Christmas Present



Wizard: Rise and shine, mate. You’ve slept long enough. Should be all refreshed and ready to go. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *Cracking an eye open, then reaching for the pillow, covering my head* Go away. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: You’re not happy to see me? I’m wounded. Deeply wounded. @Phury_BDB

Phury: Whatever head game you’re playing, I’m not interested. Leave me alone. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: Sorry. This is important. Must-See TV. Your brothers are currently planning something for their shellans. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: And, in typical fashion, you’re missing it. Because like a right sodding bastard, you’ve fucked up. Again. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: Out cold while Christmas merriment is afoot. You should see how happy they all are without you. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *dryly* Why, yes. That does sound fantastic. I cannot imagine why I’m not jumping up, raring to go. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: I’m not leaving. I’ve got all of eternity. You? Not so much. Now get up. @Phury_BDB

Phury: If I get up and go see whatever this is, will you leave me alone? @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: Eventually. Maybe. Probably not. No. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *Sitting up, glaring at @TheWizard_BDB* Fine. *Getting out of bed, walking towards the door* Let’s get this over with.

Wizard: *Clapping* That’s the spirit, mate. Time to see what your Brothers are up to while you sleep. *opening the door*

Wrath: *Sitting at my desk, waiting for the last one in to shut the door.* My brothers, I called you here to help me with something.

Z: *strolling in and shutting the door behind me. Scrubbing my skull trim while taking my normal spot in the corner.* @Wrath_BDB

Wrath: *Looking at each one of the males in the room* As you know @BethR_BDB loves the upcoming holiday.

Wrath:  So I want to surprise her with a Christmas tree. I want us to go out and find the biggest tree we can find.

Wrath: And bring it home for the females to decorate. It will please your Queen and I am sure the other shellans as well.

Wrath: *Looking over at @John_MatthewBDB* It would make your sister very happy if you would join us in this.

JM:  *nodding at @Wrath_BDB, ready to do my part, thankful for a distraction*

Wrath: This is an important holiday for them and I would like to honor that for them.

Rhage: *Grinning slowly* @MaryL_BDB really liked the little tree I got for her last year. And I really liked the way she reacted to it.

Rhage: I think @Butch_BDB and I can handle picking out the best one there is to be had. Don’t you agree, cop?

Butch: @Rhage_BDB I’d like to think as a practicing Catholic, I’m highly qualified to pick out the perfect Christmas tree.

Z: *nodding @Wrath_BDB* I’m down. Be something to take @BellaR_BDB’s mind off… *clearing throat* Shit, yeah.

Wrath:  Good. I‘ve already spoken to @FritzDoggen_BDB and he has everything we need prepared for our return.

Wrath: I think we can find what we need here *pointing to a map* Shall we? *Looks around at all the nods then dematerialzing*

Fritz:  *serving @BethR_BDB @MaryL_BDB @BellaR_BDB and @MarissaH_BDB hot chocolate and cider at their preference*

Fritz:  *hoping the ladies of the house do not inquire to why I have them assembled, Master @Wrath_BDB wishes this to be a surprise*

Wrath: *Arriving in the middle of two giant trees. Looking around for the one that will put a smile on @BethR_BDB’s face*

Rhage: *Taking off in one direction, looking for the biggest tree around* Only the best for my @MaryL_BDB

Butch: *Showing up at the field, knowing my Brothers have already had a head start in the search, humming “O Christmas Tree.”*

Rhage: *Hearing the sound of a car ticking followed by the sounds of singing* @Butch_BDB must be here

Z: *Sticking my head out around a tree and cocking a brow @Butch_BDB humming up a tune before taking off into the woods.*

JM:  *trailing @Zsadist_BDB out of habit, wondering if this will serve as our normal walk*

Butch: *Grabbing the chain saw out of the back of the Escalade, prepared to slice and dice the nicest tree around.*

JM:  *Shit. The chainsaw @Butch_BDB grabs is probably as tall as me*

Butch: *Making my way through the pitch black with ease, noticing how much easier this is with vampire vision*

Wrath: *Cursing my shitty vision, having to rely on what the others say is the fullest, best tree*

Rhage: *Yelling out* My brothers? I think I found the one over here. Someone bring me a chainsaw.

