I am Ehlena, shellan of Rehvenge, blooded daughter of Alyne, and a happily spoiling aunt to Nalla *laughing*.  I was blessed to be born to two very loving parents who were proud and respected members of the aristocracy. For years is was just my father and me, and so much changed for him in the years since we lost my mahmen. By a fateful flip of a coin, back when I worked in Dr. Havers clinic, I was forced to care for the most arrogant of all patients…Rehvenge *voice softening, my fingertips brushing over my lips at the most tender and humbling memories I have of us* but I was wrong.  And now I am mated to a male whom is worthy beyond words.  My work with Doc Jane and Dr. Manello in the Brotherhood clinic keep me busy while Rehvenge is up north handling the Colony.