The Attic


Check In

RathbooneDoggen: *Pulling new sheets tight on the bed in Room 217. Recent activity has left the old ones threadbare*

RathbooneDoggen:  *And we cannot have that for any guest in Room 217 or otherwise.*

RathbooneDoggen: *Straightening the picture on the wall once more. Assuredly @Murhder_BDB will set it crooked again. Master’s vision is anything but level*

RathbooneDoggen: *But we are all a little off here at #TheInn

Wendy: *Loading my luggage into the trunk, then heading inside to double check that everything is off… all the doors locked before leaving.*

Wendy: *Sliding behind the wheel of my car, I put my purse on the passenger seat and extract the brochure, entering the address into the GPS.*

Wendy: *Taking a last look at the picturesque Civil War home that I will be sleeping in tonight, driving away from my home towards my destination.*

Wendy: *The two hour plus drive from Savannah to the Inn gives me plenty of time to ponder how life can send you down paths you never considered.*

Wendy: *A few months ago, I received some boxes of old books from an estate that had been purchased…the new owners gutting the house completely.*

Wendy: *As the owner of bookstore specializing in old and rare books, I was thrilled with the acquisition.*

Wendy: *While sorting and categorizing the books, I came across a journal. Upon first glance, it was apparent that it was very old…*

Wendy: *And indeed it was. It had been written the year of 1906, and inside were the memoirs of a slave, who escaped their lot.*

Wendy: *The person who had written it, had waited many years to write down the grueling and harrowing experience of their escape.*

Wendy: *They had not wanted to jeopardize the Underground Railroad, and the abolitionists who had risked their lives for the cause.*

Wendy: *Still, 50 years later, few names were mentioned…but one had stood out, due to the tragic ending of the abolitionists life. Rathboone.*

Wendy: *Rathboone. As soon as I had read it, the name struck a chord within me. I thought perhaps I read it elsewhere in a local history.*

Wendy: *No, it was something much less obscure. A friend of mine had recently stayed at an Inn, just outside of Charleston.*

Wendy: *She had raved on and on about it, the beautiful house, the grounds…and she swore it was the best sleep she had ever had.*

Wendy: *She had left me a brochure, insisting that I must visit. I agreed with her, just to quiet her on the subject…and set the brochure aside.*

Wendy: *I recalled the name Rathboone from the excited ramblings of my friend. I located the brochure and sure enough, it was his very home.*

Wendy: *The following weeks were spent tracking down every bit of information I could find. I searched through books in my own store…*

Wendy: *Hunted through libraries, scrutinzied every connection in Google I came across. Details were sketchy at best, regarding his death.*

Wendy: *Just that he was in his prime when tragedy struck. I am curious by nature and Rathboone’s story would not leave me in peace.*

Wendy: *I wanted to know more. Not just what I could read in a book or find online. I wanted to see the very house where he had lived.*

Wendy: *I wanted to know more about the personal life of this man who had saved so many lives…and then paid for it with his own.*

Wendy: *Pulling myself out of my thoughts and concentrating fully on the road, as the miles slip away.*

Wendy: *Bringing me closer to #TheInn, hopefully to fulfill all of my unanswered questions regarding Eliahu Rathboone.*

Wendy: *After checking in, I had done a little wander around Rathboone’s lovely Civil War home that was now a sumptuous Inn*

Wendy: *Everything looked as I had imagined, from the antique furniture, the Persian rugs and the pristine oil paintings any museum would kill for*

Wendy: *The portrait of Eliahu Rathboone…quite took my breath away. I had read descriptions of him during my research…*

Wendy: *but nothing prepared me for the stunning man who sat in the portrait. His eyes…*shivers* I don’t think I’ll ever forget them.*

Wendy: *Settled in my room for the night, fully prepared for a thorough perusal of the house and grounds the following day.*

Wendy: *At least until the banging started above my head…and the thumping. I was sure @RathbooneDoggen mentioned there were only two floors…*

Wendy: *Throwing back the covers, I consider changing from my shorts and camisole, but throw a robe over it instead and peek out into the hallway.*

Wendy: *Walking down the staircase to the front desk, I ring the bell and wait for @RathbooneDoggen. Something is up there making that noise…*

RathbooneDoggen: *Hurrying out with silent steps to find our guest of honor, @Wendy_BDB at the registration waiting. Grinning in my practiced, pleasant way*

RathbooneDoggen: @Wendy_BDB You rang?

