at @Butch_BDB, feeling more tears threaten to spill* I love you.

Butch: I love you, too. @Butch_BDB

Wrath: The @Scribe_Virgin has given her consent for this mating…so, my brother, if you’d like to help your shellan up off the floor @Butch_BDB

Butch: *Grinning as I stand, helping @MarissaH_BDB to her feet, guiding her over to stand between @BethR_BDB and @MaryL_BDB*

Butch: *Taking several steps back, removing my robe to expose my back, kneeling so that I face @MarissaH_BDB*

Wrath: What is the name of your shellan? @Butch_BDB

Butch: *Meeting @MarissaH_BDB’s eyes as I answer* She is called Marissa. @Wrath_BDB

Wrath: *Bringing my dagger to @Butch_BDB’s back, carving an “M” in the Old Language*

Marissa: *Having seen the carving at @Wrath_BDB’s mating ceremony, I know what to expect…but watching it…with @Butch_BDB…*

Marissa: *This male is my life…and his Brothers are going to carve my name into his back…pain he suffers for me…*

Beth: *Gently grasping @MarissaH_BDB’s hand, whispering* Don’t see his pain. See his pride. See the way he’s looking at you.

Mary: *Reaching for @MarissaH_BDB’s other hand, squeezing gently.*

Bella: *Moving to stand behind @MarissaH_BDB, placing a hand on her shoulder*

JohnMatthew: *Looking from the shellans and @MarissaH_BDB to @Butch_BDB and the Brothers…males and females…each strong in their own way.*

Wrath: *Stepping back, looking up to see my shellan smiling back at me.*

Vishous: *Stepping forward* What is the name of your shellan? @Butch_BDB

Butch: She is called Marissa. @Vishous_BDB

Vishous: *Bending down, carving the intricate “A” in the Old Language on @Butch_BDB’s back*

Butch: *Holding my head high, seeing my shellan surrounded by the shellans of my brothers.*

Vishous: *Lifting my dagger from @Butch_BDB’s back, stepping back into line.*

Rhage: *Moving forward* What is the name of your shellan? @Butch_BDB

Butch: She is called Marissa. @Rhage_BDB

Rhage: *Bringing my dagger to @Butch_BDB’s back, carving an “R” in the Old Language*

Butch: *My smile growing with each letter being added.*

Rhage: *Stepping back*

Phury: *Stepping out of line, moving towards @Butch_BDB* What is the name of your shellan?

Butch: She is called Marissa. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *Carving the “I” in the old language*

Phury: *Lowering my dagger, moving back*

Zsadist: *Stepping forward* What is the name of your shellan? @Butch_BDB

Butch: She is called Marissa. @Zsadist_BDB

Zsadist: *Bring my dagger to @Butch_BDb’s back, carving the intricate “S” in the old language*

Marissa: *Tightening my grip on @BethR_BDB’s hand and @MaryL_BDB’s hand…*

Zsadist: *Stepping back into line beside my twin.*

Wrath: *Moving forward once again* What is the name of your shellan? @Butch_BDB

Butch: She is called Marissa. @Wrath_BDB

Wrath: *Using my dagger to carve a second intricate “S” in the old language right next to the one @Zsadist_BDB carved*

Wrath: *Lowering my dagger, stepping back.*

Vishous: *Stepping forward* What is the name of your shellan? @Butch_BDB

Butch: She is called Marissa. *pleased, for some reason, that @Vishous_BDB is the last one to carve @MarissaH_BDB’s name on my back*

Vishous: *Focusing entirely as I carve the final “A” in the old language on my best friend’s back*
Butch: *Grinning so broadly it almost hurts*

Vishous: *Gently lowering my dagger, physically stepping back into line…and stepping back in other ways from my best friend*

Marissa: *Taking a deep breath as the last letter is finished, squeezing @BethR_BDB’s hand and @MaryL_BDB’s hand for what comes next.*

Fritz: *Pouring the water into the bowl of salt, handing it to Master @Wrath_BDB*

Wrath: *Taking the bowl of salt water from @Fritzdoggen_BDB, pouring it down @Butch_BDB‘s back.*

Butch: *Stiffening as the salt water hits my skin, curling my hands into fists, but not making a sounds despite the pain.*

Marissa: *Sucking in a breath, watching @Butch_BDB’s reaction, but not wanting to embarrass him with my own reaction*

Wrath: *Taking the white cloth out of the lacquer box, drying @Butch_BDB ‘s wounds, rolling the cloth up and placing it back in the box*

Wrath: Rise, my brother. @Butch_BDB

Butch: *Getting to my feet.*

Wrath: *Handing the box to @Butch_BDB * Take this to your shellan as a symbol of your strength.

