Mary Luce




My name is Mary Madonna Luce. But everyone calls me Mary. I am the shellan and wife of Rhage, a warrior of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

If you’d told me I’d be happily married –or mated– and living in a house full of vampires? I’m not sure which part of that statement I’d have found harder to believe. But my life took some strange turns when my neighbor, Bella, and I met a young male, John Matthew. John Matthew’s destiny –and mine– changed forever when Bella made a phone call to the Brotherhood. One long car ride later, both John Matthew and I took the first steps on the paths to the rest of our lives. John Matthew found out who he was…and I found Rhage.

I keep myself busy, trying to be useful in my new life. I’ve been helping one of the Brothers with some of the darkness of his past and I provide counsel to the others as they come to me. I’ve had the opportunity to teach the others in the house ASL, so communication with John Matthew has become fluid.

*smiling* Rhage. It’s hard to sum up what happened between Rhage and I. But he is everything I’d never let myself believe I could have. And he didn’t give up on me, even though I pushed him away again and again. The thought of Rhage taking care of me when I was so sick tore me apart. I never wanted him to see me so weak, and I didn’t want him wasting his life or caring about me when my time was so short. Rhage wasn’t going to let me go, and the night he came to find me at Bella’s farmhouse, I knew I couldn’t let him go either. Rhage kept the curse he hated to save my life. But we found our own slice of happily ever after: Rhage, his Beast and me. We’ve got centuries stretching out in front of us, and though I know I’ll always worry when Rhage is out battling lessers, I take comfort in the fact that both he and the Beast will always do everything they can to get home to me safely.



  1. Nowadays I believe you do not have to complain, for it must be wonderful to live with Rhage.
    How is life with him?


  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your’s and Rhage’s story re-enactment. You both did a fantastic job and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was like reading it again but even better.

  3. Hi Mary! How many pancakes can Rhage eat at one time?
    Does Fritz let you in the kitchen to cook omelets and such for him?
    Also, I heard from Butch that even Rhage’s feet are perfect. Is that true?

    1. Hello! Rhage can eat a lot of pancakes at one time. I actually quit counting at this point. *laughing* My best guess would be close to 20 and that may be on the low side. Fritz will allow me in the kitchen but he always asks me if he can help. I love to cook for Rhage, so Fritz will usually ask just once and then let me be and do it myself. As far as Rhage’s feet……yeah….they’re perfect too. *grins* But I’m a little partial to my hellren.

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