Wrath, Son of Wrath





Some say I’m cold-hearted…

Some say I’m a bastard…

I’d say they’re right…on both accounts.

Life for me has pretty much been a bitch for the better part of my days.  Don’t even try it. Don’t give me that shit about how bad it could be to be a King. *leers* You have no idea what kind of responsibility is involved in that, it’s not just black and white, okay? *scoffs*

My father and mother (the King and Queen) were murdered by lessers, the soulless bastards made by The Omega to eradicate our species.  My father hid me before the attacks began, as it was his only defense in ensuring that his heir survived and his people would have a leader.  But I had to sit there, watching, like a spineless bastard, unable to help defend my family while the lessers slaughtered the ones I loved.  A lot was riding on my survival that day as I’m not just a royal heir, I’m also the last pure-blood vampire in existence.

I’m known as the Blind King among the vampire world because of my diminishing sight. However, this does not hinder my ability to fight as I rely on other senses to guide me to victory.  For centuries I fought alongside my Brothers, seeing many of them pass into the Fade because of this endless war.  This only made me more determined to continue on my quest to send all of these creatures back to their maker.  Seeing all this death and bloodshed I will admit that I’ve learned to distance myself from others as I’ve found that caring about others can only lead to pain and misery. I suppose that’s why I’m fine with people calling me a bastard or cold-hearted. *smirks* It’s best that way.

And then I met her. My Leelan.

There’s been a ton of changes in my life, some for the good and some that test my goddamn patience. My battles are now waged behind a desk. Since ascending I’m not allowed to fight alongside my brothers and straight up, it’s killing me. The Brotherhood and their shellans are now living under my roof as one big happy family , which means the mansion is a fucking madhouse.

I am a Warrior. I am a King. I am a Hellren.


  1. Whatever you do, you do it well! You’re amazing, Wrath. A great warrior and sexy as hell too. With all due respect… *sighs*

  2. wrath i love ya like pancakes, but you gotta tame that temper my man. your too cute to throw a temper tantrum

    1. There is always hope. However, unless we drastically increase our numbers an end seems almost improbable but also not impossible.

    1. They’ll attack where ever the Brotherhood is. So if Caldwell is where we’re at, then that’s where they are.

  3. M’Lord Wrath, if I may give a battle strategy. Why do you not just go to the lessers now? I mean you have Z, John, V, Butch, Hollywood, Phury, and I’m not sure if you still fight but the others you have. And you have one hell of a key point, Butch. He absorbs the lessers, I mean come on. Strike first, and strike hard, and just watch the fuckers die. They would totally not be expecting that, true?

    1. If all the lessers were in one spot we’d annihilate them in one go, but they’re not going to shack up in one spot, true? We are still outnumbered, but looking into changing that…

      1. Not true, on the stacking up part. The meet int the morning to check in. And on the out numbered thing, I would help if I could, ya feel? -Smiles.- Oh yea, one thing. Is Butch your half brother? Or a cousin or something?

  4. God forbid (I’m not saying ‘Scribe Virgin forbid’ because shes not all attuned to the race anymore) what would happen if the U.S. Government learned of your existence? What if, they already knew of you but have no clearance or whatever to so much as take a thorough look into your activities. To know of a vampire race living in secrecy amongst humans would alarm them significantly. I would imagine that they would only take interest if there were several disappearances. But knowing there wouldn’t be much to look at they would have no reason to look but….IF they did, what would you do as King to ensure the safety of your race, your people?

    We all know the Brothers are different from each other so I’m gonna ask them of their opinion as well.

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