Flash Forward

BethR_BDB:*Leaving the closet, throwing my sweater on the bed as I walk towards the vanity.*

BethR_BDB:*Grabbing my hair brush, gazing into the mirror, thinking about @Nalla_BDB and the tea party.*

BethR_BDB:*Smiling as I brush through my hair, thinking about the pitter patter of tiny feet echoing through the mansion.*

BethR_BDB:*Letting my hand travel to my stomach, smiling thinking one day I might have a young of my own.*

BethR_BDB:*Smiling at the thought, continuing to get ready for first meal, hearing the door behind me begin to open.*

Wrath_BDB:*Stepping out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around my waist, hearing @BethR_BDB over near her vanity* Leelan, you smell good.

BethR_BDB: *Looking at @Wrath_BDB through the mirror, my eyes going straight to his chest* Thank you hellren, you smell and look good yourself.

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB *cautiously closing the distance between us, reaching my arms around you, my lips finding your neck* We could skip First Meal.

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *shivering under your touch, knowing we would be missed at first meal* We could, but @Fritz_BDB has been busy all day cooking.

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *turning around in your arms* He has made a few dishes just for you. One I know for sure you like. *Smiling* (@FritzDoggen_BDB)

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB The only thing I want to eat is right here in my arms. *sliding my fang softly along your collarbone*

Wrath_BDB: I’m sure @FritzDoggen_BDB’s food won’t go to waste. @Rhage_BDB will be there. @BethR_BDB

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *feeling your fang against my skin, wanting nothing more than to stay in this room, searching for words* True, but @Nalla_BDB >

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB will be there. *begins to push you back towards the bed* She is expecting us. *Smiling*

Wrath_BDB: *Throwing my hands up in defeat, my towel dropping to the floor* As you wish, shellan mine. *a smile playing on my lips*

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *picking up the towel, popping you with it before you can get away* Good, I just need to grab my sweater. *laughing*

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB Tease. *laughing as I head to the closet*

Wrath_BDB: *Throwing on a black sweater and black jeans, then heading back out to the bedroom* Ready whenever you are, leelan. *grinning*

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *Throwing my sweater on, reaching for your hand.* Let’s go hellren mine. First meal is about to begin.

Wrath_BDB: *Signaling for @George_BDB* @BethR_BDB Good. I’m… *glances over at you*… hungry.

Wrath_BDB: *Grabbing @George_BDB ‘s harness and heading to First meal with @BethR_BDB*

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *leaning down, petting @George_BDB before wrapping my arm around your waist* I am too. Let’s not keep the family waiting.

FritzDoggen_BDB: *setting out the final dish, thinking this meal came out quite wonderfully*

Rehvenge_BDB: *Pulling out @EhlenaA_BDB’s chair for her, dropping my lips to her ear and whispering* Eat fast. *seating myself next to you*

BethR_BDB: @ *Walking beside @Wrath_BDB pulling him closer, as @George_BDB leads the way to first meal*

Tohrment_BDB: *taking a seat at the end of the table*

EhlenaA_BDB: *settling into my chair, smiling as @Rehvenge_BDB takes a seat next me* Do you have plans I don’t know about?

Tohrment_BDB: *don’t know about food making it past this lump in my throat*

Vishous_BDB: *Sitting at the table with @DocJaneW_BDB beside me* Looks like @FritzDoggen_BDB has laid out a feast.

Saxton_BDB: *gesturing to @Blaylock_BDB to sit down in the chair next to mine* Please, sit here.

Phury_BDB: *holding the chair out for @CormiaC_BDB, taking in the spread on the table* @FritzDoggen_BDB has outdone himself again

Rehvenge_BDB: @EhlenaA_BDB *snapping out a napkin, my eyes on yours* Whatever we left out today, of course. *promising grin*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *Seeing all assembled, knowing Master @DariusBDB would have warmed to see such a scene*

Blaylock_BDB: *sitting in the seat that @Saxton_BDB has indicated*

Rhage_BDB: *Scooting @MaryL_BDB ‘s chair up to the table, whispering in her ear* I can’t believe you talked me into wearing this blue shirt.

DocJaneW_BDB: @Vishous_BDB He always does it up right. *smiling at @FritzDoggen_BDB*

Zsadist_BDB: *holding @Nalla_BDB in on arm and my other wrapped around @BellaR_BDB, walking into the dining room*

LaylaC_BDB: *Taking a seat next to my sister @CormiaC_BDB mesmerized by all of the food on the table in front of me.*

CormiaC_BDB: *taking the seat that @Phury_BDB is holding out to me* And none of it burnt, don’t get used to it hellren mine *laughs*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *to think his son and daughter, together* @John_MatthewBDB @BethR_BDB

Saxton_BDB: *leaning over, whispering quietly to @Blaylock_BDB* Do they always eat like this? *unfolding the napkin onto my lap*

Wrath_BDB: *Stopping at @BethR_BDB ‘s chair, pulling it out for her* Leelan.

