Christmas Future


Wizard: How’s this one go again? *singing* Deck the halls with boughs of holly…fa la la la la…la la la la… @Phury_BDB

Phury: *yanking a pillow over my head* Seriously? What more could you possibly have to show me? @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: Have you not read your Dickens?  It’s past, present AND future.And I’ve shown you your miserable pasts. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: I showed you the present. The merriment and joy…and the special brand of joy-sucking gloom you add. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: So…that leaves us just one last thing to see: the future. So up and at ’em, mate. Chop, chop. @Phury_BDB

Phury: I’d rather not, thanks. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: You’ve got the Scrooge role down. I’ll give you that. Now come on. @Phury_BDB 

Phury: *Throwing back the covers, standing up* I suppose this is the only way to get you to leave me alone. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: Come on. We can sing one of the carols @BethR_BDB and @MaryL_BDB taught you. @Phury_BDB *heading for the door*

Phury: No. *following @TheWizard_BDB through the door*

Wizard: Fine. Be all Bah Humbug, mate. But I think you’ll like this best of all… @Phury_BDB


Wrath: *Pulling @BethR_BDB onto my lap and pointing to the pile of gifts beside her* Those are for you, leelan.  

Beth: *Laughing as @Wrath_BDB pulls me down, looking over the gifts, my eyes wide* All of these, hellren mine? *grins* 

Wrath: *Handing @BethR_BDB the first one*  I had it made for you. It reminds me of looking into your eyes. 

Beth: *Looking at you for a moment, smiling hearing your words, opening the box* *gasping at the necklace* It’s beautiful. 

Wrath: *Putting the next gift on my leg, bearing all the weight of it*  @BethR_BDB Go on, open it. *smiling* 

Beth: *Arching my brow, the present huge as @Wrath_BDB holds it, unwrapping it quickly* Oh hellren, I love it.

Wrath: *Handing you a small box* @BethR_BDB this goes with it. *whispering* It’s just something to let you know how I feel.

Beth: @Wrath_BDB  *Opening the small box, leaning back against you as I begin to read it, tears falling freely* I love you, hellren mine.

Wrath: *Hugging you close to me, wrapping my arms around you* I love you too, leelan. More than I can ever show.  

Beth: *Whispering into @Wrath_BDB’s ear* You show me everyday with this right here. *places my hand of your heart* 

Wrath: *Kissing you, stroking your hair* As do you, Leelan. @BethR_BDB #BDB

Beth: *Lightly tapping the keys of my typewriter, thinking about your letter, the words on the page going straight to my heart* @Wrath_BDB #BDB


Rhage: *Adding the final details to my snowman, its bare ass facing the Pit, “Rhage”  carved across it’s upper back*

Rhage: @Butch_BDB and @Vishous_BDB better appreciate my hard work on this

Mary: *rounding the corner, tightening down my hat as I approach the Pit, the icy air biting my cheeks* Hey @Rhage_BDB are you ready? 

Mary: *pulling on my gloves, stopping when I see the crude bare ass snowman @Rhage_BDB has built, laughing* Couldn’t help yourself, could you? 

Rhage: *Wrapping @MaryL_BDB’s scarf tighter around her neck, thrilled that she still wears the ones I gave her after all these years*

Rhage: *Smiling innocently* @MaryL_BDB I thought @Butch_BDB and @Vishous_BDB would like to have a visitor outside their door.

Mary:  I’m sure it will make their Christmas very merry @Rhage_BDB. *dear god I hope @MarissaH_BDB or @DocJaneW_BDB do not discover it first* 

Mary: *peeking around @Rhage_BDB, spotting the metal sled disk against the wall, arching a brow* Is that it? Are you sure we will both fit on it? 

Rhage: *Grabbing the sled, setting it down in front of @MaryL_BDB* If you sit on my lap we will both fit just fine

Rhage: @MaryL_BDB I greased the sled with Crisco so it will go even faster. We’ll go flying down the hill. I saw it in a movie once. 

Mary: You saw it in a movie? *snapping my hand up to stop @Rhage_BDB from answering, no doubt it’s pop culture induced* Never mind. 

Mary: *taking a deep breath, heart pounding with excitement, taking @Rhage_BDB’s hand and smiling* Let’s do this!

