Jane and her Pup

V:  *Sleeping a hard sleep, a dream filling my mind. Seeing it all play out. Another dream of the future*

Jane:  *Reading one of the translations on vampire birthing, @Vishous_BDB asleep next to me, his eyes fluttering.*

V:  *Seeing the future laid out before, this dream does not come in a riddle like the others have. Its clear what this one means*

Jane:  *Hearing little noises coming from @Vishous_BDB, gently placing my hand on your shoulder, squeezing.*

V:  *@DocJaneW_BDB’s touch pulling me out of the dream. Waking up laughing.*

Jane:  @Vishous_BDB *smiling brightly at you, loving that you’re happy… like a puppy* Something good this time?

V:  @DocJaneW_BDB *smiling* Yes it was. My brother is going to be just fine. *leaning back in bed, taking you with me*

V:  @DocJaneW_BDB I saw him out fighting again. I saw him strong. Fed. Healed. *laughs* And he shaves.

Jane:  @Vishous_BDB *your eyes shining bright* The hair scared me more than the ribs so thank god for that.

V:  @DocJaneW_BDB True that. And he mocked my goatee for years. *laughs while pulling you closer to me. Kissing you, growling softly*

Jane:  @Vishous_BDB *Kissing you back, nuzzling my chin against your goatee, your growl making me smile.* I like the goatee, puppy.

V:  @DocJaneW_BDB *laughing, pulling back to look at your beautiful face* Puppy? Are you calling me a puppy? *growls*

Jane:  @Vishous_BDB *laughing with you* Why yes, I think I am, Puppy. Your bark has always been more than your bite. *kissing you again*

V:  @DocJaneW_BDB *raises brow* Has it now? Perhaps you need to be reminded of how much you enjoy my bite *flashes fangs*

Jane:  @Vishous_BDB *eyes flaring, a thrill shooting up my spine* Oh yeah? You gonna show me, Pup?

V:  @DocJaneW_BDB *kissing your neck, getting closer and closer to your vein before biting. Growling deep in my chest at your taste*

Jane:  @Vishous_BDB *sucking in a breath at the feel, digging my nails into your back, whispering playfully* Still my Pup. *biting your ear gently*

V:  @DocJaneW_BDB I will be your Pup any day as long as I get to keep doing this. *growling, kissing down your neck making my way lower*

Jane:  @Vishous_BDB *tingling at the feel of your lips on my skin, the friction of your goatee – nothing puppy about it, all male, all warrior.*

Jane:  @Vishous_BDB *your happiness radiating into my own* Any time, Puppy. #BDB #Pup

V:  *Growling, planning on making @DocJaneW_BDB make some noises of her own* #BDB #Pup


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