Twin Induction



Wrath_BDB:  *guiding @Phury_BDB deep into the cave*

Phury_BDB: *treading slowly as I am led to my destiny, one with the Brotherhood*

DariusBDB:  *leading @Zsadist_BDB behind his brother*

Zsadist_BDB: *letting myself be led by unknown hands along a glossy floor, head down, hands tight behind my back*

DariusBDB: *stopping before the altar, addressing @Zsadist_BDB and @Phury_BDB* You
are unworthy to enter herein as you stand now. Nod your affirmation.

Zsadist_BDB: *nodding*

Phury_BDB: *nodding*

DariusBDB:  @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB Now, speak herein that you are unworthy.

Zsadist_BDB: *unable to steady my trembling voice* @DariusBDB I am unworthy.

Phury_BDB: *in unison with @Zsadist_BDB* @DariusBDB I am unworthy.

Wrath_BDB: *shouting in protest in the Old Language*

Vishous_BDB: *shouting in protest*

DariusBDB: *raising my voice in words of protest in the Old Language*

Rhage_BDB:  *Shouting loudly in protest*

Murhder_BDB:  *Shouting in protest in the Old Language*

DariusBDB:  @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB Though you are not worthy, you desire to become as such this night. Nod your affirmations.

Zsadist_BDB:  *nodding*

Phury_BDB:  *nodding*

DariusBDB:  @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB  Now say that you wish to become worthy.

Zsadist_BDB:  *listening for @Phury_BDB’s voice* @DariusBDB I wish to become worthy.

Phury_BDB:  *hearing @Zsadist_BDB speak, joining my voice with his* @DariusBDB I wish to  become worthy. 

Vishous_BDB:  *Cheering loudly in the Old Language*

Rhage_BDB: *Cheering hard*

DariusBDB: *Cheering loudly in approval, raising my fist in the air*

Wrath_BDB:  *Cheering in the Old Language*

Murhder_BDB: *Showing my support, fists raised, cheering loudly in the Old Language*

DariusBDB:  *speaking solemnly* @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB There is only one way to become worthy and it is the right and proper way. 

DariusBDB: *pausing reverently* @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB Flesh of our flesh. Nod your affirmations. 

Phury_BDB: *nodding*

Zsadist_BDB: *nodding at @DariusBDB*

DariusBDB: @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB  Now, say that you wish to become flesh of our flesh.

Phury_BDB:  *calling out* @DariusBDB I wish to become flesh of your flesh.

Zsadist_BDB:  *hearing @Phury_BDB, answering with him* @DariusBDB I wish to become flesh of your flesh.

Wrath_BDB: *Chanting in the Old Language, moving toward @Phury_BDB and @Zsadist_BDB*

Rhage_BDB: *Moving toward @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB chanting low in the Old Language*

Vishous_BDB: *Moving toward @Phury_BDB and @Zsadist_BDB, chanting

DariusBDB: *chanting with my Brothers as we move in formation*

Murhder_BDB:  *Moving toward @Phury_BDB and @Zsadist_BDB, chanting in the Old Language*

Zsadist_BDB: *flinching at the movement behind me, at first striking fear, then calming as I find myself moving with them, chanting*

Phury_BDB: *feeling a joining, a union as I move alongside @Zsadist_BDB and the others, being led again until we reach an open space and are halted* 

: *being directed up stairs to God knows what fate, fear licking at me though this is what I asked for, wanted* 

Phury_BDB:  *knowing whatever it is I must face, this will keep my twin, @Zsadist_BDB at my side, safe*

: *with deep authority* Who proposes these males? 

DariusBDB:  *voice strong and sure* I, Darius, warrior of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, do. @Scribe_Virgin

Scribe_Virgin: *projecting loudly* Who rejects these males?

Zsadist_BDB: *the silence deafening and relieved by it at the same time.*

Phury_BDB: *hearing a welcomed and reassuring silence in response to the @Scribe_Virgin’s question*

:  On the basis of testimony from @Wrath_BDB, and upon the proposal by @DariusBDB

Scribe_Virgin:  I find these males before me, @Phury_BDB and @Zsadist_BDB, descended of the line of  the great warrior, Ahgony

: and of the blooded maternal line of the noble female, Naseen,  appropriate for nomination unto the Brotherhood. You may begin.

: Turn @Phury_BDB, reveal him.

: *turning @Phury_BDB, removing his robe and walking away*

DariusBDB: Lift thine eyes, @Phury_BDB

Zsadist_BDB: *heart pounding in my chest, nervous for @Phury_BDB, palms sweating, keeping my stare focused on the glossy floor.*

Phury_BDB: *Lifting my eyes to see all of the brothers in the flickering light of candles*

DariusBDB:  @Phury_BDB Step back against the wall and hold to the pegs. *nodding at @Wrath_BDB to begin*

Phury_BDB: *Backing up against the wall, gripping the pegs, lifting my chest in pride, settling against the cool stone* 

Wrath_BDB:  *pulling on the barbed glove, gripping the dagger and approaching @Phury_BDB* 

Zsadist_BDB: *lack of sight doing a number on my head, fear increasing with every passing moment @Phury_BDB*  

Phury_BDB:  *keeping composed as @Wrath_BDB stands before me and draws a line down his wrist with the dagger*

Wrath_BDB: *bleeding into the skull, the chalice, turning to look @Phury_BDB in the eye as I lick my wound closed* My flesh.