Butch: @Rhage_BDB I’m coming, I’m coming. But help me out a little. Marco?

Rhage: *laughing, yelling* @Butch_BDB POLO

Butch: *Making my way towards @Rhage_BDB’s voice, ducking under low branches, finally finding Hollywood*

Butch: Damn, @Rhage_BDB, that’s as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen. *revs the chainsaw* Now step back, I’d hate for you to lose a limb.

Rhage: @Butch_BDB I found it. I’m cutting it down. Hand over the chainsaw. Now.

Butch: @Rhage_BDB Have you ever used one of these things before? It’s a fine tuned piece of equipment, best left to experienced hands. Like mine.

Rhage: @Butch_BDB If I wanted the tree sucked down, you’d be the first one I asked. I can handle a simple chainsaw.

Butch: @Rhage_BDB This is supposed to be for the females from all of us; you found it, I chop it down. Makes perfect sense. Now get back.

Rhage: *Giving @Butch_BDB a knowing look* I see. You want to prove to @MarissaH_BDB that you’re a big, strong, manly man. Go ahead. Cut it down.

Z: *Crossing my arms over my chest, and growing impatient, wanting to get back to @BellaR_BDB* For fuck’s sake.

Rhage: @Butch_BDB make sure you yell “timber”. I want to hear it echo out here.

Wrath: *Listening to the fighting over the chainsaw* Too bad @Vishous_BDB isn’t here. He could just use the hand.

Butch: *shoots @Rhage_BDB a look* I proved how much of a manly man I was before we left, feel me? *smirks as I rev the chainsaw again*

Rhage: *shaking my head*

Butch: *Lifts the chainsaw, getting closer to the trunk, shouting out to appease Hollywood* TIMBER

Butch: *Holds the saw steady as woodchips start flying, cutting away from us to avoid having the tree fall our way.*

Rhage: *Picking up the fallen tree, hefting it back towards the Escalade*

Wrath: *Arriving at the mansion, taking the tree from the roof.* @Rhage_BDB you grab that end, I got this end.

Rhage: *Grabbing the heavier end of the tree, pulling it down from the roof of the car* Got it, @Wrath_BDB. Now clear a path, people.

JM:  *getting the hell out of the way*

Z: *jogging across the courtyard, and popping the front door open for @Rhage_BDB @Wrath_BDB.*

Beth: *Glancing up and seeing @Wrath_BDB walk in, a smile spreading across my lips at the sight of the Christmas tree.*

Mary: *smiling big, eyes bright…excited as @Rhage_BDB comes through the door, quickly glancing at @BethR_BDB* They got a tree!

Beth: *Looking to @MaryL_BDB* I knew they were up to something. *smiles, watching @Wrath_BDB carry in the tree with @Rhage_BDB*

Marissa: *smiling as the males muscle a large tree through the front doors*

Bella: *Blowing on my hot cider, seeing the looks on @MaryL_BDB and @BethR_BDB’s faces, realizing the significance of what is being brought in.*

Beth: *My smile widening, seeing @Wrath_BDB standing the tree up, wanting to remember this moment forever.*

Wrath: *Smiling as I see @BethR_BDB’s face light up. Knowing this is just what she wanted* For you, Leelan.

Beth: *Walking up to @Wrath_BDB, wrapping my arms around his waist* It is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. You did amazing, hellren.

Wrath: @BethR_BDB Nothing but the best for my queen. *Looking at the tree* So now what do we do with it?

Beth: *Grinning, still looking over the tree* @Wrath_BDB I think lights first then the ornaments. *leaning up, kissing your cheek*

Wrath: Good thing @FritzDoggen_BDB is prepared. He has everything we need ready. *grabbing a strand of lights* Just tell me what to do. #BDB

Beth: *Watching as @Wrath_BDB begins to hang the lights, feeling so happy to have my family around me, looking about the room.* #BDB

Mary: *wanting badly to burst forward to help @Rhage_BDB and @Wrath_BDB with the lights, but holding back…knowing they got it just fine*

Rhage: *Smiling @MaryL_BDB around the tree, blowing her a kiss* Do you like it, babe?

