Fourth of July


FritzDoggen_BDB: *removing my handkerchief from my pocket, wiping the perspiration from my brow*


FritzDoggen_BDB: *surveying the mass amounts of fireworks assembled on the lawn by @Vishous_BDB @Butch_BDB and @Rhage_BDB*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *finding myself wishing for the days in which my potatoes went missing as Sire @Vishous_BDB and @Butch_BDB used them for ammunition*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *at first glance it appeared a small display*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *coming to realize I was mistaken when I came upon*

FritzDoggen_BDB: If you will excuse me. I must be providing my staff a refresher on how to use fire extinguishers. #happy4thofjuly #BDB #BehindTheMhis

Zsadist_BDB: *checking out the firepower on the lawn* Shit, @Vishous_BDB, that’s one big fucking SOB

Vishous_BDB:  *Admiring the massive amounts of fire power we have.* This is gonna be tight, true? *Looking around at all the brothers and shellans*

Vishous_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB Hell yeah it is. Lots of power in those bastards.

FritzDoggen_BDB:  *readying my own arsenal…*

Butch_BDB: *looking over at @Vishous_BDB* I’m not going to ask how you got all this shit. I just want to set some of it off.

Rhage_BDB: *Taking in the massive quantity of fireworks on the back lawn, rubbing hands together, eager to get them going*

Phury_BDB: *Looking at the pile of fireworks, running a hand through my hair,sincerely hoping that @Butch_BDB and @Vishous_BDB don’t aim for my window*

Vishous_BDB: @Phury_BDB Not tonight. That is strictly for potatoes. Right @Butch_BDB?

MaryL_BDB: *covering my mouth, jaw dropping at all the fireworks and explosives on the lawn, glancing over @Rhage_BDB*

BethR_BDB:  *Walking outside to the lawn, seeing the fireworks all assembled, smiling, grabbing my sparkler, walking over to @MaryL_BDB*

MaryL_BDB:  *smiling as @BethR_BDB approaches, shaking my head* These boys are out of control!

BethR_BDB:  @MaryL_BDB *Laughing* That they are. *Looks over at @JohnMatthew_BDB, smiling but stay a safe distance away.*

Rhage_BDB: Hey @Vishous_BDB @Butch_BDB , we gonna light these suckers anytime soon? I’m ready to make them explode.

Butch_BDB: @Vishous_BDB Could you imagine the mess a fire cracker going off in @Phury_BDB’s room would make? Wait… why aren’t we doing that again?

FritzDoggen_BDB: *and again, hoping to distract with a display of my own*

John_MatthewBDB:  *standing back watching the Brothers set up enough fireworks to light up the entire city of Caldwell for a year*

Rhage_BDB: *Grabbing two of the Firecracker popsicles @FritzDoggen_BDB brought out, taking one over to @MaryL_BDB * For you, babe

MaryL_BDB:  *plucking the popsicle from @Rhage_BDB, grinning, a dramatic tone in my voice* Thank you kind sir! @FritzDoggen_BDB

Phury_BDB: @Butch_BDB Hey,Cop! Let’s not set my room on fire. Because if you do? I’m telling @FritzDoggen_BDB to cut your suit orders off @Vishous_BDB

Vishous_BDB: *Walking up to a big ass firework* Hope you are ready for this *Looks around to make sure area is clear and lighting it up*

Butch_BDB: @Phury_BDB Relax, your room is safe. We know what we’re doing. Sort of. @FritzDoggen_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Phury_BDB:  @Butch_BDB That’s comforting, Cop. Really. *glances back at the house, sees @FritzDoggen_BDB has fire extinguishers piled up* @Vishous_BDB

Wrath_BDB: *Feet spread apart, arms crossed* You catch this place on fire and you’ll have me to deal with. You feel me? @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Vishous_BDB: *Watching the sky light up in bright colors* That one was huge. *smirks* And its one of the smaller ones.

FritzDoggen_BDB: *watching as the cinders thankfully self-extinguish prior to reaching the ground*

Vishous_BDB: @Wrath_BDB Not a prob. @FritzDoggen_BDB has fire extinguishers every 50 feet.

BethR_BDB: *calling out to @Butch_BDB @Phury_BDB @Vishous_BDB* You break it, you buy it. *laughs, looking up at the sky*

Rhage_BDB: *laughing at @Wrath_BDB as I set off a giant firework* The only thing that may set the place on fire is @Vishous_BDB ‘s hand.

