Throe: @Zypher_BDB You know, you might appear somewhat more inconspicuous if you cease picking your nails with that dagger.

Zypher: *Flipping the dagger into the air before planting it by my side, shrugging @Throe_BDB*

Throe: *Turning aside and reading more of the splashes of color on the wall beside us, getting the feeling we should move on to more fertile ground*

Ella: Bloody hell. I’m not going to make it. *Feet flying fast, descending the stairs. Not wanting to miss the tube*

Ella: *I could easily dematerialize home. But I enjoy mingling about in the human world, much to the ire of my older brother.*

Ella: *Grinding my teeth in frustration. Black strands of hair blocking my vision as it whips around from the breeze of the accelerating train*

Ella: *Taking a quick look around. My older brother’s harping banging in my head to always be mindful of my surroundings. Such a worry-wart.*

Throe: *Shifting my gaze from the indecipherable graffiti left by humans to the new arrival* @Ella_BDB

Ella: *The tube station nearly devoid of any humans. And certainly none wear the look of pale undead lessers.*

Ella: *Sighing in relief, murmuring under my breath* Safe.

Throe: *Eyes widening at @Ella_BDB’s stature, her hair. Subtly nudging @Zypher_BDB and nodding in the female’s direction*

Ella: *Tugging my leather jacket close…burrowing my face into the soft lapels for warmth.* Come on, you bloody train.

Zypher: *Eyes training on the female, recognizing her hair, her build, my head lifting slightly @Throe_BDB @Syphon_BDB*

Syphon: *The sound o’ the arrivin’ train detected, actin’ instinctively.* @Zypher_BDB *low voice* Go. I’ll get @Xcor_BDB

Throe: *Fate willing, the end of it all will be here in London and @Xcor_BDB will find his absolution*

Zypher: *Walking quickly, nonchalance an imperative, spooking the female before @Xcor_BDB can get to her not high on my to-do list*

Syphon: *Walking into the shadows and dematerializing back to @Xcor_BDB*

Syphon: *appearin’ at the foot o’ the steps t’ our temp’rary lodgin’s, tension hummin’ with the news ’bout t’ be imparted t’ @Xcor_BDB*

Syphon: *lookin’ up the stairs to see @Xcor_BDB standing silently in the shadows o’ the doorway, his gaze on the city sprawled afore him*

Xcor: *Tossing a lingering stare over to @Syphon_BDB, voice clipped and coarse* Tis not your post.*Slowly shifting my eyes away* Why are you here?

Syphon: *stiffenin’ defensively at the warning in @Xcor_BDB’s tone, gettin’ t’ the point* We ‘ave a female…tis may be the one.

Xcor: *My ambitions have not changed na’ has my vengeance.Fists curling in restrain for the bladed companion strapped at my back.*

Xcor: *Stiffly turning toward @Syphon_BDB, prepared to bring death, even mine own for my father* We go in the direction of the female.

Syphon: *poundin’ once on the door, only seconds following afore @Balthazar_BDB appears at the ready*

Balthazar: *Weapons ready. Dematerializing to the station with naught a word*

Syphon: *dematerializing, leading the way to the tube station one stop west o’ the female’s location…ready t’ board the train, springin’ the trap*

Xcor: *Dematerializing behind @Syphon_BDB with the apparition of her white robes swirling about her and the fire, the fire the female wrought.*

Zypher: *Keeping my eyes on @Ella_BDB outside the train, not willing to face @Xcor_BDB if I fail at keeping her in range*

Zypher: *Remembering all too well past transgressions…and payment for them*

Throe: *Giving a slight smile to @Ella_BDB as her gaze touches mine briefly.*

Ella: *Catching the smile from the gentleman @Throe_BDB down the platform. Cutting my eyes away to board.*

Ella: *Crossing the threshold into the train. The bells and beeps chiming as the doors prepare to clack shut behind me.

Zypher: *A small smile breaking on my face, @Xcor_BDB’s prize soon to be delivered, falling into our hands almost as if by fate*

Throe: *Entering the car and quickly convincing the lone human, with no words necessary, to depart*

Throe: *Looking over the simple mechanics after removing the panel. One stop. Then @Xcor_BDB will have his prize.*

Ella: *Fingers curling around the cool metal bar to hold steady…the train pulling away. Home soon.*

Ella: *Scoffing, irritation crossing my features. I can still feel that man looking at me…wait not a human man but a male vampire.*

Ella: *@Zypher_BDB has the swagger that way too many males like him have…ready to sex you up at the drop of a hat. Not a chance, pal.*

Ella: *I’m not dealing with this wanker tonight. Ignoring @Zypher_BDB’s  gaze and making my way back to change cars.*

Zypher: *Following @Ella_BDB with mine eyes, the scent of her annoyance making me grin, my pants tighten in anticipation of the chase*

Ella: *Yanking back the lever. The door sliding open with a metallic screech that sends chills down my spine. Shuddering…hate that feeling.*

Ella: *Lightly jumping to the next car’s platform. Slamming the door behind me. Maybe @Zypher_BDB will get the hint.*

