Blaylock’s Transition


Night Before Transition

Blaylock: *Stumbling off the bus from training, almost tripping on the last step, my balance off more than it should be, something seems wrong.*

Blaylock: *Staggering slowly past my father, @Rocke_BDB not wanting him to ask me how training went, since it was my worst day of training yet.*

Blaylock: *Opening my bedroom door, seeing my bed and suddenly an unfathomable wave of exhaustion takes over my body from head to toe.*

Blaylock: *Laying my head down for what seems like only five minutes, then being shaken awake by @Rocke_BDB*

Rocke: @Blaylock_BDB wake up. *shaking you more, worried* Son are you alright? You never come home and sleep right after training.

Blaylock: I’m sorry father. I just laid my head down, training drained me today and I’m not hungry so I won’t be eating tonight. @Rocke_BDB

Rocke: @Blaylock_BDB, how long have you been tired, not eating, stumbling around the house like when you came home?

Blaylock: @Rocke_BDB uhh…awhile I guess. It’s been getting worse, especially the last couple days. *Struggling to sit up in my bed.*

Rocke: *Remembering my transition and the few days before hand. I looked exactly as @Blaylock_BDB does before me, felt as he feels.*

Rocke: Don’t worry @Blaylock_BDB, your transition is quickly approaching, probably any day now. I will contact @Jasim_BDB’s parents.

Rocke: @Jasim_BDB will need to be prepared for you, for your transition, she is of good blood @Blaylock_BDB you will make it through this.

Blaylock: *Barely feeling anything as @Rocke_BDB pats me on my shoulder before he leaves my room turning my light off behind him.*

Blaylock: *Sitting in the dark quit of my room suddenly I feel very alone.* Am I ready for this? Will I make it through?

Blaylock: *They have tried to prepare us for this, tried to explain what would happen to us, but, what if they are wrong…I might not be strong enough.*

Blaylock: *Tears start to fall down my cheeks, I am terrified, who will watch out for @Qhuinn_BDB if I die during my transition.*

Blaylock: *My mind is racing at a million thoughts a second, but my body doesn’t even seem to be able to move.*

Blaylock: *Remembering all the rumors I have heard about males that have transitioned, the pain, the female that feeds them, the after.*

Blaylock: *Panic hitting me as I realize if I am transitioning soon, like @Rocke_BDB says I might be the first in the training class.* This can’t be.

Blaylock: *Hearing someone coming, I act as I am sleeping, hearing my mother open my door and begin praying to the @Scribe_Virgin for me.*

Blaylock: *She is not praying that I make it through as much as she is praying for me for the fighting I will be doing after.*

Blaylock: *She didn’t like my father fighting and she doesn’t want me to, but I have no choice, my race needs me.*

Blaylock: *Falling asleep to the sound of my mother’s prayers, instantly falling into a nightmare, a cold nightmare that doesn’t end.*

The Transition

Blaylock: *Waking up sweating, feeling like it’s 1000 degrees, standing to get out of bed, falling into my desk chair.*

Blaylock: *My head pounding like there is a nail gun going off inside it, the light burning my retinas, turning the light off, and leaving my room.*

Blaylock: *Shuffling into the kitchen, seeing my mother through the haze in my eyes, leaning into give her a hug and slamming into the floor.*

Rocke: *Hearing a thud from the kitchen, running in and seeing @Blaylock_BDB face down on the floor, panic hitting me.* Son!

Rocke: *Flipping @Blaylock_BDB over, seeing his face.* It is time, your transition is here. Let’s get you back to bed. We will get @Jasim_BDB here.

Blaylock:*Feeling weak and pitiful as my father and mother carry me back to bed, laying down feeling like I am on top of a furnace.*

Blaylock: Father, don’t let me die. *Trying to be strong but seeing my mother’s face and hearing the panic in @Rocke_BDB’s voice.*

Blaylock: *Closing my eyes, flames taking over my body from head to toe, wanting the pain to end, I’ve never felt so scalding hot.*

Blaylock: *Images of @Qhuinn_BDB filling my head, seeing him on fire, in this pain, terror fills me.* No! No! Please no!

