Christmas Past


Wizard: Wake up, mate. Things to do…people to see…sunshine to spread. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *Opening my eyes, seeing the @Wizard_BDB standing at the end of my bed*

Wizard: That’s right, Princess. Time to get up. I haven’t got all day to wait on you. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *Sitting up slowly, my hand flying to my face, realizing my eye is completely healed.* I’m either dead or dreaming. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: Not dreaming. And unfortunately for everyone around you, not dead either. But come on, step lively. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *Getting out of the bed, looking down, seeing myself in pajama pants* Step lively? @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: Yes. Much to do…not a lot of time. @Phury_BDB *heading for the door, reaching for the handle*

Phury: Not a lot of time for what? @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: *Stopping, speaking impatiently* You know how you always think those around you would be better off without you?

Phury: *saying nothing*

Wizard: Oh, come on, mate. You know you think it. Often. And now you get to find out if you’re right. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *shaking my head* I’m dreaming. I must be dreaming. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: No. Not dreaming. But right now your Brothers and their shellans are preparing to celebrate the human holiday, Christmas.@Phury_BDB

Wizard: And I want to show you what Decembers past, present, and future look like for you and your brethren. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: As it turns out…they really are better off without you…@Phury_BDB

Phury: Are you kidding me? I’m the Ebeneezer Scrooge to your Ghost of Christmas Past? @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: Oh, no. For Scrooge, there was redemption. There will be none for you. Now come on. I’ve got things to show you. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: *Turning the handle, stepping through the door*

Phury: *Following behind @TheWizard_BDB…for lack of any other option, stepping through the door into a dark room* Where are we?


Beth: *Walking out of Caldwell Courier Journal, making my way down the sidewalk seeing the streets still crowded with last minute shoppers.*

Darius:  *patrolling near a building I’m intent on protecting, catching site of her, @BethR_BDB, speaking under my breath* Daughter mine.

Beth: *The streetlight flashing green at the crosswalk, the Chinese take out place right up the street, pulling my coat tighter around me.*

Darius: *distracted by the site of her, taking a hit in the chest, feeling the bullet nick my sternum.  My breath knocked out of me, falling back*

Beth: *Moving over quickly as a pedestrian bumps me, wrapping my arms around hugging myself, the bitter New York cold biting extra hard tonight.*

Wrath: *Dematerializing to the alley. Seeing @DariusBDB as he is hit. Watching as he falls to the ground.*

Beth:  *Passing the alley, looking straight ahead as my feet carry me quickly, never once taking my eyes off the street.*

Darius:  *Time moving slow, blood pumping lethargically through my veins, the Fade on the edge of my mind, wanting to see @BethR_BDB safe*

Beth: *For a brief moment, the feeling of something…not sure what tugging at my chest, shaking it off, opening the door to the take out place.*

Wrath: *Rushing over, snapping the lessers neck before he even knows I am there. Stabbing him back to his maker*

Beth: *Paying for my food and heading home, knowing @BOO_BDB is waiting for me, digging into my purse for my keys before unlocking the door.*

Wrath: *The adrenaline pumping through my veins driving me. The rush of  fighting the only high I ever need*

Beth: *Digging into my purse for my keys, unlocking the door, smiles when @BOO_BDB jumps from the couch to greet me* Beef with Broccoli, Boo.

Wrath: *Falling to my knees next to @DariusBDB* My brother, how bad is it?  *Pulling your jacket back to look at the wound*

Beth: *Tucking a lock of hair behind my ear, grabbing a Sam Adams from the fridge and the take out carton, heading to the couch.*

Darius:  *Wheezing out the words, @Wrath_BDB’s image above me out of focus* Near..the…heart.

Beth: *Curling up with @BOO_BDB, giving him a bite of my food, turning on the mini Christmas tree beside me* Merry Christmas, Boo. #BDB

Wrath: *Pressing my jacket to slow the bleeding* @DariusBDB don’t worry my brother. l will get you taken care of.

