I am Marissa, blooded daughter of Wallen, former sister of Havers, physician to our race, and most importantly shellan to Butch O’Neal.

The path to my hellren was not a short or easy one. I spent centuries as Wrath’s  unwanted shellan. I was the subject of much gossip both before and after Wrath cast me aside to be with his half-human queen. At the time, this seemed to only further insulate me from the fellow members of the glymera…but it was Wrath’s shellan who brought Butch into my life…so everything happened as it should. Wrath and his queen are a perfect match, and the queen has become a friend. A true friend. And then there’s Butch…


I’d never guessed that I was intended for happiness…but apparently I am. I’ve been given the greatest gift there is: to be loved completely and totally by a male of worth. Butch sees me not for who I am supposed to be but for who I am. He believes in me and I believe in him. He has encouraged and supported me as I’ve worked to create a safe harbor for those in our race who seek refuge from violence or danger: Safe Place. Butch takes pride in my accomplishments and pushes me to be and do more than I thought possible. And though I will worry every night that he goes out to hunt with the Brotherhood, I know that he will always fight to come home to me. And I will proudly stand beside him as long as I have breath in my lungs. I’ve found my way home…and that home is with Butch.