I’m Lassiter, a fallen angel with honor but no scruples. I’m hard to find, my weapons always on me and always concealed. I’ve been given one chance to play nice and I’m taking it.

The Brothers and I are like oil and water – we don’t mix.  Honestly, I don’t get it. What’s not to love about me? I’m charming. Whatever. While we may not always get along, we are doing better. Hell I even live with them after I helped Wellsie and Tohr move on. Besides, we all know they love me. Every last one of them. Especially V. *smirks*

I love watching TV so I spend my spare time playing couch commando. Speaking of which, *looks at the clock* oh hell yes, it’s almost time for Mary Tyler Moore. She has the best clothes!



  1. *sigh* Give the guys time. You just need to relax and stop being such a smart a**. Good luck on the second chance. Any good things happening lately?

  2. I have an equal weakness for the fallen angels as I do the brotherhood.

    Can’t wait to see more of you. *smiles big*

  3. So just gotta say… since you first appeared I knew I was going to love you and surprise surprise I do! angel with piercings??… come on who wouldn’t fall for that?! So no disrespect but is Maria Terese your sister or your lover? just curious. PLEASE be good! I don’t want you to disappear! i’m always looking for stuff about you. Id watch Oprah with you any day bro!

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