Phury_BDB: *the heat of @Wrath_BDB as he approaches is not one of comfort*

Wrath_BDB: *cranking @Phury_BDB’s head to the side, and clamping down at the thick artery at his neck then pulling back* Your flesh.

Wrath_BDB: *hitting @Phury_BDB in the left pec with a hard throw of my fist, stepping back and handing off the glove to @Vishous_BDB*

Phury_BDB:  *holding in a wince, wanting to yell but steeling myself against what might set @Zsadist_BDB off*

Phury_BDB: *adrenaline kicking in as @Vishous_BDB repeats the ritual and then @Rhage_BDB, finally @Tohrment_BDB*

Zsadist_BDB: *hearing the repeated slap of a fist hitting flesh, clenching my jaw and anchoring myself in place.*

Murhder_BDB: *smiling sinisterly as I approach the dais, sliding the dagger along my wrist and adding my blood to that of my Brothers*

Phury_BDB:  *seeing the darkness in @Murhder_BDB’s eyes as he approaches, my will to resist pain growing weaker against the wounds on my flesh*

Murhder_BDB: *staring through slitted eyes* @Phury_BDB My flesh. *baring my fangs and sinking them into your neck* Your flesh.

Zsadist_BDB:  *minutes taking hours to pass, fighting the urge to lift my eyes, to check on @Phury_BDB, just back from the brink of death*

Phury_BDB: *unsuccessfully trying to hold in a scream as @Murhder_BDB levels his heavy fist into my chest before handing off the glove to @DariusBDB* 

Zsadist_BDB: *remaining stoic despite my instincts to fight flaring as @Phury_BDB’s scream rips through the cave.*

Phury_BDB: *finding a comfort in @DariusBDB’s eyes but no relief in his actions as he completes the ritual, fearing @Zsadist_BDB’s further suffering*

DariusBDB: *Turning to @Zsadist_BDB*  Do you wish to forge this bond with your blooded twin?  

Phury_BDB: *Inhaling sharply, fearing I heard @DariusBDB incorrectly. Looking @Zsadist_BDB*

Zsadist_BDB: *momentarily stunned, knowing this is not the normal way*  @Darius_BDB I do.  

DariusBDB: *Handing the glove to @Zsadist_BDB, nodding for him to perform the ritual*  

Zsadist_BDB: *Remaining robed, keeping my eyes down until I am face to face with my twin. Locking eyes with @Phury_BDB* 

Phury_BDB: *Looking into @Zsadist_BDB’s face, pride that we will now be brothers in another sense filling me*  

Zsadist_BDB: *Slicing my wrist, pouring my blood into the chalice* My flesh. *biting into @Phury_BDB* Your flesh.  

Zsadist_BDB: *Locking eyes with @Phury_BDB once more before slamming the glove into his chest. Stepping back away from the rest*  

DariusBDB: *grabbing the filled chalice and holding it above my head* This is the first of us. Hail to him, the warrior who birthed the Brotherhood.

Vishous_BDB:  *Shouting out a war cry*

Wrath_BDB: *Crying out in the Old Language as @DariusBDB holds the chalice*

Rhage_BDB: *Sending up a war cry*

DariusBDB:  *Letting go of a loud war cry*

Murhder_BDB:  *Yelling out in the Old Language*

DariusBDB:  *turning to @Phury_BDB* Drink and join us.

Phury_BDB: *taking what is offered to me from @DariusBDB, drinking in thick gulps as the Brotherhood’s voices rise in chant*

DariusBDB: *taking the emptied vessel from @Phury_BDB*  Grip the pegs, mine Brother. 

Phury_BDB: *gripping the pegs as raw power rushes through me, overwhelming me, overtaking me, my body roaring, sound escaping my lungs—*

DariusBDB:  *watching as @Phury_BDB falls limp against the wall, nodding to my Brothers @Wrath_BDB and @Vishous_BDB*

Vishous_BDB: *Holding onto @Phury_BDB as he moves away from the wall, helping him into his robe*

Phury_BDB: *Weak as hell but determined to see @Zsadist_BDB through this* 

Murhder_BDB: *turning @Zsadist_BDB, removing his robe and walking away*

: *feeling the cool air on my skin as my robe is removed.*

DariusBDB: Lift thine eyes, @Zsadist_BDB

Zsadist_BDB: *lifting my head, sucking in a breath at the sight of my surroundings, the scent of blood and sweat invading my nose.*

