The Brothers Being Brothers


Since the brothers have such stressful lives, sometimes they need to blow a little steam. Usually, I end up having a huge mess to clean up afterward, but it’s always good for them to get it out of their systems. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s better than them going insane. So for those of you that miss these times, or just want to enjoy them again, this page is for you. Enjoy! *bows*

This one happened when Rhage decided to “get” Vishous for making several sparkly Twilight remarks about Rhage.

Vishous I have a confession to make to all of you. I’ve been mocking @Rhage_BDB because I’m jealous and secretly in love with him *winks*

Phury@Rhage_BDB, my brother, are you sure that’s a wise idea…?

Vishous @SweetiepieKB Yeah, it feels great to finally admit it. @Rhage_BDB is everything I want to be.

Vishous@VampFan44 You should really check out @Rhage_BDB, he can probably please you better than I ever could *smiles*

Phury Man, @Rhage_BDB is going to regret this… *laughing*

Vishous@pkmarita Excuse me? I’ve just been feeling a little fucked up over all the sparkle taunting. In fact, I would like to sparkle *smirks*

Vishous@KellyKate777 I don’t know, but I’d be lucky to land something as pretty @Rhage_BDB, you feel me? *winks*

Butch*Hearing @Rhage_BDB laughing his ass off about something* I’m going to see what’s doing.

Vishous@monstermax3 I just had some time to think @Butch_BDB put on the movie and I was a goner

Vishous@f_n_t Actually, my favorite movie is Beaches. Fucking love Bette Midler *grins*

Butch*Walks in seeing @Vishous_BDB‘s twitter background* Ah, shit Hollywood, this ain’t gonna end well. @Rhage_BDB

Vishous@VampFan44 Oh, well, a little known fact? @Rhage_BDB set me up with that place, he can be any kind of lover you want *winks*

Butch@f_n_t Oh hell no. You all are my proof I ain’t involved in this! *holds up hands*

Vishous@Sashamiami4 Actually, I would love to sparkle. I mean, I would have to sparkle to even compare to @Rhage_BDB

Vishous*Hearing footsteps down the hall* Oh shit, gotta run ladies. Remember, I want to sparkle, help a brother out?

Butch@chelseamcg I’m good. Wondering what V’s gonna do about this shit though. *shakes head*

Rhage aka Hollywood*Laughing my ass off* @Vishous_BDB I always knew you loved me, man.

Phury@chelseamcg Yes, I suppose we could call @Rhage_BDB a “jokester”…but I also suppose we could call him soon-to-be-dead… @Vishous_BDB

Butch @f_n_t Thanks, doll. *laughs nervously* It’ll be fun to watch play out as long as I’m far away from that torch of V’s.

Vishous*walking in seeing my twitter page up* What the hell?

Rhage aka Hollywood@Phury_BDB Hey, I had to get @Vishous_BDB back for all that sparkle bullshit. I don’t need sparkle, I already shine.

Phury@Rhage_BDB *shaking head* I think I’ll just step back and watch the fall-out, my brother…

Butch@Phury_BDB *nods* I’m with you on that one, bloodsucker.

Vishous*yelling* @Rhage_BDB you son of a bitch! *stomping down the hall* I am gonna kick your ass my brother.

Phury@Butch_BDB, you might want to give @Vishous_BDB and @Rhage_BDB a wide berth while they work this out. Or perhaps we need popcorn to watch?

Butch@Phury_BDB Popcorn sounds good, I’m starving. *grins and watches*

Rhage aka Hollywood*yelling back* @Vishous_BDB I’d like to see you try, brother. *Hiding behind the door*

Vishous@Rhage_BDB You are gonna shine with I light you up *points to hand, still looking for your hiding spot*

Vishous*walks past kitchen and grabs a can of whip cream* Come on out pretty boy @Rhage_BDB

Phury*returns from kitchen with popcorn* Here, @Butch_BDB. *takes a mouthful, and sits back watching the show that is @Rhage_BDB vs @Vishous_BDB*

Butch@ammluvtwilight You’ve obviously never seen these guys eat, have you? You might want to bring your own popcorn. @Phury_BDB

Rhage aka Hollywood@Vishous_BDB AHHHH *cracking my knuckles getting ready to show you just who sparkle* It’s lights out for you, my brother.