Darius: *Comforted by @Wrath_BDB’s presence, losing the fight to keep conscious, hoping this is not my time to go unto the Fade* #BDB

Wrath: *Picking @DariusBDB up, carrying him home to heal. Determined to keep him alive* #BDB


Phury: @TheWizard_BDB I don’t understand. Why are you showing me @BethR_BDB, @Wrath_BDB and @DariusBDB?

Wizard: If you’d shut up and keep watching, mate, maybe you’d understand…then again, maybe not…


Mary: *driving as fast as I can* Get home Mary…just get home. *choking as I gulp down air, desperate to stave off the rank panic setting in*

Rhage: *Sitting alone in the vinyl covered booth, the smell of sweat, lust and booze filling the air around me, bodies gyrating on the dance floor*

Mary: *knuckles bone white with tension…gripping the steering wheel as I pull into the driveway, where does my life go from here, I’m all alone*

Rhage: *My own body strung tight with tension, itching for a release but no fights to be found. Leaving me with only one option*

Mary: *hastily grabbing my purse and the damn medical pamphlets, cancer, never imagined it would be that, never imagined the end could be so soon*

Rhage: *Letting my eyes scan the club, looking for the first female I’ll take tonight, one that only sees what I can offer, not who I am*

Mary: *my heart tightening in my chest, bumping to close the car door, crying out a bit as the edge catches my hair…ripping out several strands*

Rhage: *Who I am: A warrior. A Beast.  A Fighter.  A sexual legend.  What I am: Lonely. Longing. Disgusted.*

Mary: *shifting everything to one arm, trembling as I move a hand though my hair, fingers raking through loose strands*

Rhage: *What I wouldn’t give for one good female. A female to take as my shellan, have young with, build a life together*

Mary: *pulling out what the car door didn’t take and letting it fall to the ground, the cancer and its treatments will soon take the rest*

Rhage: *Feeling the coiling and uncoiling along my spine, the ever present reminder that those things can never be for me*

Mary: *walking inside, every word the doctor told me now pounding in my head, sick…harsh…likely infertile by the end, and that’s if I survive*

Rhage: *Catching the eye of the blonde at the bar as she finishes her perusal of me, her stare lingering in all the wrong places*

Mary: *my purse and pamphlets suddenly weighing more, arms giving way, seconds crawling like long minutes as it all falls to the floor…scattering*

Rhage: *Flicking my gaze to the exits, heart and mind screaming at me to leave but biology ensuring that I stay*

Mary: *lurching, collapsing on hands and knees, the sobs hard…loud as they break the silence, tears spattering the rug beneath my clawed fingers*

Rhage: *Plastering a fake smile on my face as I approach the female, nearly gagging on the smell of cheap perfume, leading her to a dark corner*

Rhage: *Skin crawling with each step I take, knowing there is no end in sight. This is my life. No escaping it now*

Mary: NO NO NO *yelling in vain for all I’ve already lost, even more for what I have never had or will have,a full life never to be realized* #BDB

Rhage: *Flashing another false smile at the warm body, lying to myself even as I promise her the truth* We’re going to have a real good time #BDB


Wizard: *holding up a hand, cutting @Phury_BDB’s question off* Just keep watching…


Bella: *Watching @Madalina_BDB gaze at the snow fall, wishing I was watching the snow fall from my own home, not waiting here for @Rehvenge_BDB.*

Z: *Stalking the streets alone, despite @Phury_BDB wanting to be chained to my goddamn side. Lips curling, yeah, like I need a fucking baby sitter.*

Bella: *I could do whatever I want in my own home, not have to be so proper as I do with @Madalina_BDB and @Rehvenge_BDB*

Z: *Dropping back into the shadows, black glittering gaze piercing the darkness. Hungry, eager for a kill.*

Bella: *I love my brother, but @Rehvenge_BDB can be so stubborn and controlling, but of course he is bringing gifts.*