MaryL_BDB: *cringing as one of the fireworks explodes into the night, oh Jesus and @Vishous_BDB said that was a smaller one*

Butch_BDB:  *grabbing a lighter, igniting one of the larger fireworks, watching as it goes off* Now that’s what I’m talking about!

BethR_BDB: *Seeing the fireworks go off in the sky, smiling* That was really pretty.

Rhage_BDB:  *Grinning as a bunch go off at once*

Wrath_BDB: @Rhage_BDB Just remember what I said, Hollywood. *raises brow as a flash of color lights the sky*

John_MatthewBDB: *watching the sky light up and the Brothers and their shellans assembled, having fun, knowing I won’t ever have that*

John_MatthewBDB: *toying with the idea of food, but deciding against it*

Zsadist_BDB: *lowering myseslf into a chaise – at safe distance away – pulling @BellaR_BDB with me* That’s some cool ass shit.

BellaR_BDB: *laughing, watching explode from my seat on @Zsadist’s lap… far back from the mound of fireworks* Yes, it is.

Phury_BDB: *watching the fireworks going off, thinking they are pretty spectacular…especially when they are not going off near my windows*

MaryL_BDB: *craning my neck back, watching the fireworks, everything perfect right now, everyone is laughing…..this is family*

Rhage_BDB:  *Grinning @MaryL_BDB as the sky lights up with colors, taking in the pure happiness on her face*

Wrath_BDB: *Wrapping my arms around @BethR_BDB, whispering* Enjoying yourself, leelan?

BethR_BDB:  @Wrath_BDB *feeling your arms wrap around my waist, melting against you, watching* Yes, hellren mine. You?

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB *Brushing my lips across your neck* Wherever you are, leelan, I am happy.

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *smiling, your words ringing true for me too, watching the sky light up* This is really great, hellren. *loving how everyone is having fun* @Wrath_BDB I just hope the fireworks don’t scare @BOO_BDB off. *laughs*

MaryL_BDB:  *running up to @Vishous_BDB, beaming with excitement* Do you have the one I asked for?

Vishous_BDB: *Pulling out a huge, firework. Almost as tall as @MaryL_BDB* Get your boy. I will set it up. *goes to get it ready so you can light it*

MaryL_BDB: *nodding @Vishous_BDB, spinning as I run back to @Rhage_BDB, taking him by the hand* I have something for you! Come on! *pulling your hand*

Rhage_BDB:  *laughing and following @MaryL_BDB over to where @Vishous_BDB is* What do you have to show me, babe?

Phury_BDB: *Glancing back at @Zsadist_BDB and @BellaR_BDB, seeing them smiling at each other…looking away quickly, back at the fireworks*

Butch_BDB: Hey @John_MatthewBDB *holds out my lighter* You want to set one off?

John_MatthewBDB: @Butch_BDB *perking up, signing* Hell yeah. *taking the lighter from you*

Zsadist_BDB:  *glancing over @John_MatthewBDB, glad to see his ass come up for air out of the damn office. Short of one of us pulling his ass out of it*

John_MatthewBDB: @Butch_BDB *signing* Which one?

Butch_BDB:  *grins, watches @John_MatthewBDB heading toward the fireworks, happy to see him this excited about something* Anyone you want, J-man.

Zsadist_BDB:  *dropping a leg over the side of the chaises, pushing the chair a little further back as fires off. * @BellaR_BDB

Zsadist_BDB: *pulling @BellaR_BDB closer against me into my lap, kissing behind her ear*

MaryL_BDB: *shaking my head, beaming at @Rhage_BDB, reaching on my toes to kiss* Just watch okay! @Vishous_BDB

Rhage_BDB: *Pulling @MaryL_BDB into my arms, her back against my chest, kissing her neck as I wait for @Vishous_BDB to do his thing*

John_MatthewBDB: *grinning and walking over to, lighting each end* @Butch_BDB

FritzDoggen_BDB: *stuck between fretting and viewing the thrilling display in the sky, keeping my hand on an extinguisher*

John_MatthewBDB: *watching the result, glad I didn’t get any duds*

Butch_BDB: *clapping @John_MatthewBDB on the shoulder* Excellent choice. Hell of a light show.

BellaR_BDB: *Not taking my eyes off of as @Zsadist_BDB moves us even further back.*

Zsadist_BDB: *hollering, caught up in the show, wrapping my arms around @BellaR_BDB* @Vishous_BDB Light the fuckers up, Brother. *grinning*

Phury_BDB: *smiling as @Butch_BDB congratulates @John_MatthewBDB on his fireworks display, glad to see the young male engaging with us*

Rhage_BDB: *Turning @MaryL_BDB to see the grin on @John_MatthewBDB ‘s face* Looks like he’s enjoying himself.