Wrath: So she will know you are worthy of her, and that your body your heart, and your soul are now hers to command. @Butch_BDB

Butch: *Bowing to @Wrath_BDB, taking the box, moving to stand before @MarissaH_BDB, beaming with pride and happiness.*

Butch: *Kneeling before @MarissaH_BDB. Bowing slightly, offering the box to her* Will you have me as your own, Marissa?

Marissa: *Tears spilling down my cheeks as I reach to take the box from @Butch_BDB, hugging it reverently to my chest*

Marissa: *Nodding, smiling through tears* Yes @Butch_BDB…Yes, I will have you as my own. Always.

Marissa: *Smiling as the brothers cheer. Hearing my family and friends cheering.*

Butch: *Rising, reaching for @MarissaH_BDB, wiping the tears away as I bring my lips to her* No more tears.

Marissa: They’re happy tears, hellren mine. Happy tears. @Butch_BDB

Butch: *Smiling even more broadly @MarissaH_BDB.* I love you, shellan mine.

Marissa: I love you, too, @Butch_BDB.

Butch: *Bringing my lips to @MarissaH_BDB’s, kissing her for the first time as her true hellren, with her name upon my back.*

Butch: *Lifting my head, smiling down at @MarissaH_BDB, tucking her into my side as I look around at my brothers–my family.*

Beth: I think we should celebrate. @FritzDoggen_BDB has prepared a feast fit for a King. Or a King’s cousin. @Butch_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Rhage: Excellent! Celebratory food!

The Church Mating

Butch: *Standing in the alcove of St. Pat’s, grateful that @Vishous_BDB was able to “persuade” the priest to marry us*

Butch: *Because it’s not like we can follow all the usual steps to get married in the church…but I really want it, need it*

Marissa: *Smoothing my gown, stepping towards @Butch_BDB, noticing how handsome and how happy he looks* Ready?

Butch: *beaming at @MarissaH_BDB* Are you sure you want to do it like this? @Rhage_BDB could walk you down the aisle instead?

Marissa: *shaking my head, smiling back up at @Butch_BDB* I know your customs include the bride being “given away”

Marissa: But I’m not being given away. I’m giving myself to you. In every way possible. @Butch_BDB

Butch: And I’m giving myself to you in every way possible. Human, vampire, and any other way you want. @MarissaH_BDB

Butch: And I’m in this life with you for as long as you’ll have me. @MarissaH_BDB

Marissa: That would be forever. So, since we’re in this together, let’s walk down together, okay? @Butch_BDB

Butch: Okay, baby. Together. *unable to keep from grinning as I tuck @MarissaH_BDB’s hand through my arm*

Marissa: *Stealing one more look at @Butch_BDB’s profile as he guides me to the door into the main part of the church*

Marissa: *Thinking I’ll never tire of looking at this male, that I’ll never stop being thankful for him.*

Butch: Here we go. *Stepping into the main door, hearing Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring waft down the aisle*

Butch: *Enjoying every step down the aisle of the nearly empty church, reaching over covering @MarissaH_BDB’s hand, squeezing*

Marissa: *Turning my head, smiling at @Butch_BDB as we move down the aisle towards the priest and the three others present*

Butch: *Seeing @Rhage_BDB and @MaryL_BDB standing to one side of the priest and @Vishous_BDB on the other*

Mary: *Watching @Butch_BDB and @MarissaH_BDB make their way down the aisle, smiling at them both.*

Rhage; *Standing behind @MaryL_BDB, one hand on her waist as the cop and @MarissaH_BDB move towards us.*

Rhage: *Gently squeezing @MaryL_BDB’s waist, leaning down, whispering.* I love you.

Mary: *Leaning back against @Rhage_BDB, whispering back* I love you, too.

