Blaylock, Son of Rocke


I am Blaylock, son of Rocke, but my friends just call me Blay. I recently transitioned and I am hoping to help the Brotherhood save our race in any way I can. I used to spend most of my time hanging out playing video games and training with Qhuinn and John Matthew. That changed recently when my family was attacked by lessers. I am really close to my parents, but they had to leave when that happened.

My parents were always cool and welcoming with Qhuinn. His family kicked him out and almost had him killed. I hate that. What he did was to protect John Matthew. His parents always shunned him just because his eyes are different colors. I think his eyes are beautiful exactly as they are. *blushes* But uh–  *clears throat* Yeah, my parents are cool to him and that means a lot to me.

I like to dress sharp, always look my best. There is nothing wrong with looking good while you are doing a nights work.

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