Rocke: @Blaylock_BDB calm down, @Jasim_BDB is here to feed you and we are here to help you through this. *Speaking sternly* You will survive this.

Blaylock: *Watching as my father ushers the beautiful @Jasim_BDB past my mother who is huddled in the corner trying not to cry.*

Blaylock: *Excruciating pain taking over as @Jasim_BDB comes next to me; surprisingly my thoughts turn to @Qhuinn_BDB for a brief moment.*

Rocke: @Blaylock_BDB this is @Jasim_BDB you need to take her vein now, her strong blood will help you through this.

Blaylock: *Trying to nod at the beauty that is @Jasim_BDB, that would be the appropriate thing to do, to nod and not scream.*

Blaylock: *The fire burning in my throat becoming unbearable, crying out in excruciating pain.* Father @Rocke_BDB it burns!

Blaylock: *Feeling a small hand rest on my shoulder, turning and seeing @Jasim_BDB trying to comfort me, smiling at me.*

Jasim: *Leaning down, whispering in @Blaylock_BDB ‘s ear.* You are so strong, I am lucky I have been chosen to feed you.

Rocke: @Blaylock_BDB take @Jasim_BDB’s vein, it will help ease the burning. *Edging you on.* It’s alright son.

Jasim: *Lifting my sleeve, exposing my wrist to @Blaylock_BDB, placing it close to your mouth but giving you a little space.*

Blaylock: *Thinking this can’t be how it’s done. I’m not ready. I’m not going to make it. I’m going to die without seeing @Qhuinn_BDB again.*

Blaylock: *Gulps, watching as everyone waits for me to take @Jasim_BDB’s vein, my only choice if I want to have any chance out of this burning.*

Blaylock: *Grabbing @Jasim_BDB’s wrist with my shaking hand, clamping down on it like a lifeline.*

Blaylock: *As soon as I touch her I feel her pulse, my fang’s elongate, biology taking over.*

Rocke: @Blaylock_BDB take her vein, do it my son, her blood is strong and you need it now. Do you hear me son?

Blaylock: *Taking a deep breath, placing her creamy white skin against my lips, slicing through her wrist like it’s butter.*

Blaylock: *I slightly gag as the sweet taste fills my mouth, but the vein is held tighter to my mouth, my mind tries to escape as the burning eases.*

Blaylock: *The image that fills my thoughts is @Qhuinn_BDB sucking on a vein, who’s I don’t know, but the sight instantly calms me.*

Blaylock: *My best friend @Qhuinn_BDB is strong and he will be fed by someone with strong blood. He will survive this.*

Blaylock: *I open my eyes and release the vein of @Jasim_BDB, licking her wounds closed, not realizing I even knew to do that.*

Blaylock: Father, @Rocke_BDB that was bad, I can see how someone without a female with good blood could die.

Rocke: Oh @Blaylock_BDB, that was not your transition, it was the preparation for what is about….

Blaylock: *Screaming* What is happening to me? *Feeling as if every bone in my body is being crushed into powder.*

Blaylock: *Excruciating pain stabbing me like needles at every angle, there must be someone here breaking my bones, killing me.*

Rocke: *Pulling @Jasim_BDB into the corner with @Blaylock_BDB’s mother, if something happens they cannot be injured.*

Rocke: *Remembering my transition, once it finishes @Blaylock_BDB might be out of it for a while.*

Rocke: Don’t fight it @Blaylock_BDB, let your body make the changes it needs to make.

Blaylock: *Biting my tongue so as to not scream, trying to be strong for my parents, for @Jasim_BDB who is watching me closely.*

Blaylock: *Feeling every muscle, every bone become brittle beneath my skin, stretching, pulling, and ripping in every direction.*

Blaylock: *I am dying. All of my preparation, my training, meant nothing. I am not strong enough. The brotherhood wasted their time with me.*

Blaylock: *@Qhuinn_BDB’s face is once again the only image I can see. Will he survive this? I hope he doesn’t have this pain, this torture.*

Blaylock: *Who will have @Qhuinn_BDB’s back? I will miss him the most. I hope my parents won’t tell him how weak I was.*

