Does it hurt to have your ass handed to you, Tohr?


Vishous_BDB: *Grabbing my daggers, ready for a drink and a fight* Ready, cop? @Butch_BDB

Zsadist_BDB *shitkickers pounding down the stairs, hitting the bottom, twisting my neck, giving it a crack*

Tohrment_BDB: *at one of the addresses @Vishous_BDB texted last night, scoping the scene*

Butch_BDB: *throwing on my jacket* You know me, @Vishous_BDB, always ready for a drink. Let’s roll.

Rhage_BDB: *Polishing off the last bite of a sandwich, walking out to meet @Zsadist_BDB in the foyer*

Zsadist_BDB *glancing over @Rhage_BDB with his mouth stuffed to the hilt* Waiting on @Vishous_BDB and the cop’s asses. @Butch_BDB

Vishous_BDB: *Walking into the main house with @Butch_BDB . Seeing @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB and @Phury_BDB* S’up?

Butch_BDB: *hitting the foyer* What’s good, ladies? Ready for a drink? @Zsadist_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Phury_BDB: *Standing next to the stairs. Quietly looking at @Zsadist_BDB*@Rhage_BDB @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Rhage_BDB: @Butch_BDB So eager to drink around us again, cop? @Zsadist_BDB @Vishous_BDB @phury_bdb

Tohrment_BDB: *looking for intel, anything to find that shit who took @BellaR_BDB along with his army of stink*

Zsadist_BDB: *nodding @Vishous_BDB and @Butch_BDB, feeling @Phury_BDB stare. Abruptly turning and heading for the door, without saying a word*

Vishous_BDB: I am good for it. @Butch_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Phury_BDB @Rhage_BDB Let’s hit it. *walking to the Escalade*

Butch_BDB: @Rhage_BDB Eager to drink, period. You know me, never met a glass of Lag I didn’t like @Zsadist_BDB @Vishous_BDB @phury_bdb

Rhage_BDB: @Butch_BDB *laughing as I climb into the Escalade* True . @Zsadist_BDB @Vishous_BDB @phury_bdb

Phury_BDB: *Not wanting to see @Rehvenge_BDB but heading to @ZeroSum_BDB anyway* @Butch_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB Yeah sure.

Zsadist_BDB *waiting for @Phury_BDB to get into the SUV, sliding in next to him, slamming the door shut* @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Butch_BDB

Butch_BDB: *climbs behind the wheel, revving the Escalade up* I really need a fucking chauffeur’s hat* @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Phury_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *walking the perimeter, preparing to head in, catching a flash of movement in the window, backing up against the wall* Fuck, company.

Phury_BDB: *nodding @Zsadist_BDB *

Vishous_BDB: *Lighting up a hand rolled, listening to the bass thump*

Tohrment_BDB: *hearing the front door squeal as it opens, counting one…two…three…four, shit, seven lessers*

Tohrment_BDB: *watching them take off, flipping open my phone texting @Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB @Vishous_BDB* Lessers headed downtown. Meet you there.

Vishous_BDB: @Tohrment_BDB *text* where r u?

Tohrment_BDB: @Vishous_BDB *texting back the address*

Zsadist_BDB *feeling my phone vibrating on my ass, growling* Fuck
*reaching for it, giving up seeing @Vishous_BDB working his*

Vishous_BDB: *Giving @Butch_BDB the addy* @Rhage_BDB tell @Tohrment_BDB we are on the way.

Vishous_BDB: We can just interrupt those little fuckers trip to town, true? @Zsadist_BDB @Phury_BDB @Butch_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Butch_BDB: *making a quick, most likely illegal U-turn, heading towards the address @Vishous_BDB gave me with little regard for speed limits*

Rhage_BDB: *Texting @Tohrment_BDB* On the way.

