Tohrment, son of Hharm




Recent leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, left in the grip of emotional devastation, trapped by the aftermath of a tornado blowing through my soul.  I was a warrior without recognition of self, only the emptiness left by the absence of her, my Wellsie, my shellan. Immersed in turmoil, lacking will, nothing but a hollow ache to remind me that I still breathe.

I was lost.

Now I am found. The beautiful Autumn has brought me back to life. She has revived my soul and given me the strength to be a role model for John Matthew and a hellren again. I know my Wellsie has moved on to the Fade and is finally at peace. Thanks to Lassiter we were all able to move on and find peace.

Now I am back to being the level headed, calmer voice in the group.  Back to being a warrior, ready to kill every threat against our world be it a lesser or the Band of Bastards.


  1. Your love for Wellsie is beutiful, Tohr. I’ve wondered, what is it about Vampire pregnancies that make them so dangerous? Does it have to do with the length of gestation?

    I enjoyed tweeting with Wellsie tonight. She has quite the wit. I can see why she enthralls you as she does. You are a lucky hellran and she a lucky shellan.

    1. Yes they do last much, much longer making them more dangerous. I am the luckiest man in the world to have her. *Smiles*

  2. Not to give anything away but I cried my freaking eyes out. You’ll know why. *bows respectfully* really sorry….

  3. my beloved brother. we have shared your loss 2nite. i know how u must feel. she will be missed. i am not good at these things as u can see, but i felt i had 2 say sumthing. just know, we are all here for you brother mine. love u dearly. – lil sis *cries*

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