Zsadist & Bella Mating

Rehvenge_BDB: *Following @FritzDoggen_BDB to the room @BellaR_BDB is getting ready in. Determined to speak with her before the mating.*

Rehvenge_BDB: *Needing to be certain this is what @BellaR_BDB wants, that this is what will make her happy, not something she feels she should do.*

Rehvenge_BDB: *Needing also to make sure she knows that I will always take care of her, her and her young, that there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them.*

: *Knocking on the door @FritzDoggen_BDB has shown me to, already feeling @BellaR_BDB’s emotions.

BellaR_BDB: *Opening the door, relieved to have a distraction from my nervous excitement. Smiling seeing @Rehvenge_BDB.* Brother mine…

BellaR_BDB: *stepping back* @Rehvenge_BDB Did you want to come in? *looking past you* Where is @Madalina_BDB?

Rehvenge_BDB: *Not needing my extra senses to know that @BellaR_BDB is happy, able to see it in her smile, in her eyes.*

Rehvenge_BDB: *That warrior, scarred and unworthy of her though he is, is who @BellaR_BDB wants.*

Rehvenge_BDB: @BellaR_BDB @Madalina_BDB is downstairs ensuring all is as it should be for your mating. I wanted a moment with you before the ceremony.

Rehvenge_BDB: *Stepping in, closing the door behind me, looking @BellaR_BDB over. There’d been no time to order her a proper mating gown.*

Rehvenge_BDB: *And @BellaR_BDB had refused my offer to make a call and get her a new gown, insisting she had something appropriate.*

Rehvenge_BDB: *she was right* @BellaR_BDB You look lovely, sister mine.

BellaR_BDB:  *laughing, doing a quick twirl* @Rehvenge_BDB Do I clean up well?

Rehvenge_BDB: *unable to control my smile at @BellaR_BDB’s evident happiness…*

Rehvenge_BDB: *or my sadness at the realization that @BellaR_BDB will be leaving me tonight…voice gruff* Yes, you do

BellaR_BDB: *Noticing @Rehvenge_BDB’s eyes seem sad, though he’s smiling. Asking quietly* Is something wrong?

Rehvenge_BDB: *quickly reining in my emotions, refusing to allow @BellaR_BDB to feel anything but joy tonight* Nothing at all.

Rehvenge_BDB: *smiling @BellaR_BDB* I have something for you..http://www.harrywinston.com/store/jewels/bracelets/products/lily-cluster-bracelet-platinum

BellaR_BDB: *taking http://tinyurl.com/3ve733p from @Rehvenge_BDB, gasping* Rehv! It’s beautiful!

BellaR_BDB:  *throwing my arms around @Rehvenge_BDB, hugging him tightly* Thank you.

Rehvenge_BDB: *enfolding @BellaR_BDB in a tight hug…her nearness, her scent almost making up for my lacking sense of touch*

BellaR_BDB: *stepping back from @Rehvenge_BDB* I think it’s time. Walk down with me?

Rehvenge_BDB: *Offering my arm to @BellaR_BDB, looking down as she places her hand on it, waiting for me to guide her.*

Rehvenge_BDB: *I’ve been @BellaR_BDB’s rock, her support… the one who’s stood between her and the world most of her life.*

Rehvenge_BDB:  *But @BellaR_BDB’s proven she can stand up for herself. And the male she’s chosen to mate is a warrior.*

Rehvenge_BDB: *Heart aching, realizing that after tonight I will no longer be the male @BellaR_BDB looks to for strength.* Bella… *trailing off*

BellaR_BDB: *Glancing up at @Rehvenge_BDB, surprised to hear sadness in his voice. He always guards his emotions.* What is it, Rehv?

Rehvenge_BDB: *seeing the concern in @BellaR_BDB’s eyes, wishing I could lighten my tone* I will always be there for you, should you ever need me.

BellaR_BDB: *blinking back tears as I smile up at @Rehvenge_BDB* I know that, brother mine. I absolutely know that. *rising up, kissing your cheek*

Rehvenge_BDB: *smiling down at @BellaR_BDB and nodding* Let us go, then. Though I think you’re out of your mind…

BellaR_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB Yes, I know you do… *grinning impishly* Don’t worry… @Zsadist_BDB will grow on you. *walking out with you*

Rehvenge_BDB: *cold day in hell* @BellaR_BDB We can only hope…

Rehvenge_BDB:  *Holding @BellaR_BDB close, ready to make sure @Zsadist_BDB knows he better take her care as seriously as I have.*

Zsadist_BDB: *walking into the foyer, the mosaic floor a blur under my bare feet. The footfalls of my brother’s crystal clear behind me.*

Zsadist_BDB: *pausing in front of the @Scribe_Virgin, bowing*

Scribe_Virgin: @Zsadist_BDB, Son of Ahgony.