Rhage: *Taking the sled over to the top of the hill, settling @MaryL_BDB in my lap, arm wrapping around her waist* Ready. Set. Slide!

Rhage: *Pushing off with my feet, tucking them up onto the metal disk, laughing as we go soaring down the hill, no way of steering the sled*

Mary:  *alternating laughs and screams, gripping @Rhage_BDB’s forearms as we race down the hill,eyes wide as we head for a tree,yelling* LEAN LEAN!

Mary: *throwing all my body weight to one side, attempting to alter our path…nothing happens* Lean with me @Rhage_BDB or we’re going to crash!

Rhage: *Leaning too hard to one side, sending us toppling off the sled, the metal disk pinging against the tree, rolling @MaryL_BDB under me*

Rhage: *Looking down at @MaryL_BDB’s shaking frame, laughter rolling through her, pinning her down into the snow* Find that funny do you?

Mary: *swiping stray locks of hair from my face, craning my neck to kiss @Rhage_BDB sweetly, smiling* Very funny. Let’s go again! #BDB

Rhage: *Rising up from the snow, bringing @MaryL_BDB with me, leaning in for another kiss, grinning wide* Race you to the top of the hill! #BDB


Nalla: *waking up realizing what today is, presents day! Dropping down the side of the bed, and running into mahmen and daddy’s room.*

Bella: *Rolling over, wrapping my arm around @Zsadist_BDB’s chest, suddenly feeling the bed bouncing around us.*

Z: *Letting out a groan, pulling @BellaR_BDB’s arms around me, and brushing my lips against her knuckles.*

Nalla: *jumping on the bed* Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Mahmen! Daddy! It’s time for presents! @BellaR_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

Z: *Lifting my head, looking at @Nalla_BDB getting her bounce on and cracking a smile.* I don’t know. You don’t look excited enough.

Bella: *Smiling at @Nalla_BDB’s excitement* @Zsadist_BDB It looks like it’s time to get up. *laughing*

Nalla: *Tugging on @Zsadist_BDB’s hand with all my strength, trying to pull my daddy out of bed* You said if I was a good girl I’d get presents.

Z: *Feeling the sensation of little hands wrapping around my fingers and finally giving into @Nalla_BDB’s tugging and pulling routine.*

Z: *Craning my neck back and giving @BellaR_BDB a quick kiss on the mouth as she slides out of bed.*

Bella: There might be something down stairs, @Nalla_BDB, let’s go. *grinning at @Zsadist_BDB knowing he was up late setting things up*

Z: *Kissing the top of @Nalla_BDB’s head and inhaling her lemon scented innocence.* Go to your mahmen. 

Nalla: *Giggling and racing right past my mahmen and out the door to wake everyone up for presents day!* @BellaR_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

Bella: *Clutching the bottom of my robe, running after @Nalla_BDB* I’m going to get you. *laughing*

Z: *The sounds of my females laughter echoing in the hallway, thinking there is not a better sound in all the world.* #BDB


V: *Walking over to @DocJaneW_BDB, placing a mug of hot chocolate in your hands* I have something for you. 

Jane:  *Eying @Vishous_BDB up and down, seeing a spark of light in your eyes.* You do, do you? I happen to have something for you. 

V: *Sitting down next to you, pulling a wrapped gift out from behind my back* @DocJaneW_BDB A little something to remind you of your first love. 

Jane:  *Smiling at @Vishous_BDB. Grabbing yours from behind the couch.* And something to remind you of one of your greatest loves.

V: *Handing you your gift, waiting for you to open it* I hope you like it. @DocJaneW_BDB

Jane:  *Setting down my mug* Here, Pup *Handing @Vishous_BDB his, gently tearing into mine, excited for you to open yours.*

Jane: *Choked up when I see the cover @Vishous_BDB* V, this is an incredibly rare edition…I just…*meeting your eyes* Thank you. 

V: *Opening mine slowly, excited for @DocJaneW_BDB to have hers. Looking down at mine. Smiling.* I love it. *kissing you* 

Jane:  @Vishous_BDB *Kissing you back before picking up the hot chocolate, cooled to the perfect temperature, leaning into you.* #BDB

V: *Holding it up to @Butch_BDB* Hey check this out, cop *pulling @DocJaneW_BDB in closer* #BDB


Butch: @Vishous_BDB Wicked sweet, V. I’m grabbing that off your shelf once you’re done with it.

