Tohr & Wellsie

Wellsie_BDB: *Sitting in a chair in the bedroom, reading. Waiting for @Tohrment_BDB to come home.*

Tohrment_BDB: *Rushing home, knowing @Wellsie_BDB needs to take my vein this night*

Wellsie_BDB: *Leaning my head back, feeling so tired and weak. Needing @Tohrment_BDB.*

Tohrment_BDB: *Anxious to be with my shellan, needing the closeness, the love. Wanting her in my arms* @Wellsie_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Making my way to the bedroom* @Wellsie_BDB*

Wellsie_BDB: *Shaking my head, unable to believe I forgot to feed. But things have been so chaotic, the time just got away from me.*

Tohrment_BDB: *Walking into our bedroom, seeing you look faint, feeling your fatigue. Willing the lights to dim, the candles to life* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *lifting my head as the lights dim* @Tohrment_BDB You’re home… *my words cutting off, seeing the expression on your face*

Tohrment_BDB: Approaching you where you sit, taking the book from your hands, setting it aside, stripping off my shirt* @Wellsie_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Feeling my pulse quicken, the blood pumping through my veins, my body ready for you, speaking softly* @Wellsie_BDB Leelan.

Wellsie_BDB: @Tohrment_BDB Yes, my hellren?

Tohrment_BDB: *Finding your eyes with mine, speaking words in the Old Language, expressing my love, offering you my vein, extending my hand* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *My hunger rising, reaching out to take @Tohrment_BDB’s hand.*

Tohrment_BDB: *Pulling you up and turning you around in my arms, taking your place in the seat, urging you onto my lap* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Relaxing against you, my arms going around your neck, my lips finding yours.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Letting out a moan at the feel of your soft lips against mine, running my hands through the ends of your hair* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Pulling back, my lips moving to your neck, nipping lightly at your skin.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Letting my head fall back, feeling your lips at my neck, growling the words* Take my vein, leelan. @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Fangs extending, puncturing your skin. Drinking, your taste filling my mouth, taking you into me.* @Tohrment_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Our bond strengthening with every pull. Realizing it was more than just your blood I needed. It was you, this…us.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Closing my eyes, growing hard at the feel of your lips suctioning against my skin, the scent of your arousal* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Pulling you tighter to me, my need for your body rising. Withdrawing, lapping at your neck, moaning against your skin.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Picking you up and carrying you to the bed, laying you down gently, before taking off my leathers* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Shifting on the bed, watching as you undress.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Smoothing your gown up over your hips, supporting your back with my hand, slipping it over your head, my thirst increasing* @Wellsie_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Lowering you back down gently, pressing my lips to the artery at your neck, raising your wrist to my lips, kissing you there* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Stroking your back, your shoulders as you move down my body.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Running my hands down the sides of your body, loving the contrast of your soft skin with mine, sliding your underwear down* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Moving under your hands, my arousal increasing.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Fangs elongating at the scent of you combined with my need to drink, kissing you at your thigh before puncturing your vein* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Gasping at the feel of your mouth on me, fingers tangling in your hair, holding you to me.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Reveling in your taste, sucking gently, your blood coating my tongue, invigorating me* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Moaning, feeling your pleasure, our connection as you take from me.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Taking only what I need, knowing you need your strength, sealing the puncture wounds with a slow swipe of my tongue* @Wellsie_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Turning my attention to your bare skin, a new hunger rising, growling* @Wellsie_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Lowering my head between your thighs, tasting you, taking my time. Thinking I could stay right here forever, pleasuring you* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *My body arching up, pressing against you, your name escaping my lips as I cry out.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Unrelenting, working you until you tremble before swiftly moving to be inside of you. Losing myself to the feel of us, joined* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Wrapping my arms around you, holding you close as you move inside me.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Moving in slow, concentrated thrusts, feeling you contract around me, wanting to satisfy you in every way* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *Overwhelmed by the sensations, the pleasure I find in your arms. Wanting it to last, this connection with you to never end.* @Tohrment_BDB

Tohrment_BDB: *Seeking your eyes, love pouring out of my heart, my bonding scent permeating the air* @Wellsie_BDB

Wellsie_BDB: *meeting your eyes, smiling up at you* I love you, @Tohrment_BDB.

Tohrment_BDB: *Knowing I have never seen greater beauty or felt a greater love* As I love you, @Wellsie_BDB


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