My name is Beth Randall. I used to work for the Caldwell Courier Journal as an editor, aspiring to eventually become a reporter. Then I met Wrath.  Since then, I also learned the identity of my father: the Warrior Darius, son of Marklon.  I found out that I was half vampire, and my father had sent Wrath to see me through my transition.  In a short amount of time, I not only learned of my father’s identity, I also inherited a vast estate, went through my transition and was mated. I took Wrath as my hellren, and became the half-blood Queen of the vampire race. I live with Wrath and his warrior brothers (as well as a friend from my human life, Butch O’Neil) in a compound built by my father.  It’s not easy living with so many warriors, but it has grown on me. Now it feels like we are a huge family.  Speaking of family, I can’t wait to have young of my own. Now to get my Hellren on board with that plan.



  1. Hello your majesty…may I ask a question?
    would you want to have a young like Bella and Zsadist?
    Kisses and greeting from europe

    1. I would love to have a young, but I have to talk Wrath into it. He is too worried about the dangers of the pregnancy.

    1. Well now that Wrath has said he is not longer going to fight I am much less worried. What worries me most now is Wrath putting too much pressure on himself. I know he will be a great King. I will enjoy being Queen if it means helping him.

  2. Hi Beth! I was wondering if it is at all awkward between you and Butch…you know, because of “the kiss”? (Esp knowing how bonded males are.)

    1. *Smiles* Not at all. The night that happened, it was apparent that I didn’t have feelings for him. *Laughs* Wrath has nothing to worry about where Butch and I are concerned. Butch has always been a good friend and is a great ally for the Brotherhood. *Smiles* Besides, I think Butch has his eye on another female of worth in which I wish him the best of luck.

  3. Just started to enjoy your story and I’m really excited how it’ll continue *smiles* Wish you – and of course Wrath – all the best.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. *Smiles* I am glad you are enjoying the story and hope you continue the journey with us.

  4. Big fan of your story! I love you and Wrath together….. Of all of stories yours is my favorite!

    1. *Smiles* Thank you so much for the compliment. I’m glad you enjoy the series, our book especially and I do hope we can talk soon in the future.

  5. iv only read Dark Lover about 12 trillion times ! i admire you! do George and Boo get along?

    1. Thank you, dear. *Smiles* I’m glad you are enjoying the series. As for George and Boo? *laughs* They get along very well. I hope to chat with you soon.

  6. *smiles huge* I apologize if this is a touchy subject but were you scared when you and Wrath discovered he was completely blind? I was VERY upset.

    1. *tears stinging my eyes, remembering* Yes, I was. I tried not to show it, I tried to be strong. But I was terrified. How could I not be? But it’s something that Wrath and I are making the best of, and the loss of his vision has only shown me my hellren’s true strength.

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