Phury_BDB: *Ready for a fight, something to take my mind off of @BellaR_BDB and @Zsadist_BDB* Hell yeah we can . @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Butch_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *reading @Rhage_BDB’s text, holding off on getting into with before back up arrives, considering the Beretta…the possible outcomes*

Tohrment_BDB: *following behind in the Range Rover, keeping a comfortable distance*

Rhage_BDB: *Catching a whiff of baby powder in the air, glancing out the window, spotting a car full of lessers*

Rhage_BDB: Look who’s trying to run @Vishous_BDB @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Butch_BDB

Butch_BDB: @Rhage_BDB Won’t be running for long *jerking the wheel to block the narrow road, their car swerving off road to avoid us*

Tohrment_BDB: *seeing headlights coming in the opposite direction, just barely making out the Escalade, slowing my approach*

Tohrment_BDB: *pulling off to the side, jumping out, charging towards the car
that was just forced off the road by some swift maneuvering*

Zsadist_BDB *gruffly swinging open the door as @Butch_BDB swerves, leaping free of the SUV and gunning it towards the lesser’s car, fangs bared*

Phury_BDB: *Yelling* @Zsadist_BDB What the fuck! Wait until the car stops. *jumping out after you when the car stops*

Vishous_BDB: *Getting out of the car, daggers out. Turning to @Butch_BDB* Stay here. *Running towards the lessers*

Tohrment_BDB: *unsheathing my dagger, ready to put it to good use, seeing @Zsadist_BDB flying at the carload of lessers, looking like a madman*

Rhage_BDB: *Barreling out of the car, dagger drawn, heading for the nearest lesser*

Vishous_BDB: *Kicking the first lesser I see in the knees. Watching him fall the jump back up again*

Butch_BDB: *gripping the steering wheel, that grip alone keeping me put, not wanting to stay here as @Vishous_BDB said, rather be helping the Brothers*

Rhage_BDB: *Spinning the lesser around, slamming him against the wall* Let’s dance, fucker.

Phury_BDB: *Going hand to hand with the lesser. Punching him in face. Getting punched back. Keeping an eye on @Zsadist_BDB *

Tohrment_BDB: *nailing the first lesser I see with a kick to the back of the knees, seeing him fold and flop to the ground*

Zsadist_BDB *Black eyes darting from one lesser to the next. White. White. All white.* Son of a bitch *growling, yanking one of from the car*

Butch_BDB: *hand firmly on my Glock, ready to abandon the car at the first sign of trouble, hating being on the sidelines, watching the Brothers fight*

Tohrment_BDB: *watching as he flips over, baring his teeth, making me laugh, flashing my own fangs, nailing him in the chin with my shitkicker*

Zsadist_BDB Where the fuck do you think you’re going? *spinning the lesser around, taking a hard punch in my side, letting out a gust of air*

Tohrment_BDB: *watching him flail like a fish, mocking* I hate to see you
suffer. *kneeling down and stabbing the lesser in the chest, twisting the hilt*

Rhage_BDB: *Landing a solid punch on the lesser’s jaw, before doing the slice and dice on him and turning for the next one*

Zsadist_BDB *growling, slamming the heel of my shitkicker into the lessers knee, lips curling in a twisted grin as they give in the wrong direction*

Butch_BDB: *seeing headlights approaching quickly, blaring the horn to get the Brothers’ attention, shouting out the window* Incoming vehicle!

Phury_BDB: *Stumbling back as I take a hit to the ribs. Coming back full force. Slamming my fist into the lessers face*

Tohrment_BDB:*turning around at the sound of @Butch_BDB’s warning* What the fuck? Were they planning a damned slumber party?

Vishous_BDB: *Looking @Butch_BDB, sensing he is about to jump out. Taking a kick to the leg. Getting my head back into the fight*

Zsadist_BDB *kicking the lessers other knee, hearing him wail as he falls to the ground* That’s gonna leave a mark

Vishous_BDB: *Looking at the car coming up the road * We’ve got company. @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *grabbing one of the new arrivals as soon as he’s out of the car, slamming his face into the hood* Welcome.

Zsadist_BDB *unsheathing my dagger and the stabbing the fucker. Sensing another one coming up behind me, whipping around and nailing the lesser in neck*

Rhage_BDB: *Grabbing a lesser by the neck, raising my dagger to him when I feel a sharp stab in my side, glancing down at the knife* Wrong move.

Vishous_BDB: *Kicking the lesser in the face so hard he spins, slicing his knees when he does. Stabbing him in the chest when he falls*

Zsadist_BDB *snarling* My fucking bad *twisting the dagger, splitting the fucker open, black blood spilling out*

Rhage_BDB: *Feeling the shiver down my spine as @RhagesBeast fights to come out, bright white light flooding the area*

Phury_BDB: *Stabbing the lesser in the gut, pulling my blade out and going straight for his chest. Not waiting before I attack another*

Butch_BDB: *seeing the flash of light signaling @RhagesBeast’s arrival, making my decision to stay in the car far easier, still wanting to fight* Fuck!