Vishous@Rhage_BDB *sneaks up to the door, whipping it open and spraying it all over you* You fucker!

Rhage aka Hollywood@Vishous_BDB AHHHH *cracking my knuckles getting ready to show you just who sparkle* It’s lights out for you, my brother.

Fritz*hearing some commotion in my kitchen*

Vishous@Rhage_BDB *emptying the can of whip cream on your head*

Phury@Butch_BDB Seems kind of like an unfair fight. Hang on – I’ll be right back.

Butch *chomping on some popcorn, shaking my head* @Phury_BDB It’s your death wish, man.

Vishous@Rhage_BDB Aww come on, you look so good covered in whip cream. It is closer to your sparkle dreams

Zsadist*casually leans against the door jamb, watching @Vishous_BDB and @Rhage_BDB act like assholes*

Phury*returns with can of whipped cream, tosses it to @Rhage_BDB* This should even things out, Brother. *resumes eating popcorn*

Butch*nods at @Phury_BDB, mouth full of popcorn* This is good stuff, @FritzDoggen_BDB make it?

Rhage aka Hollywood*Catching the can of whipped cream* @Phury_BDB Thanks. You’re true, brother. *Turns to @Vishous_BDB, laughing, shaking the can*

Phury@Rhage_BDB *nods, laughing, takes another handful of popcorn*

Vishous*looks @Phury_BDB* HEY! Whose side are you on?

Phury@Vishous_BDB *holds hands up* I’m on the brotherhood’s side, and I wanted to keep the fight even…so I can continue enjoying my popcorn

Rhage aka Hollywood@Vishous_BDB Fuck you, V. *Unleashing the whip cream on you*

Fritz *Seeing whip cream on the walls as I near my kitchen* This cannot be good.

Vishous*looking around for something else to use as a weapon. Finds spray cheese and turns to @Phury_BDB @Rhage_BDB, spraying everywhere*

PhuryOh, hell no! *covers head with hands as spray cheez gets all over me*

Butch*feels a splatter of canned cheese land on my jacket* Hey! This shit’s Armani. Watch it!

Phury*wiping cheese off my face, feeling it in my hair* Get @Vishous_BDB‘s ass covered with that shit, @Rhage_BDB!!!

Rhage aka Hollywood@Vishous_BDB *growling, lunging at you* That’s too much, that shit is disgusting. You’re done.

Rhage aka Hollywood@Vishous_BDB *Wrestling you for the cheese, finally getting it out of your grasp* Open wide, brother *spraying you with the cheese*

Vishous*tuning my whip cream on the peanut gallery* You think its funny? *laughs* @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB *sprays the room* @Rhage_BDB

Wrath*Hearing a lot of commotion upstairs*

Rhage aka Hollywood*Turning to @Phury_BDB and @Butch_BDB* Oh, so you assholes think this is funny? Come here, cop. You started this with the sparkle viewing

Butch*Holds up hands* Hey now, Martha. I was only making innocent comments to the lovelies on Twitter. *looks around for an escape* @Rhage_BDB

Phury@Rhage_BDB Hey! I brought your reinforcements!

Vishous*barely spraying @Zsadist_BDB because I never know how he will react

Zsadist*growls and walks away* Fuckers.

Rhage aka Hollywood*Turning the can of cheese on @Butch_BDB* That’ll teach you to watch that sparkle crap, cop.

Rhage aka Hollywood@Butch_BDB *shaking the empty can* Who you calling Martha, sparkleboy?

Butch@Rhage_BDB That would be you, Martha. Get those bows done for @Phury_BDB‘s hair yet? *ducks and avoids the cheese spray*

Wrath*Listening closely, all that noise is coming from the kitchen. @FritzDoggen_BDB will flip his lid.*

Vishous*laughing my ass off*

Phury*turns water on @Butch_BDB* Enough with the damned bows!

Vishous*laughing as @Rhage_BDB gets sprayed again by @Phury_BDB * Yeah you get him!