Rehvenge: *Walking slowly, needing time to bury my more malevolent instincts beneath the genuine love and respect for @Madalina_BDB and @BellaR_BDB*

Z: *Hands curling into fists at my sides, ready to maim. Fangs beginning to punch into my upper lip, ready to to tear a lesser apart.*

Bella: *@Rehvenge_BDB insists on bringing gifts to celebrate the current human holiday, even though I am not allowed to interact with them.*

Z: *Lifting my nose in the air and sniffing, praying for that sweet stench of our enemies. But only picking up the scents of humans.*

Bella: *The small packages @Rehvenge_BDB carries no doubt contain the finest Tiffany’s sells, but a girl can only have so many diamonds.*

Z: *Dropping further into the darkness, my back hitting the brick wall behind me. Tracking a family walking by.*

Bella: *When I finally get out on my own I am going to live near human neighbors, and sit outside under the moon light while it snows.*

Rehvenge: *Hand tightening on the small gifts in my palm, arrested on entry by the feelings saturating the room. Sadness, regret, love…*

Z: *Cracking a dark laugh to myself. Yeah, forget about that shit. No one will ever want your scarred, fucked up ass in that way.*

Rehvenge: *And if I am not mistaken…and it is hard to fool something such as me…there is a sense of burgeoning rebellion in the air*

Bella: Hello, @Rehvenge_BDB *reaching up to hug him around the neck, no matter how much I want out, he is still my brother and I love him.* #BDB

Z: *Suddenly, picking up the scent of sticky sweet in the opposite direction. Waiting for the family to pass by and taking off to do what I do best. Kill.* #BDB


Phury: Why are you showing me this? To what end? @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: You’re obviously not clear on how this works, mate. *Grabbing @Phury_BDB’s shoulders, turning him* Now watch…


Butch: *Leaning down, snorting the line of coke off a mirror, as sounds of a party blur into the background.*

Marissa: *Watching my brother make his way up the stairs, slowly, knowing he will sleep in a guest room again tonight, as he has for months now*

Marissa: *He has been a shell of the male I know since his shellan and their young died in childbirth*

Butch: *The drug hitting my system, making me feel invincible, strong enough to save the world ten times over. Superman ain’t got shit on me.*

Marissa: *The home I share with them was a warm place to spend the days and weeks in between @Wrath_BDB’s summons*

Marissa: *But now the only warmth comes from flames in the many fireplaces, set to counter the early winter darkness*

Butch: *Hearing someone knock, needing the bathroom, wanting to delay rejoining the festivities. This has never been a happy time of year for me.*

Marissa: *My brother moving through his nights in the clinic in a somber, numb state…*

Marissa: *Hoping for a summons from @Wrath_BDB, knowing it won’t come any time soon…his need for my blood is rare*

Butch: *First, it was my brothers and sisters getting more gifts and attention than me. And then all joy stopped in the house.*

Marissa: *His need for me…seems to be nonexistent really…and yet I wait, hoping…because this solitude is deafening in its silence*

Butch: *Leaving the bathroom, making a bee-line for the Scotch* Merry Fucking Christmas #BDB

Marissa: *A prison…the bars made of my brother’s mourning and @Wrath_BDB’s desire for anything but me…so I wait…and hope…*#BDB


Phury: But everyone seems miserable. This is awful. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: Now you’re starting to get it… @Phury_BDB


V: *Walking along the streets of whatever town I am in. The pain of what was done to me at  camp is still with me.*

Jane: *Nausea hitting as I head down the stairs. Christmas morning without @Hannah_BDB more like a wake than a holiday.*

V: *The fact that the deed was done by mine own father just adding to the sting. My body is tired, hurt, and I have not fed in weeks*

Jane:  *There’s no laughter, no anxiousness – nothing but the stoic faces of my parents.  My mother a mere shell with a painted face.*