Phury_BDB: @CormiaC_BDB *laughing as I take my place next to you* I won’t. Although it is nice knowing no fire extinguishers are needed tonight.

MaryL_BDB: @Rhage_BDB *smiling as I sit, whispering back* Yes I did. And you look great. Do you really not like it?

Butch_BDB: *pushing @MarissaH_BDB’s chair in, pressing a kiss to the top of her head before taking my seat to her right*

Blaylock_BDB: @Saxton_BDB *whispering back* Yes.

Lassiter_BDB: *sauntering in with beatific smile, plopping into a chair next to @Tohrment_BDB* Flat ass. *giving you the universal I’m Watching You sign*

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *sitting down at the table, as you push my chair in* Thank you hellren. *watching you take your seat, @George_BDB beside you.*

MarissaH_BDB: @ *smiling over @Butch_BDB as he sits, leaning over, speaking quietly* Have I mentioned how handsome you look tonight?

Rhage_BDB: @MaryL_BDB For you, I’ll wear anything, but don’t get used to it. *Eyeing the crepes* Food looks good.

EhlenaA_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB *taking a sip from the water glass, that grin making my mouth go dry* You know, I’m not all that hungry.

John_MatthewBDB: *Taking my seat at the end, pulling out the chair for @Xhex_BDB, meeting a disapproving look, knowing @Qhuinn_BDB will flank my other side*

Nalla_BDB: *Squealling when I see my pancakes* http://is.gd/uSeTxh Pretty! *claps*

Tohrment_BDB: *pain creeping in at the sight of all my brothers happy, with their shellans, maybe I’m not ready for this*

Butch_BDB: @MarissaH_BDB *grinning* Well, baby, since you picked my outfit out, I’ll give you full credit. You’re too good to me.

Blaylock_BDB: *staring in @Saxton_BDB’s eyes, thinking about how beautiful they are*

Xhex_BDB: *eyeballing @John_MatthewBDB, pegging him with a hard stare* Is this where I say thank you? *sitting down, shifting in the seat*

MaryL_BDB: @Rhage_BDB *raising an eyebrow* Don’t get used to it? *laughing* Next time it will have big Hawaiian flowers to go with your flip flops.

Wrath_BDB: *Sliding into my chair at the head of the table, listening to the sounds of laughter and happiness from all but one* (@Tohrment_BDB )

MarissaH_BDB: @Butch_BDB *shaking my head* I wasn’t talking about the clothing.

CormiaC_BDB: @LaylaC_BDB Perhaps @FritzDoggen_BDB will give us some of the recipes to try back at the Chosen house. We’ll recreate it for our sisters.

Tohrment_BDB: @Lassiter_BDB *ignoring your “sign”*

Rehvenge_BDB: @EhlenaA_BDB *low chuckle* Not at all? I find myself famished.

John_MatthewBDB: @Xhex_BDB *shakes head*

Qhuinn_BDB:  *falling into the chair next to @John_MatthewBDB, signing* Damn…looks like @FritzDoggen_BDB went all out today, true?

Rhage_BDB: @MaryL_BDB *Placing a quick kiss on your cheek* Don’t even think about it or I’ll replace all your clothes with black ones.

LaylaC_BDB: *Wondering if I could make anything that looks like this. A smile coming to my face.* @CormiaC_BDB Sister I want to try to make all of this.

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *taking your plate, smiling as I pile the food on it for you, making sure the lamb is cut.* Hellren, this smells amazing.

Xhex_BDB: *looking around the table at everyone, thinking that I don’t belong, nudging @John_MatthewBDB a little too hard to get his attention*

Zsadist_BDB: *laughing at @Nalla_BDB’s excitment over her pancakes* Just a second, Nalla, need to get you in this chair. @BellaR_BDB

John_MatthewBDB: @Qhuinn_BDB *nodding, digging in to the pancakes*

Blaylock_BDB: This looks so good does it not? *turning towards @Saxton_BDB *

Nalla_BDB: *Seeing my @Rehvenge_BDB* Uncle Purple! Yay!! *climbing over Mahmen and Daddy, Jumping on your lap*

FritzDoggen_BDB: *setting down a bowl of food for @George_BDB* @Wrath_BDB

Phury_BDB: @ *choking on my water when I hear @LaylaC_BDB tell @CormiaC_BDB she wants to try to recreate this meal back at our place*

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB *Taking in a deep breath* Not as good as you, leelan.

Butch_BDB: @MarissaH_BDB *smiling wider* Says the most beautiful female at the table.

MaryL_BDB: *looking over @Nalla_BDB and grinning, she is such a happy little one*

Vishous_BDB:  *Watching @Zsadist_BDB attempting to wrestle @Nalla_BDB into a chair* She is his young, true? @DocJaneW_BDB

DocJaneW_BDB: *sipping hot chocolate*

Rhage_BDB: *Laughing @Zsadist_BDB trying to wrestle @Nalla_BDB into her chair*

Saxton_BDB: *picking up silverware with meticulous care, enjoying the banter but keeping my comments to @Blaylock_BDB* It is truly a feast.

