Wrath and the letter opener


WRATH: *Whoever said it couldn’t snow in July has their fucking head wedged.*

WRATH: *leaning back in my throne, looking at the piles of white before me: Requests to me as king for intervention in civil matters.*

WRATH: *Powers of attorney to @FritzDoggen_BDB for banking transactions.*

WRATH: *The glymera’s constant stream of “helpful suggestions”, all of which serve only them.*

WRATH: *It’s a wonder the pansy ass desk can hold it all up.*

WRATH: *hearing a distant rolling base rumble, advanced warning one of Caldwell’s summer thunderstorms is getting it’s groove on.*

WRATH: *sitting forward and picking up my magnifying glass. The damn thing is getting to be an extension of my arm. Hating it.*

WRATH: *First, the piece of shit doesn’t really work. I can’t see much better when I use it.*

WRATH: *Second, it reminds me that for all intent purposes my life has been reduced to a desk job.*

WRATH: *A desk job with purpose and honor and nobility, sure. But still.*

WRATH: *idly, picking up an envelope opener, bearing my royal seal and balancing the tip of it on the end of my forefinger.*

WRATH: *suspending the knife-shaped slice of silver in midair.*

WRATH: *Deciding to make the game harder on myself by closing my eyes and moving my hand around, creating instability.*

WRATH: *testing myself, using senses other than my weak eyes. Cursing, cracking my lids back open.*

WRATH: *Christ, why am I wasting time here? I have about ten thousand things I need to do. All of which are urgent.*

WRATH: *hearing voices from the open double doors across the study.*

WRATH: *Riding my uncharacteristic wave of procrastination, tossing the letter opener onto the snow bank of shit and walking out.*

WRATH: *Striding over to the edge of the balcony, planting my hands on the gold-leafed balustrade. Looking down to the foyer below.*

WRATH: *seeing @Vishous_BDB, @Rhage_BDB and @Phury_BDB getting ready to go out. Yakking it up as they check their weapons.*

ZSADIST: *leaning back against the malachite column, one shitkicker crosses over the other.*

ZSADIST: *Tossing one of my blackdaggers up into the air and catching it over and over again.*

WRATH: *looking over to @Zsadist_BDB as his blade catches the light in the flashes of navy.*

WRATH: *Damn those daggers @Vishous_BDB made are fantastic.*

WRATH: *Sharpened to a razor edge, weighted perfectly, the handle contoured with precision for @Zsadist_BDB’s grip alone.*

WRATH: *The weapon is not a state-of-the-art, it’s a state of grace. A simple configuration of steel that meant survival for the race.*

WRATH: *And a fuck-you, have-a-nice-trip-back-to-the-Omega for the lessers.*

RHAGE: *moving over the mosaic tiles of the foyer and heading for the door, voice booming* Rock on.

WRATH: *watching @Rhage_BDB head for the door in his typical swagger and impatience, clearly craving the fight he was damn well going to find.*

WRATH: *@RhagesBeast no doubt as ready for some hand-to-hand as he is.*

WRATH: *@Vishous_BDB right behind him, all cool strides and lethal calm. @Phury_BDB likewise collected, his limp not noticeable in the slightest.*

ZSADIST: *pushing away from the column and sheathing my dagger.*

ZSADIST: *The slide of the metal on metal reverberating up to @Wrath_BDB like a sigh of satisfaction.*

ZSADIST: *Vicious black eyes following the sound.* @Wrath_BDB Evening, my lord.

WRATH: *nodding down at @Zsadist_BDB, thinking that the lessening society is facing a demon in the male who stands down there.*

WRATH: *Even with @BellaR_BDB in @Zsadist_BDB’s life, whenever he leaves to go fighting his hatred comes back.*

WRATH: *With a nasty aura, the burn weaving through his bones and muscles, becoming indistinguishable from his body.*

WRATH: *making him as he has always been. A savage capable of anything. Considering what the guy’s shellan had been put through.*

WRATH: *I don’t fault him for the killing rage. Not in the slightest.*

ZSADIST: *walking to the door, pausing, glancing over my shoulder at @Wrath_BDB* You look tight tonight. And not in a good way.