RhagesBeast: *Snapping my jaws, biting the lesser in half, swallowing in one gulp*

Tohrment_BDB: *turning him around, squeezing his neck tightly, when sky goes bright, knowing what that means, looking over my shoulder at @Rhage_BDB*

Vishous_BDB: *Seeing the flash of light, hauling ass into the car, grabbing @Phury_BDB on my way in*

Zsadist_BDB *Glancing up at the flash of white light and at @RhagesBeast* Fuck *hauling my ass to the car, jumping in after @Phury_BDB*

Tohrment_BDB: *waiting as @RhagesBeast emerges, looking at the lesser in my crushing grip* You are in luck, I’m not gonna kill you.

RhagesBeast: *Turns and snaps another lesser up between my jaws*

Phury_BDB: *Being dragged into the car, looking @Zsadist_BDB. Making sure he is not hurt. Sighing into the seat*

Tohrment_BDB: *shoving the lesser out of my grasp and jumping into the Escalade*

Butch_BDB: *At least I’m not alone in the Escalade anymore… watching @RhagesBeast chow down on lessers*

Vishous_BDB: *lighting a hand rolled* Bet they weren’t expecting that, true? *looks at @RhagesBeast* @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Tohrment_BDB @Butch_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: @Vishous_BDB *laughing* Nope. *settles in to watch Godzilla live.* @RhagesBeast @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Butch_BDB

Phury_BDB: *Knowing @Rhage_BDB will be hurting later, calling @MaryL_BDB to give her a heads up*

Zsadist_BDB *feeling the despair of @Phury_BDB next to me.Eyes narrowing out the window,checking the hair color of each lesser @RhagesBeast scarfs down*

RhagesBeast: *Clearing the group of lessers, chewing them and swallowing*

Tohrment_BDB: When @RhagesBeast is done snacking, you head out, I’ll go back to the house, get jars. @Vishous_BDB @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Butch_BDB

Vishous_BDB: @Tohrment_BDB Looks like he is about done. @RhagesBeast @Zsadist_BDB @Phury_BDB @Butch_BDB

RhagesBeast *Turning my head, scanning the area, lying on the ground and letting @Rhage_BDB return *

Rhage_BDB: *Shivering, naked on the ground*

Zsadist_BDB *hitting @Tohrment_BDB with a pointed stare while sliding out of the Escalade* Let’s load his ass up @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *jumping out heading to @Rhage_BDB, shrugging out of my jacket, throwing it over him* It’s okay, my brother. We’ve got you.

Butch_BDB: *heading to the back of the Escalade, opening it up for the Brothers, ready to jump in if they need help lifting @Rhage_BDB*

Zsadist_BDB *striding over to @Rhage_BDB and grabbing one of his legs* We’ll get you home, brother. @Vishous_BDB @Phury_BDB @Tohrment_BDB @Butch_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *taking one leg as @Zsadist_BDB grabs the other, @Vishous_BDB and @Phury_BDB taking the upper body*

Rhage_BDB: *Feeling a coat draped over me, mumbling* Thanks my brothers, @Vishous_BDB @Phury_BDB @tohrment_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

Phury_BDB: *Grabbing an arm, lifting* I am gonna limit his eating, he is getting heavy. @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Tohrment_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Butch_BDB

Vishous_BDB: *Getting @Rhage_BDB into the back of the Escalade, walking to the passenger side*

Butch_BDB: *adding my coat to those already wrapped around @Rhage_BDB* We’ll get you home to @MaryL_BDB real quick, Hollywood. Hang in there.

Zsadist_BDB *folding @Rhage_BDB’s leg into the back of the SUV* I’ll hang back with @Tohrment_BDB. @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB @Butch_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *eyeing your still too thin frame, firmly* I’ve got this, @Zsadist_BDB. You head back. @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Phury_BDB @Butch_BDB

Vishous_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB *nodding* Good deal. @Tohrment_BDB Alright @Phury_BDB @Butch_BDB lets get @Rhage_BDB home.

Phury_BDB: *Watching @Zsadist_BDB and @Tohrment_BDB, craving red smoke*

Zsadist_BDB *squaring shoulders, voice hard* The fuck you do, @Tohrment_BDB. So, FYI, I’m coming with you and PS. Shouldn’t go alone.