Murhder: *Looking down at the spilled tray, knowing @RathbooneDoggen will handle it later. But for now…we play.*

Wendy: @RathbooneDoggen I did. *dry* I was sure you mentioned that there are only two floors of rooms, yet I’ve been hearing noises above mine.*

Murhder: *Setting up each marble piece. Certain to win.*

RathbooneDoggen: *Eyes flaring eccentrically wide* @Wendy_BDB Bats. Unfortunately they have taken residence in the attic. I ask that you avoid exploration.

Wendy: @RathbooneDoggen Bats. *unable to hide my skepticism* You expect me to believe that little bats are making that racket? *arching a brow*

RathbooneDoggen: *Inquisitive, this @Wendy_BDB is. Lips twisting into a forced smile, diverting* What is of more importance is your safety.

RathbooneDoggen: @Wendy_BDB The stairs are in utter need of repair and are not safe for your trespass. I will investigate the disturbance personally.

Wendy: @RathbooneDoggen *bullshit meter off the charts, pretending acquiescence instead* Of course. I trust you will handle it. Thank you.

Wendy: And have a good evening. *smiling sweetly @RathbooneDoggen, turning to ascend the stairs*

RathbooneDoggen: *Calling after @Wendy_BDB* Do let me know if I can make you more comfortable.

Wendy: *Walking past my room 217, I pass the others until I come to end of the hall. There must be a stairway here somewhere…*

RathbooneDoggen: *Retrieving the Excedrin PM in the case that this hyper-curious guest may need it. Highly probable*

Wendy: *Storage, Housekeeping…Exit. Turning the knob, to find it locked. Running back to the door marked Housekeeping, I open it to search for..*

Wendy: *Ha! Yes…there’s always a toolkit somewhere handy. Grinning, I extract a small screwdriver and return to the door.*

Murhder: *Looking from the window and the night beyond to the stairs. That is not the blundering of @RathbooneDoggen I hear.*

Murhder: *Lips unfurling into a carnivorous grin. Not bothering to move from my reclined seat at the table. Boots up and fingers on a pawn.*

Wendy: *Having learned from an early age how to jimmy these old locks, it takes only a few moments to spring the lock free.*

Murhder: *A break in the monotony of the countless, ceaseless nights. Someone’s misstep into happenstance, my minute reward of fate.*

Wendy: *Easing the door open, I find a set of stairs to a third floor. Starting up the stairway, it suddenly occurs that this is not a wise course*

Murhder: *Our chess game must wait. I have a visitor to host. Or is it delivery service? Incidentally…I am hungry.*

Wendy: *But @RathbooneDoggen’s warning and my curiosity override my sudden fear, and I keep ascending to the door at the top of the stairs.*

Murhder: *The audacity of my future meal astounds…*

Wendy: *Arriving at the door, placing my hand on the doorknob, I expect to find it locked but it turns easily under my hand.*

Wendy: *The room is dark, except for what appears to be an…oil lamp? The room is huge, with sloping walls and devoid of any furniture, except…*

Murhder: @Wendy_BDB *Voice crawling out of my shadowed part of the cavernous attic* Let me guess. Got turned around? Lost?

Wendy: *starting violently at the deep voice that comes out of the darkness, thinking now this really was a bad idea* @Murhder_BDB

Wendy: *strangely enough though, I can’t turn and leave without seeing who belongs to that compelling voice* @Murhder_BDB

Wendy: *forcing myself to calm down, clearing my throat and standing straight* @Murhder_BDB So you’re the thing that goes bump in the night?

Murhder: @Wendy_BDB *dropping feet to the floor and standing* I’ve been called worse. Much worse. *certain she can’t see the worst yet*

Murhder: @Wendy_BDB Did @RathbooneDoggen not inform you that the third floor… *sweeping hands out wide* THIS third floor, was off limits?

Murhder: *seems correction may be in order for my doggen*

Wendy: *As @Murhder_BDB steps into the light, my knees weaken momentarily…he looks just like Rathboone. He must be a descendent…*

Wendy: *Lifting my chin @Murhder_BDB* Yes, @RathbooneDoggen told me. Should I have stayed in my room, waiting for the ceiling to fall in?

Murhder: *Prowling first to the left, then to the right of @Wendy_BDB* Are you insulting me or the construction of this establishment?