Mary: Of course I love it @Rhage_BDB. *laughing* It’s very big.

Fritz:  *pulling out the tree stand, measuring the height of the tree against the ceiling and placing the stand accordingly*

Rhage: *Setting the tree in the stand* @MaryL_BDB I think it’s a perfect reflection of me in tree form. *grins* Don’t you agree?

Mary: *tossing my hair into a high knot atop my head, playfully grinning, walking up to @Rhage_BDB* Agreed.

Rhage: *Tugging @MaryL_BDB in close for a kiss* What do you need me to do, babe?

Mary: *lifting on my toes, kissing @Rhage_BDB sweetly…deeply, pulling back… eyeing the top of the tree*

Mary: *patting @Rhage_BDB’s back, kicking my chin up* You can be my personal ladder this evening while I hang ornaments.

Rhage: *laughing, loving the little mischievous grin on @MaryL_BDB’s face* Let me string some lights and then you can use me for whatever you want

Mary: *blush stinging my cheeks and grinning when @Rhage_BDB gives me a quick wink as he strings lights*

Mary: *cutting my eyes quickly before returning them to him and winking back, mouthing “love you”*

Rhage: *@MaryL_BDB’s blush distracting me, tangling my arm up in the string of lights, mouthing back “love you”*

Rhage: *Cursing when the lights tangle further, pulling hard, snapping a bulb off the strand* @MaryL_BDB babe? I need a replacement.

Mary:  *lips pressing in a hard line, holding back a laugh as @Rhage_BDB curses and breaks a light, spinning on my heels* On it.

Rhage: *Taking the replacement bulb from @MaryL_BDB finishing with this strand of lights* Are you ready to hang ornaments, love?

Mary:  *taking a deep breath, nodding at @Rhage_BDB* Lift me up. *gingerly holding a bulb in my hand*

Rhage: *Sweeping @MaryL_BDB into my arms and up onto my shoulders, holding tight to her ankles* I won’t drop you. I promise.

Mary: *adjusting my feet on @Rhage_BDB’s shoulders, carefully placing the bulb* If you do, I’m going to be in the tree. #BDB

Rhage: *Trying to supress my laughter so as not to shake @MaryL_BDB* You’d make a beautiful ornament, but I’m not inclined to share. #BDB

Z: *Shutting the doors and glancing across the room, taking a moment to look @BellaR_BDB.*

Bella: *Giggling as @MaryL_BDB balances, listening as all interact, everyone here is more like a family every day.*

Z: *Her dark hair slipping over her shoulder. The curve of her mouth as she smiles and laughs, and pushes her hair back behind her ear.*

Z: *Walking, covering the space between me and @BellaR_BDB quickly.*

Bella: *Watching @Zsadist_BDB stride towards me, catching a wiff of the tree smell on him, liking it.*

Z: You dig the tree, nalla? *leaning over pressing a kiss to @BellaR_BDB’s lips and over each vein on her throat.*

Bella: The tree is lovely. *Nuzzling into @Zsadist_BDB’s kisses, smiling* Your kisses are even better.

Z: *softly growling against @BellaR_BDB’s throat, whispering* Then you’ll like what I brought back, my darling mate.

Bella: *Leaning my head down to look into @Zsadist_BDB’s beautiful eyes, curiosity filling me.* What did you bring back?

Z: *smiling, pulling out from behind my back and holding it over @BellaR_BDB’s head* You have to kiss your hellren, nalla.

Bella: I have to kiss you @Zsadist_BDB, that will be so difficult. *Smiling, stretching up to your scarred lip, kissing you there first.*

Bella: *then moving to the center of your mouth, the feeling of your mouth on mine soft and alluring* @Zsadist_BDB I love kissing you.