WRATH: @Zsadist_BDB It’ll pass.

ZSADIST: *flashing a smile* @Wrath_BDB I can’t count to ten for very long. Can you? *heading out the door*

WRATH: *frowning as @Zsadist_BDB heads out into the night. Turning, heading back into the study and sitting down behind the frilly desk.*

WRATH: *My hands finding the envelope opener, running my forefinger up and down the dull edge.*

WRATH: *Looking at the thing, knowing someone could kill with it. Just not with any finesse.*

WRATH: *Tightly, cranking my fists, as if the silver opener actually is a weapon.*

WRATH: *Pointing the thing out in front of me and leveling it over the paper mountain. The tattoos running up my forearms stretching out as I move*

WRATH: *The crystal-clean lineage all loud and clear in black ink. Not that I can read the purebread stamp of approval.*

WRATH: *Jesus, what the fuck am I doing here ass-rotting on my throne? How had this happened? My brothers out working the war.*

WRATH: *Me sitting here with a goddamn letter opener.*

BETH: *stepping into the doorway of the study* @Wrath_BDB?

WRATH: *looking up at @BethR_BDB standing in the doorway, wearing a pair of old cutoffs and a muscle shirt.*

WRATH: *Her long dark hair down past her shoulders and smelling of night blooming roses…night blooming roses and my bonding scent.*

WRATH: *Staring at @BethR_BDB, thinking of the workouts I put myself through in the gym…those hard-core, hamster-wheel, full-body masturbations*

WRATH: *that get me exactly no where. God, there are edges you just can’t work off on a treadmill.*

WRATH: *There are things that are missing even if you burned yourself out until the sweat ran as the blood in your veins.*

WRATH: *Yeah…before you know it, you’ve lost your edge. You went from being a dagger to a desk ornament. Castrated.*

BETH: @Wrath_BDB? Are you okay?

WRATH: *nodding* @BethR_BDB Yeah, I’m steady.

BETH: *narrowing my eyes at @Wrath_BDB, not believing him. Knowing him well enough to know something’s bothering him*

WRATH: *looking at @BethR_BDB, the color of her eyes striking me as being the same as @Zsadist_BDB’s dagger blade catching the light.*

WRATH: *midnight blue. Beautiful. And the intelligence in them is just as sharp as that weapon.*

BETH: @Wrath_BDB, talk to me.

ZSADIST: *Downtown on Tenth Street, jogging over the pavement quick as a breeze, quiet as a ghost, a leathered-up wraith tracking my prey.*

ZSADIST: *My first kills for the night, standing back a moment, my body on Master Lock. Waiting for a little more privacy.*

ZSADIST: *No fighting in public for the Brotherhood. Unless you absolutely had to. And this impending shindig is going to create some noise.*

ZSADIST: *Watching the three lessers ahead of me. Primes, all paled out, looking to go at it.*

ZSADIST: *moving with the deadly rhythm of heavy bodies on solid ground. For fuck’s sake, I need to get them into the alley.*

ZSADIST: *The four of us moving along as the storm overhead stretches out it’s arms and starts to pound on the night.*

ZSADIST: *It’s lighting flashing, it’s thunder cursing. Wind sprinting down the streets, then tripping and falling.*

ZSADIST: *forming gust that push and then relent against my back.*

ZSADIST: *Telling myself to be patient and the pressure of holding back feeling like a punishment.*

ZSADIST: *abruptly, like a gift from the @ScribeVirgin_BDB, the trio turns into an alley and wheeling around to face me.*

ZSADIST: *Ah, so it’s not a gift or luck. They’d known I’d been on their trunks and was looking for a darkened corner to do business in.*

ZSADIST: Yeah, well, it’s time to waltz, motherfuckers.