Zsadist_BDB: *nodding @Wrath_BDB* My… *nervously clearing my throat* My lord.

Phury_BDB: *bowing my head and greeting the @Scribe_Virgin in the Old Language as is proper, before falling in line behind my twin @Zsadist_BDB*

Rhage_BDB: *Paying my respects to the @Scribe_Virgin before taking my place with @Zsadist_BDB*

Vishous_BDB: *Moving in line next to my brothers, still amazed @Zsadist_BDB is mating.*

Zsadist_BDB: *shifting from side to side, lifting a hand wiping beads of sweat off my brow.*

Wrath_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB Hanging in there, my brother?

Zsadist_BDB: *clearing my throat* @Wrath_BDB Yeah..shit, yeah. *clearing my throat again*

Zsadist_BDB: *nervously licking my lips and rubbing my forehead as if trying to get a genie to pop the fuck out of my head.*

Wrath_BDB: *smiling, clapping @Zsadist_BDB on the back.*

Madalina_BDB:  *Waiting to see @BellaR_BDB come in*

BellaR_BDB: *Pausing at the top of the stairs, looking over the balustrade at the brother’s lined up.*

BellaR_BDB:  *Barely noticing their magnificence, having eyes for @Zsadist_BDB only, smiling when I see him.*

Zsadist_BDB: *lifting my head as @BellaR_BDB descends the stairs, seeing only her and calming instantly.*

Zsadist_BDB: *all the insecurities and reservations I have, packing up and taking a hike.*  

Zsadist_BDB: *smiling, finding myself lost in @BellaR_BDB’s sapphire eyes.*

Madalina_BDB: *A tear forming when I see @BellaR_BDB, she looks so beautiful. Daughter mine is a vision*

Phury_BDB: *Eyes widening as @BellaR_BDB appears, at the top of the steps looking utterly perfect…never having seen anything so lovely in my life…*

Phury_BDB: *Following @BellaR_BDB’s gaze–her eyes only on my twin, swallowing hard and shoving my feelings aside…they have no place here tonight.*

BethR_BDB: *Looking up to see @BellaR_BDB, smiling and watching as she makes her way down.*

MaryL_BDB: *looking @BellaR_BDB, she looks so beautiful and happy, thinking how right this is for both her and @Zsadist_BDB*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *takes out a handkerchief*  

Rehvenge_BDB: *standing steadily next to @Madalina_BDB…watching the ceremony…and trying my damndest to keep in check…*

Rehvenge_BDB:  *taking @Madalina_BDB’s hand in my own, squeezing lightly with my own numb fingers…watching the most beautiful female* @BellaR_BDB

Madalina_BDB:  *Holding onto @Rehvenge_BDB’s hand, looking at my sweet @BellaR_BDB*

BethR_BDB: *Turning my gaze to @Zsadist_BDB, thinking about how far he has come and how happy he is with @BellaR_BDB.*

: *Feeling the chill of the tile on my bare feet as I step off the stairs, faltering as I notice the @Scribe_Virgin.*

Zsadist_BDB: *stepping forward, eager to have @BellaR_BDB at my side.*

BellaR_BDB: *Calming as @Zsadist_BDB comes to me, smiling and taking his hand.*

Zsadist_BDB: *whispering* @BellaR_BDB You are so beautiful.

BellaR_BDB: *Tears filling my eyes and spilling over.* @Zsadist_BDB

Zsadist_BDB: *alarmed* Oh, God, @BellaR_BDB. Christ, what’s wrong?

BellaR_BDB: *shaking my head, composing myself* Nothing, @Zsadist_BDB. I’m just happy. So incredibly happy.

MaryL_BDB: *Stepping forward and tucking some Kleenex in @BellaR_BDB’s hand.*

BellaR_BDB: *feeling @MaryL_BDB tuck a Kleenex into my hand, glancing at her, smiling* Thank you.

Scribe_Virgin: *smiling at @Zsadist_BDB and @BellaR_BDB* Warrior, please come forward and present the female you wish to take as your shellan.

Zsadist_BDB: *taking @BellaR_BDB’s hand, stepping forward* @Scribe_Virgin This is Bella, blooded daughter of Rempoon.