Rehvenge_BDB: *Letting out grunt of surprise as @Nalla_BDB lands a little close to home plate, wheezing* There she is. *bending the ‘hawk down for access*

MarissaH_BDB: @Butch_BDB *shaking my head, laughing again* You are biased. And it’s absolutely untrue. *thinking all of my fellow shellans are lovely*

CormiaC_BDB: @LaylaC_BDB Of course, my sister. *whispering to @Phury_BDB* We’re installing that sprinkler system. Stat.

DocJaneW_BDB: @Vishous_BDB Through and through.*Admiring the spread, deciding whether I want food* @Zsadist_BDB @Nalla_BDB

John_MatthewBDB: @Xhex_BDB *watching you, thinking you need more food on your plate*

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *laughing* You always say that. *setting the plate down before you, watching as you pick up the fork.*

BellaR_BDB: *shaking my head and laughing as @Nalla_BDB jumps onto @Rehvenge_BDB’s lap*

Blaylock_BDB: * looking @Saxton_BDB’s lips moving* Yes it is.

Xhex_BDB: *arranging myself uncomfortably, thinking this communing thing isn’t really my deal, but trying for @John_MatthewBDB’s sake*

Phury_BDB: *still coughing on my water, nodding to @CormiaC_BDB, whispering back* Yes. We are. Tomorrow if possible. (@LaylaC_BDB)

Nalla_BDB:  @Rehvenge_BDB *Rubbing your hair* I had a tea party. It was pretty.

Lassiter_BDB: *putting obscenely large helpings of food on @Tohrment_BDB’s plate* You can thank me later. I’m keeping track.

EhlenaA_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB Well…maybe a little bit. *serving myself some of the Spanish omelet casserole, the protein will keep my energy up*

Butch_BDB: @MarissaH_BDB *wrapping my arm around your shoulders* And so modest. All part of your charm. Let me put a plate together for you.

BethR_BDB: *Scanning the room, seeing my family together, smiling as my eyes land on @Nalla_BDB*

Rhage_BDB: *Offering the plate of spinach crepes to @MaryL_BDB before piling my own plate full of them*

Tohrment_BDB: @Lassiter_BDB *pushing the food around with my fork, attempting a bite of the egg thing* You’re lucky I let you sit here.

Phury_BDB: *looking over towards @Vishous_BDB* V, my Brother, you made one lovely tea party princess. Really.

Saxton_BDB: *leaning toward @Blaylock_BDB, my fork outstretched* You have to try a bite of this.

Rehvenge_BDB: @Nalla_BDB *laughs, looking at the Brothers and recalling the hats and glitter* And my heart is broken that I missed it. *hand over heart*

Wrath_BDB: *Shrugs and picks up my fork , stabbing for something* @BethR_BDB True. I’m much better with just my hands. *taking a bite to hide my grin*

CormiaC_BDB: @Phury_BDB *nods* I’ll call the contractor first thing when we get back. (@LaylaC_BDB)

Blaylock_BDB: *opening my mouth for the food that @Saxton_BDB is offering, looking in his eyes while my lips close on the fork*

MarissaH_BDB: @Butch_BDB That would be lovely, but you know I am capable of doing it for myself. *but not minding that you want to do it for me*

Vishous_BDB: @Phury_BDB Hey, I have style, true? You would of been a princess too. With that hair? You can be fuc…*looks at @Nalla_BDB* a Rapunzel.

Saxton_BDB: *watching @Qhuinn_BDB eating with his usual…grace* Enjoying yourself, cousin?

Lassiter_BDB: @Tohrment_BDB *leans close* You’re lucky I am as sweet as I am.

John_MatthewBDB: @Xhex_BDB *putting my hand on your thigh, squeezing, assuring*

Tohrment_BDB: @Lassiter_BDB *growling low*

BellaR_BDB: @ *laughing* @Rehvenge_BDB Well, brother mine, I’m sure @Nalla_BDB would be willing to have one with you whenever you’d like.

Nalla_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB I can make you pretty. *whispers* But Mahmen took my paint. *puts my bottom lip out* @BellaR_BDB

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *clearing my throat, taking a sip of wine, smiling against the rim of the glass, whispering* Yes you are, now eat.

Tohrment_BDB: *@Wellsie_BDB’s laugh echoing in my brain, the memory of her flooding in, taking a bite of croissant, for her*

Phury_BDB: @Vishous_BDB *mouthing back so @Nalla_BDB cannot see or hear* Bite me. *speaking louder* Yeah, you’re the stylish one in the Pit. @Butch_BDB

Rehvenge_BDB: *Pasting a benevolent smile on my face for @BellaR_BDB* You can join us. I’ll even let @Zsadist_BDB be present. @Nalla_BDB

Xhex_BDB: *so not digging the sympathy act from @John_MatthewBDB, eating so I can get out of here without digging my fingers through my leathers*

Qhuinn_BDB:  *nodding to @Saxton_BDB while demolishing a chocolate muffin* Always, cousin. *tearing into my bacon*

Blaylock_BDB: *looking @Saxton_BDB* This is very, very good.