Rhage_BDB: *Groans, pain radiating through my body*

Tohrment_BDB: *going nose to nose* @Zsadist_BDB Last time I checked, I call the fucking shots. Should I call up @Wrath_BDB and see what he has to say?

Vishous_BDB: *Hearing @Rhage_BDB’s groans* Lets go ladies. @Zsadist_BDB @Phury_BDB @Butch_BDB *getting in the car*

Zsadist_BDB *stepping closer to @Tohrment_BDB, snarling* Go ahead,call @Wrath_BDB. Chances are he’s going to tell you stick to the goddamn buddy system.

Phury_BDB: @Tohrment_BDB Hit us up if you find anything in the house. Be safe, brother. @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Butch_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *whipping out the phone* @Zsadist_BDB Should we test that theory? Fight’s over. Lessers are done. Get your ass the fuck home. @Wrath_BDB

Butch_BDB: *watching @Tohrment_BDB and @Zsadist_BDB throw down… again, getting in the Escalade*

Phury_BDB: *Stepping in between @Zsadist_BDB and @Tohrment_BDB* Come on Z. Let’s go.

Zsadist_BDB *glaring past @Phury_BDB right @Tohrment_BDB* Stay the fuck out of it. *snapping @Vishous_BDB* For fuck’s sake, get @Rhage_BDB home.

Zsadist_BDB @Tohrment_BDB What’s it going to be, my brother? *quickly glancing down at the phone*

Phury_BDB: *Knowing I can’t reason with @Zsadist_BDB, getting in the car next to @Rhage_BDB. Reassuring Rhage, as my own mind is in turmoil*

Tohrment_BDB: *gritting my teeth, dialing* @Zsadist_BDB I’m sure @WRath_BDB will be really pleased his night with @BethR_BDB is on hold for this shit.

Vishous_BDB: Let’s roll, cop. @Butch_BDB @Phury_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Butch_BDB: Whatever you say, @Vishous_BDB. *throws the Escalade into gear, heads home, leaving @Tohrment_BDB and @Zsadist_BDB behind*

Tohrment_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB *listening as the phone rings, pegging you with a glare*

Vishous_BDB: *Pointedly glaring @Zsadist_BDB *

Phury_BDB: *Telling @Rhage_BDB we are on the way home to his shellan. Wanting the red smoke more and more* #Blackdagger #vampire #bdb

Vishous_BDB: *Lighting a hand rolled, wondering when my visions will come back. And if I will see @Zsadist_BDB getting himself killed* #vampire #bdb

Zsadist_BDB *squeezing my hand around the phone, snapping it shut, taking a step back from @Tohrment_BDB and dematerializing to the mansion*

Rhage_BDB: *Curling into myself, shivering through the pain* #blackdagger #vampire

Butch_BDB:*driving back to the mansion, craving Lag more than I did earlier. Nothing like feeling useless to make you drink* #BDB #blackdagger

Tohrment_BDB: *watching you dematerialize* @Zsadist_BDB That’s what I thought. *heading back to the Range Rover*

Tohrment_BDB: *hopping in, flipping a bitch and heading back to the house where the night started*

Tohrment_BDB: *pulling up, parking out front, walking inside*

Tohrment_BDB: *the place is a sty, all thirteen of them must have lived here, stench of powder thick*

Tohrment_BDB: *heading straight for the kitchen cabinets, opening up, pay dirt* Shit, all nice and neat like spices.

Tohrment_BDB: *looking around, finding a box, loading up*

Tohrment_BDB: *counting the jars as I go, oh…fuck*
Tohrment_BDB : *Thirteen. There were thirteen lessers…but there are fifteen jars.*

Tohrment_BDB: *making quick work of it, the hair bristling on the back of my neck, eyes shooting to the door*

Tohrment_BDB: *setting the box down, reaching for my dagger as two lessers clear the doorway*

Tohrment_BDB: *measuring their moves as one comes towards me, the other hanging back

Tohrment_BDB: *trying to maintain focus on both as number fourteen lunges at me, swinging the dagger but only catching the outer edge of one arm*

Tohrment_BDB: *going for number fourteen’s side as I’m hit with a kick to the ribs, number fifteen has joined the equation*

Tohrment_BDB:*crouching low to keep my balance as they come at me from both sides, backhanding one, dagger in hand, black blood spurting from his cheek*

