I’m Bella.  I’m mated to Zsadist, son of Ahgony.  Zsadist is a member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, a warrior.  *taking a deep breath, swallowing my instinctive fear at the thought of Zsadist fighting.*  I know better than many what the war with the Lessening Society is like.  *shuddering in remembered horror*  I’ve seen the fight firsthand.
But I trust Zsadist to take care of himself, to do everything in his power to come home to me before each dawn.  He has too. He promised me he would be here to take care of our young, Nalla. She is still so small, but she already has him wrapped around her little fingers. She has his eyes and I see her in him everytime I look at her.I come from an aristocratic family which has been headed by my brother, Rehvenge, since my father passed unto the Fade.  I grew up under my brother’s very watchful eye.  *shaking my head, thinking about Rehvenge*  My brother… my Rooster.  *smiling*  That was my nickname for him when I was little.  I love my brother, and he is such a male of worth, but I used to feel so smothered by him.  That’s changed, though.  He sees me for who I am now, and our relationship is stronger for it.My mahmen, Madalina, is a former Chosen who acts as a spiritual leader to our people.  It can be intimidating being in the presence of one who knows so much of faith.  *smiling sadly*  Especially for a child. They are so aware of the greater purpose, it can make you feel as if they don’t see you.I used to long to break free of the confines of my life… of the rules set by my brother, the social constraints of being part of the glymera.  To take a chance and walk on the wild side.  I took that walk and found the path was very rocky.  But getting to where I am… here, with Zsadist and Nalla,  was worth the struggle.



    1. It’s good. We’ve had a lot of changes in a short time, and the learning curve was scary. But, life with Zsadist and Nalla is very good.

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