Butch_BDB: @Phury_BDB I take offense to that remark. Don’t bite the hand that delivers couture, my Brother. @Vishous_BDB

Rehvenge_BDB: @Nalla_BDB *horrified* She did? You want me to buy you more? @BellaR_BDB

Wrath_BDB: *drops a few bits of lamb down for @George_BDB* Shhh, don’t tell.

Vishous_BDB: *Watching you sip your hot chocolate, remembering the first time I made it for you*@DocJaneW_BDB Still like it hot, true? *grins*

Butch_BDB: @MarissaH_BDB *putting a packed plate with all your favorites in front of you before taking for myself*

LaylaC_BDB: *Watching @Qhuinn_BDB eat. Smiling up at him, hoping he notices.*

*laughing @Qhuinn_BDB* Comforting to see some things don’t change. *turning to @Blaylock_BDB, smiling* It is good, isn’t it?

MarissaH_BDB: *looking over towards @MaryL_BDB* Mary, might you have some time in the next few nights to come to Safe Place? There is a new family that just checked in, and I think the mahmen has some issues you might be able to help her work through. @MaryL_BDB

BellaR_BDB: *laughing as @Rehvenge_BDB caves to @Nalla_BDB’s pouting*

Lassiter_BDB: *whacking @Tohrment_BDB on his back* You choking? Need a doctor? *looking to @DocJaneW_BDB*

DocJaneW_BDB: *feeling my cheeks warm* Yes, Pup. Always hot. *laughs* Eat, before your food gets cold, you need your energy. @Vishous_BDB

Wrath_BDB: *Smelling the happiness roll off @BethR_BDB* This was always your wish, wasn’t it leelan?

Qhuinn_BDB: *gritting my teeth while @Saxton_BDB gets cute with @Blaylock_BDB, looking down the table to @LaylaC_BDB, easing the death grip on my fork*

Blaylock_BDB: *nods, brushing @Saxton_BDB’s hand while reaching for my glass*

*My fork stopping halfway to my mouth as I hear @MarissaH_BDB ‘s offer to @MaryL_BDB* I think that sounds like a great idea.

@MarissaH_BDB *nodding, concern on my face* Of course. Would you like me to come by after First Meal?

@Butch_BDB Cop? I saw the boa. Right now, the true style in The Pit seems to be from the females. @Vishous_BDB @MarissaH_BDB @DocJaneW_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: @Lassiter_BDB *flipping you off under the table so @Nalla_BDB won’t see* I’m eating, you can stop with the diatribe.

Vishous_BDB: @Phury_BDB *bares fangs* Besides, @Butch_BDB may wear the threads now, but I make princess look good.

Zsadist_BDB: *cocking a brow, pegging @Rehvenge_BDB with a hard stare* You’ll let me be present? @BellaR_BDB @Nalla_BDB

John_MatthewBDB: @Xhex_BDB *feeling your muscle tense under my hand, removing it, backing off but watching you in my peripheral*

Vishous_BDB: @DocJaneW_BDB *growling* Yes I do. I have several energy burning activities planned for later.

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *Smiling as the question rolls off your lips, knowing the answer before you finish* Always, hellren. *grasping your hand*

MarissaH_BDB:@MaryL_BDB *nodding, smiling* That would be wonderful. I can fill you in on the details later. Thank you. It’s outside of my expertise.

Rehvenge_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB *pointing a fork with free hand* Sure. We can pencil you in on the guest list. @BellaR_BDB @Nalla_BDB

DocJaneW_BDB: @Lassiter_BDB *Catching your look but seeing there’s no real need for my attentions* @Tohrment_BDB

Butch_BDB: @Phury_BDB My female loved the boa. We both know you’d have worn one too if you were there @Vishous_BDB @MarissaH_BDB @DocJaneW_BDB

MaryL_BDB: @MarissaH_BDB *shaking my head, smiling* Think nothing of it Marissa. I’m happy to help in
any way I can.

Rehvenge_BDB: @EhlenaA_BDB You think I’m a pushover? I notice I have a loose wallet with my females.

Saxton_BDB: *looking down @Blaylock_BDB’s hand, smiling at the contact* The doggen are to be commended. This is delicious. @Fritz_BDB

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB *rubbing a circle with my thumb in the palm of your hand*

EhlenaA_BDB: *sipping coffee and watching as “Uncle Purple” chats up @Nalla_BDB, loving seeing @Rehvenge_BDB with his family*

DocJaneW_BDB: *Cutting in* V looked stunning in his crown. Didn’t he @Nalla_BDB? @Butch_BDB @Phury_BDB @Vishous_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

Rhage_BDB: *Staring with complete adoration @MaryL_BDB * I’ll send some tootsie pops over for the young when you go. You’re amazing for helping out.

Butch_BDB: *trying to get a spinach crepe away from @Rhage_BDB without losing a finger*

Lassiter_BDB: @Tohrment_BDB *seeing your gesture* You got a finger cramp now? Need a banana for potassium?

