Rhage, Son of Tohrture




My name is Rhage, son of Tohrture.  I am the smartest, funniest, strongest, toughest fighter and most handsome one of the group. I come complete with the best weapon around: my Beast.  You mess with me, my brothers or my Mary, and the Beast will take over and destroy everything in its path. The only person to ever calm the Beast is my mate, Mary Luce. She swept into my life and not only claimed my heart and soul, but she claimed the Beast’s as well.  She is the love of my life, my anchor and she has changed me for the better.  I have never craved anyone or anything the way I do her. I’m the luckiest male in the world to have her by my side.

I love long walks on the beach, romantic dinners for two… *clears throat* I mean, I like to kill things and lifting weights at the gym. Food is one of my passions and you’ll be hard pressed to find me without something to snack on nearby. When I’m not out fighting lessers or spending time with Mary, you can often find me hanging out with or pulling pranks on my best friends, Butch and Vishous .


  1. Rhage, I have an extra tootsie pop if you still want a taste. Oh, and I’d love to help you relieve any pressure or stress that may be building…meet you at One Eye?


  2. Hi, Rhage! You are delicious and a great warrior, of course! I’ll love you tasting my tootsie pop, baby! *winks*

  3. I’ve got an orange tootsie pop if you want it. *laughs* sorry but i ate the entire bag myself! Ever tried those caramel apple suckers? you might like those too.

    1. *grins* Thanks for the tootsie pop. The orange ones aren’t bad at all. Not big on the apple suckers, but thanks for the though, female.

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