Tohrment_BDB: *feeling something as it slices hotly through my side…fuck*

Tohrment_BDB: *fighting through the pain, feeling my shirt grow damp with blood…my blood*

Tohrment_BDB: *the injury driving me, removing the dagger from the lesser’s cheek and going with an upper cut to his gut, driving my weapon deep*

Tohrment_BDB: *watching as the lesser stumbles backward, moving forward to finish him off with a shot to the cavity in his chest flung around from behind*

Tohrment_BDB: *fighting with everything, determined to see this through, considering I might have made a mistake not taking @Zsadist_BDB up on the backup*

Wellsie_BDB: *Sitting on the couch in the den, going through my notes for the Festival again, trying to think of other places to get what we need.*

Wellsie_BDB: *My pen falling from my fingers, a chill running down my spine,
my heart racing, breath catching.*

Tohrment_BDB: *Throwing out a plea, please dear @Scribe_Virgin don’t let that have been a fatal mistake* #vampire #blackdagger #bdb

Wellsie_BDB: *reaching for my cell, dialing @Tohrment_BDB, mumbling* It’s just a bad feeling. That’s all. He’ll answer and laugh at you for worrying.

Wellsie_BDB: *Another chill running over me as the call goes to voice mail.*

Wellsie_BDB: *steadying my voice before leaving my message* @Tohrment_BDB Hey, my hellren. Just checking in. I’m fine. Call me back. Love you.

Wellsie_BDB: *Pressing end, then sitting, staring at the phone, willing it to ring.* #BlackDagger #vampire

Wellsie_BDB: *Dialing @Tohrment_BDB’s cell phone, again. Hands shaking so badly I can barely manage to hit send.*

Tohrment_BDB: *reaching for my phone as it vibrates, just missing the call, seeing @Wellsie_BDB’s name in the caller ID*

Tohrment_BDB: *seeing I have missed her a few times, so @Wellsie_BDB must be worried* Shit.

Wellsie_BDB: *Pacing around the bedroom, telling myself to stay calm, that @Tohrment_BDB is alright, that no answer doesn’t mean something is wrong.*

Tohrment_BDB: *pulling up to the house, murmuring to myself* I’m home @Wellsie_BDB. *getting out feeling a hit of pain where I was kicked in the ribs*

Wellsie_BDB: *Not believing it for a moment. Knowing something’s wrong, feeling it. Not being able to reach @Tohrment_BDB…*

Tohrment_BDB: *taking off my shitkickers, covered in the oily residue of lesser blood, leaving them in the garage, walking inside*

Tohrment_BDB: *heading for the bedroom first thing, blocking thoughts of the close call, opening the door slowly, seeing you pace* @Wellsie_BDB, I made it

Wellsie_BDB: *turning quickly at the sound of your voice, finally able to breathe seeing you* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *rushing over to you, tears stinging my eyes, wrapping my arms around you* @Tohrment_BDB God, I was so worried, Tohr.

Tohrment_BDB: *wincing as you hug me, sucking in a breath, injured on both sides of the rib cage* @Wellsie_BDB I am sorry I worried you leelan. I’m okay.

Wellsie_BDB: *feeling you flinch, stepping back* @Tohrment_BDB You’re hurt? *looking you over, noticing the tear in your shirt* How badly?

Tohrment_BDB: *quietly to level off the alarm* @Wellsie_BDB Took a dagger and a foot to the ribs but I am fine. *looking you in the eye*

Wellsie_BDB: *Terror filling me at your words, even though you’re standing right in front of me, clearly fine.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Wanting to reach out, wipe away the tears that are my fault, but seeing the look in your eyes shift to one of…fear* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *blinking rapidly, fighting the tears trying to fall, swallowing past the fear, my voice strained* @Tohrment_BDB Well, I’ll judge that.

Wellsie_BDB: *holding out my hand to you* @Tohrment_BDB Come, my hellren. Let’s get you cleaned up and bandaged. *needing to see the injuries for myself*

Tohrment_BDB: *letting out a breath, thankful @Wellsie_BDB hasn’t asked for details* Just don’t touch the shirt, I don’t want you near the enemy’s blood.

Tohrment_BDB: @Wellsie_BDB *taking the hand you offer, feeling as you grip firmly, with insistence*

Wellsie_BDB: *walking into the bathroom with you, letting go of your hand* @Tohrment_BDB Why don’t you take off your shirt so I can see what we’ve got?