Butch: *Grateful to have my closest friends and Brothers here for this human ceremony. Especially @Vishous_BDB…*

Vishous: *Watching silently as @Butch_BDB escorts @MarissaH_BDB down the aisle. Christ. I would be anywhere but here if I could.*

Vishous: *And when he’d asked me if I’d come, I’d hedged. Watching him tie himself to @MarissaH_BDB in another way? No thanks.*

Vishous: *But when he’d pushed and asked me to be his best man…christ, how the hell could I say no to that, to him?*

Butch: *Catching @Vishous_BDB’s eye, nodding, smiling as we near the end of the aisle.*

Vishous: *Nodding back to @Butch_BDB, thinking the male has never looked happier or more alive than he does right now.*

Vishous: *He’s where he’s supposed to be, but damn…shaking my head slightly, cutting off that line of thought.*

Butch: *Bringing @MarissaH_BDB to stand in front of the priest, @FatherKelly_BDB*

Butch: *Still feeling a little uncomfortable that we had to compel the priest to circumvent some of the normal requirements.*

Father Kelly: *Greeting the bride and groom, turning and acknowledging the wedding party, such as it is.*

Father Kelly: *Smiling warmly at the couple as I begin the opening prayer* Father, hear our prayer for @Butch_BDB and @MarissaH_BDB

Father Kelly: Who today are united in marriage before your altar. Give them your blessing, and strengthen their love for each other.

Father Kelly: We ask you this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever.

Butch: *Trying to listen as @FatherKelly_BDB gives the first reading, the psalm, and the second reading but failing miserably.*

Butch: *Catching snippets of his words, but unable to tear my eyes off @MarissaH_BDB as she listens to the readings.*

Marissa: *Feeling @Butch_BDB’s eyes on me but listening to the priest intently because I know this means so much to Butch.*

Father Kelly: You have come together in this church so that the Lord may seal and strengthen your love in the presence of the Church’s minister

Father Kelly: and this community. Christ abundantly blesses this love. And so, in the presence of the Church, I ask you to state your intentions.

Father Kelly: @Butch_BDB and @MarissaH_BDB, have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage?

Butch: Yes. @FatherKelly_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Marissa: Yes. @FatherKelly_BDB @Butch_BDB

Father Kelly: Will you love and honor each other as husband and wife for the rest of your lives? @Butch_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Butch: *grinning like a fool* Yes. @FatherKelly_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Marissa: Yes. @FatherKelly_BDB @Butch_BDB

Father Kelly: Will you accept children lovingly from God and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?

Butch: *eyes flaring, faltering a little* Yes. @FatherKelly_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Marissa Yes. @FatherKelly_BDB @Butch_BDB

Father Kelly: Since it is your intention to enter into marriage, join your right hands and declare your consent before God and his Church.

Butch: *Taking @MarissaH_BDB’s right hand in my own.*

Rhage: *Reaching around to take @MaryL_BDB’s right hand in my right hand.*

Mary: *Squeezing @Rhage_BDB’s hand.*

Father Kelly @Butch_BDB, do you take @MarissaH_BDB to be your wife? Do you promise to be true to her in good times and in bad?

Father Kelly: In sickness and in health, to love her and honor her all the days of your life? @Butch_BDB

Butch: *Nodding* I do. @MarissaH_BDB

Father Kelly: @MarissaH_BDB, do you take @Butch_BDB to be your husband? Do you promise to be true to him in good times and in bad?

Father Kelly: In sickness and in health, to love him and honor him all the days of your life? @MarissaH_BDB

Marissa: I do. @Butch_BDB

Rhage: *whispering in @MaryL_BDB’s ear* I do.

Mary: Shhhhhh, @Rhage_BDB… But I do, too.

Vishous: *Watching @Butch_BDB and @MarissaH_BDB pledge themselves to each other…god, I could use a drink…or five.*

Father Kelly: You have declared your consent before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent

Father Kelly: And fill you both with his blessings. What God has joined, men must not divide. @Butch_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Butch: Amen.

Mary: Amen.

Father Kelly: May I have the rings?

Vishous: *handing @FatherKelly_BDB the two gold bands, my eyes locked on the small pieces of jewelry I forged for @Butch_BDB*

Vishous: *And for @MarissaH_BDB…the rings were forged for both of them…and the smile on @Butch_BDB’s face when I’d presented them?*

Vishous: *Yeah…the rings were for them both…because there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for that male…*

Father Kelly: May the Lord bless these rings which you give to each other as the sign of your love and fidelity. @Butch_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Butch: Amen.

