Ah, yes, well…Master Wrath asked me if I would jot down a bit about myself for all of the followers to read so here I am, complying with my master’s wish. My name is Fritzgelder Perlmutter and I am currently a doggen within Master Wrath’s household.  I serve my master in any respect requested both loyally and unconditionally.

I began my service with Master Darius some 300 years ago (he acquired me after handling a very unfortunate incident at my previous master’s house) and upon his death I was bequeathed to Master Wrath which in turn meant serving the Brotherhood.  My duties within the household are vast and varied and I take pride in everything that I do. I run a very efficient house personally overseeing the three meals served each day to make sure they will satisfy the Brothers.

While I should not be contributing my opinion on this, I will say that having the Brothers all under one roof is something that brings a sense of pride to my duties. Please do not misunderstand, serving the King is an honour, but having the Brotherhood here as well is, well for lack of a better word, amazing.


  1. Fritz would you be so kind as to tell Lassiter to get his golden glowing self on here or im guna blow the television up. Thanks 🙂 your still awesome!

    1. Please do not harm your possessions. Our resident angel is not to be corralled but I will be happy to pass along your wish to hear from him. *bows head respectfully*

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