Zsadist_BDB: *frantically scanning for @Phury_BDB*

DariusBDB:  @Zsadist_BDB Step back against the wall and hold to the pegs. *nodding at @Wrath_BDB to start the ritual anew*

Zsadist_BDB:  *resisting the urge to fight back, the cool wall almost stinging my skin, reminding me of the scars that line my back as I grip the pegs*  

: *bracing myself as @Wrath_BDB brings the earlier sounds to life in front of me, his jaw strong around my neck*

Vishous_BDB:  *taking the glove from @Wrath_BDB, slicing my wrist in a quick, precise move* @Zsadist_BDB. My flesh. *drawing my tongue up the wound*

Zsadist_BDB: *hearing a hiss emit from @Vishous_BDB as he approaches me*  

Vishous_BDB:  *tilting @Zsadist_BDB’s jaw with a firm hand and clamping down on his vein, stepping back* Your flesh. 

Zsadist_BDB: *crying out as @Vishous_BDB’s fist makes sharp contact with my chest*

Phury_BDB: *Leaning against a cave wall, fighting the urge to pass out. Needing to be here for @Zsadist_BDB* 

Vishous_BDB: *handing off the glove to @Rhage_BDB*

Rhage_BDB: *scoring my wrist, adding my blood once again to the chalice* @Zsadist_BDB My flesh.

Zsadist_BDB:  *gripping the pegs so tightly my hands have numbed*

Rhage_BDB: *dipping my head to @Zsadist_BDB’s neck, biting* Your flesh. *delivering a quick punch to his chest so he has no time to think about it*

Zsadist_BDB:  *my chest screaming in pain, my neck throbbing as @Tohrment_BDB approaches me next, followed by the Brother @Murhder_BDB*

Murhder_BDB:  *offering the glove to @DariusBDB to finish the ritual*

DariusBDB: *eyes steady and leveled at @Zsadist_BDB, drawing the dagger down my wrist, letting my blood intermingle with that of my Brothers* My flesh.

:  *Unexpectedly calming as @DariusBDB comes toward me, his eyes reassuring me*

DariusBDB: *bracing my palms on @Zsadist_BDB’s shoulders, looking into his eyes, then sinking my fangs into his vein* Your flesh.

DariusBDB: *drawing in a breath as I pull back my hand, then release, hitting @Zsadist_BDB in the pectoral*

DariusBDB: @Phury_BDB I give you the same offer I gave @Zsadist_BDB. Do you take it? 

Phury_BDB: *Standing tall* @DariusBDB I do. *Walking up to @Zsadist_BDB, talking all my strength to do so* 

Phury_BDB: *Slicing my wrist* My flesh. *Taking in @Zsadist_BDB’s face before biting his neck* Your flesh. 

: *Gripping the pegs, holding myself up. Nodding to @Phury_BDB. My brother*  

: *Hitting @Zsadist_BDB in the chest. Walking back to lean on the wall, my strength quickly draining* 

DariusBDB: *grabbing the chalice, raising it above my head* This is the first of us. Hail to him, the warrior who birthed the Brotherhood.

Wrath_BDB:  *Cries out in support of @Zsadist_BDB*

: *Yelling out*

Murhder_BDB:  *Raising my fist in the air, yelling out in the Old Language for my brother, @Zsadist_BDB*

Vishous_BDB: *Shouting a war cry*

:  *turning to @Zsadist_BDB, a smile playing at my lips* Drink and join us.

: *taking the chalice from @DariusBDB, the power of the Brothers before me burning down my throat, their individual power tangling with mine* 

Wrath_BDB:  *Begins chanting in the Old Language*

Rhage_BDB: *chanting for @Zsadist_BDB*

Murhder_BDB: *chanting in the Old Language*

Vishous_BDB: *Chanting in the Old Language*

DariusBDB: *joining my brothers in chant*

Zsadist_BDB: *handing the skull back to @DariusBDB, bracing against the wall*

Zsadist_BDB: *undiluted power roaring to life in my veins, every nerve ending snapping, sparking, my body bucking in response*

Zsadist_BDB: *a sound like that of an animal ripping out of my lungs, muscles flexing, pumping—*

Phury_BDB: *Seeing @Zsadist_BDB has made it through, letting my body fall* 

DariusBDB:  *lifting @Zsadist_BDB from the floor as his eyes roll back in his head*

Wrath_BDB: *aiding @DariusBDB, carrying @Zsadist_BDB to the altar*

Vishous_BDB: *carrying @Phury_BDB with @Murhder_BDB to lay him next to his twin on the altar*

Rhage_BDB:  *waiting for our new Brothers to awaken*

Phury_BDB: *coming awake, slowly, my twin @Zsadist_BDB’s face in front of my own, my stare adhering to his face*

Zsadist_BDB:  *my eyes flicking open, comforted immediately by the sight of @Phury_BDB, speaking hoarsely*  Brother Mine.



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