Mary: Amen.

Marissa: *catching on* Amen.

Butch: *taking the ring from @FatherKelly_BDB, gently sliding it onto @MarissaH_BDB’s left ring finger*

Butch: @MarissaH_BDB, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Marissa: *smiling and taking the other ring from @FatherKelly_BDB, sliding it onto @Butch_BDB’s ring finger*

Marissa: @Butch_BDB, take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Rhage: *finding @MaryL_BDB’s ring finger, gently running my thumb over the ring I placed there, smiling*

Butch: *Beaming again at my shellan, my wife, @MarissaH_BDB as the priest recites the prayer of the faithful and begins the communion rite*

Vishous: *Watching the priest give communion to @Butch_BDB, @MarissaH_BDB and @MaryL_BDB. The Cop is so…fucking happy.*

Vishous: *He and @MarissaH_BDB are perfect for each other. I’m happy for him…truly. But I…well…I feel like I’ve lost something.*

Butch: *Standing once more before @FatherKelly_BDB, holding both of @MarissaH_BDB’s hands in mine as he speaks.*

FatherKelly: May God, the almighty Father, give you his joy and bless you in your children. @Butch_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Butch: Amen.

Mary: Amen.

Marissa: Amen.

Father Kelly: May the Son of God have mercy on you and help you in good times and in bad. @Butch_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Butch: Amen.

Mary: Amen.

Marissa: Amen.

Father Kelly: May the Holy Spirit of God always fill your hearts with his love. @Butch_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Butch: Amen.

Mary: Amen.

Marissa: Amen.

Father Kelly: And may almighty God bless you all, the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. @Butch_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Butch: Amen.

Mary: Amen.

Marissa: Amen.

Butch: *Turning to @MarissaH_BDB once @FatherKelly_BDB gives the final “Thanks be to God” and pulling her close, kissing her.* Thank you.

Marissa: You’re welcome. And thank you, too, nallum. I’m glad you asked me to share this with you. @Butch_BDB

Rhage: *clapping @Butch_BDB on the back* Okay, you’re hitched. Can we go eat now?

Mary: *Gently elbowing @Rhage_BDB in the stomach* Rhage! *turning to @MarissaH_BDB and @Butch_BDB* Congratulations…again!

Marissa: *laughing* Thank you, @MaryL_BDB.

Butch: *shaking my head* Nice, Hollywood. @Rhage_BDB And thanks, @MaryL_BDB. For being here.

Butch: *Turning to @Vishous_BDB, trying to read his face* Hey, thanks for being here, for being my best man.

Vishous: *Nodding.* Yeah. Hey, I’m going to take off for a while, if you don’t mind. Head back to the mansion without me.

Butch: *Smile fading slightly, voice dropping* You okay, @Vishous_BDB?

Vishous: @Butch_BDB Yeah. I’m cool. Just need to…go. But I’m happy for you, Cop. Very happy. Happy for you too, @MarissaH_BDB

Marissa: *smiling at @Vishous_BDB* Thank you, Vishous.

Vishous: *nodding at @Rhage_BDB and @MaryL_BDB, turning to @FatherKelly_BDB* Padre. *nodding, then heading down the aisle*

Butch: Thank you, Father. *shaking hands with @FatherKelly_BDB*

Father Kelly: You’re very welcome. I wish you both a very blessed marriage. @Butch_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Butch: Okay. *tucking @MarissaH_BDB’s hand back into my arm* Shall we go home?

Marissa: *loving that word* Home. Yes. Let’s go home, @Butch_BDB

Rhage: Finally. I’m starving. @Butch_BDB @MarissaH_BDB @MaryL_BDB *mind scrubbing @FatherKelly_BDB before we leave*

Mary: You’re always starving, @Rhage_BDB. And don’t worry. @Fritzdoggen_BDB said he’d have something for us when we get back.

Butch: *leaning down, quietly speaking into @MarissaH_BDB’s ear* I’m starving too. But not for anything @Fritzdoggen_BDB’s prepared.

Marissa: *turning, meeting @Butch_BDB’s gaze, his intent obvious* Then let’s get home quickly…and get you fed…


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