ZSADIST: *unsheathing my dagger and breaking into a jog, triggering the starter gun on the fight. Moving forward as the lessers back up.*

ZSADIST: *disappearing further into the long alley, finding the shadows necessary to keep what is going to happen away from human eyes.*

ZSADIST: *Targeting the slayer on the right, him being the biggest and having the largest knife, so disarming him is a tactical priority.*

ZSADIST: *It’s also something I’m just plain jonesing to do.*

ZSADIST: *My momentum carrying me faster and faster until I’m skimming the ground, shitkickers barely touching the pavement.*

ZSADIST: *Moving in as the wind, carrying along, rushing forward, sweeping on what is ahead of me.*

ZSADIST: *The lessers switching positions, crouching for conflict, the bigger guy up front and the other two flake him.*

ZSADIST: *Tucking into a ball at the last moment, rolling on the asphalt and springing up, leading with my dagger.*

ZSADIST: *catching the linebacker in the gut, opening the bastard up like a pillow. Man, abdominal cavities are always a messy affair.*

ZSADIST: *the slayer going down on a waterfall of black blood. Clipping me right in the neck with his switchblade on his way down to his dirt nap.*

ZSADIST: *Feeling my skin split open and my vein starting to leak. No time to get caught up in the injury.*

ZSADIST: *Focusing on the other two slayers, popping free my second dagger, becoming a two-fisted slashing machine.*

ZSADIST: *The fight rolling into hard-core territory fast as a second wound breaks open on my shoulder.*

ZSADIST: *Thinking I might need a pick up at the end of it. Especially as a length of steel chain snakes around my neck, tight as a tire rim.*

ZSADIST: *The slayer giving the chain a yank, whipping me off my feet, back-handing it so hard, feeling like I’ve been body-punched.*

ZSADIST: *All the air leaving my lungs on that eviction notice and it stays away, my ribcage refusing to re-expand no matter how much I work my mouth*

ZSADIST: *feeling myself beginning to black out, thinking of @BellaR_BDB. The panic of leaving her giving me the crash-cart shock I need.*

ZSADIST: *My sternum heaving for the heavens, drawing in a breath so hard the shit going all the way down into my balls…just in time.*

ZSADIST: *Twisting to the side as the two lesser fall on me, popping off the pavement and finding my footing.*

ZSADIST: *Going on instinct and experience, licksplitting a classic two-knife lock and cross on the first slayer, all but decapitating the thing.*

ZSADIST: *Flipping my dagger and stabbing the other one in the ear, shorting the fucker out cold.*

ZSADIST: *Jerking head towards the mouth of the alley at four more lessers, backups called in, all nice and fresh, ready to work.*

ZSADIST: Welcome to Goat fuck territory.

ZSADIST: *sheathing my dagger and palming one of my SIGs, even though the gun would make noise when it went off. And the SOB bites into my pride.*

WRATH: *materializing into the alley, the storm whipping my waist length hair.*

WRATH: *my massive legs set like oak trunks and my arms stretched out like I-beams, fisting trademark throwing stars in my hands.*

ZSADIST: *Flipping off the safety and seeing a pair of pale green lights at the back of the alley. The lesser falling still, clearly noticing it, too.*

ZSADIST: *cursing, dollars to dickheads that is some kind of new xenon headlight, and I’m about to get a visit from a carload of kibitzers.*

ZSADIST: *Except, feeling the air temperature drop about twenty degrees. Just like that.*

ZSADIST: *As if someone unloaded two tons of dry ice and hit the shit with an industrial blower.*

ZSADIST: *throwing my head back, laughing loud and long.*

ZSADIST: *The power coming back into my body even with my slit throat and my dripping shoulder. Positively sizzling with aggression.*

ZSADIST: *as the rain starts to fall, lighting snaps out, turning the alley into daylight bright, revealing @Wrath_BDB at the end of the alley.*

ZSADIST: *His glowing eyes roaring with the call of death in the night, his fangs white and sharp and visible from yards and yards away.*

ZSADIST: *At his hips his Berettas…and across his chest, crisscrossed with handles down, the daggers.*

ZSADIST: *The daggers of the Brotherhood, the weapons that he has not used since his ascension. The King has come out to kill.*