Phury@Vishous_BDB Oh, that’s it! *grabs the spray nozzle from the kitchen sink, cranks up the water, and takes aim at you and @Rhage_BDB*

Vishous@Phury_BDB *covering myself, looking for another weapon*

Rhage aka Hollywood *Snapping the nozzle out of @Phury_BDB‘s hand* Give me that. *Turning it on @Vishous_BDB*

Wrath I better go see what the fuck’s going on. *starts up the stairs, taking three at a time

Rhage aka Hollywood@Butch_BDB Oh hey, sparkleboy. You look a little dry *turning the water on you*

Vishous@Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB Hey fuckers! What up with the double teaming me? Help me, cop @Butch_BDB

Phury@Vishous_BDB I was on both of your sides until you hit me with the cheese… @Rhage_BDB

Wrath *Pushing the painting aside and heading to the kitchen, seeing @FritzDoggen_BDB beside himself* WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?

Fritz*clutching my chest as I see the mess in my kitchen* @Phury_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Butch_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Wrath_BDB

Phury*looks sheepishly at @FritzDoggen_BDB*

Vishous *looking for @Butch_BDB* That fucker hid.

Wrath *Yelling louder* STOP! @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Phury_BDB @Butch_BDB What the fuck is going on in here?

Butch@Vishous_BDB Of course I fucking hid! This suit and shoes costs more than I make in four months.

Vishous@Butch_BDB Wussy

Vishous*sees @Wrath_BDB, looks @Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB* Oh shit. Busted!

Rhage aka Hollywood*stopping when I hear @Wrath_BDB*

Phury*turning to see @Wrath_BDB looking none too pleased*

Wrath *waiting for an explanation*

Vishous@Wrath_BDB *points @Rhage_BDB* He started it. He hacked my twitter account

Rhage aka Hollywood@Wrath_BDB NO *pointing back, glaring @Vishous_BDB* He started it with saying I’d want to fucking sparkle.

WrathSo here’s the deal. I don’t give a shit who started what. Clean this shit up and get your asses out to look for @Billy_Riddle.

Butch@Wrath_BDB You want me to clean…wearing this? *realizes I better shut the fuck up*

Wrath*raises a brow at @Butch_BDB*

PhuryLoses it *laughing hard* RT @Butch_BDB: @Wrath_BDB You want me to clean…wearing this? *realizes I better shut the fuck up*

Butch *stars cleaning* @Wrath_BDB Forget I said anything.

Wrath*Grumbles something then turns to leave these ladies to clean up their mess* @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Butch_BDB @Phury_BDB

Vishous@Wrath_BDB Yes my lord. *still covered in cheese, whip cream, and water, trying not to laugh* @Phury_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Butch_BDB

Phury*looking at @Vishous_BDB, @Rhage_BDB, @Butch_BDB…all trying not to laugh which makes me start to laugh*

Rhage aka Hollywood*Unable to stop myself from laughing, seeing how ridiculous we all look* @Vishous_BDB @Phury_BDB @Butch_BDB

Phury*still laughing, I join @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB and @Butch_BDB in beginning the cleaning process*

Rhage aka Hollywood@Wrath_BDB Sorry, my lord. *Picks up a mop and sets to work*

Wrath*looks in @FritzDoggen_BDB‘s direction* Fritz, make sure this place is sparkling before they leave. They seem to be experts on that…

Phury*finishes cleaning up the kitchen with @Butch_BDB, @Vishous_BDB, and @Rhage_BDB, heading out of the kitchen – everything sparkling*

Rhage aka Hollywood*Sneaking out of the kitchen, not needing to add to my Martha creed*

VishousI am out of here. *going to change @Rhage_BDB twitter password so he will never get back in*

Vishous*laughing as I watch @Rhage_BDB trying to sign into his twitter account*


Everyone knows how much Tohrment loves and adores his shellan Wellsie.  So after being apart for a while, while waiting for Wrath to come through surgery okay, Tohr was feeling a little playful  with his shellan finally at his side.  Here’s a glimpse at that exchange.

*Feeling relieved about @Wrath_BDB holding onto @Wellsie_BDB, not wanting to let go*

*standing in @Tohrment_BDB‘s arms, relieved that @Wrath_BDB is improving*

@Wellsie_BDB I’ve missed you like mad, leelan *brushing your hair back from your face*

*smiling up at @Tohrment_BDB* I’ve missed you too, my hellren.