Butch: *smiling as I turn to @MarissaH_BDB* I think we’re the picture of domestic bliss making Christmas breakfast for our Pitmates.

Marissa: You know I had to reassure @FritzDoggen_BDB that we weren’t trying to usurp his first meal talents. @Butch_BDB

Marissa: He was very concerned that we wanted to borrow this *pouring some batter into the waffle maker just as the doggen showed me* @Butch_BDB

Butch: *laughing* @MarissaH_BDB I highly doubt we’ll make this a regular thing. I’ll leave the cooking to the master. @FritzDoggen_BDB.

Marissa: *smiling as @Butch_BDB flips the French toast in the pan* I like this. Making first meal for @DocJaneW_BDB and @Vishous_BDB and for us.

Marissa: Although if we don’t save room for the Christmas luncheon @FritzDoggen_BDB is preparing he may never forgive us. @Butch_BDB

Butch: @MarissaH_BDB I’m sure as soon as I see the table @FritzDoggen_BDB has laid out for us, I’ll be hungry again, no matter what.

Marissa: *leaning over, kissing you* And thank you for my newest ornament. *looking at the beautiful in the box on the counter* @Butch_BDB

Marissa: I’ll put it on the tree once we finish making breakfast. *smiling at the smaller tree @Butch_BDB had put up in the Pit this year*

Butch: @MarissaH_BDB I’m glad you love it. It’s hard trying to find ornaments as beautiful as you are for our tree.

Marissa:  Well, I love that we have a collection…and our own tree with white lights to share with @DocJaneW_BDB and @Vishous_BDB.

Marissa: *lifting a golden waffle from the waffle maker, adding it to the growing pile on the platter* One more and then we can eat. @Butch_BDB

Butch: @MarissaH_BDB Perfect timing. The bacon and French toast are just about finished, too.

Marissa: *finishing up the last of the waffles, turning, pulling the syrup from the microwave* Before we eat, I have something for you @Butch_BDB

Marissa: *pulling a wrapped box from out of one of the cabinets, handing it to @Butch_BDB*

Butch: @MarissaH_BDB Something for me? Baby, you know you’re all I need to be happy. *opening the box.*

Butch: *A silver frame is nestled in the tissue paper, a candid shot of @MarissaH_BDB and me under the mistletoe inside* When was this taken?

Marissa: Apparently @BellaR_BDB snapped it of us last Christmas. She said our annual first mistletoe kiss was worth capturing. @Butch_BDB

Marissa: I’ve been waiting all year to give it to you. And…please note there is mistletoe in the ribbon. *smiling expectantly at @Butch_BDB*

Butch: *loves the smile that graces @MarissaH_BDB’s face* Well what do you know? *holds it above our heads* Merry Christmas, baby.#BDB

Marissa: *leaning up on tiptoes* Merry Christmas, nallum. *wrapping my arms around @Butch_BDB’s neck and kissing him fully, smiling against his lips*#BDB


Rehv: *My eyes on the dazzling lights of the tree, but all my focus on the female resting against me* @EhlenaA_BDB

Ehlena: *Smiling as I lean against @Rehvenge_BDB’s chest, my head tucked under his chin* The lights are lovely, aren’t they?

Rehv: *Lowering my gaze to @EhlenaA_BDB, not thinking of the lights at all* Lovely. *Hearing the rapid approach of small feet* Incoming.

Nalla: *Running into the room, yelling* UNCLE PURPLE!!

Ehlena: Incoming indeed. *laughing as @Nalla_BDB comes running in, jumping onto the couch with us* Well, hello there.

Nalla: @EhlenaA_BDB Hi Aunt Ehlena.

Rehv: *Pulling @Nalla_BDB onto my lap next to @EhlenaA_BDB* I bet she thinks I have something for her. Did I forget?

Ehlena: Hmmm. I suppose it’s possible. *grinning* They say the memory starts to go in old age. @Rehvenge_BDB What do you think @Nalla_BDB?

Nalla:  *giggling* @Rehvenge_BDB  You can’t forget me!!