Z: *opening my eyes, looking into the sapphire eyes of my shellan, and seeing the worry over the young sidelined, if only for now.* @BellaR_BDB

Z: *speaking against @BellaR_BDB’s soft lips, whispering* Say that again, nalla.

Bella: I love kissing you, @Zsadist_BDB and I will kiss you forever. *moving my lips to your ear, kissing it and whispering* Forever. #BDB

Z: *Dropping my arm, the mistletoe still in my hand, pulling @BellaR_BDB out of the chair and against my chest, wrapping my arms around her.*

Z: *cupping @BellaR_BDB’s face with my hand, meeting her eyes* I love you, nalla. *lifting my other hand over her head, smiling.* #BDB

Marissa: *my smile growing as @Butch_BDB comes towards me* This is a wonderful surprise.

Marissa: My bro– @DrHavers_BDB never really wanted us to even consider dallying in human traditions. @Butch_BDB

Marissa: But I always loved seeing the white lights on the trees outside. So lovely against the white snow. @Butch_BDB

Butch: *pulling @MarissaH_BDB into my arms, kissing her* Now you get it all, baby. I’ll never say no to anything you want to experience.

Marissa: *sliding my arm around @Butch_BDB’s waist as he pulls me close* I’m glad I will get to experience it with you.

Butch: @MarissaH_BDB How’s this for another Christmas first, your very first Christmas present. *pulling a small box from my pocket*

Marissa: What? *taking the small, beautifully wrapped box from @Butch_BDB* You didn’t need to get me anything.

Butch: @MarissaH_BDB No? Nothing? I could always take it back. *laughs* Open it, baby. Let me spoil you just this once.

Marissa: Well, no…don’t take it back. *grinning* I love anything from you. I don’t even need to open it to know that. @Butch_BDB

Marissa:*opening the box, seeing  inside* Oh, it’s lovely. Truly lovely.  Thank you, @Butch_BDB

Butch: @MarissaH_BDB I thought it was a nice blend of our traditions, Christmas and the Solstice. Before we put it on the tree, one more thing…

Butch: @MarissaH_BDB One more tradition to share with you *pulls out a sprig of mistletoe* Anyone under the mistletoe has to kiss.

Marissa: *laughing* Oh, is that so? We may need to hang some in the door to our room, then. Pay the mistletoe toll every time we pass. @Butch_BDB

Butch: *laughs, grins* @MarissaH_BDB I’ll take any excuse to steal a few more kisses. *plants a soft kiss on your lips* Merry Christmas, baby.#BDB

Marissa: Merry Christmas, @Butch_BDB *returning your kiss* I think we’re going to need more mistletoe…#BDB

Fritz:  *If only Master @DariusBDB had been here for this, to see what his daughter has inspired, how his home has grown*

Fritz:  *Events like these always a reminder of the things @DariusBDB dreamed of.  The brotherhood, complete, under one roof*

Jane: *Curious about how much their traditions overlap with ours.* @Vishous_BDB Do you have your own set of holidays or do you celebrate ours?

V: @DocJaneW_BDB We have a few of our own. Most have been neglected over time. This whole holiday celebration is new to us.

Jane: *Answers leading to more questions.* @Vishous_BDB Why now?

V: @DocJaneW_BDB It started when @BethR_BDB and @Butch_BDB moved in. They were both human so they celebrated human holidays.

Jane: *Definitively* @Vishous_BDB, Shouldn’t you be with all of them then? I can stay here with @Phury_BDB. He’ll be in good hands.

V: *Not wanting to miss a minute of the little time I have left with @DocJaneW_BDB* I’m good. Besides, @Phury_BDB looks like he is about to wake.

Jane:  *Seeing flickers of agitation in @Phury_BDB’s expression. Concerned he may be in pain.* @Vishous_BDB He does seem to be a little restless.

V: @DocJaneW_BDB Did you want to go up to the main house? See the tree? Do you normally celebrate? *wanting to know everything I can*

Jane:  *Trying to hide my flinch, avoiding the question. Dropping my eyes to @Phury_BDB* @Vishous_BDB He shouldn’t be alone when he wakes.