Blaylock: *Finally feeling numbness fill me, this must be what it is like to die. To go through such agony until you fall asleep.*

Blaylock: *Trying to speak, nothing comes out. I give in and fall into nothingness.*

Blaylock: *Waking up, feeling a little groggy, but sensing…life, looking over in the corner and seeing my mother asleep.*

Blaylock: *My father is not in the room, @Jasim_BDB is sitting in a chair and laying her head on the foot of my bed which my feet are hanging off of.*

Blaylock: *Trying to move my legs to give @Jasim_BDB some room I accidentially kick her arm and she starts to wake up.*

Blaylock: *Whispering* @Jasim_BDB I am so sorry, I was trying to give you more room, but I can’t seem to control my legs much.

Jasim: It’s okay @Blaylock_BDB I was told a little bit about how it would be for you afterwards, is there anything I can help you with or get you?

Blaylock: *Her voice seems to be filled with hope, like she actually is interested in me, but why I am a scrawny little…*

Blaylock: *The thoughts I was having instantly stop when I look down and really realize the size of my legs next to her, I am massive.*

Blaylock: *Trying to sit up so that I can see a better view of myself, @Jasim_BDB stands to help me.  She is a female of worth.*

Jasim: @Blaylock_BDB take it slow. You might need some more blood, if so that is why I am still here, or if you need anything else. *Smiling*

Blaylock: *Seeing her smile at me I realize what she is wanting from me, what she is wanting us to do. Dread fills me.*

Blaylock: *I am not ready to have sex, not with @Jasim_BDB, not with anyone.* I could use some water @Jasim_BDB.

Blaylock: @Jasim_BDB I am sure if you open that door one of our doggen has already been told to prepare something for us.

Jasim: *Quietly walking to the door, opening it slightly as to not let too much light in, finding a tray right outside the door.*

Jasim: *Placing the tray down on @Blaylock_BDB’s night stand, handing him the bottle of water from the tray.*

Blaylock: Thank you, for the water and…umm…for your vein. You did not have to feed me, but I greatly appreciate it @Jasim_BDB.

Jasim: You are welcome @Blaylock_BDB.

Blaylock: *Taking a drink of water, realizing this is not quenching my thirst and that what I need is more blood.*

Blaylock: @Jasim_BDB I think I need more blood. I am very thirsty again. *Still feeling drained.*

Jasim: Please @Blaylock_BDB take all that you need, I am here to serve you. *Extending my wrist to @Blaylock_BDB’s mouth.*

Blaylock: *Taking @Jasim_BDB’s vein and tasting the wonderful flavor on my tongue, taking my fill, releasing her arm, licking her wound.*

Blaylock: *Blushing after several moments of silence pass between us, not brave enough to start more conversation.*

Jasim: *Breaking the awkward silence.* @Blaylock_BDB Can I ask you a question?

Blaylock: Sure @Jasim_BDB.

Jasim: @Blaylock_BDB Is it true you are in training to be a warrior? *Looking up in awe of the possibility.*

Blaylock: *Unsure of how much I can tell her.* @Jasim_BDB I guess I’m in training, yeah.

Blaylock: *Suddenly realizing…training. I will have to go back to training. No one else has transitioned. I will be the first.*

Blaylock: *They are all going to want to know what happened. I don’t want that, I don’t want to have to explain all of that pain.*

Jasim: *Noticing @Blaylock_BDB must have a lot on his mind and is not interested in anything more from me as he has drifted off.*

Jasim: @Blaylock_BDB I am going to go ahead and leave you, unless you need anything else?

Blaylock: Thank you @Jasim_BDB. I don’t need anything else. I would walk you to the door, but I can’t really move.

Jasim: It’s okay @Blaylock_BDB don’t be afraid to give me a call if you ever need anything, your father has my phone number.

Blaylock: *Blushing as I watch @Jasim_BDB leave my room, she obviously was prepared to offer me more than just her vein.*

Blaylock: What am I going to do? *Rolling over facing the wall, trying to squeeze my now large frame on this small bed.*

Blaylock: *Curling up into as tight of a ball as I can manage hoping sleep might ease the ache I feel in my now hugely awkward body.*



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