The Scribe Virgin




I am the Scribe Virgin, keeper of the vampire archives and dispenser of privileges.  I was given the ability to perform a single act of creation, which I used to bring vampires into existence.

Part of my purpose is to provide counsel to the king, though for the last few centuries this has fallen by the wayside along with many of the traditions and rituals.  I will not be useless and forgotten, and intend to set these wrongs right with the help of Wrath, son of Wrath.

In all things, a balance must be kept.  My brother, the Omega, is the darkness to my light.

Do not make inquiries of me.  Remember your manners and choose your words carefully.



  1. You should clean up your own act before pissing on everone elses batteries. The shit you have pulled is a disgrace.
    But then you did make up for most of it. I like birds too!

    1. *eyes flashing* What is disgraceful, human, is your lack of respect. How dare you speak to me in such a manner! You know nothing of me or the reasons behind my actions, nor do I expect your simple mind to be able to comprehend them.

      Do not leave such comments for me again unless you wish to try my very limited patience. You will regret it.

  2. hmmm.. you would only see the snarky comments. Anyway nice going on your creation.
    Omega eat you heart out!!!!
    P.S. I won’t offend you anymore.

  3. Scribe Virgin, to speak to you in questions would be the utmost disrespect. So that I shall not do. But if I were to have one wish it would be to meet you in the flesh. I believe your beauty would be that more than anyone could appreciate. Though no vampire blood courses my vein, I am still one of your most humbled servants. Blessed be Scribe Virgin!!!

  4. I have a question and I REALLY don’t want to offend you but I’m no good at the whole rephrase my words thing. My words come out the way they come out usually gets me into trouble and I imagine it will again but whats the point of locking Payne away? None of your Chosen stick around anymore why does Payne have to be stuck there? She might actually like you if you let her out for a little air time… i apologize again for my choice in words.

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