Nurse V


Lassiter: *Rolling to my side, my breath causing the grass to sway back and forth against my face*

Lassiter: *Pulling my cell painfully from my ass pocket and planting it next to me. Groaning at what that small act caused me.*

Lassiter: *The tell-tale smell of what is to come lighting a fire under me, spurring on my next action.*

Lassiter: *Giving the ground below me a couple bashes with my head and muttering a last ‘motherfucker’ before typing…slowly…*

Lassiter: @Vishous_BDB *texting* Plehu oyn actub ksaotems l’liksiht nahted o’crette baetaer cneveot tifo tuooot giny dmi?

Vishous: *Seeing a text from @Lassiter_BDB. What the fuck does this asshole want? Reading it, snapping to attention*

V: *reading the text* I’m dying too out of it to even create a better code than this kills me to ask but can you help?

V: *Texting @Lassiter_BDB* Where?

Lassiter: *Wheezing out a derisive laugh, at once thankful and pissed to get a response*

Lassiter: @Vishous_BDB *texting* 13 yawhtron

V: *reads* north way 31

V: *texts @Lassiter_BDB* Right off? S or N?

Lassiter: @Vishous_BDB *texting* Ynnus

V: *texting @Lassiter_BDB* Got it.

Lassiter: *Lifting my head, taking an inventory of some inside things hanging out with outside things on my body*

Lassiter: *adding a very understated text to @Vishous_BDB* Serutusgnirb

V: *reads* bring sutures

V: *texting @Lassiter_BDB* You gonna make it until tonight?

Lassiter: *Rolling to my back, squinting at the blue sky and shining sun. Good fucking question. Riddled with much doubt.*

Lassiter: *slowly and precisely typing out a last text to @Vishous_BDB* Rettebieripmavasroivas

V: *reads* Savior’s a vampire I better.

Lassiter: *Looking back up into the sky, digging my heels in to scoot the dead weight of my body into more direct sunlight…*

Lassiter: *…and thinking of her while I get on with this dying business.*

V: *Jumping up, throwing everything I will need into a backpack*

Butch: *strolling into @Vishous_BDB’s room* Yo, V. What the hell are you doing?

V: @Butch_BDB Nothing, cop. *Walking into the kitchen*

Wrath: *Heading to the pit to talk about tonight’s rotation with @Vishous_BDB and @Butch_BDB*

Butch: *narrowing my eyes at @Vishous_BDB* Then why are you packing up all that shit? And what’s with the-

V: @Butch_BDB NOTHING. Shut up, cop before you-

Wrath: *walking in, hearing the ass end of the convo* @Vishous_BDB @Butch_BDB What’s up, boys? I don’t like the sound of this.

V: @Wrath_BDB It’s all good. Nothing-

Butch: @Wrath_BDB *Interrupting @Vishous_BDB* He’s packing up a Med pack. And- shit, like a pound of sugar?

Wrath: @Vishous_BDB Jesus Christ. When did he get in touch with you? And why the fuck didn’t you talk to me about this?

V: @Wrath_BDB Just now. And I was going to tell you before I left.

Wrath: *long pause* @Vishous_BDB I can’t do this right now. I really fucking can’t do this right now. *walks out*

V: @Wrath_BDB? Come on, Wrath… Shit.

V: *Packing the rest of the necessary supplies before going after @Wrath_BDB* @Butch_BDB, hold it down at the Pit. I’ll be back…

Butch: *Staring as @Vishous_BDB grabs the bag and runs out* What the fuck?

Wrath: *walking back to my office, slamming the door behind me, cursing*

V: *running upstairs, knocking on closed doors of study* @Wrath_BDB? My brother?

Wrath: *Rubbing my eyes underneath my glasses. Fighting down the childish urge to pick my mofo desk up and hurl it at the fireplace*

Wrath: *yelling out* @Vishous_BDB, you come in here it’s at your own risk. I’m on my last fucking nerve with you.

V: *Opening the door, seeing @Wrath_BDB sitting at that little desk, dressed in a black T-shirt and leathers*

V:  @Wrath_BDB  Hey, man, seriously, I wasn’t going to-

Wrath: @Vishous_BDB The fuck you weren’t going in alone-

V: @Wrath_BDB *temper flaring* WHOA. Back the hell up. You don’t call me a liar.

Wrath: *slowly getting up from my desk* @Vishous_BDB Then you don’t play me like a fool.

Wrath: *walking over to @Vishous_BDB* You talk to Z? Phury? Who were you taking with you as back up?

Wrath: @Vishous_BDB I’ll bet you your balls on a plate, none of them know what you’re doing. Do they?

Wrath: *Not even waiting for an answer, since I already know it* DO THEY, @VISHOUS_BDB?