John_MatthewBDB: @Butch_BDB *feeling your heavy hand on my shoulder, a twitch of excitement catching me off guard, signing* Thanks, Butch.

Butch_BDB: @John_MatthewBDB Anytime, J-man. Plenty to choose from, don’t stop now. Light ’em up!

John_MatthewBDB: @Butch_BDB *taking your cue and lighting up more* @Butch_BDB

BethR_BDB: *leaning against @Wrath_BDB’s chest, secure in his arms, seeing @John_MatthewBDB smile, feeling happy in this moment.*

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB @Boo_BDB’s not scared of me, so what’s 2 tons of C4? *smirks*

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *laughs* You’re probably right. *sighing in your arms, loving the closeness, watching the fireworks*

Vishous_BDB: *Hands the lighter to @MaryL_BDB* Here ya go @Rhage_BDB

MaryL_BDB: *grins, taking the lighter from @Vishous_BDB* Thank you. *walking up, flicking the lighter… we go!* @Rhage_BDB

MaryL_BDB: *heart aching when I see @John_MatthewBDB, I think he is enjoying himself, hoping he can have just one moment of happiness right now*

John_MatthewBDB: *realizing this sense of being included isn’t meant to last, that I have to keep my head, focus but choosing to live in the now*

Vishous_BDB: *Setting off more fireworks. The sky is already several different colors*

BellaR_BDB: *turning in @Zsadist_BDB’s arms, grinning mischievously* You know, @BethR_BDB had a sparkler earlier. I bet she has more…

Zsadist_BDB: Let me count the ways that’s not happening *gently tilting @BellaR_BDB’s chin up as lights up the sky* For you.

BellaR_BDB: *Looking up to see lighting the sky. Turning back to @Zsadist_BDB, beaming.* For me?

Zsadist_BDB: *running a hand over my skull trim* @BellaR_BDB Yeah…I, ah…*dropping my eyes* I, ah, I got that shit specially for you.

MaryL_BDB: *running back to @Rhage_BDB, turning quickly…not wanting to miss it, eyes trained high into the night sky….waiting*

Rhage_BDB: *Squeezing @MaryL_BDB tight to me* Where did you find that? *Laughing as it starts to fade*

MaryL_BDB: *smiling so big my cheeks hurt, looking up @Rhage_BDB* I had @Vishous_BDB find it for me.

Boo_BDB: *scurries across the lawn, watching* Meow!

Phury_BDB: *looking at the massive fireworks @MaryL_BDB set off for @Rhage_BDB, smiling at the looks of happiness on their faces*

Butch_BDB: *reaching into my pocket, finding another lighter there, setting off a few more*

John_MatthewBDB: *stepping back, standing near the food, sniffing at it, no appetite whatsoever*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *heading back to the kitchen to replenish the refreshments* #vampire #BlackDagger #BehindTheMhis #BDB

Boo_BDB: *following after @Fritz_BDB, running into the mansion*

Vishous_BDB: *Handing some of the sparkly shit to the females* @BellaR_BDB @MaryL_BDB @BethR_BDB here you go

BethR_BDB: *Taking the sparkler from @Vishous_BDB* Thank you, Vishous. *Twirls it around after lighting it* @BellaR_BDB @MaryL_BDB

MaryL_BDB: *taking the sparklers from @Vishous_BDB, laughing as both he and @Rhage_BDB sneer at the smaller ones* @BellaR_BDB @BethR_BDB

Zsadist_BDB: *cocking a brow @Vishous_BDB as he hands @BellaR_BDB a sparkler. Seeing her face light up* Ah, fuck, go ahead *waving hand*

Zsadist_BDB: *Shelving my own worry about the dangers aside, focusing on @BellaR_BDB’s happiness. He smile. Her laughter*

Zsadist_BDB: And making quick work and locating the nearest fire extinguisher. Can’t be too fucking careful.

BellaR_BDB: *leaning in, pressing a kiss to @Zsadist_BDB’s lips… holding the sparkler @Vishous_BDB gave me far away from my body* See! Perfectly fine.