ZSADIST: *Glancing at the lessers all of whom are dialing for backup. Thinking, Man, I’m so ready to get back in the game.*

ZSADIST: *Me and @Wrath_BDB have never fought together before, but we will tonight and we will win.*

BETH: *pacing around the billiards room. Over the course of the night I’ve managed to turn the pool table into the center of my universe.*

BETH: *The green felt with it’s square pockets and it’s rainbow balls the sun to my solar system, and around and around I go.*

BETH: *God, I don’t know how @MaryL_BDB and @BellaR_BDB handle this…knowing their hellrens are out there in that evil night.*

BETH: *fighting an endless enemy, an enemy with weapons that don’t just maim, but kill.*

BETH: *Still hearing @Wrath_BDB telling me what he wanted to do, what he needed to do and me forcing myself not to scream at him.*

BETH: *Christ, I’ve already seen him laying in a hospital bed, hooked up to wires and machines and tubes.*

BETH: *injured, dying, lurching back and forth between life and nothingness. I have zero interest in reliving that nightmare.*

BETH: *@Wrath_BDB had done his best to reassure me. Telling me he’d be careful, along with reminding me that he’d fought for three hundred years*

BETH: *and had been trained and honed and bred for this. Pledging that it was only for tonight. Except like that all matters?*

BETH: *Not thinking about the three centuries he’d come home at the crack of dawn safely.*

BETH: *Worrying about this specific night, when he might not make it back.*

BETH: *After all, he is flesh and blood and there is a timer on his life, a timer that could zero out in the work of a moment.*

BETH: *All it would take is a bullet to the chest or head or….Looking down realizing that I’m not moving.*

BETH: *Evidently, my feet have just superglued themselves to the floor. Forcing myself to start walking again.*

BETH: *telling myself that @Wrath_BDB is a warrior. I didn’t marry a goddamn nancy.*

BETH: *The fighting blood is in him and he’s been chained to the house for the past year, so it’s inevitable he’d crack.*

BETH: *Oh, God, did he have to go out there and – Hearing the grandfather start to chime. Why aren’t they back.*

BETH: *the door to the vestibule opened, hearing @Zsadist_BDB, @Phury_BDB, @Vishous_BDB and @Rhage_BDB coming in.*

BETH: *Their deep voices hopping, their words fast with power and life. Juiced about something. Invigorated.*

BETH: *Surely if @Wrath_BDB were injured they wouldn’t behave like this. Right? Right? Walking to the doorway, grabbing onto the jamb.*

BETH: *Noticing @Zsadist_BDB bleeding, his skin tight turtleneck soaked with a red rush, his daggers wet and glossy.*

BETH: *Except it wasn’t as if he noticed. His face is shining, a sparkle lighting up those eyes of his.*

BETH: *Hell, @Zsadist_BDB’s carrying himself as if he has a couple of bug bites instead of two gaping wounds.*

BETH: *Feeling light headed, watching the four head for the hidden doorway under the staircase.*

BETH: *Knowing they’re making a beeline for the first aid station in the training center.*

BETH: *Wondering how @BellaR_BDB would feel is she saw @Zsadist_BDB like that. Then again, knowing the brothers..*

BETH: *the female wouldn’t get a chance to. The mated males in the house are always careful to get stitched and cleaned before they find their shellans.*

BETH: Stepping into the foyer, unable to stand it any longer. Speaking loudly* Where is he?

RHAGE: *stopping mid step and looking back at @BethR_BDB, face smoothing out.*

ZSADIST: *lips thinning into a slash, dropping my eyes away from @BethR_BDB*

PHURY: *smiling, looking at @BethR_BDB* He’ll be right here. He’s just fine.

VISHOUS *smiling darkly* @BethR_BDB He’s more than fine. He’s alive tonight. *heading into the tunnel, shutting the door behind me.*

BETH: *Beginning to get pissed off as the vestibule’s door swings open, and a cold rush unfurls across the foyer like a rug rolling out.*

WRATH: *stepping into the mansion, eyes trained on @BethR_BDB*

BETH: *eyes popping wide. I hadn’t seen @Wrath_BDB leave earlier, unable to watch.