Rehv: *Reaching down, index finger with a mind of its own sliding along the outside of @EhlenaA_BDB’s thigh en route to the pocket of my sable*

Rehv: *pulling free a small blue box containing * @Nalla_BDB I did steal this from an elf for you though. Don’t tell anyone. *grins*

Nalla: *Opening the box* My favorite! Thank you Uncle Purple! @Rehvenge_BDB
*running off to show Mahmen and Daddy*  

Ehlena: *smiling as a beaming @Nalla_BDB takes off again to show anyone and everyone her new bracelet from “Uncle Purple”*

Ehlena: You spoil her well. And she deserves every last bit of it. *wondering for a moment about the possibility of @Rehvenge_BDB’s young…*

Rehv: *Chuckling at the speed of @Nalla_BDB’s departure, knowing that comes from my side* She… *sobers and halts* @EhlenaA_BDB

Rehv: *Turning my gaze on @EhlenaA_BDB as her train of thought and emotion hit me in the face like a rolled newspaper.*

Ehlena: *Shifting my head, seeing a look of shock and possibly abject fear on @Rehvenge_BDB’s face* What is that look for?

Rehv: *My chest feeling as if someone decided to break ground and build on it* @EhlenaA_BDB We were discussing how lovely you are…

Ehlena: *Raising a brow, smiling* Actually we weren’t…we were discussing how wonderfully you spoil the little one. @Rehvenge_BDB

Ehlena: *Realizing @Rehvenge_BDB must have picked up on my thoughts* Something got you nervous? *leaning forward*

Rehv: *Using proper evasive technique for situation, eyes dropping to @EhlenaA_BDB’s lips* No. Just getting hungry.

Ehlena: *Knowing exactly what @Rehvenge_BDB is up to* Oh? Should I get you a sandwich? *certain it’s not pastrami on rye he wants*

Rehv: *Pulling @EhlenaA_BDB over my legs to face me fully. Smiling a darkish smile while neatly placing my order inside her mind…waiting*

Ehlena: *Eyes flaring, body responding automatically to the image @Rehvenge_BDB has planted* Would you like that order for here or to go?

Rehv: *lifting @EhlenaA_BDB and heading where I can take my own sweet time* To go. I’m feeling gluttonous…


JM:  *out on patrol with @Xhex_BDB, too many threats for everyone to take the night off, we had both been happy to volunteer*

Xhex: *glad @John_MatthewBDB was willing to skip the ho ho ho bullshit at the mansion, preferring the promise of violence to celebration*

JM:  *the steely look in @Xhex_BDB’s eyes telling me all I need to know, she needs a kill more than she needs the merry*

Xhex: *watching @John_MatthewBDB stalking the cold streets of Caldie like a predator, hoping we find lessers soon*

Xhex: *always enjoying the show @John_MatthewBDB puts on as much as getting to off the smelly bastards*

JM:  *the stank of powder hitting my nose, turning towards it and heading out at a quicker clip, @Xhex_BDB has my back*

Xhex: *running after @John_MatthewBDB, the smell getting stronger with every footfall, reaching for my dagger*

JM:  *coming upon a lone lesser, not a challenge, deciding to have a little fun with it*

JM:  *catching the lesser’s ankle with the back of my heel, landing him on his back, making eye contact with @Xhex_BDB*

Xhex:  *@John_MatthewBDB’s message clear in the look he gives, smiling as I fall to my knees and put blade to face*

JM:  *watching the fucker wriggle like a snake, kicking him in the ribs a good one, before pinning him at the shoulder with my boot* 

Xhex *starting by his socket, his pale eye filled with anger that quickly turns to panic as my blade slices through the pad of his cheek*

Xhex: *looking up @John_MatthewBDB* You want in on this? *gesturing toward the squirming lesser*

JM:  *shaking my head, grinning and signing to @Xhex_BDB* Merry. Fucking. Christmas. 

Xhex: *signing back @John_MatthewBDB, a habit we’ve gotten into* Thanks. *turning back to the lesser to finish working on my anger issues* #BDB

JM:  *tonight making it clear that both @Xhex_BDB and I are still working out shit from our past* #BDB 

Blay: *Looking in the mirror, fixing my tie, wanting to look my best for @Saxton_BDB, stepping out in the hallway hearing the festivities below.*

Qhuinn: *Walking out of the room and down the hall, spotting @Blaylock_BDB cursing quietly under my breath, considering turning around.* 

Blay: *Nearly running into @Qhuinn_BDB, as I am looking down instead of in front of me.* Hello, @Qhuinn_BDB.