BellaR_BDB: *Wiping my eyes and stepping toward the @Scribe_Virgin, hesitantly.*

Zsadist_BDB: *wiping a tear from @BellaR_BDB’s cheek, worried* Are you feeling okay?

BellaR_BDB: *catching @Zsadist_BDB’s hand, looking into his eyes, reassuring him* I’m fine.

Scribe_Virgin: @BellaR_BDB This male asks that you accept him as your hellren, child. Would you have him as your own if he is worthy?

BellaR_BDB: *looking at @Zsadist_BDB, smiling* @Scribe_Virgin Oh, yes, I will.

Scribe_Virgin: *nods at @BellaR_BDB*

Scribe_Virgin:  @Zsadist_BDB Warrior, this female, @BellaR_BDB will consider you. Will you prove yourself for her?

Zsadist_BDB: @Scribe_Virgin I will.

Scribe_Virgin: @Zsadist_BDB Will you sacrifice yourself for her?

Zsadist_BDB: @Scribe_Virgin I will.

Scribe_Virgin: @Zsadist_BDB Will you defend her against those that would seek to harm her?

Zsadist_BDB: @Scribe_Virgin Always…ah, I mean, I will.

Rehvenge_BDB:  *giving the briefest passing thought to the sire of @BellaR_BDB…of how he is unable to attend…fingers flexing on @Madalina_BDB’s hand*

Rehvenge_BDB: Pity.

MaryL_BDB: *taking in a quiet breath, overjoyed for my friends @BellaR_BDBand @Zsadist_BDB….no not friends….family. This is my family.*

Scribe_Virgin: @BellaR_BDB Give me your hand, child.

BellaR_BDB: *Tentatively extending my hand, palm up. Feeling an odd tingling as the @Scribe_Virgin covers my hand.*  

Scribe_Virgin: @Zsadist_BDB Warrior.

Zsadist_BDB:  *holding my hand out, looking at @BellaR_BDB as my hand too is covered by the robe*

BellaR_BDB: *Feeling warmth surround me. Glancing up at @Zsadist_BDB.*

Scribe_Virgin: This is a good mating. A very good mating. *releasing @BellaR_BDB and @Zsadist_BDB’s hands*  

Madalina_BDB: *Happy as I can be, joy filling my heart*

BethR_BDB: *Wiping under my eyes, my tears falling as I watch @Zsadist_BDB and @BellaR_BDB, seeing their love for one another.*

Zsadist_BDB: *wrapping my arms around @BellaR_BDB, kissing her. Separating our mouths, whispering* I love you.

BellaR_BDB: *returning @Zsadist_BDB’s kiss, beaming up at him when he pulls back* And I love you.

Zsadist_BDB: *kissing @BellaR_BDB again, stepping back and pulling the robe off, revealing my bare chest*

Madalina_BDB: *stepping forward, taking @BellaR_BDB’s hand*   

BellaR_BDB: *Watching @Zsadist_BDB closely.*

Zsadist_BDB: *kneeling before my brothers and dropping my head. Ready to give myself completely to @BellaR_BDB. Body and soul.*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *bringing in a crystal bowl full of salt, a pitcher of water, and a small lacquer box*

Phury_BDB: *stepping forward* @Zsadist_BDB What is the name of your shellan?

Zsadist_BDB: @Phury_BDB She is called Bella.

Phury_BDB: *unsheathing my dagger and bending down over @Zsadist_BDB’s bare back*

BellaR_BDB: *Holding my breath, squeezing @Madalina_BDB’s hand.*

Phury_BDB: *moving the blade, carefully, carving out a ‘B’ in the old language.*

Rehvenge_BDB: *eyes drilling the back of @Zsadist_BDB’s head as he kneels…fighting every synapse to keep from plowing inside there*

Madalina_BDB: @BellaR_BDB *patting your hand, proud of your strength*

Zsadist_BDB: *remaining rock steady, feeling the tickle of blood run down my side.*

Phury_BDB: *stepping back*

BellaR_BDB: *Seeing blood on @Zsadist_BDB’s back.*

Rhage_BDB: *stepping forward* @Zsadist_BDB What is the name of your shellan?

Zsadist_BDB: @Rhage_BDB She is called Bella.

Rhage_BDB: *unsheathing my dagger, leaning over @Zsadist_BDB’s back and carving an ‘E’ in the old language.*

Rhage_BDB: *stepping back, smiling at my @MaryL_BDB*

Vishous_BDB: *stepping forward* @Zsadist_BDB What is the name of your shellan?