Zsadist_BDB: *pausing from cutting up @Nalla_BDB’s pancakes* Try again, @Rehvenge_BDB *rolls knife in between fingers* @BellaR_BDB @Nalla_BDB

MarissaH_BDB: @MaryL_BDB Well, I appreciate it. And I know the female will, too.She’s still a little skittish. It may take a while.Maybe more than one visit.

Rhage_BDB: *Snatching the plate away from @Butch_BDB * Too slow, cop! *Finishing off the pile of crepes*

Xhex_BDB: *pushing the food around on my plate, not really interested in eating, wanting to bolt*

BethR_BDB: *Seeing @George_BDB’s tail wagging, carefully sliding a piece of lamb off my plate, dropping it in his bowl.*

Nalla_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB *claps* Lots of paint! Pink and purple and lellow and orange and blue. I like blue.

Tohrment_BDB: @Lassiter_BDB *biting back the words I want to throw out, dropping my fork, pushing back from the table and leaving the scene* Finished

EhlenaA_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB *choking on the bite of croissant I was chewing* I wouldn’t say you’re a pushover… *mumbles* …to your face.

MaryL_BDB: @Rhage_BDB *kissing your cheek* Thank you babe. That is very sweet of you. I will be sure to take the tootsie pops over with me.

Phury_BDB: @Butch_BDB Yes, Cop. I would have worn a boa, too. @Vishous_BDB @MarissaH_BDB @DocJaneW_BDB *still sorry @CormiaC_BDB and I missed it*

Butch_BDB: @Rhage_BDB Son of a … Hey @FritzDoggen_BDB more spinach crepes, please. And don’t put them in front of Hollywood this time

DocJaneW_BDB: @Vishous_BDB Fighting lessers? Ending the war? *Laughs, knowing that’s not it at all.*

BellaR_BDB: @ *rolling my eyes at @Zsadist_BDB @Rehvenge_BDB, whispering to @Nalla_BDB* Daddy and Uncle Purple are silly, aren’t they, sweetie?

Xhex_BDB: *touching your arm to get your attention* @John_MatthewBDB

Lassiter_BDB: @Tohrment_BDB What? Was it the banana thing? Intimidation tactics? *calls to your back* I’ll bring a doggie bag!

Wrath_BDB: *laughs at @BethR_BDB feeding @George_BDB* I’m surprised he’s not 200 pounds by now. *pats George on the head* No more, boy.

CormiaC_BDB: @Phury_BDB *taking your hand under the table, squeezing reassuringly*

Nalla_BDB: @EhlenaA_BDB *crawls over to your lap* Will you play princess with me too? You are so pretty. *patting your face*

Rehvenge_BDB: @Nalla_BDB *chuckling* Here you had me fooled all along it was purple. I’ll buy out Crayola for you.

Vishous_BDB: @DocJaneW_BDB *leans close to you and whispers* I was thinking I need a good…workout.

LaylaC_BDB: *Seeing how everyone is with @Nalla_BDB makes me happy to see our race proper.*

Rehvenge_BDB: Now @EhlenaA_BDB… *leaning close so @Nalla_BDB does not hear* our plans just changed for the night. *another promising grin*

EhlenaA_BDB: *pulling @Nalla_BDB into my lap* I would love to play princess, sweetie. Will you use purple paint to make me pretty? *kissing your hands*

Nalla_BDB: @BellaR_BDB They are funny. *laughs @Zsadist_BDB and @Rehvenge_BDB*

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *swallowing my food, laughing because I have been busted* I can’t help it. He’s hungry too. @George_BDB

Phury_BDB: *looking at @CormiaC_BDB as she squeezes my hand, smiling sadly for a moment and meeting her eyes, silent communication passing between us*

Nalla_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB *Kissing your cheek* Thank you Uncle Purple. *giggles*

Tohrment_BDB: *heading back to my room, salt stinging my eyes, throwing a prayer up to @Scribe_Virgin for my shellan @Wellsie_BDB, missing her this night*

Saxton_BDB: Something really delightful. *putting my fork out toward @Blaylock_BDB again* Ambrosia.

John_MatthewBDB: @Xhex_BDB *turning to your touch,*

Wrath_BDB: @BethR_BDB I don’t think he’ll starve. *grins* (@George_BDB )

Nalla_BDB: @EhlenaA_BDB *Looking at you, giggling * Purple is Uncle Purples favorite color. I will make you purple. @Rehvenge_BDB

Blaylock_BDB: *leaning foward, taking it in my mouth* @Saxton_BDB

CormiaC_BDB: @Phury_BDB *wrapping your arm around my shoulder, tucking myself into your side* I love you, hellren mine.

Xhex_BDB: *putting my mouth to your ear* I think I’m done here. @John_MatthewBDB

DocJaneW_BDB: @Vishous_BDB *Heat spiking in my body at your words and the thrill of your suggestion. Whispering back.* Anything you say, Pup.