Tohrment_BDB: *thankful the hours have helped the knife wound close somewhat as I strip off my shirt, turning around to face @Wellsie_BDB*

Wellsie_BDB: *Pressing my lips together to hold in any sound at the sight of the knife wound, seeing the bruise on your other side.* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *turning to the cabinet, hiding my expression, needing to compose myself* @Tohrment_BDB It’s a good thing he missed any parts I really like.

Tohrment_BDB: *laughing even though it sends a shot of pain through my side* @Wellsie_BDB You mean you don’t love my ribs, leelan?

Wellsie_BDB: *smiling slightly, turning back with the supplies* @Tohrment_BDB I love that they’re still attached to you, all in one piece. Now, sit down.

Tohrment_BDB: *perking at the command in your voice, sitting down* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Gently cleaning the cut, seeing how deep it is now, knowing it was quite serious.* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Taking a deep breath, reminding myself… again, that you’re here with me. In one piece and mostly whole.* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *needing to focus on something other than the danger you were in, worried about the others* @Tohrment_BDB Was anyone else hurt?

Tohrment_BDB: *hesitating* @Wellsie_BDB No, my brothers were already gone. *deflecting* @Rhage_BDB went Godzilla. *hoping for a laugh*

Wellsie_BDB: *stopping what I’m doing, looking up at you, bothered by the tone in your voice* @Tohrment_BDB You mean, they left after the fight. Right?

Tohrment_BDB: *rubbing the back of my neck with my hand* @Wellsie_BDB They left after the initial fight and I went to collect the jars. *trailing off*

Wellsie_BDB: *looking into your eyes, certain I must be misunderstanding what you’re saying* @Tohrment_BDB Initial fight? Tohr, what happened last night?

Tohrment_BDB: *knowing exactly what we are on the edge of, choosing my words with care* @Wellsie_BDB I was checking an address @Vishous_BDB had sent over.

Tohrment_BDB: @Wellsie_BDB I was surveying the outside, saw activity and then watched as the lessers took off, seven of them. I held back…

Wellsie_BDB: *Body chilling at the hesitation in your voice, at the look in your eyes.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: @Wellsie_BDB I called for back up immediately. My brothers headed them off halfway there. *hissing at the sting as you swab the wound*

Tohrment_BDB: @Wellsie_BDB Another carload showed up just as we were finishing off the first batch. @Rhage_BDB took care of that with @RhagesBeast

Tohrment_BDB: @Wellsie_BDB *pausing*

Wellsie_BDB: *Replaying your words in my mind, realizing what you’re saying… what it means.* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *controlling my voice with effort* @Tohrment_BDB You said initial fight, and that you went to collect jars. After the others left. Alone.

Tohrment_BDB: *controlling my defenses* @Wellsie_BDB I made an executive decision. The fight was over @Rhage_BDB needed to get home to recover-

Tohrment_BDB: *heaving out a breath* @Wellsie_BDB We took down thirteen lessers at the scene. The reconnaissance mission should have been an in and out.

Wellsie_BDB: *Staring into your eyes, finally understanding, seeing the risk you took.* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Suddenly furious, recalling my fear, the sick feeling I had for hours. All because you made an ‘executive decision’.* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *dropping the gauze, standing up, glaring at you* @Tohrment_BDB How dare you? How dare you take that risk, put yourself in that danger!

Wellsie_BDB: *voice rising, cold and hard, threat of tears gone* What the hell were you thinking, @Tohrment_BDB? You know better than to be that stupid.

Tohrment_BDB: *the acid incense of your tone causing my jaw to flex, trying to control my rising defenses* @Wellsie_BDB Stupid? Stupid?

Wellsie_BDB: *Feeling my heart stutter in my chest… the awful possibilities of your actions. Furious with you for what might’ve happened* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *turning around* @Wellsie_BDB I’ll finish this up. Why don’t you just go calm down. *the words stinging my heart as they leave my lips*

Wellsie_BDB: *shaking with anger, my hands clenched into fists at my sides* @Tohrment_BDB Don’t you dare dismiss me, Tohr.

Tohrment_BDB: *flipping around* @Wellsie_BDB What the hell you do want me to do? It happened. I made a damn mistake. I don’t need this on top of it.