V: *Seeing the flinch, not wanting to press @DocJaneW_BDB. For now* Then I guess we will both stay here with him, true? #BDB

Jane:  *Smiling a little, nodding @Vishous_BDB, feeling safer than I should.* Mmm-hmm. #BDB

JM: *it’s painfully clear the house has been avoiding the subject of what happens two days from now, the Winter Solstice*

JM: *the dulled ache in my chest roaring back to life at the thought of @Wellsie_BDB*

JM:  *and trailing a half-step behind is a flicker of pain for  Sarelle_BDB*

JM:  *we had all three worked on the Winter Solstice Festival together, before…before…*

JM:  *shoving the painful memories to the mental archives, refocusing on the present*

JM:  *the hole remaining in my chest at the absence of @Tohrment_BDB, a male who deserved every happiness*

JM:  *and instead lived only to see it pilfered*

JM:  *looking around, trying to draw from the smiles and laughter, the light in my sister, @BethR_BDB’s eyes*

JM: *partnered with my vengeance, even though I have found my place in this world* #BDB

Fritz: The tree looks so beautiful. *Enjoying the warmth of the household*

Blay: *Just another normal night, sitting on my bed watching some tv with @Qhuinn_BDB.*

Q: *Flipping through channels cracking open a beer, looking up at @Blaylock_BDB laying across the bed* So what are we watching?

Blay: *Taking the remote from @Qhuinn_BDB* I don’t know let’s see whats on. Its the holiday season for the humans and that has taken over the channels.

Q: *Tossing my bottle cap at @Blaylock_BDB, watching the channels coast by* Just save the cartoons for another night man.

Blay: I know a movie that has holiday moments in it @Qhuinn_BDB. *laughs*

Q: *Groans looking over my shoulder and back at @Blaylock_BDB, my voice flat* What?

Blay: *Getting up, grabbing a dvd, sticking it in the player, sitting back on the bed, pressing play* @Qhuinn_BDB, Die Hard.

Q: *Laughs watching the opening credits, stretching out on the bean bag* Now you’re talking, @Blaylock_BDB

Blay: *Relaxing against the headboard, chugging my beer, watching @Qhuinn_BDB watch the movie.* #BDB

Q: *Grabbing a fresh beer, falling back on the bean bag, whooping when the gun fight starts* @Blaylock_BDB  #BDB

Phury: *Following @TheWizard_BDB as we step through a door, back into my bedroom*

Wizard: Ah, what a lovely sight. So much happiness. Notice who’s missing? The one male not present? @Phury_BDB

Phury: *Ignoring @TheWizard_BDB*

Wizard: *Holding a hand to my ear* What? No? No guesses? Need a hint? Okay…but just this once….@Phury_BDB

Wizard: Here’s your hint…it’s Phury, son of Ah…son of Ah…really? Nothing? You’ve got nothing? @Phury_BDB

Wizard: Phury, son of Ahgony. Wait. Ahgony. Agony? Is that a coincidence? Phury…of agony? Hmmm. I think not. @Phury_BDB

Phury: *Climbing back into bed, saying nothing*

Wizard: No, really. That’s almost nifty, mate. Your twin…Zsadist, son of Ahgony. And you. Phury, child and purveyor of agony.

Wizard: That’s so fitting. Did you notice how even passed out, you were able to screw things up? @Phury_BDB

Phury: Go away. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: No. Really. Your brother, @Vishous_BDB and his female had to stay and watch over you. Missing out on the fun. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: Well done. Holiday cheer and fa la la la la wherever you are not. Put you in a room, and we suck the fun right out. @Phury_BDB

Phury: Enough. @TheWizard_BDB

Wizard: Well done. Holiday cheer and fa la la la la wherever you are not. Put you in a room, and we suck the fun right out. @Phury_BDB

Wizard: Get some rest. There’s more to see. @Phury_BDB #BDB



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