Blaylock_BDB: @Saxton_BDB , That, taste’s so good.

EhlenaA_BDB: @Nalla_BDB Want to know a secret? *leans down to whisper* Purple is my favorite color too. @Rehvenge_BDB

Wrath_BDB: *Taking a last bite of croissant and then washing it down with OJ*

Nalla_BDB: @EhlenaA_BDB Purple is pretty. Like a princess.

John_MatthewBDB: @Xhex_BDB *nodding, ready to go, turning to @Qhuinn_BDB and signing* We’re out.

Phury_BDB: @CormiaC_BDB *squeezing you tightly and planting a kiss on the top of your head, whispering* Thank you, shellan mine. You are my strength.

Xhex_BDB: *looking at the attention being lavished on the young, thinking no one deserves it more than she, the behavior foreign to me* @Nalla_BDB

Nalla_BDB: *Seeing Auntie @CormiaC_BDB and lap hopping to her and Uncle Phury* Like my pancakes? They are for me. I’m a princess.

Xhex_BDB: *standing quickly, hoping the itch to leave isn’t too obvious* @John_MatthewBDB

Rhage_BDB: *Smiling to myself as @Nalla_BDB makes her rounds, remembering how beautiful @MaryL_BDB looked holding her at the tea party*

CormiaC_BDB: @Nalla_BDB *cuddling you between myself and Uncle @Phury_BDB * Of course, little one, they’re precious, just like you are.

Vishous_BDB: @DocJaneW_BDB *growling, throwing off my bonding scent* My favorite words.

FritzDoggen_BDB: *refilling the coffee decanter, replenishing the fresh squeezed juice* @Wrath_BDB did you like the lamb sausage rolls, Sire?

Qhuinn_BDB: @John_MatthewBDB *nodding, seeing that he needs to be @Xhex_BDB* Cool, man. Let me know if you decide to go out.

BellaR_BDB: *smiling as @Nalla_BDB climbs onto @CormiaC_BDB’s lap, laughing as she explains her position as princess*

Wrath_BDB: @FritzDoggen_BDB Very much. Thanks. You don’t have to go to so much trouble for me though.

Nalla_BDB: @CormiaC_BDB *Gives you a stawberry* Fritzy makes them for me. He says they are sweet like me. *smiles*

DocJaneW_BDB: @Vishous_BDB *Smelling dark spices, smiling wickedly.* I know.

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *laughs* True. *feeling you rub my palm, comforted by your touch* Enjoying yourself hellren? @George_BDB

Phury_BDB: @ *smiling at @CormiaC_BDB and my gorgeous niece, planting a kiss on @Nalla_BDB’s head* I’ve missed you Lady Nalla. And I think you’ve grown.

FritzDoggen_BDB: @Wrath_BDB I can’t say why Sire, but the occasion seemed special this eve. It makes me recall @DariusBDB and how he would have relished it.

CormiaC_BDB: @Nalla_BDB *takes a small bite of the berry* They absolutely are! *smiles down at the young*

Rehvenge_BDB: *nodding @Xhex_BDB…knowledge in my gaze*

Xhex_BDB: *nodding @FritzDoggen_BDB in thanks, making my way out of the room quickly, leaving everyone to finish their meal* @John_MatthewBDB

Nalla_BDB: @Phury_BDB I grow up big like Mahmen @BellaR_BDB. But not today. When I am this many*holds up 7 fingers*

Blaylock_BDB: *looking around the table to see everyone, my eyes quickly passing over @Qhuinn_BDB’s*

Wrath_BDB: *Glancing over at @BethR_BDB, still rubbing the palm of her hand* @FritzDoggen_BDB That he would, Fritz.

John_MatthewBDB: @Qhuinn_BDB *signing back* Will do, my man. Enjoy your food. *looks to @Blaylock_BDB and wonders what @Qhuinn_BDB is thinking*

Xhex_BDB: *nodding back @Rehvenge_BDB as I pass through the door, sure he can read the near panic at the closeness of the room*

Lassiter_BDB: *performing an ancient and grandiose bow to all in the dining room before following @Tohrment_BDB’s footsteps with heaping plate*

John_MatthewBDB: @Xhex_BDB *following behind you, watching your back and your…backside* #FlashForward #blackdagger #bdb #vampire

Blaylock_BDB: *leaning towards @Saxton_BDB* What did you want to do after First Meal?

Vishous_BDB: @DocJaneW_BDB *kissing you, then remembering we are in company* Later. *fangs*

Phury_BDB: @Nalla_BDB *laughing* Yes, you will be just like your mahmen. Maybe like your daddy,too. *He’ll never let her date* @BellaR_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

EhlenaA_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB @Nalla_BDB is adorable. *pressing a kiss to your cheek, lingering at your ear* Maybe we can give her a cousin to play with…

BethR_BDB: @ *hearing @FritzDoggen_BDB speak of my father @Darius_BDB, happy that he would love this as well.* @Wrath_BDB

Saxton_BDB: *speaking quietly* I so rarely get to just hang out, so why don’t we try that? *raises eyebrows* It could be fun. @Blaylock_BDB

Nalla_BDB: *Sees @George_BDB and climbs over to @Wrath_BDB and @BethR_BDB, petting the dog* I make rock people pretty.