V: *My stomach growling. My body grows weaker each day. I will have to find someone to feed from. And soon.*

Jane:  *Smooth. Everything still smooth. Hiding the torment that rages beneath the surface. All that they lost in my little sister @Hannah_BDB.*

V: *I have no way of knowing where to find others of my kind, much less someone to feed from. The camp is all I have ever known*

Jane:  *But mother and father forget, I lost her too.  My ray of sunshine, my @Hannah_BDB.*

V: *Wondering why my body has done such awful things. The glowing, the visions. All are like a death sentence to me.*

Jane:  *Tears breaking the threshold as I hit the last step. Anger intertwining with the sadness. Pissed the stupid Ouija board was right.*

V: *Forever making me a freak that will always stand out. Making those who see me shun me*

Jane:  *The black hole left by @Hannah_BDB sucking me into its vortex. Nothing will ever hold the same light without her.* #BDB

V: *I will always be alone. Different from everyone else. A motherless freak. Alone.* #BDB


Wizard: Ah, yes…I think you’ll enjoy this one in particular. So full of optimism…@Phury_BDB


Phury: *Walking absently through the family “home” for the final time. No need to take anything with me. No knick knacks with fond memories.*

Cormia:*Wandering the empty sanctuary, still not completely understanding what has occurred in this sacred place.*

Phury: *Father’s funeral had been small. And now the house can be sold. The doggen will find new employment.*

Phury: *And I’ll return to my search…I have to believe that my twin is still out there somewhere…regardless of all the false leads*

Cormia:*A raid of greedy males grabbing Chosen, stealing anything they determined to be of worth.*

Phury: *I’ll use the money from the sale of the property to keep searching.*

Cormia: *My sisters are all mourning and scared themselves, no one will stop and answer my questions, allay my fears.*

Phury: *With winter here, the nights are longer…so I’ll have more time to follow any new leads.*

Cormia:*Will they come back to take more of my sisters?  So much loss in only a few moments. So much pain.*

Phury: *Because surely, this lonely, absent existence of mine cannot be all there is for me…*

Cormia:*Returning to my quarters to meditate on the events as the @ Directrix_BDB mandated with more questions than ever.* #BDB

Phury: *I will find my twin…right the wrong…and things will be…better. When I find my missing half, things will be better…*

Phury: *They have to be…* #BDB


Phury: I’ve seen enough. Stop. I don’t want to see anymore. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: Sorry, mate. No can do. There’s more to see… @Phury_BDB


Ehlena: *Standing outside, the snow falling in wet, dark clumps, landing in my hair and on my face, merging with my tears.*

Rehv: *Lining the stacks of green up by the location that they will be fed to. Miami. Connecticut. Manhattan*

Ehlena: *Waiting for @DrHavers_BDB to arrive to attend to the body – oh dear Virgin – the body of my mother*

Rehv: *The last one…that is for something besides our little import/export business.*

Ehlena: *Father had sent me outside to wait. Would not let me see her. It must be a laudanum overdose. Because of me…*

Ehlena: *My former fiance had turned our mutual decision to end things around on me…creating a
scandal which led to this*

Ehlena: *My throat tightening as a sob fights to escape, the burden of one more family scandal clearly too much for mother to bear*

Rehv: *Pure red rubies. Nothing pure about what comes with them.*

Ehlena: Oh, god… *seeing the lights of an ambulance turn the corner to our street…this is real…she is truly gone*

Rehv: *Settling into the chair as the snow falls outside. Dirty deeds never really came cheap.*

Ehlena: *Wiping the tears from my face as the ambulance stops in front of our small home, watching numbly as the doors open*

Ehlena: *The cold air almost welcome…at least it gives me an excuse for the fact that I cannot feel any of my limbs in this moment* #BDB


Wizard: This is better than the movies. Oscar-worthy stuff. @Phury_BDB


JM: *busing dishes, saddened by the waste on the plates, thinking of how the kids at Our Lady’s orphanage could eat for a week*

