Xhex_BDB:  *throwing the door to @Rehvenge_BDB’s office open* Who the hell pissed in your Wheaties today?

Rehvenge_BDB: *stopping abruptly, head whipping to @Xhex_BDB* There is a polite courtesy one affords one’s boss. It is known as *sneers* knocking.

Xhex_BDB: *stalking over to @Rehvenge_BDB, pointing in your face* When you blew in here, you got the girls on edge, they’re having performance issues.

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB *makes a dismissive grunt* I find that doubtful.

Xhex_BDB: Our numbers are down. A lot. *throws the initial count at @Rehvenge_BDB’s chest* No one wants to fuck a whore with a red, snotty nose. >

Xhex_BDB: You want to fuck up your drug sales @Rehvenge_BDB, have at it, but those girls are mine to take care of. *pokes you in the chest*

Rehvenge_BDB: *grabbing the file of numbers, looking pointedly at your finger jabbing my chest* @Xhex_BDB No warm up for the bitchfest tonight?

Xhex_BDB: *puts my face right up to yours* This. Is. Not. A. Bitchfest. I’m doing my fucking job. Why are you being such a douchebag, @Rehvenge_BDB?

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB *brows slamming down,eyes gleaming* Maybe if you would have gone through the customary polite greetings of a civilized individual>

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB …I could have got in the news that @BellaR_BDB has been found. Alive. *tilting my head* But you first. Sweetheart.

Xhex_BDB: *eyes widening @Rehvenge_BDB’s news* If she’s alive, why the bug up your ass? *fuck, feeling twice as bad as I had at realizing the date* >

Xhex_BDB: *lashing out @Rehvenge_BDB because he’s going to visit @PrncssSympath_BDB in 5 days & I won’t be allowed to go. Again.* >

Xhex_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB I’d think you’d be happy, not acting like a dick. *eyes narrowing* Honey.

Rehvenge_BDB: *stalking over to the bottle of Blue…thinking the dopamine works great on physical sensation…but damn sure not temper* @Xhex_BDB >

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB Well…doll… *pouring a healthy one* seems I can’t see her yet. *lifts glass in mock salute before downing* >

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB …Thanks to the Brotherhood. But please, about your…drama, shall we? Enlighten me. Sales down? Weeping females? Travesty.

Xhex_BDB: *growls @Rehvenge_BDB’s using the word “doll”, knowing you know how I hate it* Fuck you, boss. You pay me to keep things running smoothly.>

Xhex_BDB: And when you come in here blustering like you haven’t taken a shit in a week, you make it impossible for me to do my job, @Rehvenge_BDB

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB *hand cranking on glass, fangs elongating in a swift rush* Put your goddamn non-existent filter on. Or get the fuck out. Now.

Xhex_BDB: *laughing at the veiled threat* Can’t do that, @Rehvenge_BDB., got business to attend to. *sits in your chair, propping my feet on the teak*

Rehvenge_BDB: *eyes bluging for a moment then narrowing @Xhex_BDB’s actions* This about the whole ‘time of the month’ shit the other night?

Rehvenge_BDB: *thinking it must really be @Xhex_BDB’s time of the month…tread carefully or go for the kill??*

Xhex_BDB: *losing my cool, picking my feet up, slamming them down on the desk* Fuck off, @Rehvenge_BDB. This about the little trip you’re taking.

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB *growls low in my throat* Get. The Fuck. Out. I’m not doing this with you again. *feeling the echo of feeling come alive*

Xhex_BDB: *my voice lowering into a growl* You’re taking me with you, @Rehvenge_BDB.

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB *whipping one fist out before I even know it and cracking it hard on the desk* Goddamn it, Xhex! NEVER…going to happen.

Xhex_BDB: *standing so fast the chair tips over* Why the fuck not, @Rehvenge_BDB? *yelling* My fault you have to do this. Why can’t I go?

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB *voice booming in the low-ceiling office* Not your call. Never will be. Go. Before this goes too far. *fangs bared* And it will.