BETH: *Holy Christ, do I see him now.*

BETH: *Staring at @Wrath_BDB, my hellren, seeing him how he was the first night that he’d come to my old apartment.*

BETH: *A killing menace dressed in black leather, the weapons strapped on his body as fundamental as skin or his muscles.*

BETH: *And in his war dress he radiates power, the kind that breaks bones and slits throats and bloodied faces.*

BETH: *In his fighting dress, he is a horror, a nightmare…who is nonetheless the male I love and mated and always slept beside.*

BETH: *who feeds me from his hand, who holds me during the day, who gives himself to me, body and soul.*

WRATH: *twisting my head on my thick neck, staring at @BethR_BDB, voice low and distorted* I need to fuck you right now.

WRATH: I love you, but I need to fuck you tonight. @BethR_BDB

BETH: *one and only thought running through my mind. Run. Run because he wants you to.*

BETH: *Run, because he wants to come after you. Run, because I’m just a little scared of him and it’s making me hot as hell.*

BETH: *taking off in my bare feet, flashing for the stairs, taking them fast, my legs a blur.*

WRATH *smelling @BethR_BDB arousal and taking off after her*

BETH: *Hearing @Wrath_BDB behind me, his shitkickers pounding like thunder.*

BETH: *The erotic threat of him bearing down on me, enticing me until I can’t breathe.*

BETH: *Not from exertion, but from what I know is coming as soon as @Wrath_BDB get’s his hands on me.*

BETH: *Reaching the second floor, randomly tearing down a hallway, not knowing where I’m headed, not caring.*

BETH: *Feeling @Wrath_BDB closing in on me, tight on my heels. A wave about to crash down on me, sweep me up and hold me down.*

BETH: *Bursting into the second floor sitting room.*

WRATH: *catching @BethR_BDB by her hair and arm, pulling her around and tripping her up, sending her to the floor.*

WRATH: *Twisting my body around absorbing the fall and cushioning her body.*

BETH: *fighting to get up, realizing that I’m face up on @Wrath_BDB, his chest under my shoulders and his erection right where it needs to be.*

WRATH: *shooting my legs up and linking them around @BethR_BDB’s shins, spreading her legs wide, trapping her.*

WRATH: *with rough authority, shooting my hand between @BethR_BDB’s thighs*

BETH: *arching and crying out as @Wrath_BDB finds out just how turned on I am.*

WRATH: *willing the doors shut*

BETH: *stopping my struggles as the double doors in front of me slam shut.*

WRATH: *rolling @BethR_BDB, laying her facedown on the floor.*

WRATH: *Mounting her, holding her in place by the back of her neck and the way I’m straddling her legs.*

BETH: *up close @Wrath_BDB smells like clean sweat, the bonding scent and the leather of his clothes and the death of their enemies.*

BETH: *His smell almost throwing me over the edge.*

WRATH: *breathing hard, hauling back and splitting @BethR_BDB’s old cutoffs right up the crotch.*

WRATH: *The worn fabric letting go as if it doesn’t dare disobey me.*

BETH: *breathing hard as the cool air hits my ass and @Wrath_BDB’s fangs bite through one side of my panties. Hearing the sound of a zipper.*

WRATH: *my hands angling @BethR_BDB’s hips, the head of me bumping down to what is waiting for me, what is mine for the taking.*

WRATH: *slamming into @BethR_BDB, shoving in hard as a board, wide and fast.*

BETH: *splaying my hands out on the marble as @Wrath_BDB locks onto my body and starts to pump at a fierce pace.*

BETH: *Two hundred and eighty pounds of sex all over the top of me, stretching the inside of me.*

BETH: *My palms squeaking against the marble as my orgasm jumps into me.*

WRATH: *Clamping my hand on @BethR_BDB’s chin, pulling her mouth around, wanting to kiss her. My rhythm so hard I can’t.*

