Vishous, Son of the Bloodletter




I am the Warrior Vishous, but call me V, feel me? I was reared by my father, known as the Bloodletter, and believe me he’s earned his name through his reputation; his cruelty is legendary. He showed me his special brand of fatherly love with his coming of age gift to me: warning tattoos on my hand, face and…yeah not fucking elaborating. Did I mention being left for dead post-transition? Turns out I am also the son of a diety. Who knew? The Scribe Virgin is my mahmen. Our relationship is… complicated, true?

My female is Doc Jane. She is a strong willed, brilliant female and she makes me whole.  She is a ghost, but that only means I get to keep her by my side forever.

I take pride in crafting the daggers that my Brothers use in the war against the Lessening Society. Me? I like some good hand to hand but when things get tight, I have my own built in weapon of mass destruction. *holds up my gloved hand* This thing will light you up like a Christmas tree on steroids.

I like my Grey Goose, my smoke, my music, and the Red Sox. Say the “Y” word around here and risk your life. When I’m not out fighting this goddamned war, or with my female,  you can catch me here hanging with the cop. Somehow the cop just fits right in like he always belonged. *rubs my goatee*



  1. I love Master Vishous. He’s definitely my fav of the BDB and he knows just how to treat his pets to a good time. *grins*

    I do hope you will be out to play tonight sir.

    Love your naughty pet
    -VF xx

  2. Vishous… my lheage! You own me! My heart, my soul, my body…they are your to do whatever you want.

    And yes, I’m your naughty pet. Just call my name…



  3. Ok, let me explain. I´m Shellan of V and Butch. Yes, both of them. What can I do? I love my lheage and my cop. We’re happy together. You, girls, may dream with them because the real V and Butch are here with me.

    But we can’t say anything for the world which isn’t ready to accept this kind of love.


    (Shellan of V and Butch)

  4. Hi master Vishous! You own me! I promise be a naughty pet! Love you my favourite warrior of the BDB!

    Kisses and love,


  5. Vishous your love hurts me as hell but i´ll be always back for more. I´m completely into you not for the games you play but becouse of the man behind the whips and all those pain you need to cause just not to die with your own.
    Yours forever.

  6. Vishous ciągle myślę o Tobie, nie mogę spać, jeść i normalnie funkcjonować, ciągle mam Ciebie w swoim sercu, wiem, że to jest nierealne, a mimo wszystko cały czas mam Ciebie przed oczyma. Gorąco pozdrawiam 🙂

  7. V you’re total badass, but be careful gorgeous. wouldn’t want that perky little ass of yours to get scratched you feel me? sexy man

      1. well thats good. Must get irritating having all the girls pine for ya. But you work out the nicks with a little tough love on the lessers

    1. and i forgot to ask you who are some of your favorite rap singers? i know you like 2pac and Jay-Z. Idk if you listen to Trey Songz or J holiday

      1. i see. well i know you love your rap. who’s your favorite rap singer? and please don’t say Eminem because then me and you might have to throw down true? lol

  8. Chciałabym się Ciebie zapytać V, bo wiem, że znasz dużo języków, z tego co pamiętam chyba 16, czy mógłbyś wymienić jakie dokładnie znasz? Będę wdzięczna 🙂

  9. Vishous, sorry, że tak ciągle piszę, ale jesteś bardzo interesujący, czy mógłbyś napisać czy sam czytałeś książki Bractwa Czarnego Sztyletu? Jeżeli “tak” to co o nich sądzisz? 🙂

  10. Hello V, chciałabym się zapytać o ludzi, kiedyś ich nie lubiliście, czy obecnie to się zmieniło? Czy dalej uważam, że ludzie stwarzają niebezpieczeństwo? 🙂

  11. I love Vishous. He is my Help! I am in love with a Fictional Character, this week on the blog. I would like to host a giveaway to promote the upcoming release of Lover Unleashed. Spread the love.

  12. V, what you did with Butch, was amazing. Kinda wish you could do it to me. You know with the whole, turning vampire thing. Oh and I’d fight ya over some Goose if I had too, ya feel me?

  13. Hi, V, mam pytanie, rozumiem, że nie możesz wychodzić w dzień na słońce, a czy możesz wychodzić w pochmurny dzień? To jest bardzo fascynujące, Pozdrawiam

  14. Hello, V, czy możesz napisać jakie jest twoje ulubione danie? Oczywiście oprócz krwi i Grey Goose?

  15. Hey, I got a couple questions for you, V.
    What are the Four Toys your brothers (and fans)
    keep going on about?
    And how many birds did it take to fit your mum’s
    tree? (lol)

  16. Vishous is everything and so much more. With such perfection the possibilities are endless as are the fantasies, fetishes and deep dark desires… yes please…

  17. Time for potatoe launch night with the Cop, you feel me? Ready to hit Phury’s room? Use the redskins, not the Idaho bakers! Ha Ha!!!

  18. *laughs* Don’t shave it EVER. Do vampires ever get old? I mean do they ever start to LOOK old? with gray hair and wrinkles and what not?

  19. Hmm & here i thought No one Owned Vishous , all ii can say is DAM you sure know how to Work a lady lol then again i don’t know which is MORE of a turn ON anymore i use to think the sound of a leather whip Cracking was Amazing yet after seeing the Red Soxs kick my sisters Tampa Rays teams booty i loooove the sound of a Bat Crackin on a Ball just as much . Wanna play ?

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