BethR_BDB: *laughing, watching @MaryL_BDB and @BellaR_BDB with their sparklers, happy they are having fun too.*

Phury_BDB: *looking from the show in the sky to see my brothers, their shellans, the cop, @John_MatthewBDB, and the doggen–everyone smiling…*

Phury_BDB: *It’s nice to see everyone happy for a moment…for one night anyway…*

John_MatthewBDB: *can’t wait for the day I am detonating the real shit, but this is pretty damn cool*

Butch_BDB: Since I’m such a happy-go-lucky type of guy

Vishous_BDB: *Taking the biggest, baddest, loudest firework I have over to @John_MatthewBDB* Got this one for you. Blow that shit up, true?

John_MatthewBDB: *eyes going wide, thinking I’d had my share of fun, mouthing the word “thanks” as I grab it from you* @Vishous_BDB

Vishous_BDB: @John_MatthewBDB Come on. This one needs space. *walking to a clearing to set it up* This is gonna be a huge one, true?

John_MatthewBDB: @Vishous_BDB *knowing this one is bigger than any of the others, following you to the clearing*

John_MatthewBDB: *hands sweating in anticipation*

Vishous_BDB: @Butch_BDB lets help @John_MatthewBDB set up the big one. Then he can help us with the grand finale. @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB you in?

Butch_BDB: @Vishous_BDB @John_MatthewBDB That one is definitely not a one person/vampire job. Let’s get it lit! @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

John_MatthewBDB: *looking at both of you seeking the nod, can’t believe I get to do this shit* @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

Butch_BDB: @John_MatthewBDB It’s all you. You’ve got this. @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

Phury_BDB: *watching @John_MatthewBDB show more excitement than he has in months, really glad to see the kid smile*

Zsadist_BDB: *pushing myself up off the chaise* @Vishous_BDB Fuck yeah, brother, I’m in. Let’s light the bastard. @Butch_BDB @Rhage_BDB @John_MatthewBDB

Zsadist_BDB: *giving @BellaR_BDB a quick kiss and heading over to @Vishous_BDB, @Butch_BDB and @Rhage_BDB @John_MatthewBDB*

John_MatthewBDB: *lighting the end and moving back a little* @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB *watching the flame meet the end of the explosive*

BethR_BDB: *watching @John_MatthewBDB, a small smile on my face as he lights the big one.*

Vishous_BDB: *Clapping @John_MatthewBDB on the back* Let’s give them a show. *Heading to the remaining pile of fireworks*

John_MatthewBDB: *the explosion of light followed by a loud popping*

John_MatthewBDB: @Vishous_BDB *following you over to the pile of fireworks left, eyeing it excitedly*

Phury_BDB: *retreating a bit, watching @Zsadist_BDB join @Rhage_BDB, @Butch_BDB, @Vishous_BDB and @John_MatthewBDB, thinking how times have changed*

Butch_BDB: *lighting a few, watching as they all blend together in a massive, kick ass display*

Vishous_BDB: *Setting up the last of the fireworks, letting @John_MatthewBDB light it up*

John_MatthewBDB: *lighting the last of the huge pile at @Vishous_BDB’s command*

John_MatthewBDB: *watching the first of several explode*

BellaR_BDB: *Covering my ears against the rapid pops, looking up at*

John_MatthewBDB: *the sky blowing up*

BethR_BDB: *looking up in the sky at all the different fireworks at once, grinning at the finale* #BDB #Vampire #BlackDagger

Phury_BDB: *Watching the remainder of the fireworks, enjoying the night with my brothers…* #Blackdagger #Vampire #BDB

Vishous_BDB: *Clapping @John_MatthewBDB on the back again. Glad to see him interested again. Watching the show* #blackdagger #vampire #BDB

Rhage_BDB: *Watching the sky explode with color with @MaryL_BDB in my arms* #blackdagger #bdb #vampire

MaryL_BDB: *wrapping my arms tight around @Rhage_BDB, my head on his chest, whispering* I love you. Thank you…for all of this. #Blackdagger #Vampire

Zsadist_BDB: *stepping away from the stash and heading back over to @BellaR_BDB, pulling her against my chest, looking up *

Zsadist_BDB: *dropping my mouth to @BellaR_BDB’s ear* Did you like your sparker, nalla? *kissing down her neck*

BellaR_BDB: *tipping my head, sighing at @Zsadist_BDB’s lips moving over my skin* Yes, I did. And the show. *smiling* But especially my firework.

Zsadist_BDB: Glad you liked it, nalla *smoothing my hands around @BellaR_BDB’s waist and watching the sky light up like a SOB* #Blackdagger #BDB #Vampire

John_MatthewBDB: *feeling like I am a part of something bigger, if only just tonight* #BlackDagger #Vampire #BDB



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