Wrath & Beth Mating


BethR_BDB: *sees all the furniture has been emptied out. All the brothers are lined up against the wall. They are a magnificent sight*

BethR_BDB: * They are all wearing identical black satin jackets and loose pants with jeweled daggers hanging on their hips.*

BethR_BDB: *Hears a collective inhale as the brothers see me. They all shift, look down, look back up at me. Bashful smiles break out on their faces.

BethR_BDB: *Everyone smiles at me except @Zsadist_BDB. He glances at me once, then stares at the floor*

BethR_BDB: *Waves @Butch_BDB, MarissaH_BDB, and @FritzDoggen_BDB.*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *takes out a handkerchief*

BethR_BDB: *Notices a tiny person draped in black, head to toe. It seems to be glowing. Where is @Wrath_BDB?*

Wellsie_BDB: *leads @BethR_BDB over until she standing in front of the men. *

Phury_BDB: *steps forward* @BethR_BDB

BethR_BDB: *glances down and notices that @Phury_BDB has prosthesis where his foot should be. Looks into his eyes*

BethR_BDB: *calms down a little and smiles @Phury_BDB*

Phury_BDB: @BethR_BDB We are going to do as much of this in English as we can, so you’ll understand. Are you ready to start?

BethR_BDB: *nods @Phury_BDB*

Phury_BDB: @Wrath_BDB My lord, come forward.

BethR_BDB: *looks over my shoulder and sees @Wrath_BDB. Puts my hand to my mouth. *

BethR_BDB: *@Wrath_BDB is wearing a sashed black robe embroidered with dark thread. A gold dagger hangs at his side. A crown of rubies on his head*

Wrath_BDB: *walking forward looking only at @BethR_BDB * You take my breath away.

BethR_BDB: *starts to cry* @Wrath_BDB

Wrath_BDB: *worried, reaching out* @BethR_BDB Leelan, what’s the matter?

BethR_BDB: *shakes my head and feels @Wellsie_BDB tuck a Kleenex into my hand*

Scribe_Virgin: @Wrath_BDB She is fine. Trust me. Aren’t you @BethR_BDB?

BethR_BDB: *blots eyes and nods @Scribe_Virgin* Yes

Wrath_BDB: *touching @BethR_BDB cheek* We can stop this.

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB No! I love you and we’re going to get married .Right now.

Rhage_BDB: *laughs softly* Guess we are straight on that.

Wrath_BDB: *looks @Phury_BDB*

Phury_BDB: *nods @Wrath_BDB* We’re going to make the presentation to @Scribe_Virgin first. @BethR_BDB

Wrath_BDB: *takes @BethR_BDB hand and lead you to the @Scribe_Virgin*

Wrath_BDB: @Scribe_Virgin This is @BethR_BDB, daughter of Black Dagger warrior @DariusBDB, (c )

Wrath_BDB: @Scribe_Virgin granddaughter of the princeps Marklon, great-granddaughter of the princeps Horusman…

Wrath_BDB: *continues @BethR_BDB heritage then falls silent*

BethR_BDB: *reaches out to @Scribe_Virgin, offering my hand*

Wrath_BDB: *shouts in alarm, grabbing @BethR_BDB hand.

Wrath_BDB: @Scribe_Virgin That’s my fault. *putting my arms out to protect @BethR_BDB * I didn’t adequately prepare her. She meant no offense.

Scribe_Virgin: *laughs* @Wrath_BDB Fear not , warrior. She’s fine. Come here @BethR_BDB.

Wrath_BDB: *moves aside but stays close to @BethR_BDB *

BethR_BDB: *approaches @Scribe_Virgin, worried about my every move*

Scribe_Virgin: @BethR_BDB This male asks that you accept him as your hellren, child. Would you have him as your own if he is worthy?

BethR_BDB: @Scribe_Virgin Oh yes. *looks at@Wrath_BDB* Yes I will.

Scribe_Virgin: *nods @BethR_BDB *

Scribe_Virgin: @Wrath_BDB Warrior, this female, @BethR_BDB will consider you. Will you prove yourself for her?

Wrath_BDB: @Scribe_Virgin I will.

Scribe_Virgin: @Wrath_BDB Will you sacrifice yourself for her?

Wrath_BDB: @Scribe_Virgin I will.

Scribe_Virgin: @Wrath_BDB Will you defend her against those that would send to harm her?

Wrath_BDB:@Scribe_Virgin I will.

Scribe_Virgin: @BethR_BDB Give me your hand, child.

BethR_BDB: * @Scribe_Virgin Reaches out tentatively*

Wrath_BDB: *whispers to @BethR_BDB* Palm up.

BethR_BDB: *flips my wrist. Feels an odd tingling as @Scribe_Virgin covers my hand*

Scribe_Virgin: @Wrath_BDB Warrior.

Wrath_BDB: *puts my hand out and it too gets covered by the robe*

BethR_BDB: *feels warmth surrounding me, enveloping me. I look @Wrath_BDB and see him smiling at me*

Scribe_Virgin: @BethR_BDB @Wrath_BDB This is a good mating. A very good mating.