V: *measuring @Wrath_BDB’s stance and realizing we are about an inch and a half away from going at it*

V: *Turning away from @Wrath_BDB, pacing the small office. Lighting a handrolled, inhaling*

Wrath : @Vishous_BDB Were you going to kill him? All nice and quiet? And try being honest. You might get off on it for a change.

V: *stretching my arm out straight from the shoulder, pointing at @Wrath_BDB with the cigarette* Fuck you.

V: *As the silence fills the air I realize I just told the king to fuck off. Shit*   @Wrath_BDB I’m sorry.

Wrath: @Vishous_BDB Screw the apology, I could care less. Answer me.

V: @Wrath_BDB If I were going to off him, why would I bring first aid?

Wrath: @Vishous_BDB You know, I feel like popping you already. And the attitude is REALLY helping here. Who’s your back up?

V: *inhaling on my hand rolled. Opening up my leather jacket flashing the butt of Glock*
@Wrath_BDB Captain Nine Millimeter-

Wrath: *slamming my fist on my desk* @Vishous_BDB YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE?

V: *staring @Wrath_BDB, frustrated, angry. Inhaling on the handrolled*

V:  *Slowly bringing my gloved hand to my mouth, biting through the clasp. Taking the glove off with my fangs*

V: *Moving in slow motion, bringing the lit tip of hand rolled to my bare, glowing palm*

V: *light flares and the butt is ashed immediately* @Wrath_BDB  I can handle myself.

V: @Wrath_BDB I didn’t want anyone else to get hurt and we got a lot of fucking heroes around here. He’s hurt. He’s dying. And he’s hunted.

V: @Wrath_BDB *pacing again* I was going to go and clean him up and then get the hell away from him. That is all.

Wrath: *slowly sits back down*

V: *waiting out the silence* @Wrath_BDB Come on, my Lord. Give me a fucking break here.

Wrath: Trust, @Vishous_BDB. It’s about trust. You should have told me. If you get cracked tonight, how would we have known what happened?

Wrath: @Vishous_BDB I get the motives. But don’t do us any favors, dig?

V: *bending down and picking up my glove, slipping it in my back pocket* @Wrath_BDB So I can go, right.

Wrath: *has to smile* @Vishous_BDB You know, that would work a hell of a lot better if it was phrased as a question, asshole.

Wrath: @Vishous_BDB Yes. Go. At night fall… which is in what?

V: @Wrath_BDB Five minutes. I’ll head out in five minutes.

Wrath: *Rubbing my eyes again* @Vishous_BDB You better fucking hurry up and getcha ass back here.

V: *Stepping out of the mansion, eyeing the sky. Double checking the Glock. Dematerializing to the north*

V: *taking form at the side of the south bound exit 13 on the Northway, I-87, in Saratoga Springs*

V: *Standing on the shoulder of the road, hearing an occasional car go by, lights flaring and fading*

V: *Eyes shallow woods to the right, walking through the short grass into the woods. Smells like wet earth and hot summer nights*

V: *Seeing thin-trunked trees, the leaves of which block the sight of the sky*

V: *Muttering low to the woods in general* Cocksucker, the ambulance has arrived.

V: *Extending my glowing hand, finding the center of my chest and feeling my heart beat*

V: *The pulses coming from my hand matching the rhythm inside my ribcage*

V: Come on, cocksucker… let up on your mhis here big guy. Let me find you. @Lassiter_BDB

V: *Watching the landscape suddenly clear, becoming a flat plane of whiteness. Grass, trees, all of it gone.*

V: *Seeing @Lassiter_BDB laying on the ground about fifty yards away*

V: *Already on the move as the landscape reforms*

V *Slowing down as I approach the prone form of @Lassiter_BDB* Oh, shit. Enemy mine…

V: *Taking a quick scan of @Lassiter_BDB who is laying curled on his side, silver blood saturating the ground like a mercury puddle*

V: *@Lassiter_BDB’s black and blond hair is matted. His normally golden skin now the color of a dove*

V: *And all around me the smell of fresh flowers. The scent of his death…*

V: *…the sweet saturation of the soul that wandered off from the broken body.*

V: *The sun didn’t save him. And trapped the help he needed in a cold stone house far away.*

V: *Kneeling down, stripping the med pack off*

V: @Lassiter_BDB You know something, cocksucker? Death really fucking annoys me.

V: *Pushing @Lassiter_BDB over onto his back*

V: @Lassiter_BDB Yeah, that lesser got you good. But it’s Good Morning Vietnam for you, asshole.

V *Taking my business hand and holding it right over the center of @Lassiter_BDB’s chest* Wakey-wakey.