Zypher: *Smiling at @Ella_BDB’s discomfort as she tries to get away from me, her demise all but guaranteed as @Xcor_BDB is near*

Throe: *Stopping the train just as it would at the next planned stop. One finger rolling over the guide, my other hand controlling a female’s fate*

Xcor:*Stepping closer to the track as the train grinds metal on metal to a halt, billowing my leather trench back,kicking up the musk of the city*

Xcor: *Cold grin of anticipation on my lips and flashing my fangs feeling the sharp aggression in my band of bastards already in formation.*

Xcor: *The doors hissing open and stepping onto the train with a firm foot, then slowly shifting around in the direction of @Ella_BDB.*

Balthazar: *Steppin’ to the car to the right of the one @Xcor_BDB gets in*

Syphon: *Completin’ the trap, boxin’ in the female with @Xcor_BDB and @Zypher_BDB in the middle, coverin’ the car t’ the left o’ them*

Zypher: *Walks into the car where @Xcor_BDB is with the Ella, an evil smile on my face*

Ella: *Trying to steady on my feet when the car lurches forward unexpectedly. Frowning. What the hell?*

Ella: *Unwilling to look in the direction of my companions. Hopefully they’ll ignore me if I continue to dutifully ignore them.*

Throe: *Ensuring all players are in place before commanding the train forward. Knowing, and secretly hoping, this won’t take long.*

Xcor: *Fangs elongating and my body pulses with ill restrained power and my eyes locked onto the female betwixt my us.*

Xcor: Aye, tis you.*Surmounting months, years, and centuries all converging* Turn around to your fate, female. @Ella_BDB

Xcor: *growling, hatred running soul deep* The murderer of mine own blood.

Xcor: I shall make you cry for mercy until you can’t breathe. Then let you grab air enough to beg with no one to hear. @Ella_BDB

Ella: *Dread swirling through my veins. @Xcor_BDB’s words icing me to the bone. Is he speaking to me? Surely not.*

Ella: *But he is…@Xcor_BDB’s voice piercing me like invisible knives. I can literally feel his menace caressing the air around me.*

Ella: *Unable to move as fear sinks its talons deep. Grip tightening, knuckles white. Turning my head more to keep from looking at @Xcor_BDB.*

Balthazar: *Mayhap the female is who we have searched for. @Xcor_BDB wouldnae kill her if it is. Finally*

Syphon: *ignorin’ the stares of the train’s patrons, standin’ at the ready if the female bolts my way*

Syphon: *these humans ‘re smart t’ be wary, though they dinnae ken there resides worse company than I, in the car next t’ ‘em*

Balthazar: *Hand steady on my weapon, ready to kill anyone that gets in the way of @Xcor_BDB getting what his revenge*

Syphon: *returnin’ my focus t’ the events unfoldin’, our failure unacceptable t’ @Xcor_BDB no matter the occasion*

Syphon: *T’ lose the female who mayhap brings the endin’ o’ @Xcor_BDB’s vengeance, centuries in the makin’? Does no’ bear thinkin’ ’bout*

Zypher: *Waiting to see if the female makes another escape attempt, happy to put my hands to use stopping her from trying*

Zypher: *Adjusting myself, the promise of the kill and what usually follows making it almost painful to stand still*

Zypher: *No way she’s getting away from me, or any of us, knowing what @Xcor_BDB would do to me and the rest if he does not get vengeance*

Throe: *Throwing the main throttle wide open and turning my back on the tracks the train leaves behind. Facing the doors.*

Throe: *Even the swiftest hares can be caught with patience. Though @Xcor_BDB is not one to let prey slip him by.*

Ella: *Eyes wide. Great. Watching as tube stations race past in a blur…one after another. The train isn’t stopping. Bollocks*

Balthazar: *Meetin’ eyes with @Xcor_BDB, the signal given. Walkin’ closer to the car with @Ella_BDB, snarling*

Xcor: *Powerful thighs eating up the distance toward my prey with @Balthazar_BDB falling in beside me.*

Xcor: *Rush of the kill better than the lips of a female stroking my cock and the orgasm that follows.*

Ella: *Hearing @Xcor_BDB @Balthazar_BDB approach closer. Finding the courage to peel my hand from the metal and run.*

Throe: *My hand reaching over my shoulder to rest on the hilt of the sword that rests along my spine as the doors are flung open*

Ella: *Spinning around the moment I burst through to the last car. Throwing the slide shut, eyes trained down to find a lock…*

Ella: *…or anything that will help me.*

Ella: *Breathing in deeply, my mind ticking…quickly jumping into survival mode. Dematerialize. That’s all I have to do.*

Ella: *Lifting my head, eyes shooting to @Throe_BDB at the end and then to his heavy arm lifted…gripping something behind him.*

Ella: *Wanting badly to steal a fleeting glance, wanting to see how close the others are getting to me but remaining firmly in place.*

Throe: *Walking forward, keeping my face expressionless. But inside, carefully hidden from all of my brothers, I loathe all of this.*

Ella: *Swallowing hard. Realizing that @Throe_BDB is with the others behind me.*

Ella: *I’ve been herded to this last car. Tension tightening my stance. I’m terrified but refuse to show it.*