X: *sitting in the cabin, blades laid out in front of me according to size, steel glinting from the overhead light*

JM: *eyeing the whole pies that are about to be tossed in the trash because they aren’t fresh enough for the customers any more*

X: *picking up the largest blade, running it over the first stone, beginning to hone the edge*

JM:  *putting the dirty dishes down and grabbing the two pies, the manager coming up and asking what the hell I am doing, tightening my grip*

X: *watching metal against rock, flecks of stone flying as I quickly swipe the dagger’s edge back and forth, back and forth*

JM:  *his voice sharp and cutting, “you want those, you gonna have to pay for them kid.” Nodding back at him, thinking of the kids, the nuns*

X: *caring for my weapons in a way reserved only for the tools of my trade, knowing if they go to shit, it all does*

JM:  *dropping the pies in boxes, tucking them under the counter and finishing my work as fast as possible*

X: *pushing away thoughts of how bad shit has been in the past, determined that it won’t ever be again*

JM: *shrugging on my sweatshirt, heading off with the pies to Our Lady’s*

X: *the first blade done, picking up the next, repeating the motion, the whole night to kill, needing the monotony*

JM:  *thinking on my way home I’ll stop by the phone booth to see if @MaryL_BDB is working the call center, finding the chances highly likely*

X: *anything to keep the demons at bay* #BDB

JM:  *whistling as I head off in the darkness, a rare moment of contentment* #BDB


Blay: *Walking into the kitchen, smiling at the doggen as they unpack the groceries they just arrived home with.*

Blay: *The doggen telling me the box on the counter was requested for me from my parents, thanking them, taking the box to my room.*

Blay: *Sitting on my bed, using all my might to open the sealed package, realizing what I hold in my lap, it’s a video game system.*

Blay: *My parents must have over heard me and @Qhuinn_BDB talking about wanting one, and we all know @Qhuinn_BDB’s parents wont get him one.*

Blay: *Wanting to get @Qhuinn_BDB over here ASAP to help me set this up and play the game in this box, duck hunt.*

Blay: *Running to the hallway, picking up our family phone, calling @Qhuinn_BDB, hoping him or a doggen answer and not his father.* #BDB

Q: *Getting the call from @Blaylock_BDB quickly getting changed, and running out to the garage awaiting the doggen.*

Q: *Grinning from ear to ear when the elderly man walks out and opens my door, jumping into the backseat, smoothing my hands on my pants.*

Q: *A nintendo, wow, this is going to be so much better than that junk Atari sitting in my room.*

Q: *Watching the scenery as we drive the distance to @Blaylock_BDB’s house, remembering the commercials we’d seen.*

Q: * I couldn’t wait to get a hold of that gun, I was dying to try out Duck Hunt.*

Q: *Thanking the doggen when we arrive at @Blaylock_BDB’s curbside, dashing through the door and up the stairs, hollering ahead* Blay! I’m here!#BDB


Wizard: We’re almost done here. Some more misery to enjoy. You don’t want to miss it. @Phury_BDB

Phury: Somehow I think I do. @TheWizard_BDB


Bloodletter: *Mouth curving into a vicious smile, spurring my steed onward and breaking away from my men, eager for the fruits of the village.*

Xcor: *Giving my stallion his head, galloping after mine enemies, my fangs bared in sweet anticipation of working the scythe’s curved blade.*

Throe: *Giving a bellow of rage and violent bliss, riding hard to the right of the others. Sword readied to cleave our enemies as they scatter.*

Zypher:  *riding hard, bringing up the rear of the group, letting out a celebratory whoop in anticipation of the kill*

Payne: *unmoving as @BloodLetter_BDB, @Xcor_BDB , @Throe_BDB and @Zypher_BDB fly past, high upon their steeds*

Manny: *Sitting beside the Christmas tree, ripping into my next present from my mom: a toy doctor’s kit*

Payne: *the dark edge of the forest concealing my presence this fridgid night, chills peppering my skin as the wind swirls beneath my robes*

Manny: *Eyes wide with excitement, tearing open the box, pulling out the heart thumping thing, slinging it around my neck* This is so cool, mom!