WRATH: *hissing and biting @BethR_BDB in the jugular instead. Freezing midstroke and starting to feed.*

WRATH: *Sucking hard, pulling at @BethR_BDB’s vein with wild supremacy.*

BETH: *the pain swirling and tingling mixing with the tail end of my orgasm, kicking off another rush of pleasure.*

WRATH: *riding @BethR_BDB again, my lower belly rubbing on her ass, my hips slapping against her, my growl that of a lover…*

WRATH: *And animal. Roaring loud as a beast as I start to come, my erection kicking in @BethR_BDB like a living thing with it’s own mind.*

WRATH: *The bonding scent rising even stronger as I fill her up, my pulses hot as embers, thick as honey.*

WRATH: *Finishing and flipping @BethR_BDB over, looming between her legs, my sex glistening and proud and completely erect.*

WRATH: *Far from being done.*

WRATH: *linking my tattooed forearm behind one of @BethR_BDB’s knees, pulling her leg up high and entering her from the front.*

WRATH: *my huge arms knotting as I hold myself over @BethR_BDB’s body.*

WRATH: *Staring down at her, my hair coming forward in great falls of black, getting tangled up in the weapons on my body.*

BETH: *looking up @Wrath_BDB, his fangs so long he can’t close his mouth, and shivering as his jaw unhinges, preparing to bite me again.*

BETH: *This is the raw edge, the reality of him under the clothes he wears and the daily life he leads.*

BETH: *This is my mate at his purest, distilled essence. Power. And God, I love him. Especially like this.*

WRATH: *taking @BethR_BDB with furious action, my cock hard as a bone, my fangs like ivory nails driving deep into her neck.*

WRATH: *She is everything I need and will ever want. The soft landing for my aggression, the female sex squeezing me.*

WRATH: *the love that captivates and captures me. I am the storm bearing down on her.*

WRATH: *@BethR_BDB the land with the strength to take what I have to let out.*

BETH: * my body singing again, splintering apart with pleasure.*

WRATH: *pitching myself off the edge and flying with @BethR_BDB. My balls clenching up hard and my orgasm pistoling out of me*

WRATH: *releasing @BethR_BDB’s vein, collapsing into her hair as I shudder and buck. Only our desperate breathing filling the room.*

WRATH: *Dizzy, out of it, satiated, lifting my head, then my arm, biting into my own wrist and bringing it to @BethR_BDB’s lips.*

BETH: *taking @Wrath_BDB’s vein, nursing quietly*

WRATH: *stroking @BethR_BDB’s hair with a gentle hand and feeling a stupid fucking weak ass urge to tear up.*

BETH: *looking up at @Wrath_BDB*

WRATH: *everything disappearing as I look into @BethR_BDB’s blue-black eyes. Our bodies dematerialized. The room ceased to exist.*

WRATH: *Time becoming nothing. And in the void, in the wormhole, my chest opening up sure as if I’ve been shot.*

WRATH: *a piercing pain licking over my nerve endings. Knowing that there are many ways for a heart to break.*

WRATH: *Sometimes it’s from the crowding of life, the compression of responsibility and birthright.*

WRATH: *and burden that just squeezes you until can’t breathe anymore. Even though your lungs are working just fine.*

WRATH: *And sometimes it’s from the casual cruelty of a fate that takes you far from where you thought you’d end up.*

WRATH: *And sometimes it’s age in the face of youth. Or sickness in the face of health.*

WRATH: *But sometimes it’s just because you’re looking into the eyes of your lover and the gratitude of having them in your life overflows. *

WRATH: *because you showed them what is on the inside and they didn’t run scared or turn away.*

WRATH: *They accepted you and love you and held you in the midst for your passion or your fear or your combination of both.*

WRATH: *Closing my eyes and focusing on the soft pulls at my wrist. God, they’re just like the beat of my heart, which makes sense.*

WRATH: *Because @BethR_BDB is the center of my chest. And the center of my world.*

WRATH: *Opening my eyes and letting myself fall into that midnight blue* @BethR_BDB I love you, leelan.


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