Zsadist_BDB: *voice unwavering* @Vishous_BDB She is called Bella.

Vishous_BDB: *unsheathing my dagger, carving an “L” in the old language into @Zsadist_BDB’s back and stepping back.*

BellaR_BDB:  *Hearing @Zsadist_BDB respond, his voice strong, as each comes forward and asks the question.*

MaryL_BDB: *glancing up to @Rhage_BDB, smiling back*

Zsadist_BDB: *glancing up @BellaR_BDB and nodding to @Wrath_BDB as he steps forward.*

Wrath_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB What is the name of your shellan?

Zsadist_BDB: @Wrath_BDB She is called Bella.

Wrath_BDB: *unsheathing my dagger, leaning over @Zsadist_BDB’s back and carving an ‘L’ in the old language.*

Wrath_BDB: *stepping back, glancing over at @BethR_BDB, smiling*

Zsadist_BDB: *looking into @Phury_BDB’s yellow eyes, mirroring my own as he comes forward once more.*

Phury_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB  What is the name of your shellan?

Zsadist_BDB: @Phury_BDB She is called Bella.

BethR_BDB: *Looking up at @Wrath_BDB, smiling softly.*

Phury_BDB: *unsheathing my dagger, holding it over @Zsadist_BDB’s back, my eyes moving over the already carved letters of @BellaR_BDB’s name.*

Phury_BDB: *slowly lowering my dagger, carving an ‘A’ in the old language into @Zsadist_BDB’s back and stepping back.*

Rehvenge_BDB:  *taking in the king himself, @Wrath_BDB, mentally taking measure before sizing up each Brother…unobtrusively of course*

Wrath_BDB: *picking up the pitcher and pouring the water into the crystal bowl of salt.*

Wrath_BDB: *Lifting the bowl and dumping the salt mixture onto @Zsadist_BDB’s back.*

Zsadist_BDB: *hissing, muscles spasming as the salt mixture seals @BellaR_BDB’s name into my back.*

BellaR_BDB: *Watching @Zsadist_BDB’s body jerk, biting my lip to keep quiet.*

Butch_BDB:  *Watching the name carving… thinking what it would be like to have@MarissaH_BDB’s name on my back*

: *opening the lacquer box, taking out the white cloth. Drying the wounds on @Zsadist_BDB’s back.*

Zsadist_BDB: *bunching my shoulders, biting through the pain as the wounds with the name of my shellan are dried off.*

Wrath_BDB: *rolling the cloth up and putting it back in the box* @Zsadist_BDB Rise, my brother.

Zsadist_BDB: *standing up, proud.* @Wrath_BDB

BellaR_BDB: *Seeing my name in the old language across @Zsadist_BDB’s back.*

Madalina_BDB:  *Seeing the name of daughter mine in @Zsadist_BDB’s back, holding back the tears of pride*

Wrath_BDB: *presenting @Zsadist_BDB with the box* Take this to your shellan as a symbol of your strength, so she will know you are worthy of her

BethR_BDB: *Watching @Zsadist_BDB present @BellaR_BDB with the box, knowing what it means, glancing at @Wrath_BDB.*

Wrath_BDB: and that your body, your heart and your soul are now hers to command. @Zsadist_BDB

Zsadist_BDB: *bowing, taking the box from @Wrath_BDB, walking to @BellaR_BDB full of love and honor.*

Zsadist_BDB: *Dropping to my knees before @BellaR_BDB, bowing and holding up the box*

Zsadist_BDB: Will you take me as your own? *looking up at @BellaR_BDB, citrine eyes full of warmth.*

BellaR_BDB: *meeting @Zsadist_BDB’s eyes, blinking back tears, carefully taking the box from him* Yes, I will.

Zsadist_BDB: *rising, hearing the brothers beginning to chant, smiling at @BellaR_BDB* Come to your male, my darling mate.

BellaR_BDB:  *Wrapping my arms around @Zsadist_BDB’s waist, careful to avoid his upper back.*

Zsadist_BDB: *wrapping my arms around @BellaR_BDB and pressing a kiss to her lips*

BellaR_BDB: *Meeting @Zsadist_BDB’s lips, feeling our connection, deeper and stronger… more than just my name in his skin.*

BellaR_BDB: *Standing in @Zsadist_BDB’s arms, listening to the brothers chanting as one.*

Zsadist_BDB: *listening to my brothers voices carrying upwards, the honor of their chants filling the foyer.*

Zsadist_BDB: *The honor of @BellaR_BDB being my shellan and carrying my young filling my heart.*


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