V: *Lighting the woods with a brilliant explosion of light*

Lassiter: *Hauling in a ragged breath. Chest jacking up off the ground.*

V: *Falling back onto my ass.* @Lassiter_BDB How’s that for an alarm clock?

Lassiter: *Gasping for breath. White eyes flashing open and rolling wildly around. Fighting for breath, life*

V: *Reaching for the med pack* @Lassiter_BDB Okay, you with me?

V: @Lassiter_BDB I’m going to go in and see what’s doing with that chest wound. Nod if you understand me.

Lassiter: *Eyes on @Vishous_BDB, unable to do anything more than gasp like a fish out of water and half-assed nod*

V: *My night vision revealing the unhealed gunshot wound penetrating @Lassiter_BDB’s left lung*

V: *under breath* You know, golden boy, you smell like a sissy when you die. For real. @Lassiter_BDB

Lassiter: *More gasps, slowly lifting hand and extending middle finger @Vishous_BDB*

V: *barking out a harsh laugh @Lassiter_BDB’s characteristic sign of life*

V: @Lassiter_BDB *probing the area carefully* Okay, goldilocks, I can see the bullet.

V: I’m going to take it out and then you’re going to have zone out and do yourself a little healing bit. @Lassiter_BDB

V: @Lassiter_BDB Fucking bullet probably had nickel mixed in with the lead which was what cooked you, right?

Lassiter: @Vishous_BDB *voice hoarse around wheezing breath* Couldn’t get it out

V: @Lassiter_BDB Hard to operate on yourself. *reaching down with callipers* This is going to hurt like a-

Lassiter: MOTHERFUCKER! *finishing @Vishous_BDB’s comment with a pain-filled shout*

V: *Ignoring @Lassiter_BDB’s clearly honest affirmation, continuing to work over the mess that is his chest*

Lassiter:  *Writhing on the ground, torn between preferring death and fighting for life.*

V: @Lassiter_BDB You know…I’d be happy to drill more holes in you if you keep moving.

Lassiter: *Going still since I prefer drilling my own holes*

V: *Pulling the bullet free of @Lassiter_BDB at last* Got it. Okay, do your thing.

Lassiter: *Immediately arching again from the ground, light diffusing from within me and beaming out into the night*

V: *leaning far away from the glowing body of @Lassiter_BDB, throwing my arm up to cover my eyes*

V: *creating a shield to block the force generating from @Lassiter_BDB* Fucking light bright.

Lassiter: *Grinding down on my back teeth to keep from howling as the fire inside me burns and repairs simultaneously*

V: *Lowering my arm and taking in the golden glow emanating from @Lassiter_BDB*

V: @Lassiter_BDB *deadpan* You know, all things considered, it’s a wonder we don’t get along better.

Lassiter: *Taking in a deep breath and looking down at my chest before turning my bright gaze to @Vishous_BDB*

Lassiter: @Vishous_BDB How fucking ironic is this?

V: @Lassiter_BDB Yeah… Anyway, you want me to close you up?

V: Or are you planning on walking around with that big, gaping nasty-ass hole in your chest? @Lassiter_BDB

V: No offense, but you look like a Rick Baker special here. All Werewolf of London and shit. @Lassiter_BDB

Lassiter: *Looking into the shrewd, hard eyes of @Vishous_BDB* Close me.

V: @Lassiter_BDB *fanged smile* Never been so glad to be on the business end of needle before. Even when I’m tatting.

V: *Closing the wound in a series of precise stitches. Black thread on golden skin*

Lassiter:  *Watching @Vishous_BDB put me back together with an unflinching gaze*

V: *Biting off the thread and pitching the needle into the med back when I am finished. Sitting back on my heels.*

Lassiter: *Letting the silence stretch on before putting my hand out to @Vishous_BDB*

Lassiter: *So much lying between us. Yet still…he came.*

V: *Looking down @Lassiter_BDB’s golden palm for a long considering moment before meeting his palm with my own*

V: *Standing up and slinging the med pack over my shoulder* You don’t have to say it. @Lassiter_BDB

Lassiter: @Vishous_BDB Honor’s going to make me. Circle will be closed. Sometime.

V: *Inclining my head once @Lassiter_BDB before looking up at the sky thoughtfully*

V: @Lassiter_BDB Yeah, well, in the words of my roommate, we ain’t datin’. I’ll tell the others you’re alive.

Lassiter: *Adding pointedly before @Vishous_BDB leaves* You know the future. So you must know the when and the where and the why.

V: *Replying derisively to @Lassiter_BDB* That program isn’t working so well right now. Guess it’s on your word.

V: *Looking down again @Lassiter_BDB’s healthy glow* Yeah, ironic as fuck. That’s what this is. You know where to find me. LATER.


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