BethR_BDB: * feels my hand dropped and @Wrath_BDB kissing me with his arms around me. People clap, noses blow*

BethR_BDB: *holding on to my new husband as hard as I can. It is done. It is real. We are-*@Wrath_BDB

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB Almost finished, leelan. *steps back and pulls the robe off, revealing my bare chest*

Wellsie_BDB: *takes @BethR_BDB hand* It’s going to be okay. Just breathe with me.

BethR_BDB: *glancing around nervously*

Wrath_BDB: *kneels before my brothers, dropping my head.*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *bringing in a crystal bowl full of salt, a pitcher of water, and a small lacquer box*

Phury_BDB: @Wrath_BDB My lord, What is the name of your shellan?

Wrath_BDB: @Phury_BDB She is called Elizabeth.

Phury_BDB: *unsheathes my dagger and bends down over @Wrath_BDB’s bare back*

BethR_BDB: *gasps and lunges forward* @Phury_BDB NO!

Wellsie_BDB: *holding @BethR_BDB in place* Stay here.

BethR_BDB: @Wellsie_BDB What is he-

Wellsie_BDB: @BethR_BDB You’re mating a warrior. Let him have his honor in front of his brothers.

BethR_BDB: @Wellsie_BDB NO!

Wellsie_BDB: @BethR_BDB Listen to me- @Wrath_BDB is giving his body, himself to you. All of it is your

now, that’s the purpose of the ceremony.

Phury_BDB: *steps back*

BethR_BDB: *sees a trickle of blood on @Wrath_BDB’s back*

Vishous_BDB: *steps forward* @Wrath_BDB What is the name of your shellan?

Wrath_BDB: @Vishous_BDB She is called Elizabeth.

Vishous_BDB: *carves letter and steps back*

BethR_BDB: * holding @Wellsie_BDB hand* @doesn’t need to do this to prove himself to me.

Wellsie_BDB: @BethR_BDB Do you love @Wrath_BDB?

BethR_BDB: @Wellsie_BDB Yes.

Wellsie_BDB: @BethR_BDB Then you must accept his ways.

Rhage_BDB: *steps forward* @Wrath_BDB What is the name of your shellan?

Wrath_BDB: @Rhage_BDB She is called Elizabeth.

Rhage_BDB: * Carves letter then steps back*

Tohrment_BDB: @Wrath_BDB What is the name of your shellan?

Wrath_BDB: @Tohrment_BDB She is called Elizabeth.

Tohrment_BDB: *carves letter, then steps back*

Zsadist_BDB: *steps forward*

Phury_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB Easy Z. *staying close*

BethR_BDB: *Oh God, no more as I watch them come forward over and over again. Asking the question*

Phury_BDB: *takes water pitcher and pours it into the bowl of salt. Then dumps it on @Wrath_BDB’s back*

BethR_BDB: *feels weak as I watch @Wrath_BDB’s muscles spasm*

Wrath_BDB: *enduring the pain, bearing down on the floor. Hearing my brothers growl their approval*

Phury_BDB: *opens the lacquer box, taking out the white cloth. Dries the wounds, rolls the cloth up and puts it back in the box*

Phury_BDB: @Wrath_BDB Rise, my lord.

Wrath_BDB: *stands up*

BethR_BDB: *sees my name in an arch of Old English letters across @Wrath_BDB’s back*

Phury_BDB: *presents @Wrath_BDB with the box*

Phury_BDB: @Wrath_BDB Take this to your shellan as a symbol of your strength, so she will know you are worthy of her (c)

Wrath_BDB: @Wrath_BDB and that your body, your heart and your soul are now hers to command.

Wrath_BDB: *takes the box and walks to @BethR_BDB glowing with love. Dropping to my knees before you I bow and hold up the box*

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB Will you take me as your own? *looking at you over my sunglasses, eyes sparkling*

BethR_BDB: * taking the box with shaky hands* @Wrath_BDB Yes I will.

Wrath_BDB: *rises, and feels @BethR_BDB hugging me but avoiding my upper back*

BethR_BDB: *hears the brothers begin to chant, not understanding the words*

Wrath_BDB: *whispers into @BethR_BDB ear* Are you okay?

BethR_BDB: *nods, while wishing I had much shorter name* @Wrath_BDB Can we not do that again?

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB You’d better brace yourself if we have children.

BethR_BDB: * Feels @Wrath_BDB’s arm around me as we sway to the rhythem.*

BethR_BDB: *as the chanting grows louder, I look at the brothers. They are as one as the pay homage in their language, a single powerful entity.*

BethR_BDB: *hears one voice above the others. It is so clear, so pure, it brings shivers to the skin. It is @Zsadist_BDB*

Zsadist_BDB: *closing my eyes, my had leaned back, singing*

BethR_BDB: *shocked that the scarred, soulless one has the voice of an angel.*

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