Dr. Jane Whitcomb, here and recently life took a sharp turn in an unreal direction and guess what? I found out my destiny was nothing I could have predicted.  I was en route to running my own shop at Columbia when fate intervened and smacked me in the face with a patient that would change my life, Vishous, a warrior vampire of fascinating lineage.

*laughs* Never would have thought I’d end up with V as my mate, but…without him…there’s not much worth materializing for.

Oh, did I mention that? I’m not exactly human anymore, mostly a ghost but V’s touch makes me whole. And I get eternity with him so I consider it a fair trade, even if we’re still adjusting.

I’m utterly thrilled to have been appointed as the personal physician to the Black Dagger Brotherhood.  Not only am I building my dream clinic from the ground up, I’m working with Marissa and Mary as the new medical consultant at Safe Place, and in my spare time I’ll be delving into my passion:  genetics.

I will be a warrior for the warriors in my care. Not a one will die on my watch.

The Pit is already home. And all it took was believing.  Some brilliant male taught me that lesson.  *winks*



  1. Hey, Doc- Just wanted to say that as a nurse, I am touched by your bedside manner and the way you actually let your emotions become an integral part of your practice. That is what makes a doctor a healer.
    I’m glad you found V, and vice versa. It’s all about give and take, for both of you… *snickers*

  2. *smiles wickedly, thinking of V* Giving and taking, all part of the fun.

    In all seriousness, you as a nurse are very much the unsung hero in the medical field. I’ve learned not only from the nurses that back me up but, of course, personal experience, that sometimes a soft touch can make all the difference.

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