Qhuinn: *Clearing my throat and nods slightly* Blay. @Blaylock_BDB

Blay: Are you heading down to join in all the festivities, @Qhuinn_BDB? *Making small talk to void the awkwardness.*

Qhuinn: *Scratching my fingers over my scalp, looking towards the staircase, avoiding eye contact* Yeah, @Blaylock_BDB, thought I’d check it out. 

Blay: *Noticing the lack of eye contact, and how beautiful his face is without all of the piercings, but his features have hardened.*

Blay: I am heading out, I won’t be gone too long if you– *quickly correcting myself* or anyone needs me. #BDB

Qhuinn: *Nods again, not feeling the small talk, raising my hand to clap @Blaylock_BDB on the back like old times, dropping my hand* 

Qhuinn: *Muttering an incoherent response before walking past @Blaylock_BDB, heading down the staircase and into the crowd gathered.* #BDB


Manny: *Parking in the lot next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, smiling over at @Payne_BDB* Thank you for coming with me to Mass, Bambina.

Payne: *sitting perfectly still, peering out the window at this…church as @DrMannyM_BDB called it* Your deity resides herein?

Manny: *Frowning slightly* @Payne_BDB not exactly, no. This is where we come to speak to and celebrate our God. Deity if you will. 

Payne: Are we to enter freely? Or does your…God require permission to enter, Manuel? *curious, looking at @DrMannyM_BDB* 

Manny: *Opening the door for @Payne_BDB, taking her hand as we approach the entrance to the church* We enter freely. It is open to everyone.

Payne: *walking through the heavy ornate doors, @DrMannyM_BDB’s hand a steady I do not need, yet love to feel* 

Payne: Are you sure I should not have… *fidgeting with the loose ends of my hair, thinking to what @Scribe_Virgin required* 

Manny: *Smoothing @Payne_BDB’s long black hair away from her shoulders* You look beautiful, Bambina. I’ll have to keep a close eye on you tonight.

Payne: *looking over at @DrMannyM_BDB, smiling, prepared to honor him and his deity as proper* I am ready, Manuel. 

Manny: *Pulling my jacket closed over my hips, reminding myself of where I am, shaking away the thoughts @Payne_BDB’s words bring to mind* 

Manny: @Payne_BDB I would like to light a candle and say a prayer of good health for my mother before we find a seat

Payne:  *respectful, lowering my head at @DrMannyM_BDB…eyes following suit* Of course. Do as you must. 

Payne: *@DrMannyM_BDB’s practices are so different, his God does not require permission or robes, watching him intently* 

Manny: *Rising from saying my prayers, taking in the curious look on @Payne_BDB’s face* What is it?

Payne: You worship freely @DrMannyM_BDB. *shaking my head* Tis different than what I am accustomed. 

Payne: Is your… *feeling a flash of anger inside of me, memories of my mahmen cutting me* Never mind @DrMannyM_BDB

Payne: *desire to inquire of @DrMannyM_BDB if his God is cruel…punishing as my mahmen, choking back, I wish not to offend* #BDB 

Manny: *Taking @Payne_BDB’s hand in mine once more* Let me show you my way of worship tonight and you can tell and show me yours later. 

Manny: And, Bambina? *voice dropping*  When we get home I plan to show you how I worship things of great beauty  #BDB


Lassiter: *Slouching into the couch* @Tohrment_BDB Good thing I age well. Waiting for a thank you would bore me to death.

Tohr: @Lassiter_BDB Thank you? For what? Endless Mary Tyler Moore marathons? Oprah all damn day?

Lassiter: @Tohrment_BDB. Hey, Oprah has a golden heart. And I was referring to the saving of your flat ass.

Tohr: @Lassiter_BDB And you would be the one to know gold. And my ass is not flat.  *Thinking about @JohnMatthew_BDB*

Tohr:  I am glad you saved me, @Lassiter_BDB. You brought me home to my son. So thank you for that.*hating admitting I am grateful to you* 

No’One:  *Observing the scene before me from the obscurity of a corner. My presence not right in this place*

Lassiter: *Knowing eyes taking in everything before turning them back to the TV* @Tohrment_BDB Save it. 

