Wrath: *cracking the seal on what must be the seventh…eighth bottle? Hell if I know. I’ve lost count or just don’t give a shit.*

Wrath: *Taking a long pull on the fresh bottle and passing it to @Vishous_BDB* King? My father was the king. That’s his game.

V: @Wrath_BDB *Taking the bottle, taking a long drink*  Wrath the Fair. And a good king he was. *taking another drink* A good father.

V: @Wrath_BDB And your mahmen was a fine female. A female of worth. *looking into the shadows* A mahmen that loved her son. *hands bottle back*

Wrath: *Taking the bottle from @Vishous_BDB* True that. *Lifting the bottle and drinking, the weight of his words sinking in.*

Wrath: *My failure as a son* Shit, brother *taking another swig* She was beautiful, loving. *handing the bottle back to @Vishous_BDB*

V: @Wrath_BDB *Almost dropping the bottle*  You know, I don’t even know my mother. *Taking another drink*  Don’t know one damn thing about her.

V: @Wrath_BDB You were lucky. Lucky to have known yours. Been loved by your mahmen. Mine just let me there.*snarling*  With my father.

Wrath: *reaching for the bottle, taking two tries to get my hand around the neck of the damn thing* @Vishous_BDB

Wrath: @Vishous_BDB Minor fucking detail, brother. You’re mahmen was there when you were born. *taking a drink* She couldn’t have gone far.

@Wrath_BDB *Falling over a little, reaching for the bottle* She went fucking far enough. *mumbling* Minor fucking detail.. smartass.

Wrath: *pulling the bottle a little out of @Vishous_BDB’s way* She go into the Fade? *finally handing him the bottle*

V: @Wrath_BDB *Shrugs*  No idea. Don’t know anything about her. I guess. My dear old dad probably killed her, true? *reaching for bottle*

V:@Wrath_BDB *Killing that bottle* Hell, she was probably some whore at the camp. *looking around* Shit,did we drink all the whiskey already?

Wrath: *taking the bottle from @Vishous_BDB and holding it upside down* Shit’s done. *giving him a serious look, then laughing*

Wrath: I’ll get another bottle or two *bracing myself on @Vishous_BDB’s shoulder, weaving to the side, stumbling to my feet.* Who moved the floor?

V:  *The weight of @Wrath_BDB and gravity somehow getting stronger pushing me down* Damn, you are a heavy fucker.

Wrath: *hand slipping off of @Vishous_BDB’s shoulder and falling to the floor* Shit, did I get more whiskey? *laughing*

V: @Wrath_BDB *Looking around for more whiskey. Seeing you on the floor* What the fuck are you doing on the floor? *laughing* I’ll get it.

V: *Standing up, trying to stop the room from spinning. Taking one step and tripping over @Wrath_BDB* Hey.  Did you get the drinks? #BDB


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