Qhuinn, Son of Lohstrong




My name is Qhuinn, formerly Son of Lohstrong. I had always been benched by my family due to my defect of one green eye, and one blue. I gave my father the excuse he needed to disown me after mortally wounding my cousin Lash. I was protecting my boy, John Matthew, from that sick SOB… and I am not sorry, nor do I regret my actions. I would do it again, even if my ass hadn’t been saved by the King by appointing me as John Matthew’s personal guard… his Ahstrux Nohtrum. I proudly carry out this position, wearing a medallion with John Matthew’s family crest and a red tear drop tattooed on my face to symbolize the blood I am ready to shed for him. The date has been immortalized in ink by Vishous, on the back of my neck in the Old Language…May Thirtieth, Two Thousand and Twelve.

I don’t need any job or title to know that I would do anything for my boys, Blay and John Matthew. The three of us are as tight as if we had been born family, and they are all the family I need. I will fight by their sides with the Brotherhood against the Lessening Society, and protect them until my last breath.

Doesn’t mean I’m all dark and serious and shit, though I do rock the black clothing. I’m all about the females, beers with my boys at Zero Sum, and body mods. I’m still the best time you’ll ever have. *fanged grin*


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