No’One:  *My decision to come here was to serve the sister @Payne_BDB, unsure of whether or not it was now the correct one.* 

Lassiter: @Tohrment_BDB I was just jacking with you. Seeing if you’d spill it. I win. I always win. *smug*

No’One:  *Surely if I were to leave, there would not even be a ripple to the happiness this house now holds.*

Tohr: @Lassiter_BDB *Throwing a remote at you* Why don’t you you go glow somewhere else. I hear Egypt is nice.*Walking out of the room* #BDB

Lassiter: *Catching the remote unseen, calling out to @Tohrment_BDB* Been there. Too hot for commando, if you know what I mean. #BDB

No’One:  *To see my daughter, @Xhex_BDB, healthy and mated before my eyes the gem of happiness I shall hold to should I return to my sanctuary* #BDB


Phury:  *Materializing near the side of the house, glancing towards the brightly lit windows, smoke puffing from a chimney*

Phury:  *Staring for a long time at the large house, the snow beginning to fall from a cloudy sky*

Phury:  *Taking heavy steps up onto the deck, moving over to an adirondack chair, almost collapsing into it*

Cormia:  *Hearing @Phury_BDB out on the deck, leaving my sisters at the piano for a moment to check on him.*

Cormia:  *Opening the door to the deck, taking a step out into the cold December air, wrapping my arms around myself for warmth.*

Phury:  *Hating that I had to go to a meeting tonight. Especially hating how packed the place was.*

Cormia:  *The distant, vacant look on his face is one I’ve grown familiar with, yet it still breaks my heart whenever I see it.*

Phury:  *Apparently this human holiday we’ve come to celebrate takes a toll on all addicts — human and vampire alike.*

Cormia:  *He needs his space after meetings sometimes, and as much as it pains me to do so, I give @Phury_BDB as much time as he needs.*

Phury:   *I’m uncomfortable, almost twitchy inside my skin even though I’m perfectly still. Can’t stand everything in my head.*

Cormia:  *Needing him to know I’m here when he’s ready for me, walking silently across the distance that separates us.*

Phury:  *Closing my eyes briefly, taking a deep breath, smelling the scent of @CormiaC_BDB among the snowflakes*

Cormia:  *Running one hand affectionately through @Phury_BDB’s hair, placing the other on his shoulder, squeezing reassuringly.*

Phury:  *Looking up at my shellan, trying to find the strength to say something to her but failing*

Phury:   *Forcing a pathetic attempt at a smile to my face, knowing @CormiaC_BDB understands that I’m not okay in this moment.*

Cormia:   *Returning @Phury_BDB’s sad smile before turning to return to the house, giving my hellren what he needs.*

Phury:  *Watching @CormiaC_BDB go, wordlessly, then turning back, staring out at the snow*

Cormia:  *Heading upstairs to our bedroom, knowing that after @Phury_BDB gets out of his head, the place he’ll want to be most is in my arms.* #BDB

Phury:   *Leaning forward, bracing my head in my hands, fighting a wave of shame mixed with an aching need*

Phury:   *The silence necessary right now. The snow almost welcome. At least feeling it on my skin is a reminder I’m still alive. #BDB*


Wizard: *abruptly steering @Phury_BDB back to his room* Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?

Phury: Where was that? I don’t recognize that place. And who-who was that? @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: That was you, mate. Alone. Shocker, right? @Phury_BDB

Phury: *shaking my head* But who was that female? @TheWizard_BDB 

Wizard: Does it really matter? Did you miss the part where she was walking AWAY from you? @Phury_BDB

Wizard:  Clearly the female cared about you on some level. And you couldn’t even be bothered to talk to her. @Phury_BDB

Wizard:  I knew you didn’t really have a special way with the ladies, but that was harsh, mate. Even for you. @Phury_BDB

Phury: Is this real? Was that real? I mean…is that someone I’m going to know? @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: If it is real, looks like you do what only the cursed twin can do best: hurt people. She’ll probably regret ever knowing you. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *Sinking down slowly onto the edge of my bed* 

Wizard: All of the others – your brothers, their shellans, their young: they all have happy futures in front of them. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: Not you. As I told you before: for Scrooge there was redemption. But for you there will be none. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: You are alone. You have always been alone. Even in a house full of people. You’re alone, mate. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: And you always will be. So sleep well. And Merry Christmas. Take comfort in this: you’ll always have me. @Phury_BDB #BDB

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