Tohrment_BDB: *immediately wanting to retract my words at @Wellsie_BDB, my tone but too far down this road*

Wellsie_BDB: *fear and anger pushing me* @Tohrment_BDB I don’t need to ‘calm down.’ *punctuating my words with jabs of my finger to your chest*

Wellsie_BDB: *voice cold, shaking with fury* @Tohrment_BDB You’re damn right you made a mistake. And right now, I don’t care what you need *turning away*

Wellsie_BDB: *Walking into the bedroom, wishing I could get further away from @Tohrment_BDB. Not wanting to see him, not wanting to talk to him.*

Wellsie_BDB: *Realizing I almost never got the chance to do so, again. That his decision could’ve prevented this fight…permanently.* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *turning back, eyes filling with tears of anger and hurt…betrayal* @Tohrment_BDB Do you realize you almost didn’t come home, Tohr?

Tohrment_BDB:*anger boiling, but wanting to fix this more than fucking anything, stopping in the doorway at your words* @Wellsie_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Pride clouding my sensibilities, agitating the situation. Pinching my eyes shut, physical pain numbed by emotional agony* @Wellsie_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *swallowing thickly before admitting tersely, quietly* @Wellsie_BDB. Yeah, I realize.

Wellsie_BDB: *shaking my head, my tears making me angrier* @Tohrment_BDB You don’t get to do that. You make the others follow the rules. You have to, too

Tohrment_BDB: *@Zsadist_BDB’s pushing to back me up bringing home everything @Wellsie_BDB says. Under the guise of aggression realizing his intention.*

Tohrment_BDB: *every tear pricking at my heart, your anger doing…other things, backing down, speaking reverently* @Wellsie_BDB You are right, leelan.

Wellsie_BDB: *hearing the change in your tone, but still angry, still scared* @Tohrment_BDB Yes, I am. I always am. You’d do well to remember that.

Tohrment_BDB: *your curt tone a turn on* @Wellsie_BDB Always? There was that one time- *cutting myself off, thinking better of it* Yes, always.

Tohrment_BDB: *taking a step towards you, hoping it’s a step to standing on the same path again, needing resolve, needing…you* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *eyes narrowing as you move closer, noticing your arousal* You do like to live dangerously, don’t you, @Tohrment_BDB?

Tohrment_BDB: *watching your eyes, short laugh* @Wellsie_BDB Only when it’s not dangerous and *admitting* stupid or *swallowing* hurting you…

Wellsie_BDB: *nods, anger fading at your admission* @Tohrment_BDB Yes, you should avoid all of those. Always.

Tohrment_BDB: *my heart constricting my throat, never wanting to fight, never wanting what just happened* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: @Tohrment_BDB Now, go shower. You stink. Then I’ll finish bandaging you up. *smiling slightly despite myself* And I’ll even be gentle.

Tohrment_BDB: *smiling at your directive, heading for the shower* @Wellsie_BDB *stopping, turning around* We okay, leelan? *needing your assurance*

Wellsie_BDB: *Still hurting, still scared. But forcing myself to focus on the most important thing… that you’re here.* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Taking a deep breath, pushing the fear back. The hurt… we’ll have to deal with.* You can’t take chances like that, @Tohrment_BDB.

Wellsie_BDB: *looking into your eyes, needing you to understand* @Tohrment_BDB I need to know you’re being careful just as you need to know I’m safe.

Tohrment_BDB: *my heart sinking, realizing the undue pain and fear I caused* @Wellsie_BDB I am so sorry, my angel. I won’t put you through this again.

Wellsie_BDB: *Hearing the sincerity in your words, knowing it’s promise you won’t always be able to keep, but that you’ll try.* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *nodding* @Tohrment_BDB You better not. *arching a brow, consciously changing the tone* Now… didn’t I tell you to go shower?

Tohrment_BDB: *laughs* Yes you did, @Wellsie_BDB. Yes you did. *turning on the hot spray, intent on making up with you fully when I’m done* #vampire #bdb

Wellsie_BDB: *My smile fading as you turn away. This was close. Too close. Closing my eyes, letting the fear have control for a moment more.*

Wellsie_BDB: *Then firmly setting it aside, focusing on now, on life.*

Wellsie_BDB: *Smiling, walking toward the shower, thinking of the perfect way to celebrate it.* #BlackDagger #vampire


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