Wendy: *@Murhder_BDB’s restless pacing is unnerving, taking a step back* No, merely your lack of respect for those trying to rest.

Murhder: *Rolling my predatory gaze over @Wendy_BDB* You smell like too much curiosity and lack of sense. *eating up the distance just lost*

Murhder: *Bet she tastes like fear and honey by the time I get my fangs buried in that white…slender…tempting throat of hers*

Wendy: *@Murhder_BDB’s sudden advance has me scrambling backwards, until my back hits a wall. Heart pounding, he stares down at me and his eyes…*

Wendy: *are the very eyes that had captivated me in the portrait of Rathboone downstairs. It couldn’t be him, that is…* @Murhder_BDB

Murhder: *Tilting my head @Wendy_BDB, lifting brow* Crazy? I can assure you… *shakes head* I am. *nods, giving a twisted grin to back up my claim*

Wendy: *Fear blooms in my chest, sliding my hand out along the wall, my body following, searching for the door* @Murhder_BDB Stay away from me.

Murhder: @Wendy_BDB *following, licking my lips..head spinning with hunger, need, and the ever-present regret of every day that came before* Why?

Wendy: *Terrified as I am watching @Murhder_BDB track me, under the terror, I can feel my body responding favorably to him…this is fucked up*

Wendy: *fear and common sense win out though as I continue to slide along the wall* @Murhder_BDB I just wanna go back to my room.

Murhder: *Moving steadily closer to @Wendy_BDB, tilting my head the other way…a new perspective to study my quarry* Why?

Wendy: *Feeling another wave of arousal under the fear, stumbling* @Murhder_BDB Well, I’m very confused, and I just need time to think things over.

Murhder: *Wanting to see this vagrant, this usurper into my haven, widen her eyes in terror.Giving @Wendy_BDB a crooked terrifying and knowing smile*

Murhder: @Wendy_BDB You’ve had your whole FUCKING LIFE to think things over, what good’s a few minutes more gonna do you now? *dark chuckle*

Wendy: *This situation gone from bad to worse, my body trembling, voice shaking in a whispering plead* @Murhder_BDB Please… Don’t hurt me.

Murhder: *Dematerializing and reappearing in front @Wendy_BDB, looming over her before she can understand my actions* I’m not going to hurt you.

Murhder: *Shock value almost always provides a well-seasoned meal.*

Wendy: *A scream lodges in my throat as @Murhder_BDB disappears and reappears suddenly in front of me. Frozen in place, unable to move or speak.*

Murhder: *Using my body to crowd @Wendy_BDB against the door. One large palm resting next to her shoulder.*

Wendy: *As @Murhder_BDB looms over me, feeling his body heat, smelling his body responding despite myself, whispering* Stay away from me.

Murhder: *Effectively caging @Wendy_BDB completely* Darling human. You didn’t let me finish. I’m not going going to hurt you…

Murhder: *Fangs punching down, smiling widely @Wendy_BDB with no restraint* I’m just having you for dinner.

Wendy: *my mind not accepting the appearance of @Murhder_BDB’s fangs…my body reacts regardless, my hands pushing ineffectually against his chest*

Murhder: *Spinning @Wendy_BDB, dragging her back up against my chest with one hand, covering her mouth and easily silencing her with the other*

Murhder: *The entire room falling under mhis, blanketing us in a dream-like haze even as I roll along @Wendy_BDB’s mind*

Murhder: *Opening my mouth wide, angling just so before snapping my jaw closed on @Wendy_BDB’s neck.Fangs sinking deep over her rapidly pulsing vein*

Wendy: *@Murhder_BDB’s chest is warm at my back, and I feel calm…almost displaced from from my surroundings*

Wendy: *The calm is suddenly broken, feeling as though every nerve ending in my body has come alive*

Wendy: *hypersensitive to the feel of @Murhder_BDB’s hand sliding from my mouth, fingers trailing down my neck*

Murhder: *Weaving @Wendy_BDB deeper into a dream of my own creation while I suck her warm rich blood down my throat*

Murhder: *Feeding @Wendy_BDB’s mind with the vision of a strangely elusive ghost, my lips grinning against her hot silky skin. Fingers stroking.*

Murhder: *A relaxing stay at an old inn, a calming retreat from life…and a presence of something, someone who resides there in the shadows.*

Murhder: *Losing myself in the dream for this moment, forcing back the plaguing demons from my past*