MaryL_BDB: *looking around at everyone, thinking how this table continues to grow, smiling @Rhage_BDB and rubbing his arm*

EhlenaA_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB …someday. For now, we could just practice. *letting my hand fall on your knee, squeezing lightly* Think we can sneak away?

Xhex_BDB: *feeling @John_MatthewBDB’s heavy stare, a small smile of satisfaction coming to my face* #FlashForward #BDB #Vampire #BlackDagger

Rehvenge_BDB: *whipping my head around to face @EhlenaA_BDB…stymied…speechless…until something else thinks for me* Practice makes perfect…?

Blaylock_BDB: *smile spreading across my face* @Saxton_BDB We could do that. Watch a movie, or something.

Wrath_BDB:*laughs* @Nalla_BDB You make everything pretty, little one. *wishing I could see the young’s face*

DocJaneW_BDB: @Vishous_BDB *Closing my eyes, kissing you back.* Yes…later. *Pulling back, biting my lip, thinking of just how to bring it.*

Rhage_BDB: *Leaning over to whisper in @MaryL_BDB ‘s ear* All this color is making my skin itch. Want to come help me take it off?

Qhuinn_BDB: *feeling @Blaylock_BDB looking at me, meeting his gaze with my mismatched stare…and seeing @Saxton_BDB next to him, standing to leave*

BethR_BDB: *Reaching down with @Nalla_BDB petting on @George_BDB* You do? *Smiling* That’s wonderful sweetie. @Wrath_BDB

Saxton_BDB: *wiping my mouth and putting my napkin on the plate* @FritzDoggen_BDB That was most delicious. *gesturing to @Blaylock_BDB* Shall we?

FritzDoggen_BDB: @BethR_BDB *overwhelmed by it all, fighting my sentimental side* @Wrath_BDB

Zsadist_BDB: *watching @Nalla_BDB maker her rounds, pulling @BellaR_BDB in closer to me, pressing a kiss to the side of her neck*

EhlenaA_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB *laughing as you sputter* Exactly what I was thinking. We should have plenty of time for lots of practice.

MaryL_BDB: @Rhage_BDB *blushing, whispering* Well if you hate the shirt that much. We can rip it off later, okay?

Phury_BDB: *feeling my cell vibrate in my pocket, pulling it out looking under the table, glancing at @CormiaC_BDB, nodding, turning to the side putting the phone to my ear* Yes, Selena?What is that noise? The what? How did you…never mind. We’ll be there shortly. @CormiaC_BDB

Blaylock_BDB: @Saxton_BDB Yes, lets go *raising from my chair*

Butch_BDB: @Nalla_BDB Oh Princess, come on down this way. Uncle @Vishous_BDB and I have presents for you. You want presents, don’t you?

Nalla_BDB: @Wrath_BDB @BethR_BDB @George_BDB *giggles*

CormiaC_BDB: @Phury_BDB What’s wrong? Is everything alright upstate?

Phury_BDB: *turning to @CormiaC_BDB* We have to go. Something about the security alarm and a window and glass…and the vacuum cleaner. *shakes head*

Nalla_BDB: @Butch_BDB Oh presents! *crawls over and sits on @MarissaH_BDB* Gimme! *holds hands out* @Vishous_BDB Pwease!

Rhage_BDB: *Growling, bonding scent flooding the area* @MaryL_BDB mmm, I can’t wait to feel your hands on my skin.

Qhuinn_BDB: @FritzDoggen_BDB Thanks for all this. It was excellent. *bee lining it to the door, wanting to avoid @Blaylock_BDB and @Saxton_BDB*

Saxton_BDB: *paying my respects to the room before leading @Blaylock_BDB out of the dining room and up the stairs* #BDB #FlashForward #BlackDagger

BethR_BDB: *Watching @Nalla_BDB head down the table, towards her Uncles @Butch_BDB @Vishous_BDB*

MarissaH_BDB: *smiling, cuddling @Nalla_BDB as she waits for her presents from @Butch_BDB and @Vishous_BDB*

Butch_BDB: @Nalla_BDB Well since you said pwease. We thought you needed better dress up clothes, true? http://bit.ly/gA2GAl @Vishous_BDB @MarissaH_BDB

FritzDoggen_BDB: @Qhuinn_BDB You are most welcome young sire but the pleasure in serving is all mine.

Rehvenge_BDB: *dropping napkin, standing to assist @EhlenaA_BDB with her chair, whispering low* Tonight I will teach you a new language.

Wrath_BDB: *Pushing my plate away and rising, grabbing @George_BDB’s harness* Great First Meal, @FritzDoggen_BDB.

