I have been known by many names but the only one that matters now is the one most recently given unto me by my beloved Tohrment. I am named after the season he chooses as his favorite…Autumn.

I was once sequestered by my own choice on the Otherside, relegated to a life of servitude and without the desire for more, simply by virtue of feeling undeserving. Crossing over to be of assistance during the time of the Chosen Payne’s convalescence, I found myself seeking to heal the relationship with my daughter, Xhexania. In turn, I found that my heart opened itself unto forgiveness of my own trespasses and with the guiding, loving, somewhat stern and at times harsh truths brought upon me by Tohrment, I realized that I too deserved the love of a male. I truly did not know what it was to feel until his hands rested upon me and o’er my heart.

My second chance I owe not only to Tohrment, the male who claims me, but also to one other, Lassiter, the angel who nearly sacrificed his own second chance to see that Tohr and I would have one.

Happiness at times is delivered in unexpected ways, but my fate I would not change, for it led me to an unceasing male of worth, Tohrment.


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