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Rhage: *Kicking my heel against the front door of the Pit, arms loaded down, waiting for @Vishous_BDB or @Butch_BDB to get off their ass* Hurry up
Butch: *opening the door for @Rhage_BDB* Damn, Hollywood, I don’t think that’s enough cheesecake. 3 boxes? That time of the month? @Vishous_BDB

V: @Butch_BDB yeah that is one for us,  two for @Rhage_BDB

Rhage: *Shoving the boxes @Butch_BDB, flipping @Vishous_BDB off as I kick  my flip flops to the side* Get the forks, boys. It’s chow time.

V: *Pulling forks out of a drawer, handing one to @Rhage_BDB and @Butch_BDB*  I want that one *points to a box*

Butch: *handing it over* All you, my Brother. @Vishous_BDB *keeping one, tossing the last back at @Rhage_BDB*

V: *Opens the box, digs in* Good call on the cheesecake @Butch_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Rhage: *Grabbing the box back from @Butch_BDB, not even bothering with a plate diving right in, pulling up a chair next to @Vishous_BDB*

V: I just gotta say you have one hell of a female @Rhage_BDB.  Have you noticed the change in @Zsadist_BDB? @Butch_BDB and I certainly have.

Rhage: *grinning with pride, my @MaryL_BDB* @Vishous_BDB @Butch_BDB About time you fools realized that. She’s something special

Rhage: @Vishous_BDB @Butch_BDB I can’t get over the change in @Zsadist_BDB, though. He’s a new person. It’s good though. Damn good to see.

Butch: @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB I knew he had it in him all along. Way back when @BellaR_BDB got grabbed. I saw a male of worth in him @Zsadist_BDB

Lassiter: *Barging into the pit, not bothering to knock. Taking the scene in. Three brothers sitting at a little table all eating cheesecake*

Lassiter:  Well don’t you all remind me of something *clicking on a Golden Girls marathon* @Vishous_BDB @Butch_BDB @Rhage_BDB


The Golden Girls BDB Style Starring 


Butch as Sophia

V as Dorothy


Rhage as Blanche


and Lassiter as Rose

Butch: Did this idiot just touch our TV? We were half watching that! @Lassiter_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB

V: @Butch_BDB Yes he did. He has no manners. *shakes head* @Lassiter_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Rhage: @Butch_BDB hey, that’s some damn good television. Better than the shit you two usually watch @Vishous_BDB  *sitting with @Lassiter_BDB*

Lassiter: @Rhage_BDB Well at least one of you has good taste. In TV at least *whispers*  certainly not in that outfit. @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Rhage: *Snatching the remote from @Lassiter_BDB* No one invited you, you know. Make yourself useful, put some tea on @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Lassiter: @Rhage_BDB *Stomps off to make the tea* Did you two eat all the cheesecake already?  I want some. @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Rhage: *muttering as @Lassiter_BDB walks off* at least we’re real soldiers, not just playing dress up @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB

V: @Rhage_BDB You forget, @Lassiter_BDB doesn’t know the meaning of the word useful.  @Butch_BDB

Butch: @Lassiter_BDB @Rhage_BDB finished his ages ago. And would you look at that *licks the last crumbs* All gone. @Vishous_BDB

Lassiter: *flipping you all off* @Butch_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB you three are just a big pile of garconanokin.

Butch: @Lassiter_BDB Garco-what? We don’t use that one back in Sicily… I mean, Southie @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Lassiter: @Butch_BDB Back in St Olaf we use it all the time. Who’s the smart one now?  @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Rhage: *Snatching @Vishous_BDB’s last piece of cheesecake, devouring it, smiling around the last bite* Thanks, sugar

V:  *Tossing my napkin on the table* Every damn time @Rhage_BDB. You are insatiable.

Rhage: *Flopping back against the couch, glaring @Butch_BDB and @Vishous_BDB* why did you let me eat it all. It’s going to go straight to my thighs

Butch: @Rhage_BDB You’re the one who brought us one each. Want to work out your thighs? Keep em shut for a change @Vishous_BDB

Lassiter: *Bringing the tea in, pouring it in cups*  @Rhage_BDB @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB You know, back in my old town there was a man named-

V: Shut up @Lassiter_BDB. @Rhage_BDB @Butch_BDB

Butch: @Lassiter_BDB Shut it! @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Rhage: Shut up @Lassiter_BDB @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Rhage: *Standing by the couch, doing squats, trying to burn off the cheesecake*

V:  @Rhage_BDB If you really work hard and believe in yourself that thigh fat will go away. Right @Butch_BDB?

Butch: *closing my eyes, face strained in deep concentration* @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Rhage: *Staring @Butch_BDB, stopping mid-squat* Don’t concentrate too hard, not sure your brain can handle it.  @Vishous_BDB

V: @Butch_BDB Ma, what’s wrong?  @Rhage_BDB @Lassiter_BDB

Lassiter: @Rhage_BDB @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB Well *crosses my arms* how rude. And I brought you each a traditional St Olaf fun pack.*holds out gifts*

Butch: @Vishous_BDB You said if I closed my eyes and believed, things go away. I’m hoping it works on @Lassiter_BDB @Rhage_BDB

V: *closes my eyes too* @Butch_BDB Maybe the power of two will help  @Lassiter_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Rhage: @Lassiter_BDB What in the sweet hell is a St. Olaf fun pack? @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Lassiter: @Rhage_BDB @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB *BEAMS* it contains a pack of gum, a bar of soap and sock puppets *holds up puppets*

Lassiter: *Playing with the puppets* I pretend they are you @Rhage_BDB @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB *makes the puppets do stupid things*

Butch: @Lassiter_BDB That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard *throws the nearest bottle of Goose at the angel’s head* @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB

V: @Butch_BDB Hey! Don’t make me put you in a home, Ma. We don’t waste good Goose. @Lassiter_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Rhage: @Vishous_BDB @Butch_BDB I think you’re on to something here *closing my eyes, concentrating as I do my squats* @Lassiter_BDB

Lassiter: *grabs the fun packs*  You don’t deserve these @Butch_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB *Storms out of the pit*

V: @Butch_BDB @Rhage_BDB Well now we know how to get rid of @Lassiter_BDB, true?

Butch: @Vishous_BDB *grabs my cross* Gotta love the power of prayer. @Rhage_BDB @Lassiter_BDB

Rhage: *Watching @Lassiter_BDB storm out, grabbing the spare cheesecake from the freezer* @Vishous_BDB @Butch_BDB now that he’s gone…

Butch: I like the way you think, @Rhage_BDB. *heading to the couch to change the channel* Hey, where did the remote go? @Lassiter_BDB @Vishous_BDB

V: @Butch_BDB @Rhage_BDB  That damn blonde fluff-head took the remote. @Lassiter_BDB  #BDBGoldenGirlsStyle #CheesecakeForTheWin

Lassiter: *laughing as I walk down the hall, remote in my fun bag* @Vishous_BDB @Butch_BDB @Rhage_BDB  #FluffHeadForTheWin #BDBGoldenGirlsStyle

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