CormiaC_BDB: @Phury_BDB Oh dear. That can’t be good. Let’s go back now. *stands up from the table, saying farewells* #FlashForward #BDB #blackdagger

Vishous_BDB: @Butch_BDB True that, cop. Here ya go @Nalla_BDB *holds out http://www.babyfans.com/images/products/thumb/RedSoxPinkBucketHat.jpg

BellaR_BDB: *turning my head, whispering in @Zsadist_BDB’s ear* You know, @Nalla_BDB’s going to need a nap after all this excitement.

Vishous_BDB: @DocJaneW_BDB *grinning at the thought*

MaryL_BDB: @Rhage_BDB *cutting my eyes, taking your hand and mouthing* Let’s go.

Blaylock_BDB: *feeling @Saxton_BDB’s hand in mine as he leads me upstairs, butterflies in my stomach* #BDB #Blackdagger #FlashFoward

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *Smiling up at you, before turning to @FritzDoggen_BDB* Yes it was excellent. Thank you.

Phury_BDB: *standing up with @CormiaC_BDB, turning to say goodbye to everyone before heading back upstate to the Chosen* #FlashForward #BDB #Vampire

Rhage_BDB: *Grabbing @MaryL_BDB ‘s hand and dashing from the table up to our room, not bothering to say goodbye* #BDB #FlashForward

Wrath_BDB: *Leaning down, kissing @BethR_BDB ‘s check and whispering* I think I need your assistance with my new letter opener, leelan.

Nalla_BDB: *claps and points to @Vishous_BDB hat* Like you and @Butch_BDB wear! I like B. *kisses you both*

DocJaneW_BDB: @Vishous_BDB *Knowing you’re in my mind, flashing a few choice images.*

Vishous_BDB: @DocJaneW_BDB *growling loudly*

Butch_BDB: Welcome to the Red Sox Nation, Princess @Nalla_BDB @Vishous_BDB

MaryL_BDB: *Running up the stairs with @Rhage_BDB, grinning the whole way* #FlashForward #BlackDagger

FritzDoggen_BDB: *clearing the plates of those that have left, pleased our table was so full this eve*

LaylaC_BDB: *Seeing my sister @CormiaC_BDB and the Primale @Phury_BDB leave in such haste has me wondering what is going on with my sister.*

EhlenaA_BDB: @Rehvenge_BDB *grinning, taking your hand and allowing you to help me to my feet*

BethR_BDB: @Wrath_BDB *rising from my chair, wrapping my arm around you, telling @George_BDB to lead the way* As you wish hellren mine.

LaylaC_BDB: *Rising from my seat and bowing* Thank you for this lovely meal. #BDB #FlashForward #Blackdagger

Nalla_BDB: *Crawling to Daddy and Mahmen, showing my presents* I got presents! @BellaR_BDB @Zsadist_BDB

DocJaneW_BDB: @Vishous_BDB *Laughing at your growl and sending one last view of what I have in mind.*#FlashForward #BDB #BlackDagger

Rehvenge_BDB: *stroking a thumb over @EhlenaA_BDB’s wrist, leading her from the dining room* You’ll catch on quick. I’ll match words to action.

MarissaH_BDB: *glancing at my watch then at @Butch_BDB* Hellren mine, I need to be getting to Safe Place. And you need to change for patrol, right?

Vishous_BDB: @DocJaneW_BDB *Picking you up, intent on living out those thoughts* #FlashForward #BDB #BlackDagger

Wrath_BDB:  *Leaving with @BethR_BDB and @George_BDB, thinking how far we’ve come but that we have much farther to go.* #BlackDagger #BDB #FlashForward

Rehvenge_BDB: *altering plans for the night to explore new languages and practice certain art forms with @EhlenaA_BDB* #BDB #flashforward

Butch_BDB: @MarissaH_BDB Didn’t realize how late it was. I do need a little leather, killing lessers in Zegna is such a waste of fashion.

MarissaH_BDB: @Butch_BDB *standing up* Well, then let’s go. *leaning close to your ear* And
didn’t you mention a post-Safe Place massage? #FlashForward

BethR_BDB: *Heading upstairs with @Wrath_BDB and @George_BDB, completely happy having my family together.* #BlackDagger #BDB #FlashForward

Butch_BDB: @MarissaH_BDB *growls as I take your hand and head towards the Pit* Oh yeah, baby, I’ll work out all the knots #FlashForward #BDB

Zsadist_BDB: *picking @Nalla_BDB up, dipping down, whispering into @BellaR_BDB’s ear* How about a little hellren time before I head out? *extending hand*

Nalla_BDB: @Zsadist_BDB *Laying my head on your chest, putting my hand on your face* I wuv you, Daddy. *kisses your cheek* You too, Mahmen @BellaR_BDB

BellaR_BDB: *smiling at @Zsadist_BDB, taking his hand* Sounds good. Let’s get @Nalla_BDB down for her nap. #FlashForward #BlackDagger

Zsadist_BDB: *turning my head into @Nalla_BDB’s little hand, kissing it* I love you, too, Nalla. *pulling @BellaR_BDB to my side, heading upstairs* #BDB

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