@Wellsie_BDB How are you feeling, hungry? Tired? Something else *raises eyebrow, grinning*

*elbowing @Tohrment_BDB in the ribs* Tohr! *blushing*

@f_n_t *blushing* Yes… *ahem* @Tohrment_BDB seems to be forgetting his manners.

What she said RT @f_n_t @Wellsie_BDB *laughing* Don’t be embarrassed, sweetie. You’re lucky to have a male like @Tohrment_BDB.

@f_n_t I know I’m very fortunate to have @Tohrment_BDB…but you shouldn’t encourage his bad behavior! *laughs*

@Wellsie_BDB *hands up* What? Is it so wrong for me to miss you in every way after everything that’s happened? *kissing you on the forehead*

*leaning in to @Tohrment_BDB* No, I’ve missed you too, my hellren.

@Wellsie_BDB How’s about we go grab something so I can feed you? I know I’m feeling hungry all of a sudden *raises brows*

@Tohrment_BDB *smiling* Yes, lets. I’m suddenly ravenous! Do you think we can find some chocolate?

@Wellsie_BDB Definitely, we’ll find you whatever you want *kisses you on the temple* Alright humans, have a great night. Behave yourselves.


One night the Brothers along with the cop went out to ZeroSum.  The cop had too much Lag, passed out, woke up and drank some more before passing out again. What happened when Vishous called his brothers over to the Pit to have a little fun with his passed out friend?  Check it out below.

Vishous *calls main house* @Rhage_BDB getcha ass down here. Gotta plan for the cop.

Rhage aka Hollywood *yells* @Phury_BDB Hey @Vishous_BDB wants us in the pit.

Vishous*text* @Tohrment_BDB Come to the pit. Gotta plan for cop.

@Vishous_BDB *text* I’m in. *Looks at @Wellsie_BDB still resting peacefully and dematerializes*

Phury @Rhage_BDB *sticks my head out in the hall* Did he say what for? *follows you down the hall*

Rhage aka Hollywood@Phury_BDB He said he has a plan. You know he only uses his power for evil.

Butch *grumbles and rolls over*

*Arriving at the pit* @Vishous_BDB *noticing @Butch_BDB is passed out* S’up brother? Cop can’t handle his shit, huh?

Vishous@Tohrment_BDB *nods at @Butch_BDB* I say we teach him a lesson, true?

Phury @Rhage_BDB *heading towards the Pit, laughing* That can’t be good…

Rhage aka Hollywood @Phury_BDB *laughing* Not at all.

Phury *arriving at The Pit with @Rhage_BDB* @Vishous_BDB @Tohrment_BDB: what’s up?

Vishous@Phury_BDB @Tohrment_BDB @Rhage_BDB Well @jacsmom and I were thinking we make the cop pretty. *hands out markers*

Phury@Vishous_BDB *takes marker, laughing* You mean @Butch_BDB is still passed out?

Rhage aka Hollywood@Vishous_BDB *laughing and taking a bright blue marker* Oh this is gonna be great. *walks over to @Butch_BDB* What to do?

Vishous@Phury_BDB Yep. He woke up, drank, passed out again.

VishousMe RT @jacsmom: @bwlrgrl300 @Phury_BDB @Tohrment_BDB @Rhage_BDB *Smirks* Yankee’s fan across the forehead. Who’s got the best handwriting?

Phury *noticing @Butch_BDB is still wearing a now-wrinkled nice suit* Just try not to ruin the clothes @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Tohrment_BDB

Vishous@Phury_BDB I will not muss the clothes.

Vishous *takes a black marker and write Yankees across cops forehead* He is going to be so pissed.

Phury@Vishous_BDB *shakes my head* Yeah, it smells like he drank an entire brewery…

Vishous@Phury_BDB I think he did.

@Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB too bad none of these markers have sparkles *snickers*

Rhage aka Hollywood@Tohrment_BDB Too true

Phury @Tohrment_BDB True but I think I’ve got an idea *steps forward, writes “I love sparkly vamps” on @Butch_BDB‘s cheek* @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Rhage aka Hollywood@Phury_BDB *fistbump*

Vishous@Phury_BDB *laughing* Fuck yeah

Phury @Rhage_BDB *laughing* Blue eyeshadow would be a great addition. @Vishous_BDB @Tohrment_BDB

Rhage aka Hollywood *colors @Butch_BDB eyelids bright blue* Oh yeah, now that looks nice. @Phury_BDB@Vishous_BDB @Tohrment_BDB @jacsmom

Vishous@Rhage_BDB *laughing* The eyes look tight brother.

@Phury_BDB I say there’s never enough sparkle when it comes to @Butch_BDB, true? @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Phury @Tohrment_BDB True. And there’s never enough sparkle for @Rhage_BDB either. *laughs* @Vishous_BDB

*laughing* The ladies are all ready with sparkle products. @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Phury_BDB *taking the nail polish from @jacsmom*

What do you think? Should I paint @Butch_BDB‘s toenails? @Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Rhage aka Hollywood@Tohrment_BDB Yes. Totally

Phury @Tohrment_BDB Absolutely – paint his toenails. @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB

*Kneeling down near @Butch_BDB‘s feet, cringing* You know I’m going to probably be scarred after this @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB

Phury @Tohrment_BDB Don’t breathe too deeply near @Butch_BDB‘s feet. @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB

@Phury_BDB *laughing* I was trying not to breathe too deeply but you made me laugh.

Phury @Tohrment_BDB Sorry, Brother. *laughing*

@Phury_BDB *fist bump* No worries *crosses arms over my chest, trying to hold in the laughter*

Phury@Tohrment_BDB *fist bump*

Done! @Phury_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB

 Phury @Tohrment_BDB *laughing* Hot pink?? @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Vishous *stepping back and looking at the cop, all painted and sparkly* @Butch_BDB

Zsadist *walking into the pit seeing @Butch_BDB painted up like a fucking rainbow* @Phury_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Tohrment_BDB

Vishous*laughs* RT @jacsmom: @Vishous_BDB @Tohrment_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB *chokes on laughter* He looks lovely. LMAO

Vishous @Zsadist_BDB *nods* Wanna marker?

Zsadist@Vishous_BDB *pulls dagger out* What? I can use this? *tosses dagger up and catches it – chuckles*

Vishous@Zsadist_BDB *smirks*

Phury *applies lip gloss* @Vishous_BDB @Tohrment_BDB @Rhage_BDB RT @Sweetlizzy69: @Phury_BDB *hands you lip gloss* go head.

Butch *tossing around*

Zsadist*leaning against the wall, watching @Butch_BDB thrash around* All that sparkly shit, he almost looks like a fucking disco ball.

Phury*sees @Butch_BDB moving*

Phury I think our artistic masterpiece @Butch_BDB is waking up…@Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Tohrment_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

Rhage aka Hollywood @Phury_BDB Yeah we need to disappear before he does. @Tohrment_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Zsadist @Phury_BDB @Butch_BDB could’ve used some of blush shit on his cheeks @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Tohrment_BDB

Phury@Zsadist_BDB *laughing* I think he’s got some “blush shit” on one of his cheeks…

*Watching @Butch_BDB move* Alright, brothers. I’m going back to @Wellsie_BDB before she wakes up @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB. Late.

Vishous @Tohrment_BDB Cool. I am off to hunt. You in? @Phury_BDB @Zsadist_BDB @Rhage_BDB

Phury @Vishous_BDB Absolutely. @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

Vishous *takes several pics before I go* Later, off to hunt. *dematerializes* @Rhage_BDB @Phury_BDB @Tohrment_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

Rhage aka HollywoodYeah I am out of here. Night all. *dematerializes*

Phury Good night everyone.*follows @Vishous_BDB, dematerializing* @Rhage_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

Zsadist *watches all the brothers dematerialize while @Butch_BDB stirs, pushes off wall, waiting until the last minute – dematerializes*

A picture of the finished product


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  1. This was a great night. I loved the food fight. I’m thinking Rhage just wanted to see what it was like to be loved by all of Vishous’ loyal pets for one night. Sorry Rhage you can’t replace perfection. *smirks*

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