Murhder: *Though they fight me. Always, they fight me…*

Murhder: *Pulling my fangs slowly free of @Wendy_BDB’s tender moistened skin, sliding my tongue over the punctures I’ve made*

Murhder: *I could take her now, my inquisitive little guest. Make her resistance fall completely away.*

Murhder: *I could let her arms come around me and her legs fall open.*

Murhder: *Demons have red eyes. Does @Wendy_BDB know that? I’ve seen them for myself. Every time I close my own.*

Murhder: *Dropping my hands abruptly from the quite delicious @Wendy_BDB. Retreating back from her as if pulled.*

Wendy: *Abruptly pulled from my pleasurable haze as the warmth against my back disappears* @Murhder_BDB

Wendy: *Turning to see @Murhder_BDB standing there…the compelling thought that this is Rathboone’s ghost. Though I feel no fear.*

Murhder: *Keeping my grip on @Wendy_BDB’s mind even as I lose the grip on mine* Tell me what you found here.

Wendy: *feeling the answer spill effortlessly from my lips* @Murhder_BDB Nothing but shadows.

Murhder: *Dipping my head, eyes alight from the shadows again* You will go now, @Wendy_BDB. Your…patronage was most appreciated.

Wendy: Turning without a word, though my mind rebels at doing so, leaving the room to descend the stairs back to room 217.* @Murhder_BDB

Wendy: *Crawling under the covers, exhaustion creeps over me and I lose myself to the bliss of a deep sleep.* @Murhder_BDB

Murhder: *Sitting again, rolling my tongue over my bottom lip to catch the last of @Wendy_BDB before turning my gaze back to the empty night.

Check Out

Wendy: *Packing the last item, zipping up the bag and taking a last look around. I can’t remember the last time I slept as well as last night.*

RathbooneDoggen: *Standing staunchly behind the registration desk, eyeing the clock in my periphery*

Wendy: *Making my way down the stairs, compelled to stop by Rathboone’s portrait one last time. His eyes stir a memory..a dark room a deep silky voice*

RathbooneDoggen: *Tapping my fingers on the desk with the rhythm of impatience*

Wendy: *Pain lances my temple, but as the memory fades, so does the pain. I know there is something here…something more than noises and shadows.*

Wendy: *Knowing that I’ll be back one day to satisfy my curiosity, as yet unsatisfied. Heading to the desk, where @RathbooneDoggen waits.*

RathbooneDoggen: *Corners of lips lifting in a tight smile as @Wendy_BDB approaches. I shall always think of her as a cat. Curious this one.*

RathbooneDoggen: @Wendy_BDB I trust you slept well? *wonders at how the sheets fared this time*

Wendy: *Smiling @RathbooneDoggen’s polite words, regardless of his slightly dry demeanor* I slept perfectly well, thank you.

RathbooneDoggen: *Forces smile wider, tone softer @Wendy_BDB* I hope that you found the environment peaceful…quiet? *quirking a brow*

Wendy: @RathbooneDoggen Why yes, very quiet..*even as I speak the words, the falseness of them resonates…stirring a memory of a conversation*

Wendy: *Yes…a conversation with @RathbooneDoggen regarding…bats? Pain once again shoots through my temple, raising a hand to soothe it away.*

RathbooneDoggen: *Smile altering to a more genuine state* @Wendy_BDB I am most pleased to hear so. I do hope you shall be returning.

RathbooneDoggen: @Wendy_BDB It would be most welcomed to have your thoughts here: On your stay and anything we can do to improve.

Wendy: *Pain fading, lifting my eyes to @RathbooneDoggen*Yes, I will most assuredly be returning soon and will happily recommend for future guests.

RathbooneDoggen: *Walking around the counter, grabbing @Wendy_BDB’s bag. Looking down in horror at one of @Murhder_BDB’s socks adhered to my shoe sole*

RathbooneDoggen: *Casually dislodging the sock with a press of my other foot* @Wendy_BDB I am happy to walk you to your car.

Wendy: Yes, thank you. *Following @RathbooneDoggen to my car, finding I am relucant to leave but content in the knowledge that I will return*

RathbooneDoggen: @Wendy_BDB *lifting the suitcase into the trunk, closing it* Safest of travels. #TheInn will await your return. #BDB

Wendy: *Waving to @RathbooneDoggen, driving home, anticipating writing my experience, to pin down the elusive memories I know exist.* #TheInn #BDB

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