Ella: *Mouth parting slightly to plead…talk my way out of whatever @Throe_BDB @Xcor_BDB @Syphon_BDB @Zypher_BDB and @Balthazar_BDB have planned*

Throe: *Hands clamping down on @Ella_BDB’s shoulders, turning her quickly to face her own personal Grim Reaper* @Xcor_BDB

Ella: *Eyes slamming shut the instant @Throe_BDB’s hands make contact. My head screaming ‘NO’ as he shoves me around.*

Xcor: *The cruel beautiful face of mine father’s killer seared into every waking moment and the hours of my tortured slumber.*

Balthazar: *Droppin’ into a fighter stance, ready to attack*

Xcor: *Blood roaring within, needing a proper view of her visage and those white violent eyes alight with satisfaction.*

Xcor: *spitting out a guttural demand to @Ella_BDB* Open thy eyes, female. Know thine enemy.*Reaching behind me for the scythe in its harness*

Zypher: *Laughing at the fear rolling off the female, how brave she isn’t when faced with her own death*

Ella: *Not wanting to open my eyes even as @Xcor_BDB roars a demand for me to do so…finally complying.*

Ella: *Flipping my eyes to meet @Xcor_BDB’s. Tears rushing forward, his scarred face harsh and steeped in rage.*

Ella: *Instinct overriding fear, attempting to extract myself from @Throe_BDB’s arms, but I can’t.*

Xcor: *Fisting stilling on the hilt while holding the eyes of @Ella_BDB, before drifting to @Throe_BDB’s hopeful humanitarian stare. How quaint*

Xcor: *Leveling my stare @Throe_BDB* Finish it. Now.

Throe: *Pushing @Ella_BDB forward a bit, wondering @Xcor_BDB’s hesitance to take what is his* Finish? She is yours. You have waited…

Xcor: @Throe_BDB And I shall wait mayhap another hundred years plus another hundred. Did I stutter the command?

Throe: *Another dead end. And another hundred years of this life? This infinity is my hell.*

Throe: *Tightening my grip on the female, but my eyes glued to the steely gaze of @Xcor_BDB* She is an innocent.

Xcor: *Locking vicious eyes with @Throe_BDB and lunging for the male* Narrow vision you have, Throe.

Ella: *Recoiling hard in @Throe_BDB’s hold as @Xcor_BDB barrels closer. A slight whimper breaking free.*

Xcor: @Throe_BDB Mayhap you have forgotten where your allegiances lie.

Throe: *Looking into the solemn, cold eyes of @Zypher_BDB, @Syphon_BDB, and @Balthazar_BDB over @Xcor_BDB’s shoulder…*

Syphon: *@Throe_BDB’s stare conveyin’ what we all ken ’bout the innocent female…feelin’ naught but abhorrence at the deed @Xcor_BDB tis demandin’*

Balthazar: *nodding @Throe_BDB* Aye, finish it

Zypher: *Wanting to avert mine eyes from @Throe_BDB’s, unable to show any doubt as to what @Xcor_BDB commands*

Zypher: *Instead trying to convey to @Throe_BDB that doing this deed without hesitation would be more humane than to draw it out*

Throe: *Recognizing in their stares what I already know. Another unwanted lesson to be learned.*

Throe: *And that I am left without a choice.*

Ella: *Feeling the paradigm shift, @Throe_BDB doesn’t want to kill me, whispering* Please. Don’t.

Ella: My…my family…my brother *voice shaking and soft as tears roll in hot streaks down my face, desperate for @Throe_BDB to spare my life.*

Ella: *The resolute and vengeful look on @Xcor_BDB’s face telling me all I need to know…he wants me dead and for @Throe_BDB to exact it.*

Ella: No. *the final plea to @Throe_BDB to spare me leaving on a gentle defeated breath*

Xcor: @Throe_BDB Tread thoughtfully on the line you stand upon. You will give your loyalty unto me anew.

Throe: *Slowly moving one hand from @Ella_BDB’s shoulder and burying it in her hair.*

Ella: *Sucking in a quick breath, @Throe_BDB’s hand tightening like a vice against my scalp…ripping at my raven hair. Utterly horrified as I begin to tremble.*

Throe: *Obscenely noting the difference between our size. Her skull so small in the palm of my hand.*

Throe: *My lips pressing tight to hide the grimace…only one sign of my abhorrence of what @Xcor_BDB once again wishes of me.*

Ella: *Closing my eyes. Praying to the Scribe Virgin for my passage into the Fade and for the soul of my murderer @Throe_BDB.*

Ella: *I may die at the brute hand of @Throe_BDB but his will has been stripped by another, the command from the scarred demon…@Xcor_BDB*

Throe: *Meeting @Xcor_BDB’s threatening but knowing gaze…and giving a quick hard twist to the fragile neck*

Throe: *Flinching at the resounding snap, carefully catching the body before it can land at my feet*

Xcor: *Wheeling around, nodding @Syphon_BDB @Zypher_BDB and @Balthazar_BDB as I walk past them, saying nothing further.*

Xcor: *Moving down the train the scythe whispering at my back we are killers, not defenders.* #BDB #Bastards


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