Payne: *eyes narrowing, assessing the Bastards as they charge into the village, tracking @BloodLetter_BDB and his Bastards has been quite the task*

Manny: *Taking out the tongue pusher and needles, snipping the scissors in the air* I’m gonna fix people when I grow up. Make them all better

Payne: *but the prize of revenge for mine twin is ever the driving force, I shall be patient, tis’ unwise to attack whilst surround by his men*

Manny: *Mom has a funny look on her face, she looks sad, hearing her mutter something about being just like my father*

Payne: *images of what was brought upon @Vishous_BDB by our father, clear unto me now in mine own mind as in the seeing bowls on the other side*

Manny: *My father*

Payne: *growling, eyes flashing with disgust and undiluted hatred, @BloodLetter_BDB had been unmerciful in his acts*

Manny: *Wondering where he is. Why isn’t he here with us? He should be with his family today*

Payne: *fanning out my robes, mocking…bowing low as  Chosen do, a cruel smile filled with malice playing on my lips, speaking unto the night*

Manny: *Opening my mouth to ask mom where he is, stopping when she pulls another gift from under the tree for me*

Payne:  I shall extend unto you the same courtesy @BloodLetter_BDB. Mercy that you did not foster for @Vishous_BDB will be denied by my hands.

Manny: *Thoughts of my father rushing to the back of my mind, shredding the wrapping on my next gift* Candyland! Mom, can we play?

Payne: *the Bastards upon their stallions approach again, my heart pounding ever faster with the beat of the hooves thundering, I am ready…*

Manny: *Bouncing with excitement when she says yes. This is the best Christmas ever!* #BDB

Payne: *muscles coiling tight with anticipation…fangs elongating, a snake preparing to strike with a deadly venomous blow*

Payne:  Tis’ all I need @BloodLetter_BDB  is for you to be separated from your  pack. For it is this night death has found you. #BDB


Tohr: *Walking in the living room. The feeling that something is off hit me as soon as I walked into the house* Wellsie_BDB?

Wellsie: *Calling out* @Torhment_BDB In here. Hurry. *The need a burning desire filling me* I need you.

Tohr: *Then it hits me. The scent. The electricity in the air. Her needing.* @Wellsie_BDB I am coming. *Pulls off clothes, rushing into the bedroom*

Wellsie: *Laying on the bed, ready for you* @Torhment_BDB I need you,  hellren mine.

Tohr:  *And I am more than ready to give @Wellsie_BDB everything she needs. For as long as it takes. A smile on my lips*

Tohr: *Fulfilling every need my @Wellsie_BDB needs. Unaware that this needing will result in her becoming pregnant with young*

Wellsie: *Using @Torhment_BDB until my body is satisfied. And loving every minute of it. Knowing I am the lucky one.*#BDB

Tohr: *All I know is that I am where I am meant to be. With the female I will spend my life making love to. I love you @Wellsie_BDB #BDB


Phury: *Finding myself suddenly back in my bedroom, @TheWizard_BDB fluffing my pillows for me*
Wizard: Hop in, mate. Get a little shut eye. You’re going to need it. I’ve got so much more to show you. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *shaking my head, climbing into bed* No. I’d rather not. @TheWizardard_BDB

Wizard: No matter. There’s more to see. And you will see it all. @Phury_BDB

Phury: I don’t even know who some of those people were. What is the point of all this? @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: You don’t know some of them now…but you will. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: And you’re pathetic excuse for a life will darken their lives. Just as you’ve darkened every door up till now.

Wizard: Now sleep. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *trying to argue, but unable to keep my eyes open a moment longer* #BDB #Flashback


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