Xhex_BDB: I deserve a shot at that bitch. *getting up close and personal* But instead I’m left behind, nothing more than a fucking juicebox for you. >

Xhex_BDB: *showing my neck* Go ahead, @Rehvenge_BDB, take what you need and I’ll go sit in my corner like your good girl. *voice dripping with anger*

Rehvenge_BDB: Fuck, @Xhex_BDB. *eyes bolting to your vein of their own volition, the hunger of too much time gone by clawing my gut* Leave. Now…>

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB …before this is more than you going where you have gone a hundred times before. It’ll never change. *shouting* GO!

Rehvenge_BDB: *feeling a fissure bust through the ice that cages me…expanding…demanding…*

Xhex_BDB: *bumping my chest up against yours, eyes flashing* What’s the matter, @Rehvenge_BDB, I know I’m not “good enough” to protect you… >

Xhex_BDB: Now I’m not even good enough to feed you? Well, fuck you hard @Rehvenge_BDB. *angry at myself* Just. Fuck you. *turning to go*

Rehvenge_BDB: *hand snaking out and locking into @Xhex_BDB’s hair, hard…fisting it, cranking her head back around until her face is in mine again*>

Rehvenge_BDB: *hissing through long sharp fangs @Xhex_BDB* Too far… *pulling your head to the left and piercing your vein in one hard strike*

Xhex_BDB: *gasping at the surprise and pain of @Rehvenge_BDB’s bite, stilling, knowing he needs the sustenance to prepare for his monthly torture* >

Xhex_BDB: *knowing that it’s my fault, knowing that @Rehvenge_BDB will never let me take care of the problem for him, this is the best I can do*

Rehvenge_BDB: *Driven by angst…frustration…astonishment…elation…madness…and need…sucking hard from the throat of @Xhex_BDB*

Rehvenge_BDB: *tightening my hand in @Xhex_BDB’s hair, then loosening for a moment until the warmth of her blood breaks through my numbed body*

Rehvenge_BDB: *dropping hand and digging it into @Xhex_BDB’s shoulder reflexively..small low grunts of need heard along with the deep pulls of her blood*

Xhex_BDB: *standing perfectly still while @Rehvenge_BDB settles into the feeding, letting him take what he needs*

Xhex_BDB: *listening to the sounds of @Rehvenge_BDB drink, some of my guilt assuaged knowing that you are gaining strength you badly need*

Rehvenge_BDB: *reality trying to invade the bliss of feeding from @Xhex_BDB…her igniting words no reason for my rough treatment of her…never her*

Rehvenge_BDB: *mind winning over the pleasure of @Xhex_BDB’s blood now fueling me…wanting to scream with the need to keep going, pulling my fangs free*>

Rehvenge_BDB: *spreading and gentling my fingers @Xhex_BDB’s shoulder and running my tongue over the wounds…but keeping my face next to hers a moment*>

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB *voice low and raspy from your blood and the pleasure it brought* Don’t say that again.

Xhex_BDB: *opening my eyes, trying to remember what was said, what @Rehvenge_BDB is talking about, unable to recall for a moment* >

Xhex_BDB: *awareness dawning, shame at being the cause of @Rehvenge_BDB’s predicament returning* I want to fix my own mistake. You’ve paid enough.

Rehvenge_BDB: *wrapping long fingers over @Xhex_BDB’s mouth, pressing her cheek to mine* Really. Shut the fuck up. You’re wasting your breath. >

Rehvenge_BDB: *pushing away from @Xhex_BDB, moving for the chair and righting it with slightly shaking fingers* I’m sorry.

Xhex_BDB: *coming back to the present, backing away from @Rehvenge_BDB realizing there is still shit to be taken care of* What the fuck for?

Rehvenge_BDB: *lowering myself into the chair, not looking @Xhex_BDB* Every name you spewed tonight on me was not even close to accurate…>

Rehvenge_BDB: @Xhex_BDB …after how I just handled… *tongue catching the last of your blood from my lower lip* all of this.

Xhex_BDB: *collecting myself, putting the bravado back on* Jesus Christ, @Rehvenge_BDB, get over yourself. We need to fix this numbers problem. >

Xhex_BDB: *picking up the file I threw @Rehvenge_BDB earlier and getting back to business*

Rehvenge_BDB: *gaping @Xhex_BDB for one common-among-the-male-species moment at her deft switch from hot to cold* Let’s do that.

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